The Battle of Betazed

by Charlotte Douglas and Susan Kearney


Betazed has become the latest target in the Dominion Wars. Deanna Troi, the crew of the Enterprise, her mother, and her dearest friends battle to not only free her planet from the Jem'Hadar, but to destroy the space station orbiting her planet. A station that was the very heart of the universes most horrific experiments. Deanna had to betray her planets most sacred secret, forcing her to use one of the universes worst murderers, Hent Tevren, a man that could kill just using his mind, and enjoy doing it, Deanna and three of her closest staff, land on Betazed and with assistance from her own family and friends, set to free her planet of the feared and much hated Jem'Hadar, whilst her team mates on board the Enterprise deal with the space station. The death of Hent however, joined the planets strongest telepaths together to form the ultimate mind-force of all, only Hent's way was to kill, the peaceful Betazoids way was to incapacitate, thus allowing the Jem'Hadar to be subdued. Some lived, a lot died, including some of Deanna's own race, but in the end, they regained their home.


Notable Imzadi moments:

Battle of Betazed pages 12 to 15

Deanna rubbed her burning eyes. Every bone in her body ached with fatigue. In less than two hours she had to report for duty, but she hadn't been able to sleep. How could anyone sleep, knowing what was happening out there? Every time she closed her eyes, she saw...

The chime on her door sounded.

She didn't answer, knowing who it was and hoping he would leave. The last thing she felt right now was sociable.

The chime sounded again. She flung herself down on th window seat and pulled a pillow over her head.

She sensed Will Riker's presence, picking up telepathically his concern for her. Will had been her first true love and would always be her best friend, her Imzadi. But she was in no mood to face anyone now. Not even Will.

"Go away," she called.

For an instant there was quiet, and she was breathing a sigh of relief when the doors to he quarters slid open and Will stepped inside. He'd used his security override to enter.

She bolted upright. "What part of 'go away' don't you understand?" Anger filled her voice, but her more rational side realized it wasn't Will who angered her.

It was the damned war.

Will crossed the room and slid onto the window seat beside her. "I'm worried about you."

"You have a ship to run. Go worry about it."

He cocked his head in that little-boy gesture that always tugged at her heart because it seemed so at odds with the strength and maturity of the tall, seasoned Starfleet officer with his piercing eyes and regal beard.

"Maybe I should call Beverly," he suggested. "Have her look in on you."

"I don't need a doctor, Will," she snapped.

Will inclined his head toward the tabletop next to her. "You never met a chocolate you didn't like. And you're losing weight. I think Beverly should check you out."

Deanna glanced at the dish on the table that had once held a sinful concoction of chocolate ice cream, hot fudge sauce, whipped cream, and chocolate sprinkles. The bowl's untouched contents were now indistinguishable from a mud puddle.

"I'm all right," she insisted.

Will slid closer on the bench, draped his arm around her shoulders, and fixed her a stare. "Try again."

Deanna couldn't help smiling. Will knew her better than anyone, and although she was the ships Counselor, he could give her a run for her money in the listening department any day.

Remembering the source of he depression, she let her smile fade. "You've heard the latest news?"

Sympathy filled his eyes, and he squeezed her shoulder gently. "I'm sorry."

Deanna snatched a padd from the table beside her and rattled off the information. "Thirty-six ships destroyed - hit before they could even enter the Betazed system! Starbase 19 practically obliterated."

She leapt to her feet and flung th padd across the room. It bounced off the far wall, barely missing a gilded Louis XIV mirror. her reflection glared back at her, eyes flashing with rage, hair tousled, her cheeks sunken hollows from eight loss and worry.

She pivoted, all her anger and frustration focused on Will. "Thousands died. And for nothing! The Dominion's grip on Betazed is as strong as ever."

Will folded his arms across his chest and waited, as if sensing she needed to vent her frustrations without interruption. she wouldn't disappoint him. "And where were we? Sitting safely here at Starbase 133 while others did our dying for us!"

