All in Good Time

Will strode into ten-forward with his usual stride and a broad smile on his face...until he saw Deanna and Worf sitting together at a table at the far end of ten-forward. An invisible hand closed around his heart at the sight. He decided he needed a stiff drink and sat down at the bar.
Guinan saw him and strode over and asked,
"Can I get you something Commander?" "An ale, please Guinan."
Guinan gave him his ale and asked,
"What's wrong?"
Sometimes Will wondered if Guinan was telepathic in some way...
"Well, if you must know, I'm trying to erase that lovely picture in the far corner from my mind."
Guinan looked in the direction that Will's eyes pointed and saw the same picture that Will saw when he walked in.
"Does their being together bother you?" Guinan asked. "Bother me?!" Will answered surprisingly. "It surprises me and angers me and makes me happy for them at the same time!" "All those emotions at once?"
Will pondered her question for a moment and finally answered,
"Well, it surprises me because, well,..she's Deanna and he's Worf, you can't get any more opposite.." "Well, you do know they say that 'Opposites attract'."
Will waved the comment off and finished by saying,
" Well, it angers me because she completely ignores me and has the nerve to date my best friend, and it makes me..happy..for her that she found somebody who can make her happy.."
Guinan considered all of his emotions and finally asked carefully,
"I take it that you regret that you couldn't make her happy?"
All his and Deanna's times together on Betazed flashed before him haunting him and he closed his eyes and sighed trying to erase them from his mind.
"I thought I did, but that picture proves I didn't."
Guinan recalled that they had been friends since they meet on the Enterprise and asked Will to confirm her theory.
"You did decide to remain close friends, did you not?" "Yes," he answered regretfully. "And that angers me because we are Imzadi and that complicates everything and we see other people while still being friends..."
Will rambled on and on and Guinan see's Deanna walking over to where Will is and she glides away silently as a ghost to leave them to their own conversations.
Will looked up to see Deanna standing there with the glaze of tears in her eyes and the hint of sadness written on her face. She forced a smile and timidly asked,
"May I join you?" "Yes, Deanna, please, sit down. Do you want something to drink...?"
His voice trailed off as he turned and saw that Guinan was no longer there and had no idea when she had left. He hoped he hadn't run her off with his babbling.
"No, I'm fine," Deanna answered. "I just came over to talk." "Is something wrong?" He asked in a concerned voice. "No." She answered. "Do I need a reason to talk to you?" "Well, no, but..what did you want to talk about?"
Deanna looked down and closed her eyes and sighed and got right to the point.
"Worf and I have mutually decided to..discontinue..our relationship."
Will was surprised to hear this and was really surprised when Deanna looked up at him for what he understood to be support.
"Why? I thought that you were..happy..with him.."
Deanna sighed and answered,
"We are two different in background and in our feelings to continue a..lasting relationship." "Well,.." Will tried to think of something to say. "Did he take it well?" "Yes," Deanna sighed. "He did," Deanna was obviously through with the subject and went on to further subjects. "But enough about me, what about you?"
Will hesitated and then asked her,
"Do you have a while?" "I have as long as you need."
Will told here all about what he had thought about her and Worf being together and how he felt and saw things and she just listened to it all while soaking up his feelings and emotions.
Will continued late into the night and when he took a bread to look around saw that almost no one was there.
"Oh,..I didn't realize I had talked to long.." "That's quite alright." "Would you like me to walk you back to your quarters?"
Deanna smiled and said,
"I would love for you to."
As they rode the turbolift back to her quarters she held his arm and gently said,
"I'm glad you were very open with me tonight, Will." "I'm just glad that I got it all out and you know now how I feel."
They got to the doors of her quarters and he gave her a hug. It was more than a friendship hug, but less than a lovers hug.
He was tempted to ask, so he did.
"Deanna, would you like to have dinner with me tomorrow night? I enjoyed our talk so much that I might like to have another."
She saw him smile broadly as he always did and the sparkle in his eyes and fell in love with those wonderful features of his that were so wonderful.
"I would love to have dinner with you."
He smiled and bent down and kissed her very gently on the lips and whispered 'goodnight' in her ear as she suppressed a giggle.
Will walked back to his quarters and looked out his viewport window at the star gliding by and saw the beginning of a beautiful new relationship.