Intimate Therapy
By Louann
Rated: NC -17

Disclaimer. They don't belong to me but oh if they did!

Warning NC17


Scolding water ran in torrents down his aching and abused body
washing the grime and blood that clogged his every pore.

mind reeling against the calming rhythm of the water had him bracing
himself against the shower wall as the images of the last few hours
replayed over again.

It had been routine . He'd been on a thousand away missions just like
it, nothing out the ordinary, no reason to be wary.
A mining colony on the outskirts of sector 7. Ghulda a tiny planet
he had scarcely heard of before this god forsaken day but now was
permantly seared on his mind.

He'd taken a small engineering team down to help out with repairs to
the reflux generator. A few hours work, not one of them armed with
anything more than a damn laser recalibrator. Ordinarily it wouldn't
have warranted his presence but it had been quiet on the bridge and
he had some time on his hands. Time on his hands had killed one of
his officers.

Fury and self recrimination rose in his throat as he fought the
progress of his memories.

They'd joked as they carried out the repairs, laughed, talked about
their families. Each of them focused enough to get the ob done but
relaxed enough to converse.

They'd been almost through. The home straight. Then all hell had
broken loose.

There had been shouts, Crashing outside the door to the engine suite.
He was right back there, back in that second when the doors had
opened and he'd looked right into the icy eyes of madness. The sight
of the phaser in the raving mans hand had barely registered before he
had started firing.

The next few seconds had seemed like hours and passed across his
tightly closed eyes now in feezeframe.
Equipment exploding around them and the scrabble for cover then the
realization that the weapon was pointed squarely at his chest .

He'd had his fair share of close calls but death had never been so
certain as in that second. He'd wondered what would pass through his
mind in that final breath now he knew.

Deanna. Her. Only her.

He'd been barely a breath away from death, seen the finger on the
trigger twitch and felt the impact.
Felt it through the body of ensign demarres.
She'd taken the shot and given the two remaining members of the team
the chance to take the murdering bastard down.
Thrown herself into the phaser blast and sacrificed herself for his

He held her lifeless body in his arms as worf had beamed them back.
Stood on the transport pad covered in her blood met his captains eyes
and laid her body on the trolley next to a redundant Beverly Chrusher.
Deanna's eyes had been on him the entire time, burning into him.
Picard had laid a hand on his shoulder as Chrusher ran a med
tricorder over him wordlessly.

He'd been debriefed. Explained to his captain in a voice devoid of
emotion while being intently studied by Deannas concerned expression.
He hadn't yet met her eyes, she'd not broken her silence just stood.
To Picards left and watched him, watched him as he stood dismissed
and left.

It had taken every shred of control not to step off that transport
pad and into her arms and he battled the need for her as he left the
bridge and headed for his quarters.

Now as the shower thudded against his head all he could feel was the
desperate yearning for her the burning aching desperation he had felt
when he thought he'd never see her again.

When the arms encircled his waist sliding up his torso to pull
herself flush against him he'd dismissed it as his shattered mind
playing tricks on him. It was the deep shuddering breath she took
against his spine that confirmed the reality.

Her voice in his mind was liquid ecstasy
That one word caressed his soul and held him in her arms when the
urge to turn and run from her comfort battled within him.
"Let me love you back from this will"
In her words he heard more than she could say. Her love, Her
desperate fear for him and her agonising need for him.

His hands reached back to stroke her skin, felt her shudder as he
drew them up her body pulling her closer.
Tilting his head back as she stroked her hands through the hair on
his chest and groaning as her fingers trailed over hardened nipples.

"Deanna" came his shaky warning
Her response came in the lowering of her hands down his body tracing
every contour and the touch of her mouth against his shoulders.
Kissing the taunt muscles and pressing her body against him allowing
him the awareness of her naked arousal.

His hands cupped her buttocks and ground her against him revelling in
the sensations of the water pounding against his body twinned with
the torture of her hands teasing him to screaming point.

He heard the catch in her breath as he reached around and pulled her
round into the waters flow and watched as the trails travelled over
her breasts and down the beautiful curves of her body. Trailed a
finger behind them and groaned as she arched to meet his touch.

Raising her face to his their eyes met and he saw the raw emotion she
held there for him, all of it for him. The kiss came heated and
desperate and as his tongue demanded entrance her voice called in his
mind once more pulling him deeper.

Her hands moved against him again, searching, demanding and broke his
kiss with a ragged gasp as she circled him in her hands. Drawing her
fingers up the length of his hardness she leaned back in the water
allowing him the full view of her movements.

"Oh god Imzadi" he whispered reverently watching
She continued stroking watching his face as the pleasure overtook him
And lowered herself to kneel before him still watching as he threw
his head back and threaded his hands in her hair.
It was all the encouragement she needed.

