© 1997 licinius

..chapter 1..

The Briar Patch creaked and echoed with the contemplation of pent up gas pockets ready to explode at any time. One such gas pocket was near a ship still stuck in the Briar Patch. The U.S.S. Enterprise E. That certain gas pocket was also very near the quarters of a very dear and needed person to Will Riker.
Deanna Troi.
'Captain, I'm reading a very large gas pocket located on the outskirts of the saucer section.'
'Is it dangerous, Mr. Data?'
'Yes, Sir, it's pressure is..'
Data didn't get to finish the sentence as the gas pocket exploded and slung the Enterprise E even further into the heart of the Briar Patch.
'Mr. Data, what is the damage?'
'Decks 8,9,and 10 have been destroyed, sir.'
At this, Will could only think of one thing; Deck 8..Deanna.
'How many casualties, Mr. Data?'
'218, sir.'
'Number One, Mr. Data..'
..and they left for sickbay..all Will could think about on the way there was Deanna..
They reached sickbay and Beverly and all of the nurses were hurrying about, stabilizing all of the survivors..
Will's eyes searched sickbay for the one eyes he could not find.. Deanna's..
Will turned to the captain and said in a soft voice..
'Captain, may I stay and search for Deanna?'
The captain knew of Will and Deanna's renewed relationship, so he let Will stay..
Will went to Beverly and asked with his eyes where Deanna was.
'I don't have her, Will..Deck 8 is gone Will. I'm sorry.'
Will sat down in Beverly's office and cried..

..two hours later..
Deanna was rolled into sickbay on a stretcher by the nurses. She has been blown through 8 walls and into an ensign's room. She has a broken arm, leg, and spine. She had a fractured skull and internal injuries.
she was not breathing..
Will saw all of this through the glass of Beverly's office window and saw Deanna go through the corridor of the hall connecting sickbay and the intensive care unit..

..six hours later..
Will had stayed with Deanna all of the time he could..2 hours..Deanna had taken at least 2 pints of drugs and stabilizers. she has to be given blood and Will had been there to do that. Now all he had to do was wait..

chapter 2
..8 days later..
Deanna's eyes fluttered open to see the dim light above her, one which she immediately recognized as sickbay. She liked around to gather her surroundings and was surprised to find a very handsome and very relaxed Will Riker, lying asleep in a nearby chair. She always found him so handsome when he was asleep because he was so relaxed.
"Enjoying the view, Counsellor?"
Deanna laughed and said, "Yes, as a matter of fact, I am.."
will grinned that trademark smile and leaned over and kissed Deanna on the forehead and asked,
"Are you felling better?"
"Yes..what happened?"
Will sighed and said, "there was an explosion of a gas pocket in the Briar patch and you were..blown..through 8 walls and had a broken arm, leg, and spine, and 2 fractures in your skull. You've been here 8 days.."
Will sighed at every injury that he had to tell his Imzadi that she had been through.
Deanna looked startled at all that Will had just told her and she asked,
"And I'm still alive?"
Will laughed and said, "Yes, fortunately, you are."
Will took her hand and looked into those mahogany Grecian eyes that held his soul. He could drown in those eyes.
"I love you, Deanna."
Surprised at the sudden remark, but pleased, she answered,
"I love you , too, Will.."
In that one moment, they knew that they had to be together forever..
The one moment that another gas pocket decided to explode and throw the ship out of the Briar patch.
The violent shove of the ship threw everything inside of the ship on the floor and to the other side of the room, including Will and Deanna. Both hit the wall on the other side of the room and where knocked unconscious.
..a few minutes later..
Will was wakened by Beverly shouting order to save the survivors of the previous explosion.
It was then that Will turned to Deanna and lifted her tiny frame into his arms and whispered,
It was then that he realized that Deanna had been ripped from her life support and that she was no longer breathing..

Will and some nurses managed to get Deanna back on life support and stabilize her.
..2 hours later..
Deanna woke up to the sense of being watched, and, sensing the emotions that were ever so familiar, said,
"Enjoying the view, Commander?"
"Yes, Counsellor, as a matter of fact, I am."
Both laughed and just looked at each other and Will saw something in her eyes that beckoned her to him. He saw the wife that he had always dreamed of, the mother of his children, a lover for life, and a friend.
Will looked again into those eyes and asked the question that he knew would change both of their lives forever..
"Deanna, will you marry me?"
Deanna's eyes lit up and she smiled the biggest smile that he had ever seen her smile and she jumped up and hugged him and said,
"yes! Yes! I will!"
Deanna was released from sickbay 1 hour later and Will took her to his quarters and gave her the ring that he wanted to give her when they were to meet on Risa. It still shined, but more that day than 10 years ago.
Deanna and Will married 2 months later and, you guessed it, they lived happily ever after..