Title – Two's company, Three Troi's a Crowd


Set – After Nemesis, Captain Riker (or is it Troi) and his wife finally get to Betazed for their ceremony.

Rating – NC 17

Disclaimer – Once again it’s not mine.

The chair rocked slowly back and forth, its two occupants sat quietly taking in their surroundings. In the distance the bright red fireball declined steadily towards the horizon, the pink rays of light it cast off engulfing all in its path. A gentle breeze blew, the scents of spring flourishing bringing the large backyard to life.

“I’d forgotten how beautiful it was here.” Will whispered against her soft hair which brushed against his neck and chin as she rested on his chest. Deanna sat in his lap, his gentle swinging motion of the chair calming her almost to sleep.

“Me too. I wish we had longer than four days though.”

He felt the rumble of her voice run through his chest, causing him to sigh. “Mmm, I guess it depends which perspective you look at it from.”

Deanna lifted her head to look at him. “Not sure that I like the sound of that.”

He leaned his forehead against hers, he was happy that he was with her, there was no question of that. But there was just one problem with coming to Betazed. “Well it’s the first time since we boarded the Titan that we’ve had more than a day with just the two of us, and then there’s your mother.”

Smiling at him she tapped the side of his face gently, the relationship between Will and her mother was a very unique one. Lwaxana basically said whatever she wanted and in the interest of keeping things smooth between the three of them Will would usually just nod his head and agree with her. “Well you know Will I did say we could go somewhere else but you insisted on coming here.”

“Only because she won’t stop nagging me about not seeing her daughter and we still haven’t had our joining ceremony here yet.”

“It’s important to her Will, just as it is to me,” She knew he understood but she also knew he was just frustrated at not being able to spend the whole time alone. “And I promise after it’s completed you will think so too.”

He saw the disappointment in her eyes at his remark and immediately regretted bringing it up and being so selfish. “I know, I’m sorry.”

“The bond we share is strong now, but the ceremony will only make it better.” She kissed his cheek sending him images of exactly what it would make better and he groaned in response.

“Is it possible for you two to think of something else for a minute?” A boisterous voice asked from behind them.

“Mother will you stay out of our minds!” Deanna yelled pulling away from Will.

“I wasn’t in your mind little one, your thoughts could no doubt be picked up by the Enterprise, which is now in orbit.”

“They’re here.” Deanna squealed getting to her feet.

“Yes and I’m sure if you hadn’t been planting images of how you intend to become impregnated with my grandchildren in your husbands head you would’ve sensed that.”

Will gulped and swallowed the nausea that rose in his stomach at the thought that his mother-in-law had just witnessed the exchange between him and Deanna.

“Oh relax William,” she waved her hand at him. “I’ve seen far worse in your thoughts.”

He opened his mouth to retaliate but then changed his mind when he realized that she would no doubt have something far worse to torment him with.

He didn’t have to wait long for her response, even though he had kept his to himself. “That must be how you lost all the weight.”

Will’s eyes narrowed at her confused by the statement.

“Well by the amount of sexual thoughts that are running through your mind either my daughter gives you quite a workout or you’ve had to take your frustrations out on something as equally physical.”

“Mother!” Deanna gasped.

Lwaxana completely ignored her and carried on. “I would say from the look of Deanna it is most likely the former.”

“What do you mean the look of me?” Deanna looked down at herself, inspecting her figure over.

“Darling you look positively haggard, he’s not making too many demands on you is he?”

Resting his elbows on his knees Will’s face fell in to his hands, his fingers rubbing his eyes. “Lwaxana as intriguing as this seems to be for you I don’t think now is the time to delve in to the depths of Deanna’s and my sex life.”

The Betazoid nodded her head as confirmation before turning back to Deanna. “I’ll let you know when they arrive little one.”

“Thank you.”

The older Troi disappeared back in to the house leaving Will and Deanna alone again.

“It’ll be so good to see everyone again.” Deanna said quickly changing the subject, she slumped back in the chair next to Will and reached over and took his hand. “I wish Data was here.”

