The challenge:

It's time to try your hands on a short or long story of your choice.

Parameters for the story are:

1. A Riker must be discovered part naked (your choice) in the
observation lounge, and you have a choice of two riikers to choose
from, never forget you do have a Tom option here

2. Data is to use the phrase "theoretically it is possible"

3. Beverly to say "you did what?"

4. Riker must be wearing something yellow

So the challenge starts now :-D

Have fun, and there is no time restriction with this. just something
short and sweet if you can :-D



Gettin’ the Blues

Author: Leanne

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: Apart from the silly and warped idea I own nothing, it’s all Paramount ’s.


Part 1


Will Riker watched on eagerly as the party of four from Sertrus Three walked away from the away team and into their Government headquarters. Their meeting had gone better than planned and the planets induction into the Federation was almost a certainty. Flanked by Commander Data, Counselor Troi and Doctor Crusher they all looked on as the Sertrians disappeared into the dull grey stone building. This particular building was a complete contrast to its surroundings of lush green vegetation and bright fragrant flowers, which seemed to perfume the planet all day.


Will turned his attention to his crewmates, noticing Deanna Troi’s obvious raised eyebrows. “I hope you’re not going to have that affect on all children,” she smirked pointing to the Commander’s now bright blue stained uniform.


“Very funny, Deanna” he said sarcastically flicking some off the sloppy blue matter off his chest. He was now regretting that he had picked up the young Sertrian girl after she had begged him to. “Why did she want me to pick her up?”


“Oh I don’t know Will, you’re used to picking up pretty young things aren’t you?” Beverly suggested, trying to feign innocence.


He could hardly refuse the girl, she was one of the delegate’s daughters who had spotted them leaving their meeting and had taken an instant liking to the Commander. Not wanting to cause any friction, he had picked her up and swung her around, and at first she had laughed asking him to do it again and that’s when she had thrown up on his chest.


Will smiled sarcastically at the Doctor before slapping his commbadge. “ Enterprise , four to beam up.”


The four officers materialized on the platform, Captain Picard awaiting their arrival. He smiled at the pleased and amused look on all their faces and the slight look of embarrassment on his First Officer. “Number One, is everything alright?”


“Fine sir, everything went as planned,” at that he tilted his head slightly looking down at the mess in his uniform top. “Well almost everything,” he said over the top of his sniggering friends.


“Anything I should know about Commander?” The captain queried taking notice of the state his First Officer was in.


“Not at all sir, as I said everything’s fine.”


“Very well, you have half an hour until we meet in the observation lounge, dismissed.”


Will made a hasty exit practically pushing his way through everyone to get out of the room. Deanna, almost running to catch up to him, thrust her arm around his elbow and pulled him back. “Where’s the fire Commander?”


“No fire, just want to get myself cleaned up before the meeting is all.”


Deanna smiled at his attempt to hide his discomfort. “Will,” she soothed “ Beverly and I were only joking.”


His pace still urgent and apprehensive, Deanna was finding it harder to keep up with him with every step. “I know, it’s just this stuff on my chest is itching like crazy.”


“Do you want me to scratch it?” She asked trying to sound relaxed.


Will stopped dead in his tracks, bringing Deanna to a sudden halt and nearly walking in to him. Beverly casually slipped past them a quiet snigger escaping only to be followed by, “Have fun you two” over her shoulder.


The couple laughed and watched her disappear down the corridor, Will thinking that she must’ve been walking particularly close to have heard their conversation. Realizing he now had better things to think about he focused instead on Deanna his eyes lighting up at her invitation. “We only have half an hour,” he said taking a hold of her hand and steering her in the direction of the turbolift.


The second the doors to the turbolift closed he advanced on her, grabbing her waist and pulling her to him. Before she could say anything Will’s lips were devouring hers, his chest rubbing against her. Deanna pushed him away, her arms keeping him from her. “Will! There is only one possible reason you are pushing against my chest so hard and it has nothing to do with pleasure.”


The turbolift came to a halt and they stepped out continuing hurriedly to Will’s quarters. “Oh I don’t know, it was pleasurable for me,” he whispered to her as they passed by some of the crew, his handing running over the wet fabric covering his chest.


Punching in his access code they entered his quarters, their hands still joined. But instead of him reaching for her like she thought he would once they were alone he began urgently taking his clothes off, frantic to get them off his body. Deanna helped him until he stood naked, scratching his chest. “Sorry,” he mumbled rushing off in to the bathroom.


