Future decisions.
© 1997 licinius

Dinner was subdued, neither had been really hungry, so they had resorted to a more...exotic form of entertainment. Will was laying down on Deanna's bed with his shirt off. Deanna was rubbing lime flavored oil on his chest and they were talking quietly.
"I've really enjoyed the time we've spent together. Deanna cooed.
"Me, too." Will answered.
"Hmmm..how much?" she asked as she laid on top of him.
"This much." he said. He grabbed her and rolled her over to where he was on top of her and he kissed her. It was a very deep and sweet kiss. After they parted, she asked.,
"Must you always be on top?" she smiled.
"I like to be in command." He answered.
"I know." she frowned. Before he could ask, she said, "Are you going to take the promotion?"
Will sighed, remembering the day Starfleet command had offered him the command of the Excelsior, the second best ship in the fleet, next to the Enterprise. At first, Will had wanted to take it, but he remembered his renewed relationship with Deanna and reconsidered.
"I don't know. He answered.
"You want it don't you?" Deanna asked.
Well, yes..but..." Will smiled.. "I also want you."
Deanna smiled in return. "I know, but you need to decide what will be best for your future."
Will looked sad, so Deanna kissed him goodnight and said,
"Go to bed, don't think about it anymore tonight."
"Can I go to bed here?" he asked.
Deanna smiled and considered it for a moment.
"Only if you can behave yourself."
Will played along and answered, "Yes mother, I can."
Deanna changed into her night clothes and Will slept in his pants."
They both eventually went to sleep, but Will woke up during the night and thought about the promotion. He wanted the command. It was the next best ship, but he didn't want to leave Deanna, she was very special to him and he didn't want to lose her, now that he had her. He had stayed on board and turned down other promotions to stay with Deanna and he knew that this was probably his last chance with Deanna..
Will sighed deeply and Deanna stirred in his arms in her sleep and he watched her face as she smiled and curled up next to him. He felt his body warm with love and he liked the feeling. This was the way he wanted to feel for the rest of his life; safe in their bed with his love in his arms..
When deanna woke, Will had gone, but he left her a note and a rose. The note read:

I have found my purpose in life and I wish to spend it with you. No regrets. I love you, Imzadi.

Deanna smiled as she finished reading it and Will walked in. He sat on the bed and Deanna smiled and smelled her rose.
"Did you get my note?" he asked.
"Yes, I did. She said.
"And did you approve?"
"Yes, I did. Thank you," she smiled.
"You're welcome."