Bridge Control


Summary: An alternate scene in “Where Silence Has Lease”. A F**k or Die challenge story. NC-17


The entity, Nagilum, asked to them to demonstrate procreation.

“Not likely,” replied Dr. Pulaski.

“You will, or many will die. There are numerous ways to die, captain. My experiments should only take a third of your crew.” Picard and Riker exchange looks.

“You,” Counselor Troi was suddenly pulled into the center of the bridge by an unseen force. “You are female….Deanna Troi. I would like you to demonstrate with…LaForge.”

Geordi gulped loudly. Deanna’s eyes widened but she stood impassively. A thunderous NO boomed across the bridge. All heads turned to look at Commander Riker.

“If you prefer your people to die, Commander…”

“That’s not what I meant.” Will interrupted.

“Oh, please explain.”

Riker hesitated.

“Do you not find Counselor Troi pleasing? Would you prefer a different female?” Nagilum asked. “Or do you wish to be the one that mates with her? Why are your minds linked?”

Deanna and Riker’s eyes lock. “We share a bond from before.” He answered vaguely. “And YES, I would prefer to the male in the experiment.”

Will turned from the viewscreen, staring down into her big troubled eyes. To the others it seemed as if they were just staring at one another in silence. No one knew that they were actually communicating telepathically. Even though Nagilum could sense the link, he couldn’t hear their silent conversation.

~I’m sorry. I didn’t know what else to do. I don’t know how to stop this and there was NO WAY I was going to watch you with another man~ he sent.

~How are we going to get through this?~

~Just concentrate on me, Deanna. Block out everyone’s thoughts but mine.~

Getting impatient, Nagilum observed, “It seems to me in order for the correct anatomy to join, they would have to be out of uniform” His invisible force stripped Riker and Deanna of their clothing. After his momentary shock, Will took two big strides and had Deanna pressed against his chest in less than a second. She trembled in his embrace.

“Counselor, would you like some incentive?” Nagilum asked.

Behind her, Deanna heard ensign Carlisle scream.

“Stop! Please don’t hurt her. I’ll cooperate.” She cried.

With the ensign released, Deanna turned back to Will, clasping her hands behind his neck, she brought him down for a passionate kiss. She clung to him desperately, deepening the kiss, trying to block out every thing around them. She could get through this if she just focused on Will.

Riker sensed her emotions and sent his strength and love over their bond. He broke contact for a moment. One hand untied her tightly coiled hair, letting the ebony curls fall past her shoulders. He ran his fingers through the thick mass, remembering the last time they were together.

“You are so beautiful.” He marveled.

Already feeling uncomfortable, the others now felt like intruders. They all kept quiet, even Nagilum.

Will slowly backed Deanna towards his command chair, all the while, running his hands up and down her body, sending her erotic images of them, snippets of his dreams and fantasies of her.

He turned and sat in the chair, straddling Deanna on his lap. He wrapped one arm around her small waist and the other slid up her back, grabbing a handful of hair at the back of her skull.

If they had looked around the room they would have noticed their fellow crewman’s breathing was as labored as their own. Data wondered how the first officer’s large cock was going to fit into the petite counselor.

Will crushed Deanna against him, needing her as close as possible. He rocked his pelvis back and forth, sliding his rigid shaft against her sensitive clit. She whimpered against his lips, begging him in his mind.~ Please, imzadi.~

Riker needed no more prompting. He gripped her hips with both hands and slammed up into her tight warmth. He paused, letting her adjust around him, savoring the feel of her. It had been too long.

~Will~ he heard her mentally gasp his name. Her desire flooded over him and Riker lost what little restraint he had left. Firmly positioning his imzadi on top of him, Will pumped up into her, heedless of the shipmates around them.

Unable to look away, the bridge crew watched their second in command and the striking counselor consummate their long denied passion. Will’s grunts and Deanna’s cries filled the room, heightening the tension on the bridge. Riker could feel that Deanna was teetering on the edge. He secured her close to him with one arm, slowing their rhythm. His free hand molded one breast, pinching and pulling at the rosy nipple, enjoying the way it made her thrash about on his lap.

“Will…Will…please…don’t stop.” Deanna exclaimed, starting to lose herself.

Her begging fueled his hunger even more. He wasn’t going to last much longer. He wanted Deanna to cum first. He wanted her to see that it was him that gave her so much pleasure. Grinning wickedly, Riker sent her mental images of him between her thighs, tonguing her center.

“Imzadi!” she cried aloud and in his mind, arching her back as her orgasm rocked her backwards. Will held fast, watching her face the entire time until he could hold out no more. He impaled her small frame on his straining cock several more times until he released his pent up desire.

Panting, Deanna wrapped her arms around his head and buried her face in his neck, shuddering from the intensity of their coupling. Will stroked her back as he opened his eyes first looking down at his flushed imzadi and then taking in his surroundings.

“Very good.” Acknowledged Nagilum, “that was one way. There are over thirty sexual positions, depending on species. Which will you demonstrate next?”

Challenge: Take it away for part twoJ