chapter one..

Deanna and Will were in the holodeck in the Jalara jungle..they were also 'making out' as the old term is called..will was on top of her and she had her leg drawn up seductively at his side, while running her hands through his hair..they weren't making love, but they were damn close.. when they finally broke apart, after what seemed like years, will slid off of her and cuddled close to her side and she turned to face him..
"You better be glad I love you."
Deanna smiled coyly and said. "now why is that..?? "
" 'cause if you would have let me, I would have taken you right here."
Deanna gave him an icy look and said. "well I'm very glad you love me then."
Will got agitated and asked. "Deanna, why do we have to take it so slowly..?? "
"What do you mean..?? "
Will thought for a moment and said. "Well, Deanna, when I go after something, I want it then."
Deanna considered his comment for a moment and then said. "Well, what do you feel when you go after something..?? "
Will thought for a moment and said. "I want.."(he chose his words carefully)."the physical."
Deanna understood and remarked. "Well, when I go after something, I want the emotional, and until I feel that I have found the emotional, I don't go after it."
Will got agitated at her 'counselor mode' and said. "Deanna, have you ever done anything on impulse..without thinking..?? "
Deanna thought for a moment and said. ""
"Well, maybe you need to."
Now it was Deanna's turn to get agitated and she said. "Will, are you saying that just because you want me..?? "
"Well, Deanna, we've known each other forever and we shouldn't have to think about it, at least I don't..I'd love you forever if we did though."
Deanna smiled and said.."I know you would, Will, but, I just need the emotional."
Will's emotions rose and he said. "Have I not given it to you Deanna..?? "
Deanna was caught off guard by the question and she blushed a bit as she said. "Well..yes, but..."
Will interrupted and said. "Then what's the problem..?? "
"Will, I'm just not ready yet..I..."
Will gave up and said. "O.k...c'mon..I'Il take you home."
Deanna had a lot to think about on the turbolift ride home, but she held Will's hand as she did so, just to give him comfort..

chapter 2

As will walked Deanna back to her quarters, Will's words ran through Deanna's head again. *Have I not given it to you Deanna..?? *
This ran through her mind until her mind stopped thinking and her heart took over.
As they reached her quarters, Deanna asked Will. "Would you come in for a minute..?? "
"Sure." Will said.
She led him in, their hands still joined, and Deanna said.
"Will, I've been thinking about what you said a while ago...about how you thought that you had given me the emotional part of you. Well, you have, and I see no reason why we should have to wait. We've known each other forever and..I'm ready." After this, Deanna let out a long sigh and waited patiently for Will's answer.
Will resisted and said. "Well, Deanna, are you sure..?? It's up to you."
Deanna brushed back that lock of hair from Will's forehead and said, "Yes, I'm sure."
Deanna kissed will very deeply and when they broke apart, Deanna smiled seductively and said. "You know that 'Riker manoeuvre' you have for the ship??
Will smiled that gorgeous smile that Deanna loved and said. "Yes."
"Will, do you have a 'Riker manoeuvre' for when you make love..??"
Will smiled back seductively and said. "Yes, as a matter of fact I do."
"Well, would you like to show it to me..?? "
"Yes." Will said. "I would."
Will picked Deanna up in his arms and carried her off to the bedroom.
After making the most slow and sensual love Deanna or Will had ever had, Will looked over at Deanna to find her crying..
"Deanna, darling..why are you crying..??" he asked..
Deanna smiled and said. "I felt our bond re-establish, and it feels good."
Will smiled and said. "Yes, it does. " After a moment of thought he added. "Did anything else feel good..?? "
Deanna smiled and said. "Yes, that 'Riker manoeuvre' was very charming, do you use it on just anybody..??"
"No," Will said. "only the one I love the most."
"Well, I guess I'd better leave then." Deanna got up to leave, and Will, playing along with the joke, pulled her back into his arms and said. "You are the one I love."
"I am..?? " Deanna asked. "Well then why don't you tell me?"
"I love you." Will said.
"No, not like that. The other way."
Will took what he thought was a hint and began to kiss and caress Deanna again, but she pushed him away and said, "No, not like that either."
Will was becoming very confused and got all frustrated and said. "Like what? I don't..."
Then it came to him. "Oh, like that!" He said.
"Yes." Deanna replied.
~I love you~
As his thought projected the words to her mind, Deanna began to cry, but she smiled and cast back to him.
~I love you too, Imzadi..