Guises of the Mind (Book #27)

by Rebecca Neason


Counselor Troi was having troubles on board the Enterprise. As much as she loved her job, at times the stress and strain of dealing with other peoples problems wore her down. But when two nuns en route to Capulon 1V boarded, her troubles increased tenfold when one of the nuns was a distressed, but concealed, telepath.
The 'Little Mothers' as they were known, were part of the king's plan to end Capulon 1V's of centuries worth of hidden secrets. Long ago, children born with disabilities and other much minor undesirable qualities, were cast away, never to be seen again.
Joakal, soon to be the new absolute, had dreams, and one of them was the abolishment of that particular law, hence his request of the Little Mothers, as well as an alliance with the Federation.
But on the Enterprise's arrival, Joakal's unknown twin, Beahoran decided that it was time to take his rightful place, and with help, incarcerated Joakal in the palace dungeons. But Beahoran had an evil mind, and it wasn't long before people began to suspect, including Joakal's bride to be, Elana.
After Picard, Troi and the nuns were drugged, Troi and Mother Veronica managed to join minds and summons Riker who with Elana's help, rescued the missing crew and finally exposing the deception at hand.
Forced to participate in an ancient ritual called the Rhii'cha - the truth-saying, the true king was revealed and Beahoran was exiled from the planet.

Notable Imzadi moments:

Page 193
Troi released the breath she had been holding. She gave the nun a small smile that she hoped was reassuring and squeezed her arm in gratitude.
"Just open your mind to me," she said. "Our link will not be much different that the one we used on the Enterprise for our lessons. Our minds together will send the message. Are you ready?"
Mother Veronica crossed herself, then she held out her hands. Troi took them in her own. She closed her eyes and reached for the bond that would pair her mind with the nun's. It formed easily.
Whether you realise it or not, she told Mother Veronica, your abilities have grown. They're becoming stronger and more refined. You could accomplish a great deal with them, if you chose.
The nun sent no answering thought and Troi did not press her. Instead she concentrated on Will Riker, calling up the image of him, the feel of his mind touching hers as it had in the sweet, golden time of their union.
Imzadi, Troi sent as the image, and the well-remembered sensation of their minds entwined, sharpened. Imzadi,, help me. Come to me. I need you. Imzadi.....

Page 196 to 197
The hairs on the back of his neck prickled. Riker ran a hand across them, but the sensation did not go away. It intensified. It was as if someone had just poured itching powder between his shoulder blades.
He twitched and shifted in his chair. Nothing eased it. He stood and began to pace, aware that the other officers on the bridge had turned to look at him. He did not care; the discomfort continued to grow. He was about to call Doctor Crusher when he realized what he was feeling was not physical.
Deanna? he wondered. He tried to remember what she had taught him about opening his mind to her touch. It had once been so easy.
Imzadi? he thought, standing still and silent on the bridge. He closed his eyes and searched for her, not caring what the other officers on the bridge saw or thought. If Deanna needed him, all that mattered was that her hear her. Imzadi? he thought again, calling this time, and he picked up the faint but unmistakable essence of her mind reaching for his.
I'm coming, Deanna, he thought to her, not knowing if she could hear him. Hold on, I'm coming.
he turned to Lieutenant Worf. "Discontinue hail," he said, "and come with me. Have a security team meet us, with phasers, in Transporter Room Three. Whether they like it or not, we're beaming down to that planet. Something's going on and I intend to find out exactly what it is. Mr. Data," Riker said over his shoulder as he began to stride up the ramp toward the turbolift, "you have the conn."
Will Riker did not bother to watch the android leave his seat at Ops and take the command chair. Everything on the Enterprise would run efficiently. What Riker did see was the gleam of combat readiness in Worf's eyes as the Klingon met him at the top of the ramp. Riker knew the same light could be seen in his own.
Hold on, Deanna. We're coming.


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