Unruffled by her heated display, Will rose to his feet an pulled he into his arms. he smoothed her hair and held her silently for a moment, as if trying to transfer his calm to her. "That's not fair, Deanna. There isn't one of us who wasn't itching to help, but the Enterprise wasn't battle-ready. The damage we took at Rigel still won't be repaired for a couple more weeks."

Her ragged breathing eased and he temper cooled. Will offered her his hand and led her back to the window seat.

Pages 79 - 81
Something stirred suddenly in he mind. As always, she sensed Will's presence at the door of her quarters before he signalled. "Come in, Will," she called.

Through the sound of the cascading water, she followed the trail of Will's emotions as he entered her quarters: his surprised at seeing the combat uniform tossed carelessly on the floor of her living area; his boyish thrill of realizing she was in the shower; his gentlemanly hesitation as he realized he'd come at an awkward time. "You want me to come back later?" he called.

Deanna said nothing, her eyes still closed against the water, soaking in Will's reassuring presence in her mind as she soaked up the hat.


"Deanna, did you say something?"

"Just a second, Will," she said finally, her eyes opening. She couldn't see past the steam.

"I can come back -"
"No, it's all right," she said, turning off the shower. "Hand me my robe, would you?"

Hesitation again. he was wondering if she was sending him a signal. And part of her, she realized, was wondering the same thing. Her history with Will was long and passionate on numerous levels, and always seemed jut on the verge of reigniting, especially during times of personal crisis.

You really should know better, Deanna, she admonished herself. Try to remember you're a Counselor.

She heard him fumbling for the robe near the entrance to the bathroom. "That's quite a head of steam you have going in there," he commented.

"Helped me relax," she said, reaching through the steam. "You should try it sometime." She could see him now, a silhouette in the mist, which of course meant that he, in turn, could see her.

He handed her the robe, "It seems to be having the opposite effect on me," he admitted. "But I think you knew that."

She froze. Of course, she thought. Will wasn't empathic, but he also wasn't likely to forget that she was, and he knew perfectly well that she could read him like a book, emotionally.

Nudity wasn't an issue to most Betazoids. But realizing that Will had seen through her, Deanna suddenly felt naked. Exposed. She quickly wrapped her robe around herself. "I'm sorry, Will. That was...that was unfair of me. And stupid."

The fog was lifting. She could see his face now. He was smiling at her. Not mischievously, but affectionately. "Why? Because you feel that if we gave in to our impulses, it would be for the wrong reasons, and at the worst possible time?"

"Isn't that how you feel?"

"That's a rhetorical question, Deanna. You know how I feel."

"then why do we do this to ourselves?"

"Honestly? Because I think when you get past our suppressed mutual lust, we actually care about each other too much to risk making this choice just because we're suddenly afraid it may be our last chance. But either way, it's not something either of us should feel sorry about."

Deanna smiled crookedly and looked up at him. "Are you after my job?"

"God, no. Who would want it?"

Pages 101 - 102
Eighteen hours after the briefing, and after the fourth day of combat drills with Vaughn, Deanna prepared to join Elias, Worf, Beverly, and Data aboard the Defiant. Will had come to the transporter room to see her off, and even dismissed the transporter operator so he coul spend a final moment alone with her.

"I know you don't want to hear this," he said, "but I'm gonna say it anyway. Be careful."

Deanna smiled. "You too. I'll see you soon." Suddenly she had her arms around him, and Will was hugging her back, his long arms wrapped tightly around her.

"You know what I'm feeling, don't you?" she heard him ask unnecessarily.

"Yes," she said. "Me too." After a moment, she said. "Promise me something, Will?"

"You name it."

"Promise you'll never let me go."

Will smiled. He knew what she meant, and that it had nothin to do with with their embrace. "That depends," he said. "Does it work both ways?"

"Of course."

"Then, yes," Will said. "I promise."


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