Hair Essence

Set – A few months after Insurrection.

Rating – PG I guess

Disclaimer – I’m getting sick of doing these, but once again it’s Paramount’s except the wig ;-)

Thanks to Sarajayne, where several of the warped ideas came from.

A strangled groan echoed through the room as Will Riker’s body stiffened then collapsed on top of his bed partner. His labored breathing continued as he eased his naked and sweat covered body off her to lie on his back next to her.

“Jesus Deanna, where did that come from?” He panted, his eyes closing from complete exhaustion.

Deanna rolled on to her side and snuggled up close to him, her breast touching the heated flesh of his chest. “I’ve been thinking about you all day, and you look so wild with that hair.”

Will looked down at her fingers which twined their way through the hair on his chest, stomach and below and grinned. “I’ve had hair on my body since you’ve known me, are you telling me all this time all I had to do was flash you a bit of chest hair and what just happened would’ve happened years ago.”

“As nice as your chest hair is Will,” she laughed, “I was talking about the hair on your head. It’s a little long.”

He moved the arm that encircled her waist to run his hand through his hair. “I haven’t had time to get it cut, besides I thought maybe I might grow it a bit.”

Will felt her snigger against him and then watched as she tried to cover it up by kissing his chest before taking his nipple in her mouth. Not in the least bit distracted by her ministrations he gently pushed her away from him. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“What?” She asked trying to return to her previous path.

“You know what, I thought you might like it.” He grabbed hold of the sheet, covering the lower half of his body.

Taking it as a sign that Will wasn’t going to follow her lead she rolled off him to stare at the ceiling. “I just don’t think it would go down to well if the First Officer of the Enterprise had longer hair than his girlfriend.”

Sitting up to look at her, his mouth gaped open in shock. “Worf has long hair and it didn’t stop you from dating him.”

“Worf was different, he wasn’t going through his midlife crisis.”

“So that’s what you think this is?”

“You told me yourself only months ago in my office you thought that’s what was happening.”

“I was joking Deanna, you know damn well what was happening.”

She didn’t answer him but moved to sit on the side of the bed to reach out for her robe which was in a heap on the floor. “Geordi’s birthday party started half an hour ago we really should get ready.”

Will looked at her and it was evident to Deanna that he was going to sulk like a child about this. After closing the robe around her she sat down next to him on the bed. “You always look good to me Will. If you want to grow your hair then I’m sure you’ll look gorgeous but I’ve always preferred it short and spiky.” Her hand slipped under the sheet to caress his thigh. “Do you have any idea how sexy that looks?”

His first instinct was to pull her to him and worry about an excuse for Geordi’s party later but before he had the chance Deanna had disappeared in to the bathroom. Maybe she was right he thought, first chance he had tomorrow he’d get a trim.

Forty minutes later the couple arrived at the holodeck where the party was being held. From the looks upon the faces when they entered their absence had not gone unnoticed and it only took a matter of seconds for Beverly Crusher to comment. “Well, well I wonder where you two have been.”

Deanna blushed and tried to shush her friend but Beverly would have none of it. “You didn’t turn all caveman and knock her over the head did you Will?” she asked indicating his long hair.

“Actually if you must know Doctor it was the other way around.” He retorted winking at her and moving towards the bar to get a drink and speak to Geordi.

The engineer was leaning against the bar talking to Data and Worf, who seemed to be paying particular attention to his hair. Will notice the Klingon’s stares out of the corner of his eye but chose to ignore it and ordered himself a drink. “Happy Birthday Geordi, how was your day?” he asked starting to feel uncomfortable under Worf’s stare.

“Thanks Commander, my day went pretty smoothly except for one thing.”

“Yeah and what was that?” Will now returned Worf’s stare, ready to have it out with him.

“Well the carpet cleaning nanites aren't working at optimum capacity, something is clogging this systems, seems to be sebum based.”

Will’s eyes turned to Geordi and narrowed in at him when the engineer’s mouth turned up in a smile.

“Normally in this case I would suggest spot as a possible cause,” Data offered, “But she has been coughing up furballs which I do not believe are from cleaning herself.”

Will searched the room for Deanna, this felt more like a set up by the second. If she wanted him to get his hair cut she should’ve just told him straight out but instead she had brought all their friends in on what appeared to be a joke.

He spotted her across the other side of the room still speaking with Beverly and the Captain had now joined them, he would have to wait.

Turning back to his crewmates Will could handle Worf staring at him no longer. “Is there something I can do for you Lieutenant?”

“You should be proud, for a warrior the length and strength of his hair emphasis his strength in battle.”

Will sighed. “She did put you all up to this didn’t she?”

Geordi’s laughter rang out through the room and Will shook his head at the look of complete ignorance that Data and Worf gave him. “The Counselor suggested that it was in our best interest to have First Officer who did not taunt his Captain with his ability to grow hair.”

“She said that?”

“I believe her exact words Geordi were, how do you think the Captain feels seeing Will walking around with that mop on his head?” Data repeated in Troi’s voice.

“Right that’s it.” Will turned and stormed out of the room, leaving everyone including Deanna with stunned but humorous look on their faces.

The party continued for the next half hour without Riker, no one even questioning his whereabouts when all of a sudden the setting of the holodeck disappeared, those who were sitting on chairs falling to the floor. Moments later the doors opened revealing a spiky haired Will Riker, the only problem was it was still long down the back.

“What is that on your head Will?” Beverly asked not knowing whether to laugh or cringe.

“I believe it is referred to as a mullet Doctor.” Data offered.

Deanna couldn’t speak, she thought she’d made it perfectly clear that he should cut all of his hair short and with Geordi, Data and Beverly’s help she thought she’d succeeded.

“And I believe this,” Will said lifting the mass of hair of his head, “is referred to as a wig.” Underneath the wig all his hair had been considerably shortened and he ruffled his fingers through it making it spike up on top.

He heard the collective sigh from them all and moved over to Deanna. “Is this to your liking?” he asked shaking his head.

She answered him with a kiss and ran her own fingers through his freshly cut hair.

“Thank goodness for that number one,” Picard said when the couple broke away from each other. “I was beginning to get a complex seeing you walking around with such beautiful long locks.”