Fully Functional


Set: During the episode Manhunt after the conversation in Picard’s ready room about the Betazoid phase. Will and Deanna are alone.

Rating: I’m guessing PG

Disclaimer: It’s not mine, ‘cos if it was I wouldn’t be sitting here.


Sitting in the Captain’s ready room Will turned to Deanna and grinned at her wickedly. “So you didn’t tell me because you thought it might frighten me or did you think I wouldn’t be up to it?”

She reached over to lay a gentle hand on his arm. “Will that was years ago.”

“Maybe, but if you were having doubts about my stamina at such an early stage in our relationship don’t you think I deserve to know.”

Deanna rolled her eyes, was it possible that his ego really was that big. “Deanna, for all I know that could be the reason we’re not together now.”

Coughing as she tried to hold in her laughter her first attempt to speak coming out as a snort, clearing her throat the words finally came to her. “Trust me Will that was not the reason, if it was then we would most likely be a couple if not married.”

Shuffling himself to the edge of the couch he took her smaller hands in his, his thumb running smoothly over hers. “So you have absolutely no doubts about my ability to perform should you ever need me?”

At his last remark she was no longer able to hold in her laughter, pulling her hand out of his grasp to cover her mouth at his look of embarrassment. This was so unlike him, he’d used lines on her before to try and get what he wanted but usually he got straight to the point. When her laughter died down and she was finally able to speak to him again she patted his knee gently before answering his question. “If I ever find myself in the same position as my mother I know where to go.” She winked at him before she erupted in laughter again.

Will got to his feet and began to pace the room, “Deanna I’m serious if you and I don’t end up together, I want you to remember that I’m always here for you.”

Standing in front of him so he couldn’t walk any further Deanna pulled him in to her arms, wrapping them around his waist. “I know that Will. I’m sorry I just didn’t think that you would be worried about something like this. Being who you are I thought your libido would be the last thing you would have doubts about.”

“I never said I had doubts Counselor.” He told her firmly as he moved from her embrace, his eyes wide in amazement that the thought would ever enter his head. “You were the one who misjudged me.”

“Ah of course, how wrong of me. I mean if I had told you the full implications of the phase your intentions would have been completely innocent, as they have been from the moment we met.”

“Ouch, Deanna. So you’re trying to tell me you think the only thing I’ve ever wanted from you has been sex?” They still held each other and he tried to push her gently away from him, but she refused to move content to share the closeness with him.

“To begin with yes.”

“And now?”

She kissed his bearded cheek. “Now I know you’re trying to look after me and being protective.”

His smile made her feel warm inside and most of all it made her feel loved, and even though she knew her next comment may shatter the moment she couldn’t help herself. “I also know how aroused you are.”

She wasn’t however prepared for his answer. “Maybe I should go and see your mother then.” He joked. “She seems pretty willing.”

“William Riker!” Deanna gasped, putting some distance between them. “Don’t even think such a thing.”

This time it was Will’s turn to laugh. “Come on Deanna, think of it as preparation for the real thing.”

She knew he was only joking with her, but still it didn’t hurt for him to know her thoughts on the matter. “I don’t want her anywhere near you Will.”

“Why’s that, because she’ll find me irresistible and will never be able to get enough.” He waggled his eyebrows at her suggestively, crossing his arms over his broad chest.

“God help me, I can’t believe we’re having this conversation.”

Will leaned against the Captain’s desk, his stance still confident. “I know why Deanna, because I’m yours and that’s the way it will always be. Maybe not now, but some day I will be again. When you’re ready, when we’re ready.”

Deanna shook her head in disbelievement. “I’m stopping this right now.”

She turned to leave and began to walk towards the door but Will quickly grabbed a hold of her arm and then she was within his embrace again. “I’ll be here.” He said seriously.

Her hand smoothed over his chest and at that instant she wanted nothing more to give in to his promise a little early…he would be there when she was ready, he was always there.

“Thank you, Imzadi.” She placed the briefest of kisses on his lips before moving out of his arms and smiling lovingly at him. Just as she was about to leave the room she heard his playful voice from behind her.

“Deanna you’ll let me know…what I mean is when you start to…”

“You’ll be the first to know…” she trailed off to run her tongue slowly over her bottom lip, his reaction instant, “if I get an urge Will.”

His eyes lit up at her words and she once again remembered why she loved him. He always gave her just what she needed, whether it be love and comfort, a shoulder to cry on or to make her feel good about herself. Somehow he’d managed to make her feel all that in only a few minutes of what had been a very strange discussion.

“Wait!” he called out as she turned to leave again. A slight blush rose to his cheeks when she approached him. “So you’ll be about you’re mother’s age?”

Deanna nodded, surprised by his boyish embarrassment.

“That’s a long time to wait.”

Again she nodded, this time trailing her finger down his chest. “It’ll be worth the wait though.”

An audible gasp escaped Will as he felt the temperature in the room rise, only to be followed by coldness as she moved away from him and walked out the door leaving him alone with his wandering imagination and raging hormones.