After Conundrum


Summary: I hated/loved the episode Conundrum. I can’t stand Ro, this is my revenge for her getting to bed Will. Ro walks in on Riker and Troi together. NC-17


Ro strode into Counselor Troi’s office. She planned to let Deanna know that she, Ro, was going pursue Commander Riker. It won’t be difficult, thought Ro. Look how easily he succumbed to me last time. He obviously prefers strong women or he and Deanna would be together by now.

Someone moaned from the other room. Pulling her phaser, she slowly approached the inner office. Distinct voices could be made out as the moans grew louder. Caution turned to curiosity when she heard a deep male voice hoarsely whisper, “Deanna”. Ro froze. She knew that voice.

No, a little voice cried in her head. Lt. Laren was sure that he would return to her. He said he’d liked a woman that could take charge. How could he go back to that scrawny empath, she asked herself already knowing the answer. She should have turned away, but jealousy got the best of her.

“Deanna…” he grunted again. Ro’s lips sneered at the urgency she heard in his tone. She peered around the door frame to see Will Riker lying naked on his back on the desk in the center of the room, with an equally naked Counselor Troi on top, straddling his pelvis.

His large hands held her small waist, nearly encircling it, while Deanna slowly rocked back and forth, her arms coming up, lifting her hair out of her face and off her slender shoulders. Her breasts bounced invitingly above him. Deanna was obviously too wrapped up in hers and the commander’s emotions or she would have been able to sense the jealousy and envy coming from Ro.

They must have been communicating telepathically because it seemed Riker kept responding to unasked questions.

“YES!.....please….please, imzadi…” he managed between clenched teeth.

The counselor bent forward, halting her movements and ran her tongue from his Adam’s apple to his earlobe then stopped to look directly in his eyes. Ro could see Riker’s body visibly shaking from restraint. “No, imzadi,” he answered another silent question, “there is only you. I belong to you.”

Ro saw the look of triumph on the exotic Betazoid’s face. Deanna brought herself upright and started to swivel her hips like a belly dancer. No longer able to hold himself back, Will sat up and wrapped his arms around her, grinding his hardness into her as he sealed his mouth to hers. He cried out against her lips as he came, telling her how much he loved her and how much he worshipped her.

A defeated Ro backed quietly out of the office into the corridor.

Later that evening Ro spotted Commander Riker sitting alone in Ten Forward. Making one last desperate attempt, she walked over to him.

“Commander.” She nodded to him. “How is your evening going?”

A slow smile spread across his handsome face. “It just got better.”

For a moment, Ro was floored, she didn’t know what to say. He did want her.

Then she noticed his gaze was not her, but on the sliding doors opening to reveal Counselor Troi. Her stomach sank.

“Counselor.” Ro greeted her lamely.

Deanna gave her a pleasant smile then sailed past to sit next to Will. His grin couldn’t have been bigger. Her confidence deflated, Ro said a quick goodbye and headed toward the bar. Wrapped up in each other, the imzadi couple barely noticed.