Author: Leanne

Set: Season 1 – right after the episode Naked Now

Rating: R-NC17

Disclaimer: As much as I would like to own Will Riker, I don’t. Apart from the story it’s Paramounts.

Part 1

The Enterprise…It was all he’d ever wanted, where he’d always seen himself…and then she had come along. Turned his life upside down. Jolted his withering and dying soul back into existence. He owed her everything and yet she’d taken everything from him. Not that she’d do it on purpose, or willingly. But with one glance Deanna Troi had taken the hopes and dreams of William Riker and smashed them into a million pieces.

He’d loved her since the moment he met her. And it was that love that would crucify his career if he let it. He wanted her in his life, there was no doubt about that, but at what price. Who knew how long they would serve together on the Enterprise.

He looked across the bridge to where she sat studying her computer screen, the memory of her insistence to join their minds still fresh in his mind.

They’d almost slipped…he’d almost slipped, and let his body dictate his actions. The way she had come to him, sought him out on a ship of a thousand and all but given herself to him. His decision to take her to sickbay had not come easy and he felt a pang of regret now at having not continued on his journey to her quarters.

The feel of her in his arms had been too much for him, and upon entering the turbolift he had instructed it to take them to deck 9. Deanna’s mind invaded his the second the doors closed, no longer a just a promise as she tightened her arms around his neck and latched her lips onto his. Will knew it was the effects of the virus from the U.S.S. Tsiolkovsky that was making her behave this way but with only her needs in mind he gave her what she wanted and returned the kiss. Maybe it was what she wanted, but it was also what he wanted, and had done since first seeing her.

With her still in his arms he manoeuvred them so Deanna was held captive between the wall and his broad chest. Her hands stroked over his shoulders while her mouth continued with growing persistence on his lips and tongue. Will heard himself moan as they broke their embrace, his head resting against her chest.

‘I need you Imzadi,’ Deanna whispered, her fingers entwining in his hair.

The turbolift doors had then opened, revealing a corridor of seemingly intoxicated crew members. It shattered their intimacy instantly. Will looked up to see several couples engaged in similar acts to he and Deanna. How could he take advantage of her like this and not regret it later. This was not Deanna. Could he risk losing her forever for the sake of his primal needs?

His resistance wavered as she kissed firstly his forehead before moving back to his mouth. Her hands framed his clean-shaven cheeks, her desperate body moving against him in an attempt to get him to forget his fluctuating thoughts.

‘Please,’ she moaned in his ear.

Will’s eyes had drifted shut, searching for a thread of control over his hormones. The smell of her hair infused his nostrils as she found the opening of his uniform collar. Her warm lips gently brushed over the skin of his neck and began working their way down.

‘Oh god,’ he groaned.

She knew exactly what she was doing to him. And he wanted it…but not like this. He stepped back and instructed the computer to take them to sickbay. Deanna’s attempts to seduce him had continued all the way there but he had managed to hold her off and left her in Beverly’s care while he returned to saving the Enterprise.

Sitting on the bridge a few hours later Will couldn’t help but think of what it would’ve been like to be joined completely with Deanna again. He’d had a taste of what it would be like to be with her again and he wanted more.

Lost in his musings he didn’t see Deanna look up at him and smile, or the way the captain was now staring at him. Picard cleared his throat, bringing Will back to the present only to find two sets of eyes watching him intently.

‘Everything alright Commander?’ the captain enquired.

‘Ah, yes sir, everything’s fine,’ he answered as Troi’s smile widened.

‘Very well, your shift is over then, as is yours counsellor. Have a good evening.’

Picard’s gaze returned to the view screen as Will and Deanna made their way to the turbolift. Deanna stepped in first and moved to the side while Will moved to stand behind her.

‘Deck 9,’ Troi called out.

Will grinned and took a step closer to her.


Part 2

Deanna could feel his breath on her neck, her pulse quickened and the longer he stood there the more she wondered if the turbolift was even moving.

‘Halt lift,’ Will instructed.

Before Deanna had a chance to react, Will grabbed hold of her waist and pressed her against the wall, her back against him.

‘This brings back memories,’ he chuckled.

‘Will!’ Deanna protested trying to turn around.

Her strength was no competition for his and so she relented, calming herself and waiting for him to explain himself. She wasn’t scared by him, she never had been. She was just scared at what the outcome might be if they both gave in to what they were feeling.

‘Did you really want me?’ he finally asked, his voice soft in her ear.

Before she tried to speak she needed to gain her bearings, to ignore his hands encircling her waist, his face touching the side of hers and the way his hips fit perfectly around the curves of her backside. Did she want him? What living, breathing woman wouldn’t?

