It's All About Size

After a trip to Earth Will returns with a little something extra to his body, much to the entertainment of Deanna and Beverly. Rated PG

It’s All About Size

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: Paramount owns the characters etc etc

“It’s huge” Deanna Troi gasped in shock but also impressed.

Will smiled triumphantly and waggled his eyebrows “I know”

Deanna rolled her eyes in response “Pull your pants up! You’re not going to be dropping them every time you feel the need to show someone are you?”

Will shook his head and retrieved his pants “No, this is only for you Deanna”

Deanna smiled and indicated he should take his pants off again, even though he had just finished putting them back on. Will did so and Deanna moved to inspect the subject of discussion. She studied it intently but did not touch it for fear of hurting him. “I think you should see Beverly.”

“Why?” he asked, “Do you think she would want a look too?”

“Will” Deanna sighed “It’s pretty red and swollen, and what are you going to tell the Captain when you can’t sit down on the Bridge. I don’t think he’ll be too impressed to hear you have a tattoo on your backside”

Will burst out laughing “I’ll tell him what I always tell him when I can’t sit still on the Bridge, that certain parts of my body are still recovering from what you did the night before”

Deanna stood up and moved away “I’m serious Will!”

“So am I” he replied still laughing.

“That’s the last time you go out with your old friends from Earth.” Deanna said knowing exactly who was to blame.

Will walked over to her, his pants still around his ankles. He drew her into his embrace and his voice softened “I’ll go and see Beverly okay”

She nodded her agreement then laughed at his attire.

“You sure you don’t want to kiss it better first though” he asked returning to his earlier cheerful tone of voice.

Deanna tapped his undecorated backside cheek gently “Maybe later.”

Together they went to see Doctor Crusher. Deanna watched as Will lay face down on the biobed, naked from the waist down, the Doctor healing the affected area amidst fits of giggling.

Deanna smiled as his skin and the tattoo healed to the way it would always look, the words Imzadi Forever surrounded by a scarlet red heart. Now that she thought about it, it was kind of sweet. Even though he had been drunk he was still thinking of her and the two of them.

She smiled and moved to stand near his head, hearing her approach Will turned to face her. Bending down so her face was level with his she softly pushed his hair back from his eyes. “I love you.” she said before kissing him lightly on the lips.

Will smiled “I love you too, now all we have to do is get you a matching one”

The End