Until Death Do Us Part

Chapter 1
When she arrived, dinner was elegantly set and accompanied by candles and slow romantic jazz music playing in the background. She was dressed, as the letter advised, "appropriately" in Will's favourite dress. The low shoulder line that started at her collarbone and revealed her bare shoulders was accented by the sky blue colour of the dress and dark ebony curls which dangled around her neck.
A hand waved in front of her line of vision, accompanied by a laugh she immediately recognized as Will's. "Will,"..this is..," Deanna stopped, breathless.
Will laughed and said, "Come and sit down." Will lead her to her seat and pushed her chair under her.
She looked down into her plate to see, to her surprise, a chocolate sundae! Deanna looked up in surprise as Will laughed and said, "You always said you liked dessert first."
Deanna smiled and said, "Yes, but I didn't mean it literally."
Will smiled and picked up the fork beside her plate and began to feed her. She asked why he wasn't eating anything, but he continued to feed her and changed the subject by asking her to dance. Deanna agreed and they began to dance to the slow romantic jazz that had been playing in the background when she had arrived.
As they danced, he told her how much he loved her and, shocked, but not upset, she told him how much she loved him. Deanna didn't notice it at first, but when she hit the wall, it was apparent that that was the spot Will was aiming at.
Will started planting kisses on her neck and a shocked Deanna replied, "Will," she laughed, for he had planted a kiss on her ticklish spot, "What in the hell are you doing?!"
"Deanna," he answered, his voice an octave lower than normal, "I love you and I would like to be with you..always."
Deanna was amazed at the clarity of his words but said, "Will..I.." Deanna gasped as he continued down her chest and then, realizing with clarity what he is planning on doing. She pushed him away, gently at first, and then, when he did not let go of her, she pushed him away with all of her might. She stormed toward the door and when she got there, asked him, "Just what in the hell do you think you are doing!?"
Will, realizing what he had just done out of selfishness, tried to answer, "Deanna, I.."
Deanna would have none of it. "Will, I don't know who you think you are, but you are not about to seduce me, not tonight or any night in the future. I hope I never have to see you again!"
Will was not surprised at her anger towards him, but he was surprised at what he had just lost as Deanna stormed out of his quarters.
"I cannot believe him! The nerve!" Deanna Troi was mad. One of the few qualities ever revealed by Deanna.
Deanna was sitting with Beverly, who had just heard the story by Deanna. "I mean, can you believe it!"
"No, I can't." Beverly was dumbfounded. She couldn't believe that Will had done that, but what bothered her was that Deanna didn't get it. Will had told Beverly one day in sickbay that he wanted to have a relationship with Deanna again, but that he wasn't sure she wanted one. So he decided to have dinner with her and ask her if she wanted to have one. Obviously she didn't.
"Deanna," Beverly asked.
"Yes." Deanna said irritated.
"Do you love Will?"
The question was so flat out that Deanna's mouth hung open for a few seconds. She closed it and answered, "Wha..Beverly..I,"
"Do you or do you not?"
"Well, yes, I do, but as a friend."
Beverly knew exactly where this was going and didn't have time for it this time. "No, Deanna,..do you love him?" Deanna had to think about it a minute before she answered.
"No, I don't."
At that, both women hung their heads for a second and after what seemed like forever, Beverly's comm badge sounded. It was the lifesaver for both of them. "Crusher here."
It was nurse Ogawa. "Dr. Crusher, could you please report to sickbay."
"On my way." Beverly took a last look at her friend and left Deanna to consider her answer to Beverly. coming soon..

chapter 2..!!
"The Romulans have invaded the island of the peaceful tribe of Baku." The captain tried to break the news to his senior staff peacefully, but there was obviously no way to do that. "They have ransacked villages and are practicing an old 18th century policy called the "scorched earth" policy. They burn everything behind them to ensure the death of those who survived the previous attack."
The captain paused to let the information sink in before continuing. "The Baku are trapped in a cave and me must free them somehow without starting a nuclear war with the Romulans. We must work out some peace agreement with them and then free the Baku and return them to a better island on the west coast. Will, Worf, Data, Geordi, and Beverly will go down to free them. Will and Worf will try to negotiate with them, Data and Geordi will take scans of the cave to see how long it will hold up, because there are reports that the Romulans are storing their dead inside the walls of the cave and the caves are likely to fall in and kill everyone inside. Beverly you will take medical scans of all the Baku you can to determine how many will survive over the next few days. The situation is like a Nazi concentration camp down there, so you will all have to be careful in everything you do. We will leave for Son'a at 18:00 hours. Understood?"
There was a moment of silence in the room as everyone took all of the information in. "Good. Dismissed."
As everyone got up to leave, the captain came over to talk to Will. "Will, this..mission..if the caves fall in,..most of you are not going to be likely to return."
Will silently shook his head as he took in the captains words. "I understand, sir."
"Good luck, then."
Will shook the captain's hand and left for his quarters. Will went to his quarters and sat in his favourite chair and put on the jazz and just sat back and listened. He glanced over at his chronometer and it read 17:30 hours. He figured he had better go say goodbye to Deanna before he left.
When Will arrived at her quarters, she was cleaning up. "Deanna, I probably won't be returning from this mission." She stared at him for a moment and said, "I know. Well, goodbye."
Will automatically thought, "I thought Imzadi didn't say goodbye?"
Deanna hung her head at the word and said, "If you don't return, we won't be Imzadi anymore, now will we?"
Will thought for a moment and said, "I thought Imzadi weren't supposed to say goodbye."
"If two Imzadi don't exercise the bond over a period of years, the bond fades away."
"My part of it hasn't," Will said it, partly in defence, partly not to lose her. Sometimes he wondered if he already had.
Deanna held up her head and said, "Mine has." So simply.
Will hung his head felt a deep loss and regret felt only to him. Deanna, looking for a way out, said, "Goodbye Will," and continued with her cleaning. Will simply turned and walked away, knowing he could never say goodbye.