Will didn’t answer, in all truth he didn’t know what to say, they all missed him.

“He would’ve wanted us to be happy and have a good time don’t you think?”

Will nodded, this was meant to be a joyous occasion and Data wouldn’t want it to be any other way. “I know he would have.”

Resting her head on his shoulder it was a matter of second before she heard the scream from behind her. “Deanna, Will.”

Both of them turned to come face to face with Beverly Crusher, who was being closely followed by Captain Picard, Geordi Laforge and a very disgruntled Worf.

Deanna got to her feet and wrapped her arms around Beverly while Will headed towards Picard. “It’s good to see you again Captain.” He offered his hand.

The older man took it, his smile reflecting Will’s. “You too Will.”

“Worf,” Slapping the big Klingon on the shoulder Riker grinned evilly at him. “You see good things come to those who wait, you get to walk around in front of everyone in the buff after all.”

Worf growled, “I had no choice, it was an order.”

Trying to control his laughter he shook Geordi’s hand and gave Beverly a hug, maybe the next few days weren’t going to be as bad as he’d thought. Deanna was with him and their friends would finally be a witness to the bond they shared and as for Lwaxana, well two out of three wasn’t too bad.


Part 2

Several hours later after finishing their meal the six Starfleet officers and Lwaxana moved from the dinning area in to the lounge room. As much as it surprised Will the older Betazoid woman had appeared to behave almost normal, although he had no expectations of it continuing for the rest of the night.

He waited until everyone had taken a seat before sitting down next to Deanna on the couch, stretching his arm out behind her and pulling her closer to him. Over dinner they had all spoken of the changes that had occurred since they had last all been together, and even Data’s name along with B4 had been mentioned several times. But now that they had all returned back to the comfort zone that they had once known on the Enterprise the personal questions began to get asked.

“So is your love life with the Captain as good as it was with the Commander?” Beverly whispered to Deanna as the others continued on with their conversations.

Deanna’s eyes flew open, shocked that her friend would ask her something such as this with everyone around. It’s not that she minded talking about it with her, she’d just prefer not to have an audience. “Beverly!”

“Well I might not get chance to ask you later on, and I miss our talks.”

Deanna smiled sadly at her. “So do I and the answer is yes, although he is a bit stretched for time now. Let’s just say it’s a matter of quality rather than quantity at the moment.”

“What’s about quality?” They heard Will ask and returned their attention to the group to find all eyes on them.

Troi blushed slightly before patting his chest. “I’ll tell you later Will.”

Then just as Lwaxana was about to open her mouth and inform them all exactly what the pair had been talking about she heard in her head. “If you say one word mother, I’m leaving.”

The elder Troi promptly closed her mouth, Deanna hearing her reply in her mind. “Really Deanna, have you no trust in me at all.”

Deciding not to answer she moved further in to Will’s arms saving the rest of her conversation with Beverly for another time. As she sat there quietly listening to the others talk she focused all her senses on Will, he was so happy and content, and even as he spoke to Geordi she felt his response flutter in her mind. Up until now the strength of their bond had been enough for her, but not anymore.

Choosing to ignore the inquisitive smile of her mother Deanna closed her eyes and shut out everything except Will. She felt her breathing start to become rapid as she sent everything she had felt for him since the moment they met through their link. Beside her she could feel Will’s chest start to heave up and down as he struggled to absorb everything she was sending, his eyes rolling back in his head as his mind became overwhelmed.

All conversation stopped, the only sounds coming from Will as he continued to struggle for breath. Laying back in the chair he gasped out as each surge ran through his body, calling out Deanna’s name when he did manage to get a breath of air.

Beverly immediately moved to get her medical tricorder but was stopped by Lwaxana’s hand on her arm. “It will pass, he just needs to relax.”

“What will pass?” The Doctor asked worriedly.

“It’s their bond.” She answered simply.

Picard stared in amazement at what played out in front of him. “What is she doing to him?”

“Please,” Lwaxana said gently to them all “do not be worried, this is completely normal under the circumstances. A little premature maybe, but to be expected.”

