A Fury Scorned (Book #43)

by Pamela Sargent and George Zebrowski

Epictetus' sun is about to go nova and the Enterprise and it's crew have been given the daunting job seeing to the planet's residents final preparations to die. Unable to remove the planet's 20,000,000 million occupants, Epictetus' council have to decide who of the 3,000 that the Enterprise can carry should leave the doomed planet. And just as priceless as it's life are the planet's wonderful archaeological treasures. The council, and the crew of the Enterprise have a heart-breaking task ahead of them selecting who and what to save.
Meanwhile, on the Enterprise, Data comes up with a possibility that may give the planet, if not a chance of surviving, then maybe more time to evacuate it's occupants. Having absolutely nothing to lose, the Epictetus agree.
Deanna Troi is given the awful job of helping to select the children that are to leave the planet's surface, a job that tests her skills as a Counselor to the absolute limit. Each child may take a piece of the planet's history with them.
Data and Geordi continue to test out the various simulations to create a wormhole that the planet can move through, moving it to a different sector of space away from the exploding star. At last, they finally create a stable wormhole and direct it towards the planet.
All goes well until they realize that the wormhole is just not quite big enough and a thin sliver of the planet's surface gets sheared off - the area that Deanna Troi is still at. She is stranded until the Enterprise can break away long enough to go back and rescue her and the remaining children.
Worf, also on the planet's surface has to endure the catastrophic weather changes as the planet passes through the wormhole. But he too survives.
Epictetus barely makes it safely through before the sun explodes and the wormhole collapses.

There are no notable Imzadi moments in this story, but it is still a very good read.


Thank you Carol for putting this together =)