by Michael Jan Friedman

Still intent after many years to reunificate Vulcan and Romulus, Ambassador Spock, deep under cover with his followers, a group of Unificators, on the planet, Constanthus, are betrayed, captured and imprisoned by Governor Tharrus, a man who does not want unification to happen.
Starfleet call upon the Enterprise and Spock's old comrades, Admiral Doctor McCoy to assist in his rescue, and Captain Montgomery Scott, who commandeers the ancient Starship, The USS Yorktown, and sets off to Romulus on his own.
Managing to evade another Starship sent to stop Scotty, his luck runs out when his ship is captured by Romulan's.
Meanwhile, on board the Enterprise, Picard and his crew's patience is tested to the limit by the somewhat cranky and demanding McCoy, until unhappy with Picard's diplomatic approach to the situation, takes command of the Enterprise.
Cleverly thinking that the forward approach is the only way to get things done, McCoy makes the utmost disastrous mistake of revealing who he is, and Governor Tharrus puts two and two together and realizes just who they are attempting to rescue; the elusive Ambassador Spock.
The same happens with Scotty on the Romulan outpost with his captor, the Romulan Proconsul, Eragain. Scotty manages to fake escape, blowing up the shuttle he is supposed to be in so that the Romulan's think he is dead.
Hearing that Scotty has been captured, Riker, Geordi and Data take a shuttle and head for the outpost. Whilst Picard separates the saucer from the battle station and heads for Constanthus.
The away team are attacked and captured, only to be freed by Scotty, and between them, they escape on the Yorktown and head for Constanthus.
Fed up with his men's growing loyalty towards Spock, Tharrus starts executing the prisoners in an attempt to reveal which one of them is Spock. Even when Proconsul Eragain arrives, Tharrus is beyond reason and attempts to take his party prisoner too, giving Spock the chance he needs to take control, and in amongst a hail of phaser fire, the Yorktown starts beaming up the prisoners.
Fleeing the planet, the Yorktown comes under attack from three Romulan warbirds, and just as the Starship is disabled, the Enterprise steps in and saves the day. Side by side, the two Starship's head for the nearest Starbase. One holding three united comrades from long ago. The other, the Enterprise, all set to go off on another adventure once they'd taken their friends to safety.

There are no notable Imzadi moments in this story, but it still an excellent read.



Thank you Carol for putting this together =)