Will’s movements began to slow and his breathing returned to normal as Deanna’s eyes opened to look in to his. Their eyes did not waver for an instant as Deanna stood and pulled Will to his feet, taking hold of his hand she led him out the back door and in to the middle of the yard.

Lwaxana moved towards the window indicating for everyone to join her. As they did, outside in the garden of the Betazoid mansion illuminated only by the light of the moon Deanna began to undress Will.

“Mrs Troi, I don’t think it would be appropriate for us to continue to watch.” Picard said clearing his throat.

“Oh nonsense Jean Luc don’t be such a prude, besides since when have you been worried about a little nudity.” She retorted giving his body a thorough look over.

“It’s not the nudity I’m concerned about.” He began to walk away but Lwaxana blocked his path.

“This is what you’ve come here for.” She pointed out at the couple, Will now stood completely naked and Deanna had started to take her own clothes off. “By the intensity of Deanna’s feelings earlier I’m guessing that she couldn’t wait until tomorrow.”

Picard nodded his head and returned his eyes to the couple outside.

Will watched as Deanna removed the last of her clothing, a glow surrounded her body and he wasn’t sure if it was the moonlight or his eyes playing a trick on him. He felt like he was in trance, more than anything he wanted to reach out and touch her body but his arms felt as if they had turned in to stone and refused to move.

Moving a step closer to him Deanna placed her hands on his chest, her fingers threading through the hair she found there. “Lay down Imzadi, on your side.”

A smile spread across his face and he bent down to gently kiss her. “I’ve been here before.”

Deanna laughed stopping the kiss from going any further, that would happen later.

Will dropped to his knees then lay down on his side facing away from her. Moments later he felt the warmth of her body as she sidled up behind him. Just like the first time they’d done this she wove her arms around his chest and pressed the front of her body in to his back.


Part 3

Back inside the house all but Lwaxana were dumbfounded as to what was going on. Their first thoughts that the couple were about to have sex had been all but dissolved when Deanna had curled up behind Will and remained that way for the last ten minutes.

Realizing her daughter and Will may very well remain out there all night Lwaxana asked her guest to join her back in the living room. “What is happening between them now, usually happens after the joining ceremony. Their feelings for each other have been intensifying since they arrived, quite frankly I’m surprised they lasted as long as they did.”

“I’m not sure I understand.” Beverly stated looking at the others for conformation she wasn’t the only one.

Lwaxana rolled her eyes at them all and sighed. “Very well, if I must spell it out for you. As much in love as they were before now, there are certain moments in time caused by memories of their times together that until now have been forgotten or pushed away. Only when both are willing to accept the pain along with the pleasure that they have experienced in the past and may in the future will their bond be complete.”

“So there will be no ceremony tomorrow?” Picard asked.

“No Jean Luc, you get to leave your clothes on another day. We will still have the reception though…providing we can pry them apart.”

Outside Deanna still lay with her arms around Will, her hands running smoothly over his chest and stomach, while lifting her leg to rest over his thigh. Will still couldn’t move, he felt as if he’d been drugged and wasn’t even sure how much time had passed. “What happened?” He mumbled.

“We finally accepted everything about each other, good and bad.”

He sighed, managing to maneuver his body so he was facing her. “I thought we’d done that months ago.”

Deanna shook her head, her dark eyes blacker than the night sky. “Not completely, and I think you know that. Especially not since what happened with Shinzon. You tried to hold everything in, just as I did.”

Moving his face closer to her he saw a lone tear slip from the corner of her eye, he kissed her there tasting its saltiness. “What’s different now?”

Deanna didn’t know what to say to him because after all this wasn’t the way it was supposed to happen and it had surprised her too. “Maybe it was the closeness and love we felt with our friends around that made us both let down our guard completely, honestly I’m not sure Will.” She pushed her leg between his larger ones, it was the first intentional sexual movement she had made since they had left the house. “But I do know since the moment the walls fell down around our minds and souls that I have never loved you more or felt closer to you.”

