Second Skin

Author: Leanne

Rating: I would say borderline R – for a bit of crudeness.

Disclaimer: I wish I owned it, but I don’t.

Thanks to Sarajayne – master of unblocking writer’s block.

Part 1

Seated by the view-port in her quarters, Deanna Troi’s eyes continued to dart towards the door every few seconds. Across the table Beverly Crusher sat, idly talking away about the days’ events in Sickbay and how Ensign Forster had been in with injuries he’d sustained in the holodeck. At least that’s what Deanna thought she’d said, she’d zoned out into her own daydreams right after she’d agreed to give the ensign some counselling regarding his sudden enthusiasm to injure himself. It reminded her of someone else she knew; the certain someone she expected to see walk through the door any minute.

‘…so then Worf flew past the window wearing this pink frilly dress…’

Deanna turned to Beverly, her eyes glazed over. ‘Sorry,’ the Betazoid said.

‘He’s not going to come through the door any quicker just because you keep looking at it,’


Beverly grinned at her. ‘Don’t play coy with me Counsellor.’

Deanna swirled the ice-cream sundae in front of her around in the bowl, the rich chocolate sauce pooled around the outside, leaving a trail of nuts in its path.

‘Rumour has it things got pretty intense between you and Will last night,’ Beverly offered, watching Deanna’s eyes return to the door.

‘In more ways than one,’ Deanna answered on a sigh.

‘Oh…’ the doctor’s eyebrows rose, ‘do tell’.

Deanna focused her attention on Beverly but continued to stir the melting concoction in front of her. She had to admit, last night both her and Will had put a lot on the line.

Before meeting Will she’d never been much of a gambler, but since the rekindling of their romance he seemed to take particular delight in baiting her about his ability to take a risk and win. The previous night, while they were enjoying a drink with Data and Geordi in the Officer’s Lounge Will’s poker ego began to take over and Deanna found the only way to get him to stop was to mention his lack of gambling prowess when it came to their relationship.

Deanna watched in the soft light as Beverly’s eyebrows shot up at, it had startled Troi at the time too. She didn’t doubt his love and devotion to her, it did, however, make her realise that she was still harbouring open wounds where Will was concerned.

‘I’ll admit I was as much to blame as him but…’ she told Beverly, pausing to relive the sudden look of shock and pain on Will’s face as well as the sudden wave of anxiousness and anger that radiated off him. ‘I should’ve kept my thoughts to myself or at least waited until we were alone.’

Beverly leaned forward. ‘Why didn’t you?’

‘I don’t know.’

‘And I don’t believe you, you’re a counsellor, Deanna.’

Deanna didn’t answer. She lifted a spoonful of ice-cream to her mouth, thinking it would give her a few more moments before she could speak. And to perhaps avoid the direction the conversation was heading.

‘You’re jealous aren’t you?’ Beverly asked.

‘Of what?’ Deanna exclaimed.

‘Not what. Who.’ The room fell silent and Deanna felt the overwhelming regret of ever letting her eyes wander in the direction of the door. There was no way Beverly was going to let her take the easy way out. ‘He’s always been more than willing to take a risk when it came to some young skirt that spent a fleeting visit on the Enterprise, but when it came to the two of you he’d fold in the first round.’

Troi nodded. She’d never really gotten into the reasons for her remark with Will last night. Half an hour after her initial comment, Deanna had outwitted Riker at his own game; afterwards they’d gone to their separate quarters and not seen each other since.

‘You’re right,’ she sighed. ‘I feel terrible.’

‘It’s a perfectly normal reaction Deanna.’ Beverly reached over to rest her hand on Troi’s arm. ‘Don’t worry, our Commander Riker isn’t going anywhere; the fact that he’s still on the Enterprise after Data telling him his behaviour towards you could be considered to be selfish and misguided says something.’

Deanna laughed. ‘Data being onboard is also somewhat of a miracle, I thought Will was going to take him apart a piece at a time.’

Their wager had been placed on Data’s response to whether he thought Will Riker had behaved responsibly and respectfully towards Deanna’s feelings since their reunion at Farpoint Station. After confirming that his answer would not alter his position on the ship, the android had rattled off a series of calculations and theories, at the same time asking both Deanna and Will questions, before announcing his concluding comment. ‘Taking all these points into consideration, it would appear that Commander Riker has, if I may quote Counsellor Troi, behaved like a jackass whose libido requires more attention than the combined number of Betazoid females to ever go through the phase.’