She heard the shower start and collapsed down on the bed. From where she lay she had the perfect view of him washing his chest followed by the rest of his body. Making herself comfortable she propped her arm under her head and continued to watch him. She watched as Will let the water run down over his face, chest and the more intimate places of his body.


Not realizing she was also being watched she was startled when her eyes returned to his face to find him staring back at her. “Something I can help you with Counselor?”


Her intense eyes wandered the length of his frame and back up again, his broad solid hairy chest, firm backside and strong muscled legs. “You have no idea,” she whispered so he couldn’t hear.


But he didn’t need to, he could sense it easily enough through their bond. “I thought you were going to scratch my chest.” His eyes as well as the rest of his body inviting her in.


“I did say that didn’t I?”


Getting to her feet she removed her uniform and this time it was Will who watched in awe. “You get more beautiful everyday,” he told her as she stepped in with him.


Reaching up she thread her hands through the hair on his chest and began to scratch. “You are such a sweet talker, William Riker.”


He grinned and let out a deep throaty groan as her nails continued to graze over his now tender flesh. The water ran over their bodies which had now become entangled, Will’s hands sliding up and down Deanna’s back while her free hand moved up over his neck and thread through his hair. She leaned forward to press her lips to his chest, her hands slowly descending to take a hold of both cheeks of his rear and squeezing. Freeing her lips from his chest, she watched in anticipation as his face inched closer to hers until his mouth covered hers, his tongue demanding entry. Water continued to fall down around them and in between them, its purpose irrelevant as he picked her up, her legs moving around his waist, her back supported by the wall.  “Will wait, we should wait ‘til after the meeting.”


“We have plenty of time,” he gasped raggedly his mouth moving to her collarbone.


 “I know, but not enough.” She saw the pleading look in his eyes and wanted nothing more to continue but it if they started they may never stop. From their previous encounters she knew it would be near impossible for things to come to an end in mere minutes, and the last thing she wanted was the voice of the Captain over the comm shattering an intimate moment with her Imzadi.


Disappointed and frustrated, his grip on her loosened and her legs slid down over hips, moving out of his grasp she stepped from the shower and into his bedroom.


Will moved out after her, placing a towel around his waist as he walked up beside her. “You like teasing me don’t you?” he said smirking, trying to lighten the mood.


“Keeps you keen and interested doesn’t it?” she laughed.


“Imzadi trust me, you don’t need to tease me to keep me interested.”


She patted the side of his face gently. “Maybe, but it does make things more fun.”


Will rolled his eyes at his misfortune of having to wait before they both put on clean uniforms and left for the meeting in the observation lounge.


Being the first to get there they sat down to wait for the others to arrive, Will took his customary chair next to the Captain while Deanna sat beside him. She watched him wriggle around in his chair and then begin to rub his chest and legs. “Will, maybe you should see Beverly if that’s annoying you.”


“I will after the meeting,” he said grinding his teeth as the itching got worse, “God this hurts.”


Getting to his feet she stared at him as he began to remove his top. “Will! What are you doing?”


“I need to get this off, help me will you.” He struggled to find the edging, his breathing becoming desperate.


Standing she pushed his hands away trying to get it off but a piece of the material had caught on the edge of the table during his effort to free himself. “It’s stuck!”


“How can it be stuck? Just rip it!” he shouted frantically.


Grabbing hold of both sides of the neck collar she pulled, the tearing of the material echoing through the room. “I need to get my pants off too.”


“Will!” Deanna said shocked by the suggestion. “You can’t, not here!”


“Deanna! Now!”


“Let’s just call Beverly ,” she suggested worriedly, she’d never seen him so hysterical.


“I can’t wait!” he struggled for the band of his pants, his fingers instead wanting to ease his irritated skin.


Deanna once again slapped his hands out of the way, sitting down on the chair so she could have easier access to his waistband. Tugging them down quickly she let them pool at his feet. “These too?” she asked pointing at his boxers.


All he could manage was a nod, his skin now becoming raw from his actions, but Deanna did as he requested and slid them down his legs while he continued to scratch. It was then that she heard the familiar whoosh of the doors opening.