He felt her leg move higher and groaned. “So is there a stage three from here?” he smirked as his regained movement in his arms and lowered his hands to cover her bare backside and pull that particular area closer to him.

“Mmm, but I don’t think this is the right place.” As difficult as it was she tried to resist the urge to press her lips against his.

His blue eyes twinkled, he knew what she was feeling and exactly what she wanted to do. “Why not? We’re already half way there.”

She moved out of his embrace and searched the pile of clothing knowing she would not be able to control herself much longer. “Because I think the neighbors and our closest friends have seen more than enough for the night.”

Will laughed and joined her search among the clothes. “Think they would mind if we had an early night?”

“Believe me Captain if I have my way it will be anything but early.”

Will pulled on a pair of pants to cover his modesty while Deanna wore his shirt which covered her well below her knees. He looked at her surprised by her choice not to wear more. “Less to take off later.” She answered his unasked question.

Quietly they crept through the back door, leaving the remaining clothing behind. Deanna was in front of Will, but when he realized she was more interested in getting to their destination unseen rather than getting there in a hurry he grabbed hold of her waist and threw her over his shoulder. The Betazoid let out a surprised squeal causing Will to make a hasty run past the doorway leading into the living room and up the stairs. Continuing with his big strides he walked in to Deanna’s old bedroom, now their room, and gently threw her down on the bed. “You’re going to pay for that Mrs Troi.”

She waggled her eyebrows at him and shuffled her hips. “I was planning on it…Mr Troi.”


Epilogue NC-17

Deanna’s head was surrounded by pillows at the head of the bed which were layered out down the centre, her feet hanging over the end. Will stood at the foot of the bed, his eyes devouring every inch of her exposed skin, her most intimate places still covered by his shirt. The soft lighting in the room cast the slightest of shadows and Will inhaled deeply as the curtain above the bed gently blew inwards sending the scent of Deanna’s perfume towards him.

He grinned as her foot left the bed to reach up and trace the band of his pants with her toes. “Why are there so many pillows on your bed?” He asked stopping her foot before it lowered to the growing bulge in his pants.

“Mother put them here after I broke up with Worf. I believe it was her way of saying if I didn’t hurry up and find myself a husband I would spend the rest of my life in bed with nothing but pillows.” She smiled as Will picked up her other leg, holding one to each side of his hips.

Dropping to his knees Will pulled Deanna down the bed by her legs. “So that’s the reason you married me?”

She gasped as he closed the remaining distance between them, her heated body finally making contact with his arousal as he leaned in to her. Opening her mouth to answer him she was stopped before she could utter a word when Will’s lips covered hers, his tongue invading her mouth.

No longer caring about answering his question she wrapped her legs around his waist, her hands roaming the broad expanse of his back. Returning his kiss with equal passion she pushed her hands against his chest so he was kneeling upright again, the weight of his body now off her

Refusing to disengage from her lips until it was absolutely necessary Will continued his assault on her mouth, groaning with pleasure when he felt her presence once again in his mind. Just as she had earlier in the living room Deanna had entered his mind with such intensity that he felt as if he was already inside her.

Breaking the kiss Will rested his head on Deanna’s shoulder, his breathing labored. “God Deanna if this is what it’s like when I kiss you, making love is going to leave me unconscious.”

Deanna chuckled lightly kissing the top of his head. “You’ll get used to it Will.”

More than anything she knew that the new strength of their bond was hardly going to scare Will, especially when it came to sex. She could sense his excitement mixed with feelings of love and admiration, and when he slid his hand under her shirt his strong desire for her completely overwhelmed her.

Lifting his head Will’s eyes immediately came into contact with Deanna’s. Neither looked away as Will’s hand continued to travel over the soft skin of her stomach and up to cover her breast. Deanna bit in to her lower lip as Will began to circle her hardened nipple with his thumb and offered no protest when he slowly pushed her back on the bed, lifting the shirt over her chest but not completely taking it off.

Taking the other mound of soft flesh in to his mouth he settled his weight against her again, his stomach resting between her legs as she began to rub herself against him. He removed his hand from her breast, switching the attention of his mouth as both of his hands worked the shirt over Deanna’s head.

