The unexpected visit to Betazed
by Licinius


She was leaving for Betazed. That was the end of it. No turning back. Her latest encounter with the captain had sent her on an unexpected visit to Betazed as a replacement for her mother who was sick with the Telarian flu from a recent diplomatic mission.
Deanna was packing the last of her clothes when Will, who had just been informed of her mission, walked in.
"A petal off the old flower, are we?"
Deanna smiled at his sarcasm and said, "Yes, but just temporarily."
Will considered her answer for a moment and then said, "I think you would make a very good diplomat."
Deanna smiled and said, "Thank you, Commander."
They both stood in silence for a moment and knew something was still left unsaid. Deanna knew it was bringing up, "old ghosts" as he called it, but she had to know before she left.
"Will,..I know it's..very old.., but I have to know.
There was a silence between them as he waited for her question and she gathered her courage to ask him something she had never really known.
"Why did you never meet me on Risa?"
Will looked down and sighed and knew it would be hard, but he had to tell her. It wouldn't matter if she hated him for it, she would be gone forever anyway.
"Deanna I have never lied to you, and I'm not going to know. I did come to Risa, but your mother was there and she said if I married you, she would have our Imzadi bond broken and I would never see you again."
Deanna considered all she had just heard and finally said, with tears in her eyes, "Why didn't you ever tell me?"
Deanna, I loved you and I wanted to save you the heartache."
Deanna was angered that he had never told her this and said out of anger, "If you loved me, you would have stayed no matter what my mother said."
Will was shocked at the anger in her words and said, "Deanna, I left because I loved you and I didn't want our bond broken because I loved the peace and love it gave me and us."
As he said the words, he realized the truth in them. Deanna was surprised at how easily his words came, but she had to leave and now was no time to get involved again.
"It brought me peace too Will, but I have to leave now and this is no time to get involved again."
She picked up her bags and headed to the door when he stopped her and asked, "Aren't you going to say goodbye?"
Deanna considered it for a moment, but then she remembered.
"We have never said goodbye before and now is not the time to start.
Will thought for a moment and then asked, "Well, can I give you something to remember me by, then?"
Deanna considered it for a moment and then said, "Well, I suppose."
He looked into her eyes, those eyes that he had fallen in love with so many years ago and he pulled her to him. She felt weightless as he pulled her to him and her eyes gleamed as he leaned down to kiss her.
She was shocked, surprised, angry, and happy at the same time. She gasped as his tongue probed her mouth as it did so many years ago. Will had never imagined Deanna could ever let him kiss her like this again.
Her lips felt warm and supple against his and he was surprised to hear her luggage hit the floor and her arms go around him and her kiss him back. It was the most passionate kiss they had shared since they had been lovers on Betazed.
After what seemed like a lifetime, they parted and looked at each other with awe at the scene that they had just shared. The moment was broken as Deanna's comm badge sounded.
"Picard to Counselor Troi."
"Troi here, sir."
"Are you ready to go to Betazed, Counselor?"
Deanna looked down as she said, "Yes, I am."
Will lost the look of love in his eyes and they turned to a look of sadness as he realized she as going.
Deanna considered the life changing decision she was about to make and asked the Captain, "Captain, may I take Commander Riker with me?"
Will looked up at Deanna with a face of shock, confusion, and happiness, all at the same time and he was sure the captain had the same look on his face in the transporter room.
There was a pause as the captain considered losing his first officer to a gentle negotiation mission and then answered, "Well, I guess I will have to miss my first officer for a while."
Deanna and Will smiled and she said, "Thank you, captain."
Will stuttered in shock and happiness as he said, "Deanna,..I-I'm honored, but..I can't."
Deanna frowned and said, "Why not?"
"Deanna, I'm not packed or ready and what in the hell am I supposed to wear?"
Deanna smiled and said, "Where we're going, you won't need any clothes."
Will was dragged out of her quarters smiling and wondering where this visit to Betazed would lead him. And Deanna.