Part 2


Immediately hearing the sound of Beverly’s gasp Deanna turned to find the Doctor and Captain Picard standing in the doorway staring at a very naked Will Riker. Embarrassed and stunned Deanna turned back to Will, her face ending up practically in his groin. She jumped to her feet realizing what it looked like and stood in front of Will. “Sir,” she stuttered, “this isn’t what it looks like, I think Will may be allergic to something.” Unlike Deanna, Will seemed ignorant to that fact that he’d just been found naked in the observation lounge, more so of what it had looked like he and Deanna had been doing, his hands continuing to run anxiously over his body.


The Captain stood motionless, unsure of how to react to his initial suspicion of what was happening. Beverly , however, was at the Commanders side her struggle to control her laughter coming out as snorts, but after studying the information on her tricorder she agreed. “It looks like you maybe right Deanna, he should be in Sickbay.”


Deanna nodded her head and Beverly had herself and Will transported there.


Deanna and Picard stood alone in the lounge, both their faces slightly red. Finally Deanna spoke. “I’m really sorry sir, I asked him to go to Sickbay.”


Picard cleared his throat trying to hide the smile that threatened. “No need for apologies Counselor, if you’d like to join the Commander I shall reschedule the meeting.”


“Thank you, Captain.” She smiled politely, quickly leaving the room.


When she arrived in Sickbay a short time later the first thing she heard was Beverly ’s booming voice, “William Riker put some clothes on now or I’m calling security!”


“What’s going on?” Deanna asked, more than a little shocked to see Will standing in the middle of Sickbay naked one of his hands rubbing his hair back and forth, the other grazing over his beard.


“I can’t stand the clothes, they chafe my whole body!” Will injected before Beverly had the chance to answer.


“What’ve you found?” Deanna asked the Doctor moving towards Will, tearing his hands away from his body and holding on to them.


“Well he’s definitely allergic to something, most likely something the Sertrian girl ate. I’ll get Data to look into it. In the meantime I’ve given him a hypo to stop the discomfort but he needs to stop scratching.”


“What about a shower?” Deanna suggested “It helped earlier.”


Beverly shrugged. “If you think it will help. It seems to be worse in the areas he has a lot of hair, and because of his scratching it’s starting to fall out.” She winked at him. “Maybe it also might help if you shave some off.”


Will’s jaw dropped, while his eyes became wider than she had seen them before. He looked to Deanna, standing beside him, “She’s joking right?”


She said nothing in response instead moving him willingly towards the shower. Waiting outside for him, Beverly came over to speak to her. “Data has gone down to the planet to talk to the girl and her parents.” She placed a shaver down on the sink, looking in to make sure Will was still under the water. “He should think about it, it might help.”


Deanna nodded as she listened to the water running in the shower this time instead of watching, her thoughts temporarily venturing back to their earlier encounter in the shower, maybe it was cruel of her to let things go so far before stopping it.


It was the sound of Beverly’s voice that stopped her feelings of guilt from going any further. “You know you gave me a real shock when we walked in on you two like that.”


Beverly ! Will and I would never…besides we’ve already done it there.”


“You did what?” she gasped, shocked at Deanna’s more than forthcoming comment.


Deanna grinned saying no more and trying to look perfectly innocent.


“Can’t say I’m surprised,” the Doctor said leaving, her head shaking disbelievingly.  


Thinking briefly about what Beverly had said, she knew Will was not going to be happy about shaving any of the hair on his body, especially the places where it was most concentrated.


“You’ve just let me grow my beard back.” She heard him shout from the shower.


“I know Will, but it’ll grow back as will the rest, if it’s going to make you more comfortable you need to.”


He stepped from the shower, still dripping, his wet hair pushed back. “Try a small patch first then I’ll see how it feels.”


Picking up the shaver she began to shave the beard down the left side of his face as he whimpered. “You, Will Riker are a big baby,” she admonished playfully as she proceeded to shave the other side of his face leaving him with a goatee. “Looks kinda sexy,” she said running her fingers over his now bare skin.


Will beamed at her remark. “Feels better.”


“Well then the rest has to go, I’m sorry to say.” She was sorry, she had gotten used to his beard and the way it felt against her skin.


“You don’t want to test out the new look first?” he asked edging closer to her.


“How could I refuse?”


Beverly chose that moment to walk in only to see their arms around each other, and lips in an intimate embrace. Deciding it was not a good idea considering Will was naked, she roughly cleared her throat. “I don’t even want to know what you two have been up to in my Sickbay.” She said looking to Deanna, referring to her earlier remarks.