She turned her head so their mouths were almost touching, ‘I did,’ was all she said.

‘Was it all the virus?’


‘Then you want us to be together again?’

She could sense the excitement in his voice but was unsure if it was at the possibility of them getting back together or just the prospect that he might get to have sex with her, on their own terms.

‘I didn’t say that Will,’ Deanna protested.

‘But you did say you wanted me, which means…’ he trailed off and let his body talk for him.

Taking hold of her hands he raised them above her head and linked them with one of his own, his other hand trailed over her exposed thighs, never dipping above the hem of her dress. Deanna didn’t attempt to stop him, nor did she encourage him.

‘Will,’ she gasped. ‘We can’t, not here.’

‘We can go to your quarters, or mine,’ his hand moved from her thigh to take one of her smaller ones in his own. He pressed both her hands against the wall, still above their heads, and threaded his fingers through hers.

‘I mean here, on the Enterprise,’ she explained. ‘We can’t let our personal lives interfere with our jobs. If we were to get involved it would get very serious, very quickly.’

Deanna could feel his emotions shift to more amorous activities and knew he didn’t understand, or care.

‘It doesn’t have to be all or nothing; we could just have some fun.’ He ground his hips into hers more vigorously before turning her around and resuming the exact same position.

‘I enjoy having fun as much as you Will,’ she grinned, well aware of what he was referring to. ‘But this is something we need to talk about. We can’t just rush into things and worry about the consequences later.’

‘I don’t care about the consequences,’ he admitted, lifting her off her feet and wrapping her legs around him. ‘I know what I want.’

With that, he attacked her lips with the same amount of passion she had shown him mere hours ago. It caught her by surprise and on instinct she let her body take over.

‘Will, wait,’ she panted in between kisses.

He ignored her and continued to probe his tongue in and out of her mouth. She knew she had to stop. They had to talk about what was happening, and get out of the turbolift.

‘Will…stop…Will,’ she pulled away from him and tried to wriggle out of his grasp. ‘Deck 9,’ she called out hurriedly and immediately they were moving through the Enterprise again.

Will’s face dropped in disappointment and he let her slide from the growing warmth of his body.

‘We need to talk about this first. Somewhere that we’re not holding up the lifts.’ She straightened out her uniform and took a deep breath; trying not to let his arousal, as well as her own, completely wash over her.

Will nodded and straightened out his own uniform. She could see his chest rise and fall with his rapid breathing, something which he managed to get under control by the time the turbolift doors opened.

They walked to her quarters in silence, at least if they went to her cabin rather than Will’s she would have some control over the situation. That was what she told herself anyway. If he attempted to pick up where they had left off in the turbolift she wasn’t sure she could resist his advances. God knows she was still reeling from her own torrent of emotions earlier in the day.

‘So what did you want to talk about?’ Will asked once they were alone in her quarters.

Deanna sighed, ‘It’s not that simple, Will.’

‘What is simple?’ he challenged. ‘I don’t understand. Are we going to have to go through you analysing everything and denying what your heart really wants, like last time.’

Deanna walked over to the viewport, leaving Will standing in the middle of the room. His stance shifted from one leg to the other, not only was he frustrated he was getting impatient.

‘It’s different this time, we both have careers.’ She turned to face him as he approached and stood in front of her. ‘I’ve worked hard to get where I am today, as have you. Is it really worth jeopardising a future in Starfleet –’

‘For a future with someone you love,’ he cut in.

‘If we had met on Risa, maybe we would be together, married, but then I may not have become a counsellor.’

‘Spare me the “things happen for a reason” speech Deanna. I know you still love me.’

Lifting her hand, she toyed with an errant strand of hair that hung over his forehead. ‘Yes, I do love you and I think I always will. But I need to establish myself as a counsellor on board the Enterprise not just to be known as the first officer’s latest romp in the sack.’

‘It’s more than that and you know it. Yes I want you as my lover, but also as my friend and when we’re ready…my wife.’

Deanna didn’t doubt the conviction in his voice, the sincerity in his eyes. He meant every word of what he was saying, but it wasn’t the first time he’d said it.

‘We’ve been here before Will. I’ve heard all these empty promises before.’

‘This time is different,’ he promised. ‘I’ve lived without you.’

He took a step forward, close enough for Deanna to become overwhelmed with his presence, his smell and his hard, muscled body.

‘Let me make it up to you.’ He pulled her to him, one of his hands setting free the dark cascades of her hair from the tight bun they had been kept in. ‘I like it better out.’

