WHISPERS ( a definite G)

I don't own them, Paramount does. But I own this sugary little story.

This story is very short, and just something I wanted to try....if you don't
like it...it's fine because I've never written like this before. be forewarned
this is mind candy, nothing 'spooky'....I know that's not like me....but one of
my off the wall stories is in the works. And finially remember "DELETE" is just
a click away.....LOL

I watch in silence as the mountains fight their yearly battle to hold on to the
veil of white that covers their peaks. The dark spring clouds encompassing the
summits in their fight for dominance. I feel the chill of the breeze as it cuts
through me....perhaps yet another attempt by winter to hold on.

But the battle in the distance is nothing compared to the one that seems to be
escalating in my mind. My mind telling me, she needed a life with this man, a
chance at the security that I was unable to offer. But my heart is vying for
the eternal blanket that would always cover it, the constant, and what I
thought to be never ending love of Deanna Troi

I watch the eagles as they circle through the clouds....an ancient legend of
eagles carrying prayers to the gods enters my mind. As a child I found the
legend inconceivable, but now I find myself closing my eyes, and hoping my
wishes will be carried to a power much greater then mine.

In all the many years we have known each other, I never thought I would be
faced with the relentless hurt that seems to have invaded my heart. She is
better off with him....my mind knows that my undying call of duty will never
end. But as I brush my hand through my beard, and feel the moisture my tears
have caused, I realize that I should have listened to the whispers of my heart.

Her voice always a soft loving whisper gently touching my mind. But whispers
are easily drowned out by the loud calls of starfleet, and the screams of one's
own ambitions.

"I love you Deanna Troi!" I shout the words, and listen as they are sent into
eternal repetition through the canyon below. Perhaps somewhere in time the
words will reach her, and she will finially hear the words I was unable to say.

The cold winter wind is getting stronger, pushing the dark clouds away from the
snow covered peaks. I understand their need to hold on to the security of the
warm blanket of snow that covers them. I too tried to hold on.....giving her
just a seed of hope, that perhaps someday I would love her as she deserved to
be loved. How is it now....now that I have done the honorable thing, and let
her go to marry Darik. I realize that she was the one that had given me the
strength to obtain all my so called desires. Her whispers barely audible, but
still filling the recesses of my soul....only now that they're silent do I

"Imzadi" the word playing a symphony on the wind.....a musical sound that
allows my mind to sur comb to my heart. I turn to face her....this lady in
white. Her dark tresses of silk spilling into soft curls on her shoulders. Her
dark eyes glisten with a shadow of tears, she looks to me as though she could
reach into my soul. I know it's not possible, she is just a mirage....an
illusion..a dream to a desolate soul. But I don't care....if the gods have
answered my prayers, and sent her to me....dream or reality this is where I
choose to stay.

As her arms wrap themselves tightly around my waist, I hear the soft whisper in
my mind. Not words bouncing endlessly through time.....but words playing a
lullaby to my heart...."I will always love you..imzadi."

The cold breeze increases it's strength again, we watch silently as the dark
clouds dissipate over the snow covered hills. The mountains winning the battle
to hold on to their blanket of hope.