Beverly laughed Deanna’s recount. ‘What I would’ve given to have been there and seen his face.’

The younger woman thought how she would’ve gladly traded places. She only hoped Will had gotten over having his ego bruised and would turn up as they had agreed so she could receive her winnings.

‘So what’s the prize?’ Beverly asked, interrupting Deanna’s thoughts.

The Betazoid opened her mouth to answer, but before she could get a word out the door to her quarters opened, revealing Will Riker. Deanna’s jaw dropped, a loud gasp slipping from between her lips; exhaling the same breath seconds later. Crusher giggled but couldn’t avert her eyes. Will moved closer to them. His body, excluding his face, was completely covered in paint. His legs and torso were coloured with a mixture of chocolate-brown and vanilla-white. Deanna’s eyes wandered downwards, coming to a halt on his groin; painted as the centrepiece of a first-officer-sized sundae, was a banana with a cherry on either side. Troi found she couldn’t look away, her mind overcome with the angle and length of his fruit decorated underwear.

‘Oh my god!’ Deanna closed her mouth, self-conscious that she was drooling. The faint line of the g-string he wore was visible, giving him some modesty, but the rest of him was naked. ‘Naked…’ Deanna mumbled and Will grinned, pleased with her reaction.

From across the table she heard Beverly ask him, ‘is that all you?’ Her eyes had zeroed in on the rather large banana and Deanna glared at her.

‘I thought we agreed on just your chest.’ Troi said, overcome by shyness all of a sudden.


Deanna shook her head and felt a stinging heat set her cheeks alight. ‘Turn around,’ she prompted.

Will spread his arms out and began to spin around. Deanna took in the view of his toned legs and buttocks, resisting the urge to reach out and grab hold of one of his butt cheeks. Her eyes continued over the broad expanse of his back, finally coming to rest on his chest as he completed his turn.

‘I think you’re the sundae she’s been waiting to devour,’ Beverly smirked, reminding Deanna she was still in the room.

Troi looked at the real bowl of ice-cream on the table before looking back to Will, licking her lips.

‘I think it’s time for me to leave,’ Beverly said getting to her feet, ‘enjoy your prize.’

‘You do look edible,’ Deanna volunteered once the doctor had left.

‘Does that mean I don’t normally?’ Will winked at her and moved to stand only inches away. Leaning down he picked up Deanna’s spoon and piled it with ice-cream before easing it into her mouth. ‘You know what the best part is?’ he whispered into her ear and Deanna shook her head, her mouth still full. ‘The paint is flavoured.’


Part 2

Not expecting that response, Deanna tried to swallow but ended up choking until Will patted her gently on the back.

‘No more sauce with nuts in…’ he soothed, his blue eyes twinkling.

Deanna couldn’t help but laugh and Will reached down to grasp her hands in his, lifting her to her feet. The smell of his chocolate flavoured chest floated up to her nostrils and she smiled with mischief when she realised his chest was hairless. Running a finger down between his pectorals, she stopped above his belly button and lifted the coated finger to her mouth. Surprised by the rich taste, her eyes drifted closed and she groaned with pleasure.

‘What happened to the traction?’ She asked, lifting her eyelids to reveal the darkening pools beneath.

‘Ah, well there was a bit of a problem with it congealing the paint so Data thought it would be better to get rid of it.’

‘Data did this?’

‘Since I couldn’t reach certain places I needed a bit of help,’ he winked. ‘Plus he owed me a favour.’

Deanna nodded her head. She wondered what the android thought about the whole situation and if he’d bombarded Will with questions while painting the masterpiece that now stood in front of her. The thought of Will trying to answer all Data’s questions without getting embarrassed brought a smile to her lips and she began to run her hands over the contours of his chest and stomach, messing up the artwork.

‘You do know that it’s going to really itch when it’s growing back?’

‘It’ll be worth it,’ Will replied, his lips barely moving against hers as he spoke. ‘I’m sorry that I hurt you.’

Deanna responded by kissing him back, one hand lowering to the band of his g-string. Covered in paint it ran around his waist before coming to a stop above the seemingly growing banana that stood out below it. She moved away from his lips and smiled, her eyes searching out Will’s before they dropped to her where her skin touched his.

‘So did you remove all the hair?’

She didn’t wait for his answer, however, placing her index finger inside the garment and pulling it towards her. For the second time in a matter of minutes Deanna was speechless and she found herself staring at him.