He tangled his fingers through the soft curls and Deanna placed her hand on his arm to steady herself. Who was she kidding? She’d never be able to refuse him, not now, not in the future. All he’d have to do is smile at her, bringing that twinkle that lit up his eyes alive and she’d concede to anything. She looked into the eyes she loved so dearly, an asset she had once told him should be illegal in the company of females.

‘I don’t know how you ended up on the Enterprise, but I’m never letting go.’ His hands settled on the curve of back, gently rubbing up and down.

There was no protest from Deanna when his touch moved lower to cup her bottom, nor did she complain when his lips descended to hers.

Part 3

Without warning Will collapsed into the nearest chair, taking Deanna with him. She straddled his legs, her short dress bunching further up her thighs as she tried to close the distance between them. She could feel him beneath her, their clothes the only thing keeping them apart. Will clutched onto her backside and lifted her, his legs moving apart before he set her back down to slip slightly between his thighs.

‘I guess this means I’ll have to personally thank Starfleet for making these dresses so short,’ Will grinned at her.

Deanna looked down to find it completely gathered around her midriff. Whether Will had pushed it there or it had worked its way further up in her frantic need to get closer to him she didn’t know. One thing she was aware of was that the lower half of her body was now naked, bar the black pair of underwear she wore. Will’s fingers wandered along the outside of her exposed legs; barely touching them he left a trail of goose bumps in their wake. Deanna halted his movements with her own hands. Wanting to feel more of his touch she pressed them more firmly over her skin, guiding them to span the width of her thighs. She lifted her hands from Will’s as he began to massage smooth circles on the insides of her thighs.

Deanna leaned forward to kiss him while removing his uniform top, the franticness of her lips mirroring that of her hands as she strove to feel his bare skin. A satisfied groan slipped from her the instant the top half of his clothes were shed and his broad, muscled chest was naked for her hungry eyes. Will slid her backwards on his legs, his fingers searching out the band of her underwear.

The pair of them jumped at the sound of someone at the door. For moments, the only sound that could be heard was their perfectly in sync laboured breaths. Will smiled, continuing his endeavours.

‘Ignore it; they’ll go away when you don’t answer.’

Troi returned his smile, her nails raking through his chest hair and over his nipples. The door chime rang out once more, giving Will no chance to tell Deanna to pay no attention before the door opened. The shocked couple sat motionless, their entwined figures now on full display to Beverly Crusher.

‘Ahh…Deanna…sorry…I just came to check the virus was completely gone from your system…when you didn’t answer I though maybe…but you’re – ’

‘This isn’t what it looks like,’ Deanna interrupted.

It was a feeble attempt to ease everyone’s embarrassment, and Deanna knew it. It was exactly what it looked like; her and Will were half naked, she was sitting on his lap, and he had his hand down her pants.

‘I’ll leave now,’ Beverly said, stepping backwards. ‘Come and see me in sickbay when you’re…not busy.’

The door slid closed after the bumbling doctor disappeared from sight and the blushing couple sat silent for what seemed like endless minutes.

‘Why didn’t you say anything?’ Deanna finally admonished Will.

‘What was I supposed to say? I’m sorry doctor but the counsellor and I were just about to have sex could you make this quick?’

Deanna huffed at him and wriggled out of his grasp and off his lap. ‘This is not how I wanted to start my service on board the Enterprise, Will.’ She pushed her dress down to cover her legs as she walked away from him.

‘You’re blowing this out of proportion. Beverly wouldn’t be shocked by what she saw, not after what’s happened over the last few hours,’ he laughed at the recollection but stopped when Deanna glared at him. ‘Maybe it was a little awkward but we weren’t doing anything wrong. These are your quarters and Beverly walked in uninvited.’

Deanna sighed and leaned against the table in the corner of the room. She closed her eyes, her earlier euphoria turning into a throbbing headache. When she re-opened them Will was standing in front of her, shirtless and still intent on getting what he wanted.

‘We’ll go and see her…later,’ he whispered, burying his face in the crook of her neck.

Deanna let him continue his ministrations; pressing soft kisses up the column of her neck, his legs nudging hers apart to slip in between them as he pushed her back onto the table. Her pulse started to race but her mind refused to be distracted from what had just happened. How was she going to look Beverly in the eye and not have the image of her walking in on them replaying in her mind?

Will pressed her onto her back, his fingers skilful and swift in ridding her of her dress. Her body responded to him instinctively as he unclasped her bra and latched his mouth onto her breast. But still there was the image of Beverly’s startled face in her mind. Will grinded his hips against her, letting her know he had only one thing on his mind, and it was not Beverly Crusher. His lips trailed over to her other breast and Deanna absentmindedly linked her arms around his waist and pushed herself up into him.

