Future Imperfect


Future Imperfect – Episode Challenge

Summary: Scene during Future Imperfect where Deanna relates to Will that he has a son. This is my version of Riker’s POV during this scene. PG


“Jean Luc.”

“Yes, the admiral was very pleased when you chose that name.” She related fondly.

He looked to the room where the boy was, then back to Deanna. Her smile took his breath away. At that moment, Will couldn’t fathom any reason why he would have let Deanna leave. And if they haven’t been together all these years…

“Deanna” his voice broke painfully over her name, over the fact that he was not with his Imzadi in this life. He had to focus on the boy, no, his son, now. His son needed him.

“Who is his mother?”

Deanna’s expression saddened. “She died two years ago. Shuttle accident. I’m sorry, Will.”

He should feel sad, but how could he mourn for someone he had no memory of, unlike the memories he had of the beautiful woman sitting across from him. Riker put his hands to his face, dragging them down his beard.

“She was an excellent captain’s wife, and a very good ship’s counselor.” Will looked up at Deanna in surprise. It seemed as if the cheerful way she said it was forced. She looked sad herself. Was it for his loss, or because he had had a wife that wasn’t her?

Knowing Will so well, Deanna answered his unasked question. “She took over after I left.”

“I can’t imagine you leaving the Enterprize.” Not without me. What happened to us, Imzadi?

Deanna broke eye contact, looking down, unable to face his blue eyes intently watching her. “Admiral Picard offered me a position at Starfleet Command.” Instead of looking proud, as most would have been, Riker thought Deanna seemed remorseful. “It was a tremendous opportunity.”

Will just stared at her, his face reflecting such sorrow. Imzadi. The thought of taking Deanna in his arms vanished when she broke the awkward silence stating, “What’s important now is that you have a son that needs you. Spend time with him. You may find part of what you lost.”

Unmoving, Riker watched her mouth as she spoke, hearing but not really listening. She squeezed his hand and got up to leave. He felt another sense of loss when she let go.

Lost? Of course he felt lost, lost without her. He watched Deanna’s still amazing figure as she left his quarters. He was about to jump up and follow her, demand to know what happened between them when she left, when the sound of an off key trumpet from the other room drew his attention. The boy…


Feb 2005