Strike Zone (Book #5)

by Peter David


On the planet, designated, DQN196, the Kreel discover a hidden, futuristic armoury. In orbit, a Klingon ship watches with interest and beam down to see what the Kreel have found. Using one of the weapons, the Kreel attack the Klingon party and then take aim at their ship, its power sending the ship hurtling through space.
With such powerful technology in the Kreel's hands, the Klingon's call on the Federation to negotiate a truce between the two bitter enemies, both equally afraid of the outcome if war was started with the weapons.
When the Enterprise arrive at the designated meeting place, they come face to face with a Kreel ship intent on acquiring the Enterprise for themselves, using the weapon as a threat. Only they hadn't counted on the Enterprise's superior technology and simply transported the weapon to their own ship.
With a party of both Klingon's and Kreel on board the Enterprise, tensions run high, and the crew have a full time job on their hands keeping the two apart. But when the Enterprise arrives at planet, DQN196, the much treasured Honourable Kobry is assassinated by one of his own, a Klingon that hated the Kreel enough to murder his esteemed leader. But he was thwarted when Kobry, aware that an attempt on his life would probably happen, had taken precautions before hand, and was saved by Dr. Pulaski
Meanwhile, down on the planet, Data, Geordi and Riker investigate the armoury for themselves, until an urgent plea from the Enterprise calls them back. But something goes wrong and Geordi is left behind. He investigates the armoury further and discovers that his voice activates the computers and he finds out that the planet is in fact a huge metallic sphere, called the Cognoscente.
He eventually gets back to the Enterprise just before the ship, and the metallic ball get sucked into a vortex that had opened up. They manage to break free just in time, but not before taking a glimpse at the futuristic world beyond. Everything had been a test, and Picard, because he had managed to avert the Klingon/Kreel war, had passed with flying colours, much to his disgust and despair at the loss of life that the tests had incurred.

Notable Imzadi moment:

Pages 74 to 75

"It's the nature of the races, Data. Plus the nature of the disputes. Plus the civilians..." Picard shook his head in dismay. "Civilians. To this day it's the one major policy decision Starfleet has made that rankles me. And I see you're shaking your head, Mr. Riker."
"We've disagreed on this before, Captain, and I think we'll continue to do so," said Riker. "Many people aboard the Enterprise are scientists, geologists, explorers who are doing the kind of work that can only be done aboard a starship."
"Not to mention the spouses and children of Enterprise crew members," Troi added. "Part of the movement toward integrating families began when studies showed that long separations from their loved-ones was detrimental to the health of Starfleet personnel."
"My second-in-command and my counselor, of one mind once again, eh?" Picard said. Troi ad Riker glanced at each other and quickly turned away, Troi maintaining her professional detachment, but Riker permitting a small smile.


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