Will looked at her confused, pointing at his now hairless cheeks. “Seems to have helped.”


“Good, I’ll help you with the rest Deanna, that is of course if you can both behave.”


Will’s angelic like expression spread over his face, his hand temporarily covering his mouth as if shocked by the idea. “I don’t know what you’re talking about Doctor, I’m always on my best behavior.”


The two women continued to make the Commanders body hairless, Deanna taking care of the most sensitive parts, but only after kicking Beverly out of the room for fear he would embarrass himself. He refused to shave the hair on his head and Deanna agreed he could leave it as long as he wore gloves.


On her way to the replicator Deanna stopped in Beverly ’s office sitting down opposite her. “He’s finished, but I just have to get him some gloves.”


Beverly nodded, “It’s safe to go in and see him then, there’ll be no surprises?” she asked eyebrows raised.


“Other than my chest being blue you mean?” The women heard from the doorway, turning to see a smooth skinned Will Riker, a towel around his waist and a light blue shading covering his chest.


“Will” they both yelled.


Beverly , what the hell is happening to me?” he asked irately as the blue coloring slowly took over his body.


“Just calm down Will, getting angry isn’t going to help.”


“Calm down! I look like a damn smurf!” He bellowed, his eyes watching intently as the coloring spread down his arms and over his stomach.


“A what?” Deanna asked.


“Nothing! Doctor fix this now!” he snapped, causing everything in Sickbay to come to a stop, everyone’s attention on him.


“William Riker stop it!” Deanna scolded. “Beverly, how long is Data going to be?”


“I don’t know, not much longer. Why don’t I go and get those gloves for you?” she suggested after scanning his biosigns.


Deanna agreed taking Will back to a private room. “Whatever is in your system appears to have made you incredibly moody as well.”


“Deanna,” he sighed, looking like a child who had just been told to go to his room with no dinner.


“Here we go,” Beverly interrupted cheerily entering the room holding up bright yellow gloves.


“There’s no way I’m wearing those.” He declared, crossing his arms over his chest.


“Well if you are turning into a smurf, you’ll shrink and we’ll need to see you somehow.”


Both Deanna and Beverly tried without success to hide their laughter. “Will, you need to, it will protect the new hair that is coming through.”


“I fail to see the humor in this.” He said turning his back on the giggling women, and putting on the gloves.


Data chose this moment to enter the room, more than a little surprised to see a superior officer wearing only a towel his skin a strange blue color.


“Data,” Will shouted as he saw the android. “Is this caused by what the girl did to me?” He was very careful to keep his now yellow clothed hands behind his back and completely out sight.


“Theoretically it is possible Commander, but the Doctor will need to further verify my findings.”


Data handed his PADD to Beverly who left the room, the android following behind. They entered the room again a few minutes later to find Deanna and Will seated on a bed, the Counselor delicately rearranging Will’s gloves.


Beverly turned the PADD over in her hands before delivering her diagnosis. “Okay Will, there is a substance in a lollipop that your young friend had eaten that you’re allergic to. It’s a sugarcane product that they produce locally on Sertrus Three and from it’s chemical makeup there’s only one way that I can see that will completely free your system of it.”


He stared back at her glad he was finally going to be rid of it but unsure as to why she was taking so long to tell him. “I’ll do it,” he said to hurry her up, “what is it?”


“Sex, Will.”


“Excuse me!” Quickly he glanced at Deanna for a sign that this was a joke, but she appeared as shocked as him


“You need to work it out of your system.” Beverly told him simply.


“And that’s the best way to do it?” He wasn’t complaining, more so looking for confirmation that what she was saying was not one of his delusions taking over.


“For that type of glucose it is yes. That type of physical activity will burn it off quicker.”


Will looked to Deanna, his cheeks slightly purple now due to him blushing. “How ‘bout it Counselor? Think you could get physical with a buffed up blue boy like me?”


“Only if you take those gloves off.” She laughed.


“Well then it looks like you Imzadi are my medication,” and without further hesitation his arms were around her, promptly followed by his instructions for them to be transported to his quarters.


“I have a feeling the Commander doesn’t mind the itching or his blue appearance any longer.” Data commented as the couple vanished from the room.


Beverly nodded her agreement, “And you can bet it’ll be the one and only time he does what I tell him.”


The End