Now completely naked Deanna began to protest when she felt Will move off her but quickly changed her mind when he swiftly buried his head between her legs. She screamed out his name as his mouth began to work its magic on her most sensitive spots, pleading that he give her what he had kept hidden in his pants up until now.

As he continued to plunge his tongue into her, his able fingers helping to bring her to her first climax he entered her mind just as he had done so many times before. But this time it was different, he could feel her orgasm nearing just as it were his own. He felt everything she was feeling, her love and need for him as well as the ecstasy his action were creating.

Clutching on to the pillows surrounding her Deanna gripped on for life when with a final flick of his tongue Will sent her over the edge making her scream and send the pillows flying across the room.

Will raised his head as he heard one of the pillows hit a vase sitting on a set of drawers fall to the ground and shatter. Startled out of the moment his eyebrows flew up and he smiled at Deanna’s flushed appearance and the fact that she hadn’t even seemed to have noticed that the vase had fallen. “Keep that up Imzadi and your mother will kick us out and we’ll end up on the back lawn again.”

Deanna looked back at him through heavy eyelids, her chest rising and falling with each deep breath that racked her sweat slicked body. Still kneeling between her legs Will felt the ache inside him grow as the confining material around his erection tightened even further at the sight of her. Standing up between her legs he slid the pants down his legs sighing as the cool air that rushed through the room cooled his heated body.

The moment he stepped out of his pants Deanna was on her feet and standing in front of him, her hand instinctively reaching out to take his throbbing flesh in her hand. Will groaned as she continued to stroke him, her free hand reaching up to pull his mouth down to hers. Fearing he was about to lose himself to her ministrations Will took a hold of her hand and turned their positions around so he now had his back to the bed.

Both of Deanna’s hands now held Will’s face to hers and as her tongue danced with his she heard him murmur something unintelligible, which when he broke the kiss he repeated. “I need you.”

Will sat down on the bed, his legs flush with the side of the bed and held out his hand to Deanna. Using his hand and shoulder for stability Deanna climbed on to his lap and without delay lowered herself on to him completely sheathing him within her. Will moaned as she lifted her body up before slamming it back down on him pushing him back inside. Will’s hands went to her waist as she slowly slid up and down his length, her pace gaining urgency with each movement of her body.

Knowing they both wouldn’t last long Will rolled them over so Deanna now lay underneath him. Kissing her briefly he shifted his body so she wasn’t bearing the brunt of his weight before he began to thrust himself back in to her. Locking her feet around Will’s lower back Deanna’s body rose off the bed to meet his as their motions intensified and the remaining pillows on the bed began to fall to the floor.

Clenching on to Will’s back a final shattering moan escaped Deanna as she climaxed, Will joining her seconds later as he plunged deep in to her body for the last time. Collapsing the top half of his body to her side, he remained inside her and pulled her back in to his arms.

For several moments the pair remained still except for the tremors that still ran through their bodies. Deanna raised her head to look at the broken vase on the floor. “I guess we’ll have to replace that.” She smirked.

“We?” Will questioned. “You were the one who broke it.”

Will withdrew himself from Deanna and picked her up lying her down at the head of the bed and lay down beside her. “Well it’s your fault it’s broken.” She said snuggling up to him.

He smiled, more than satisfied by what he was able to do to her. “And tell your mother to lose the pillows.”

Deanna laughed her hand gently running over his chest.

“Do you think we should go back down and join everyone?” Will asked.

He saw the look of concentration on her face and was puzzled as to what she was doing. “They’re not here Will.”

“Where are they?”

Deanna shrugged her shoulders. “Maybe the noise of the vase scared them away.”

Will looked at her, the features of her face still showing the after effects of their activities. “We’ll never live this down. The horny Captain and his sex mad wife who can’t keep their hands off each other even when their friends and her mother are around.”

Deanna burst into laughter and straddled his stomach ignoring his attempt at a hurt expression. “Well then Captain horny we better make the most of it.” She winked at him before she began covering his face with kisses.