‘C’mon Deanna, forget about it,’ Will said, irritated by her lack of enthusiasm.

He kissed her, his probing tongue leaving her not only breathless but flushed with her growing arousal. When she returned the kiss, Will reached down to slide her underwear over her hips and down her legs. He then lifted her legs to rest on either side of his prone body before sliding down what remained of his clothing. He groaned into her mouth at the release of his erection from the confines of his pants and instantly Deanna’s hand sought him out, letting him know her attentions were now solely focused on him.

Their persistent kisses grew in intensity with the rising heat of their bodies and Will suddenly moved his swollen lips from Deanna’s to move down her body. She released her hold on him, her lungs gasping for oxygen, her body screaming out for him. She watched as Will worked his way lower, with each kiss getting closer to his final destination. She raised her body off the table, her most sensitized flesh coming into contact with Will’s chest. A satisfied moan escaped them both as Deanna locked her ankles around Will’s back and began rotating her hips up into his chest.

Not letting her get too carried away, Will unhooked her legs and raised them to remain vertical within his grasp as he continued towards his intended target. Hovering above her, Will looked up into he eyes. She could see his breathing was as deep as hers, sweat covered his brow, his perfect blue eyes shaded with desire and love and his heart and soul wide open for her.

‘I should never have left you. I love you…more than anything.’

Deanna smiled at him, sensing his confession was real and not sex induced.

Will slowly bent forward over her naked body, and Deanna held her breath in anticipation…and then the door chimed.


Part 4

Will stopped mere inches from her aching flesh, Deanna could feel his warm breath intimately caressing her. She wanted him to keep going but knew without a doubt who was at the door.

‘Deanna…Will…it’s Beverly,’ a hesitant voice said over the comm. ‘I’m sorry but I need to give both of you a medical examination.’

Will sighed and pulled himself away from Deanna. ‘Do we need to be naked for this examination?’ he said so the doctor could hear over the link, before saying more softly ‘how about a semen specimen?’

‘Will! Stop it!’ Deanna scolded, hearing him perfectly. ‘Beverly just give us a minute.’

When there was no response Deanna took it to mean the doctor was waiting. She slid off the table and took her dress and underwear from Will. She watched as he pulled the black skin-tight boxers up his legs, any signs of his former arousal now gone. He winked at her upon seeing her disappointment at having to wait to complete the joining of their bodies. She smiled back at him and proceeded to dress herself, not wanting to keep Beverly waiting too long.

‘Third time lucky, hey,’ Will said, trying to lighten to mood.

‘I hope so,’ Deanna answered straightening her dress. Her body was still frustrated at not getting what it needed, what it craved. And to have been so close to having Will inside her body and mind again only made the effort to keep herself from telling Beverly to come back later all the more difficult.

‘Come in,’ she called out, trying to distract herself from the man standing beside her.

‘This won’t take long,’ Beverly said walking into the room. ‘I just want to make sure all traces of the virus are gone from your bloodstream and that you’re not suffering any symptoms from it.’

Deanna noticed the speed at which the doctor spoke and how she quickly opened her medkit not looking either Deanna or Will in the eye.

‘I’m suffering alright,’ Will answered grinning at Deanna, who did not share his enjoyment in baiting the doctor.

‘Beverly, just stop for a minute.’ Deanna stopped her friend from running the tricorder over her. ‘I’m sorry about what you walked in on. I didn’t know you were doing check-ups on the virus otherwise I would’ve answered the door…with clothes on.’

‘It’s my fault; I should have tried to contact you first. I just got a bit concerned when you didn’t answer.’ Crusher continued her scan of Troi. ‘These are your quarters, you are both adults and appear to be free of the virus, at least you are Deanna, so what you do in your own time is your business.’

‘Will and I have been together before,’ Deanna blurted out.

Both Riker and Crusher stared at her. Will’s eyebrow rose while Beverly went back to scanning him for the virus.

‘I mean, we were a couple, on Betazed,’ she continued, trying and failing to make the redhead understand.

‘We did have sex though,’ Will offered, ‘just in case you misunderstood that part.’

Beverly snapped the tricorder shut and placed it back in her medkit. ‘You’re both clear, although I am a little worried that maybe the virus has done something to your brains.’ She walked towards the door, shaking her head in bewilderment.

‘Beverly, wait,’ Deanna called out before the door opened.

