Doomsday World (Book #12)

by Carmen Carter, Peter David,
Michael Jan Friedman and Robert Greenberger

The man-made world, Kirlos, a planet teeming with archaeological wonders have invited the Enterprise to assist them on a particular dig, to unearth rare Ariantu relics, aware that Captain Picard and his crew are particularly interested such finds. But after Data, Geordi and Worf beam down to the planet surface, the Enterprise is called to an emergency mercy mission to Tenhuan, another planet in a neighbouring sector, Ambassador Grezor refuses to allow the away team to leave, and so the Enterprise leaves them behind.
Things start to happen; explosions, and conspiracy's, all transpire wherever the away team happen to be, and convinced that they are to blame, despite the planet many different races and any one of the factors capable of the destruction, Geordi and Data are taken into custody. Worf is also held, but with some leniency, appreciating that the Klingon appears to be knowledgeable about security, and learn to value his advice.
Meanwhile, the Enterprise uncover the reason for Tenhuan's attack. The outpost had a valuable ore called Arizite, but had already been mined and very little Arizite was to be found. Picard deduces that the attack was a ploy to lure them away from Kirlos, and hurry back to their trapped comrades.
Worf does his best to convince the Ambassador that his trusted aide Grezor is partly to blame for the unrest on the planet, and Gregach begins to believe him.
Geordi and Data manage to escape their cell, but find themselves going deeper inside the planet, where they discover Kirlos' true function; It is a weapon of mass destruction, built by the original founders, the Ariantu many millennia before.
In orbit, twelve Ariantu ships arrive, ready to claim back their planet. But on Kirlos, Thul activates the weapons, and creates a wormhole which leads to the planet K'Vin, but it begins to devour everything within its reach, including Kirlos, the Ariantu ships, and the Enterprise.
Data works frantically to shut the weapons down but fails with technology. Worf decides that he has nothing to lose and fires a torpedo. It works and the Enterprise escapes. But seven of the Ariantu ships do not.
The Ariantu mother ship starts firing upon the Enterprise, but a battle cruiser from K'Vin appears and disperses the attackers.
Now contact has been re-established between the planets, negotiations begin to find a solution to satisfy them all.


There were no notable Imzadi moments in this story, but it is still a very good read.


Thank you Carol for putting this together =)