‘See anything you like?’ She heard Will ask from above her after several moments.

Letting the g-string return to its previous position, her eyes rose to meet his, finding them full of uninhibited desire and love. ‘This is going to get messy isn’t it?’ She was sure the look in his eyes was reflected in her own. All she could think of was draping her body over his and attacking him with her mouth. But she didn’t want the dress she had on to get ruined, it was her favourite. Will had bought it for her on their last shore leave to Earth and who knew when they’d get back there.

‘That’s the plan,’ Will agreed, his hands moving to rid her of her clothes.

‘Uh-uh,’ Deanna scolded, stepping back from him. ‘You’re not messing up my dress with those chocolaty hands of yours.’

‘Well it won’t be as much fun if I can’t touch you, but we can give it a go.’

Deanna smirked at him, but gave no further protest before unclasping her dress and letting it fall to the floor. It pooled around her feet and she stepped out of it; closer to Will. The only thing that separated them, as she circled her arms around his back, was the brief pieces of material they wore as underwear. For the first time since he’d entered the room, Deanna felt the length of his body pressed against hers. Immediately, her mouth started to travel across his chest, lingering on his nipple and tasting not only Will, but the imitation ice-cream.

‘Are we okay?’ Will asked, his chest moving in and out rapidly as she focused her attention on the other nipple.

‘Just remember you’re mine and we’ll be better than okay,’ she answered, temporarily pulling back from him. Her hands slid under the thin band of material that sat below his hips before continuing down to cover his backside. Will’s hands held onto her waist, bringing her even closer as he leaned down to kiss her exposed shoulder. Moving her head to the side, Deanna’s mouth found his and the entanglement of lips and tongues was soon mirrored by their limbs. In every place their bodies touched the paint left a melted path, only to be licked or smudged by a wandering hand or mouth. Deanna gasped in lungfuls of oxygen, her heart pounding as Will picked her up and hooked her legs around him.

<Senior officers report to the bridge.>

Will groaned and Deanna knew it wasn’t due to pleasure.

‘I don’t believe it!’ he said, exasperated. He held her in place as if waiting for a voice to come over the comm. and tell them it had been a mistake.

For the first time in her career Deanna gave serious thought to ignoring the order. After all they were almost naked, smothered in body paint and were both more than a little aroused. Will was heaving in breath after breath of oxygen and she could feel his heart beating against her breasts.

‘We can’t go like this,’ she said finally, trying to regain her composure.

Will’s head fell back, his eyes closed. He unlocked Deanna’s legs from around his back and reluctantly eased her from his body.

‘This better be important,’ he said, manoeuvring Deanna towards the bedroom and wrapping his arms around her from behind. ‘I’ll go to the bridge, you go have a shower and I’ll tell the captain you’re on your way.’

‘Will you can’t go dressed in nothing but a g-string, chocolate flavoured paint and a smile.’ She started to wipe the mess from around his mouth with her fingers, but it only helped to smear the gooey substance over more skin and into his beard.

‘Deanna, stop,’ he grabbed hold of her wrist and walked her into the bathroom. ‘In the shower, now. I’ll just wear my uniform over all this.’

She erupted into laughter, struggling to take off her underwear. ‘Can you wait for me then because I want to see the look on the captain’s face when you walk out of the turbolift looking like that.’

Will ignored her and walked over to the wardrobe, taking out one of his uniforms and slowly working it over his body. Deanna stood in the doorway, completely naked, watching as he struggled to close the uniform top without dirtying it. She couldn’t help but wonder why he was bothering, the lip-pressed chocolate that stained his face was enough to give away everything he was planning on keeping hidden.

Putting on his boots, he looked up to see her standing there and quickly got to his feet. Deanna shook her head, picking up the hand towel she walked over to him and began to clean his hands, then his face. She could see him trying to keep his eyes averted from her body, eventually letting out a moan of frustration.

‘Deanna, I really don’t feel like getting demoted today.’

‘Just let me rub this last bit off,’ she smiled sweetly at him and kissed the last spot that remained on the corner of his mouth. ‘There you go, now go and play nicely.’

The last thing she saw as he hurried out the door was his squat like posture as his hands tried to re-arrange the g-string under his uniform.