‘Everything is fine Deanna,’ she turned to face the couple with a smile on her face. ‘I’m just relieved you’re both okay, all else is forgotten and your secret is safe with me.’ She winked at them and continued on her way out. ‘Oh, and come and see me tomorrow okay.’

The door closed behind her and Will immediately began to take his clothes off.

‘I don’t think so, Will,’ Deanna said, walking away from him and into her bedroom.

Will followed her, his uniform around his ankles. ‘What? Why not?’

‘Because you made that more difficult than it had to be, maybe you’re not ready after all.’

His bottom jaw dropped and he stumbled over to sit on her bed, removing the pile of clothes from around his feet. ‘I’m sorry, but all this stopping and starting isn’t good for a guy. I’ll apologize to Beverly tomorrow.’

Deanna looked him up and down. She was not about to deny him anything; he’d stirred her body up so much earlier she doubted whether she’ be able to sleep unless they made love, but there was nothing wrong with making him work a little harder.

‘I’m going to have a shower.’ She took a nightgown out of her draw and walked towards the bathroom. ‘I think you should apologize to her tonight.’

She could feel Will’s passion re-ignite as he watched her get undressed. ‘Okay,’ he said, ‘I’ll go and see her afterwards.’

Deanna turned to face him, her naked body holding his attention completely as he approached. She shook her head, ‘no, you need to speak to her now.’

Ignoring her, Will’s hands glided over the smooth curve of her hips. Her breath caught as he moved them up her ribcage and around her back. Deanna’s hands held onto the door frame, not only to keep her on her feet but to try and help her regain some control.

‘Will, please,’ her voice was low and she wondered why he had so much power over her.

‘Imzadi,’ he breathed across her chest. And that was the answer to her question. He would always have power over her because they were Imzadi. For her to refuse his touch, his heart, was like asking her to stop living. ‘Please what?’ he asked in response to her earlier plea, his hands cupping her backside and pulling her closer.

Deanna’s head fell back at the contact of bare skin, her hands still bracing the doorframe. Deanna gasped as he knelt in front of her and kissed just below her belly button.

‘Please go and speak to Beverly.’

Will sighed and pulled back from her, not believing her persistence. He looked up at her, his voice detached from the moment as he picked her commbadge from her uniform. ‘Riker to Crusher.’ He stood and wove a thread of Deanna’s hair behind her ear, his hand settling over the side of her face.

‘Crusher, here,’ came the unsteady reply.

‘Doctor, I would just like to say I’m sorry for my behaviour earlier. I realise you had Deanna’s and my best interest in mind and I appreciate your dedication.’

‘You’re more than welcome, Will,’ Beverly answered cheerfully before severing the connection.

Will smiled at Deanna, ‘Will that do for tonight?’

Deanna returned his smile, planting a brief kiss on the tip of his nose. ‘It may take care of Beverly for the night, but now it’s my turn.’

Her hands spread out across the centre of his chest and she pushed him into the bedroom. His body fell onto the bed with a thud and before he could move Deanna was on top of him, her lips covering his in a full-blown assault. Her thighs clenched his hips between them, driving herself up and down on his boxer-clad groin. It was an imitation of what was to come and she could feel him come alive beneath her.

Will moaned in frustration, he was tired of waiting. A red alert could sound and he still would not leave the bed or Deanna. He lifted his hips up and tried to push his underwear down but Deanna was blocking their pathway, forcing him to lift her while she dragged the item of clothing as far as she could reach down his thighs. It was far enough.

Their bodies, minds and souls finally got what they had been longing for since their last meeting on Betazed. As their vocalizations became more passionate so too did the movements of their bodies. They strove for a perfect rhythm, one which had Will thrusting his hips up to meet her in sheer carnal need.

Deanna cried out for him, her trembling increasing as the friction between them increased and exploded into a crescendo. She collapsed and Will rolled her onto her back, Deanna gasped as their still joined bodies adjusted to the movement. Will kissed her and plunged forward.

When their lips parted, Deanna looked up into his eyes. She could feel the pounding of his heart against her chest and although she knew it was mostly due to exertion, she also understood a small part of it was nerves; he was worried about losing her again.

‘We’ll make our relationship work this time,’ she told him, honestly believing it.

Will smiled, getting used to the effects of the bond again.

‘Don’t let me mess it up, Deanna. I can’t loose you twice.’

‘The only thing you’re going to mess up is the sheets,’ she said seductively, wrapping her legs around him. ‘Now where were we?’

Deanna felt his fears ebb into the ether as he focused his attentions on pleasing her.

She had thrown his world into turmoil, forced him to take notice of what was important to him, and nothing could make her happier to know that she was more important than anything.