chapter 3..!
On the planet.. Riker, Worf, Data, Beverly, and Geordi beam down to the planet near the cave where the Baku are trapped. They try to negotiate with them on the Baku's release when one of the prisoners tries to escape. One of the Romulan guards shoots at him, but misses and hits the top of the cave. The walls came down in a fury of rocks and dust and just as Riker and Worf get hit by the falling debris, crusher calls for an emergency beam up.
On arrival in the Enterprise, Crusher takes Riker and Worf, who have been injured, to sickbay. Will's back was broken and sticking out the back of his body in the most horrible sight the doctor had ever seen. She knew on seeing him that he might not survive. Worf, with his hard head, had sustained only minor injuries and would most definitely survive.
The captain was informed of Will's injury and had full confidence in Beverly's doctoring. Beverly performed immediate intensive surgery.
Hours later in sickbay..
Will lay in sickbay wondering if he would live if he even survived this. Worf lay beside him, partially conscious, and he waited for more news from Beverly. While he waited, Deanna came into sickbay and was headed in his direction, but she never looked at him. He watched as she went immediately to Worf, comforting him with her touch and whispering words of love in his ear. She stayed and talked with him for a while, but was called away by an ensign. She kissed him softly on the lips and turned to leave and Will made eye contact with her, but her eyes were cold as she turned an left without a word.
Will done something he rarely ever did. He cried himself to sleep. The next day, Will is told he is dying and thinks of Deanna and wrote her a note as follows:
Imzadi, I love you. Keep all of my pictures of you and the books you gave me. I enjoyed all of the wonderful times that we shared. I hope that Worf gives you the happiness that I could not. I will love you forever and always..love Will.
Later in the night, Will slips silently away, and dies in his sleep. Deanna was asleep in the bed with Worf when she shot up in the bed, with a pain in her chest, which she could only describe as if someone was stabbing her. Worf takes her to sickbay and they walk in as Will's body is being covered up and Beverly pronounces him dead.
Deanna now realizes what the pain in her chest is. Will, her Imzadi's, death. There was a hole in her heart and soul as there would always be one if he stayed dead. The hole was so definite that she could almost feel it on her body. "No!" Deanna screamed and ran over to Will's dead body and cries openly. She looked up at Beverly and said, "You have to bring him back!"
"I'm sorry, Deanna," said Beverly, "I've tried everything."
Deanna continued to cry over his body until the realization came to her. Deanna threw the cloth off will as Beverly and Worf let Deanna have her peace. She remembered the bond that she and Will shared and she knew that she could use that to bring him back.
Deanna formed a bond with Will and probed his mind and what she saw horrified her. Endless abysses of darkness and loneliness. Every emotion Will had been feeling before he died. Deanna searched for a fibre of his being, and then she saw it. A light, at the back of his mind, his presence. She called to him and he slowly responded, as though waking up from sleep.
The alarms in sickbay jumped back to normal on Will's condition and Beverly came rushing back in to stabilize him. She didn't have to ask what had happened because she had seen it happen before with Deanna and Will. She brought him back to a stabilized condition and Deanna looked up at Beverly and smiled. Beverly left to let Deanna and Will talk.
Will opened his eyes to the bright fluorescent light that lit sickbay and quickly shut his eyes. When he opened them again, he saw the most beautiful sight in the world. His Imzadi.
"Hi." he said.
Deanna smiled and said, "Hello, Will." She smiled at him for a few moments until she remembered what she had done to him the day before. Her smile faded as she said, "Will, I'm sorry for the things I said to you yesterday." Will lost a bit of his smile as he said, "That's O.K.."
Deanna's defences went up as she said, "No it's not. You could have died and been gone forever thinking that I hated you."
Will smiled and said, "But you saved me."
Deanna smiled back, and after a moments of thought said, "Will, I love you. I have always loved you and will continue to love you, forever."
Will smiled at her as she poured out her feelings to him. "I do, too."
Deanna smiled at him and said, "Always and forever."
Will smiled back at her and said, "Always and forever."