Part 3

Will Riker shifted his weight from one leg to the other as the turbolift sped towards the bridge. Even though his movements were minor, the elastic that chafed the most sensitive areas under his uniform continued to rub against his skin. He couldn’t understand why he would be needed on the bridge, they were star mapping, it was a routine mission and the only thing he was willing to accept as the cause of him being dragged away from Deanna was if they were being fired on, and it was clear that was not the case.

The turbolift came to a halt and Will slowly stepped forward, towards his chair. The captain turned to look at him and Will hoped to God that Deanna had removed all obvious traces of the paint.

‘Captain, Counsellor Troi will be here momentarily, what seems to be the problem?’

As he moved past Picard, Will couldn’t help but notice the way his eyes followed him and his nose sniffed the air slightly. He knows, Will thought, he knows I’m hiding something.

‘No problem, Number One,’ the captain answered and Will thought he glimpsed a moment of smugness flash across his superior’s face. ‘Doctor Crusher merely suggested it was time for us to run a drill. The senior officers must keep on top of such things, just as the rest of the crew…wouldn’t you agree?’

Will looked over to Beverly, seated in Deanna’s usual chair, before scanning over the various faces surrounding him. All the senior staff was already here. Everything fell quiet and he wondered if maybe they were waiting for Deanna.

‘Sir?’ Riker finally questioned, confused.

‘I didn’t disturb you enjoying a sundae with Counsellor Troi did I?’ Picard looked his first officer up and down.

Will tried to restrain his lips from curving up into a grin. If he only knew what kind of sundae the two of them had been enjoying.

‘No, Captain,’ Will answered, his stance shifting as the captain got to his feet and approached him.

‘You do realise Number One that your uniform should be respectful of your position?’ Picard asked suddenly, his voice stern.


‘Or do I need to black mark you for attending your duties in a less than clean manner?’

‘No Sir, but can I ask...’ he trailed off, looking to Beverly for something, anything that would tell him Picard was serious.

The captain stepped into Riker's line of view, blocking the smirking Beverly Crusher from his sight. ‘It seems to me that the Counsellor was unhappy with her sundae. Am I right number one? I have heard Betazoids can be quite fiery, even volatile when upset…and known to throw things.’

‘Captain, I’m not sure I know what you’re talking about.’ Will could feel sweat start to form on his forehead, he knew it was already running down over his chest and back. The moisture had mixed with the paint and already felt like it was running down his legs and pooling at his feet.

Slowly the captain raised his arm and lifted a finger to run over Will’s ear. ‘You seem to have missed a bit Commander.’ Picard held his finger out for Will to see and the first officer cringed.

Before Riker had a chance to answer, Beverly erupted into a loud fit of laughter. Will wasn’t sure if he’d been at the centre of an elaborate joke, with Beverly being the mastermind, or if it had all been a matter of chance.

‘Captain, I can explain –’ Will stopped mid-sentence as the turbolift doors opened revealing Deanna Troi.

The counsellor walked out onto the bridge and Will noticed she looked decidedly clean. What he would’ve given to be in her shoes. Averting his eyes from his Imzadi and returning them to Picard, Will found his captain still staring at him.

‘Ah, as I was saying,’ Will continued while sitting down in his chair.

Straight away he knew it was a mistake. Wriggling his weight from one side of his backside to the other, he could feel the soft, sludgy mess that covered him move between the fabric of his uniform and skin. He looked down to his legs, only to find the liquid mess seeping through miniscule holes in the black material covering his thighs. He let out a groan and with a hesitant hand touched the wet clothing that clung to him.

‘I'm sorry Captain, but Deanna won a bet I made, and so I covered myself in chocolate flavoured paint to carry out my side of the losing bet,’ he said on a sigh.

Will looked up to find the crew smiling at him, although a slight blush now coloured Deanna’s cheeks.

The room remained silent for untold seconds and Will waited for the captain to either start laughing or give him a strong reprimand. He would’ve preferred either over the silence. All he wanted to do was grab Deanna and flee from the bridge, leaving him to wallow in his embarrassment. News of how the Enterprise’s first officer was well and truly under Deanna Troi’s thumb and willing to concede to her every want was sure to have circulated the ship before he even got to his quarters. No-one would take his position as second in command serious ever again.

‘Very well,’ Picard finally said turning his attention to the view-screen. ‘Dismissed’

‘Captain?’ Riker was mystified, not to mention annoyed.

‘The drill is over Commander, you may continue…whatever it was you were doing. But please make sure you wear a clean uniform next time Will. I hear chocolate is hell to remove from upholstery,’ he winked, indicating the faint brown smudges now decorating the first officer’s chair

Will didn’t need to be told twice, he was on his feet, Deanna’s hand held within his and inside the turbolift in record time.

