Jealousy is a serious thing

Set – Between Insurrection and Nemesis

Rating – PG

Disclaimer – I don’t own it, Paramount does.


Dark eyes watched him from across the table. He didn’t bother to look up from the bowl in front of him, he didn’t need to, her glare could be felt burning through his skull.

“You going to finish that?” He heard her ask as he lifted a spoonful to his lips.

He smiled at her, the soft chocolate substance rolling around in his mouth. “Deanna, why not just replicate another one?”

“Because I want yours.” Grinning seductively she brought her own spoon to her mouth and began to lick off the remaining ice cream.

Will tried to feign ignorance at the game she was playing, but he knew exactly how this would end. “What will you give me if I let you have mine?” It was a good thing they were in the privacy of their quarters, because their actions would’ve most certainly drawn attention from onlookers.

“I think the question is what I won’t give you if you don’t let me have it.” She battered her eyelashes at him, causing him to laugh.

Sliding it across the table, the second the cold glass bowl hit her hand she was consuming it with complete indulgence.

Riker looked on totally absorbed by her actions, her response as she ate his ice cream one spoonful at a time could only be described as erotic, to say the least. Neither of them spoke as their attention focused on only one thing, which for Deanna was the chocolate ice cream, she was totally ignoring him.

Not completely comfortable that Deanna would behave such a way with anyone but him let alone food, he wriggled uncomfortably in his chair. Deanna instantly sensed his emotions and laughed. “Will you can’t be serious?”

“Serious about what?” He asked, ready to deny the whole thing, even though he knew he was talking to an empath, and more precisely one that could read his mind.

“You know what. I really think that being jealous of a bowl of ice cream is going a bit too far.” She looked at him incredulously.

“I’m not jealous.”

“That’s what it felt like to me.”

He grinned at her sheepishly, almost certain she would make sure that he remembered this conversation for the rest of his life. “It’s just that I kind of like the idea that I’m the only one who can have that effect on you.”

At that her eyebrows rose and she smiled sweetly at him, moving her chair around the table to sit next to him. “You are the only one Will.”

“Yeah but…” He trailed off, feeling more than just a little bit silly at his behavior.

“It’s ice cream Will.” She couldn’t believe he was being so petulant about something so simple.

“Okay, I’m sorry.”

She gently patted his hand as she finished off the last mouthful of ice cream. “I think it’s sweet that you’re jealous, but next time at least make it over something that has a heartbeat.”

“You’re making fun of me?”

She started to laugh. “No I’m not, what ever gave you that idea?”

“Fine! Next time some beautiful woman throws herself at me I’ll remember your reaction.”

“That’s hardly the same, and besides what I feel when that happens is anger not jealousy.” The look in her eyes told him if he even tried to test out the theory he would regret it.

At that same moment she noticed a small amount of ice cream on the corner of his mouth and without any delay had pulled his head down to hers pressing her lips to his. She sighed into him as her tongue darted out to lick the chocolate from his mouth. Will knew what she was doing, but when he felt the softness of her lips descend on his any thoughts of ice cream vanished.

Responding to her kiss, he stood up bringing Deanna with him so he could pull her body closer to him. Swiftly he lifted her to sit on the edge of table as he moved to stand between her knees. His hands ran up over her thighs and waist, and continued traveling upwards until he cupped her face in them. The entire time his mouth repeatedly brushed over hers again and again, inflicting his sweet torture on her as she moaned in response.

Breaking away from him Deanna took hold of his hand and held it against her chest, he felt her heart beating rapidly beneath his palm and bent down to replace his hand with a kiss against her skin. “Only you can make my heart beat like that.”

Resting his head against her chest Will listened as her heart continued to pound. Slowly his eyes drifted shut and his hands slid around her back. These were the moments with him that Deanna truly treasured, the times when there was no Starfleet or no missions to worry about. It was a side of him that only she got to see, when he was with her away from the Bridge and the crew, his guard completely down as he overwhelmed her with all his love and tenderness.

She could feel her heartbeat slowing slightly and moved one of her hands to run through his hair while the other rubbed up and down his back, preventing him from moving away from her. It was Will’s voice that broke their silence, bringing Deanna out of her thoughts. “So do you think I need to see a Counselor about my condition?”

Deanna smiled. “Well it does sound pretty serious.”

“Oh it is serious.” He replied turning his head to kiss the skin over her heartbeat again before moving over her collarbone.

“Maybe I should book you in for an appointment then.” Her voice was low, almost a whisper as his mouth continued on its journey towards her lips.

“How does now sound to you Counselor?” He mumbled against her skin.


Will pulled away from her after placing the briefest of kisses on her lips. “And for this session I get to lie down.” He said referring to their last counseling session while they were in the Briar patch.

Deanna merely grinned at him in response, and that was answer enough for Will as he picked her up in his arms and walked in to their bedroom, where throughout the night the Counselor continued to give guidance to her patient.