Tempted Too Far


Author’s comments: This story was inspired by “Tempted to Far” by Mercutio, a W/T story, posted on Trekiverse.com or alt.startrek.creative.erotica.

Summary: Troi pushes her imzadi a little too far. NC-17

Tempted Too Far – Imzadi version

With her empathy, Deanna knew that Will would never actually hurt her, but there was a harder edge to his feelings tonight, the sense he wanted this, wanted it violently.

She had been taunting him mentally all evening at the party earlier. As the night went on and Deanna continued to fuel Riker’s desire, she felt his emotions go from arousal to something more primal near the end.

Back in his quarters there was no kissing, nor foreplay. He ripped her uniform off her body and ordered Deanna on all fours on the bed.

“As I was not able to respond to your ministrations tonight, imzadi, you are now not allowed to make a sound while I ravage you.” His deep voice made Deanna shiver as he ran his hot tongue along her ear. “Or you will be severely punished. Do you understand?” She nodded, inhaling sharply at the images he projected of her being tied up and spanked. She knew that he wasn’t going to stop for her pleasure tonight, knew that her teasing had led them here.

Riker kneeled behind her, jerking her legs further apart, enjoying the view of her wet pussy before he slammed his thick cock into her. Deanna bucked up, arching her back in protest to the unwarned invasion. It had been so long and Will was quite big. She bit her lip, willing herself not to cry out, not to disobey him.

He’d told her not to make a sound.

But Riker was thrusting into Deanna over and over again, without mercy, without any thought but of his own desire. He liked seeing the petite counselor submissive before him. She could feel his lustful, hungry thoughts as he took what he wanted.

He seized her hips with a bruising force, fucking her even harder. Then, eased up slightly, snaking one hand between her legs. His fingers found her center and Deanna cried out from the shock and pleasure of his touch. She was so close, as was he.

Deanna begged Will not to stop, forgetting she was to keep quiet. She drove her pelvis back, meeting him thrust for thrust. Riker came with a tremendous roar, grabbing Deanna’s hair, pulling her up against his chest as he pounded out the last of his orgasm, denying her hers.

They collapsed on the bed, panting, bodies entwined. Frustrated, Deanna was about to fall asleep, she heard in her mind, “You disobeyed me, imzadi. Now you have to be punished……….”

But that is another story.