‘That so-called friend of yours is behind this,’ he told her petulantly after the doors had closed. ‘I’m going to be the laughingstock for the next two weeks.’ He turned to look at her. ‘I love you Deanna, I really do and I would doing anything for you but somehow I always end up making a fool of myself where you’re concerned.’

‘Yes, isn’t it funny how we behave as we truly are around those we love,’ Deanna replied nonchalantly, looking straight ahead at the lift doors.

‘So you’re saying you think I’m a fool then?’ Will asked, turning her quickly and pinning her body against the wall. He heard Deanna’s sharp intake of breath and leaned in to press his face against her neck. She smelled like a spring garden in full bloom and Will felt his heart begin to race. The truth was he didn’t mind making a complete idiot of himself if it made her happy, he’d gladly cover himself in whatever she asked just to keep her in his life.

‘Not here,’ Deanna whispered.

‘Why not? I’ve already embarrassed myself, couldn’t make it any worse.’

Sure there was always the chance of the turbolift doors opening to a crew member, revealing Will with his pants around his ankles and engaged in an intimate embrace with his Imzadi, but he wasn’t sure he could wait the time it would take to get to either of their quarters. Catching him off guard, Deanna pushed him against the adjacent wall and pressed her lips to his in a punishing kiss.

‘You need a bath first,’ she admonished moments later when their mouths separated with a gasp.

The doors to the lift opened and a security officer stood waiting to see if he should step in or not. Deanna took a step back from Will and linked her hand with his, leading him out into the corridor and towards her quarters.

The second they were behind closed doors Will peeled the soaking clothes from his body. The relief he felt to be rid of the cause of his discomfort released in a satisfied groan. He saw Deanna’s grin and on instinct reached out for her. She darted towards the bathroom and Will eagerly followed her, stopping dead in his tracks when he saw what lay in front of him in the bath.

‘What is that?’

‘Your bath,’ Deanna answered, holding her arm out and indicating he should step in.

Will, however, was having none of it. ‘Is that chocolate sauce?’

Troi grinned at him, ‘I still haven’t had my sundae.’

‘You realise you have a serious problem, right?’ He knew she loved chocolate, but this was bordering on insane. What was he meant to do, frolic around in the bath then let her lick all the sauce off? The thought brought a smile to his lips and he decided he couldn’t be the one to shatter her fantasy.

‘A bet is a bet Will, and I still haven’t got my winnings. Besides, you look like a Betazoid Garmite like that.’

He wasn’t sure he liked her calling him a Garmite. After all they were, big, hairy, temperamental and liked to chase other animal species for fun. Letting the comment pass Will lifted his leg and stepped into the tub, easing his already sticky body down into the mass of chocolate at his feet. It didn’t feel as cold as he expected and it felt oddly soothing.

‘When did you do this?’ He asked, slipping down until the brown liquid covered up to his chest.

‘Before you arrived wearing your artwork, I just warmed it up again before I left for the bridge.’ With that Deanna held her hand up and told him to wait, before leaving the room.

Will heard the familiar sound of the replicator functioning out in the lounge room and he relaxed back in the bath, trying to think what else she could possibly need. He didn’t have to wait long before Deanna emerged through the door, completely naked except for the bowl of cherries she held in her hand. Will smiled and held his hand out to her.

‘Something tells me the fruit bowl I'm wearing isn't enough to satisfy you,’ he said, studying the contours of her body as she joined him in the tub.

Facing him and positioning herself between his knees, Deanna held the bowl of fruit steady in her hands before placing a cherry in his mouth. He rolled it around with his tongue, placing his hands on the outside of her thighs, enjoying the way the movement of her chest was beginning to quicken.

‘It's not for me Will,’ she replied, ‘it's to keep your energy levels sustained while I finish what we started.’

Will bit into the cherry and found himself nearly choking on the piece of fruit as Deanna’s hand searched him out under the liquid chocolate. ‘Ah Deanna, what are you doing?’

‘Inspecting the goods,’ she said, taking her bottom lip into her mouth. ‘I like my bananas big, hard and ripe.’

Will’s eyes widened, any self-restraint he had left vanishing when she jumped forward onto his lap and pressed herself against him; the cherries long forgotten as they fell into the rippling sauce.

The End