She ran her tongue along the length of him torturing every nerve
drawing him into her mouth Placing her hands against his ass to take
him deeper. Rejoicing in the blaze of his pleasure that burned across
her senses.

His hands wrapped in her hair tugged her up to meet his mouth again
and began their own assault on her body.
The stroking replaced by a desperate rediscovery of her most
sensitive parts increased the intensity of their kiss,
The feeling of loss as Will removed his mouth from hers was replaced
with searing pleasure as he drew an aching nipple into it.
His hand trailed down her slick body and stroked the entrance to her.
Shifting slightly he braced her against the wall as he slipped a
finger in to trace her intimate center and circled her swollen nub
with his thumb gazing up at her face to watch as her pleasure crossed
her beautifull feautures.
"Oh gods will I need you." She cried arching her hips to meet his
increasing torture.
He could feel how close she was, could feel the perfect tightness of
her around his finger and groaned as he could picture how it would
feel to take her, to feel that tightness around him.

He drew his hand up her body grasping her hips and lifting her
against the wall. He felt her trembling and watching her eyes closed
the distance between them.
Eye to eye he slowly stroked himself across her wetness, teasing
wanting to draw out the pleasure as long as he could until he could
bear it no longer and entered her slowly.
"Look at me Deanna." He commanded as she closed her eyes in pleasure.
Drawing a shattering breath she obeyed and stared into his eyes he
held her there in that second of ecstasy

He held her eyes as he drew back almost to the point of withdrawal
and at the whimpered protest on her lips held her immobile pinning
her grasping hands against the wall with one of his own.
Her legs wrapped around him so incredibly tightly as she begged for
him not to stop.
The desire rushed through them in heated waves as he studied her
face intently committing every feature to memory.

Stepping back with a groan as he slipped from her warmth and leant to
kiss her questioning mouth lifting her back into his arms taking them
from the insistent pounding of the water into the sanctuary of his

Laying her against the softness of the pillows he pressed a finger to
her mouth.
"No rush Imzadi. Not this time."
A groan and the arching of her body against him was her only response.

His whole body shook with the need for her and restraining the urge
to take her hard and fast pushed him to edge. This was a sacred
worship and he fully intended to cherish every second.

Trailing his mouth down her shaking body drew ragged gasps from her
As he reached her hips she raised her head from the pillows and
watched as he slowly raised her leg over his shoulder kissed her
silken thigh and drew her closer to his mouth.

The sound of her crying out his name shattered his soul. The taste of
her and the writhing of her against his tongue brought him crashing
back to desperation.

Rising up her body he kissed her mouth freeing the lip she held
between her teeth allowing her the taste of her sweetness against his

Deanna groaned against his teasing mouth and shoved him with every
fibre of strength flipping him to lie beneath her.
Glaring down with pure fire in her eyes as she watched the flash of
triumph in his eyes as she reached between them and placed him
against her aching body.

With one rock of her hips she took him deep and raked her nails down
his chest. Leaned back and thrust against him crying out as his hands
on her hips pulled himself deeper still.

She sobbed his name as she rode wave after wave of agonising pleasure.
He reached up to run his large hands over her tightened breasts
pinching the nipples and urging her on.
Their hands grasped he pulled hers above his head drawing her
tortured flesh into his mouth stroking the nipples with his tongue as
her thrusts quickened .

He could feel how so very close she was, could hear it in her panting
breaths. Slipping a finger between them her stroked her nub and
begged in a reverent voice
"Let it go. Let me feel it….Imzadi"
He felt her then thrust into his mind, felt the sensation of her
falling over the edge. Watched through her eyes as he flipped her
over and thrust so deep she cried out anew.
He could feel every thrust from her very soul, could feel her orgasm
hit and with one soul grabbing cry drove into her joining her as the
white hot fire engulfed them.

Bracing his body up his elbow he drew hard rattling breaths and
tenderly stroked strands of hair off her face.
Their eyes joined and locked. The tender concern on his features drew
a ragged sigh from Deanna.
His voice found itself
"You ok?"
She nodded so slightly he'd of missed it had he not been studying her
so intently.
Her eyes drifted as she felt the burning adoration radiating from him.
"Imzadi?" Will questioned

Her arms tightened around him once again drawing him into her embrace
He stroked away the tears that fell down her cheeks.
"I love you Deanna. I need you to hear that. I need you to feel it."
She raised her eyes to meet his again
His voice was shaking with the emotions that were raging through him.
"I thought my number was up down there today…"
Pausing at her sharp sob he pulled closer and stroked her hair.
"I need you to hear this. I took what I thought was my last breath
and all I could think of, could feel was you. I love you Deanna. All
this wasted time. Every precious second I want to love you. No more
regrets no more waiting."
He looked down deep into her eyes and the realization hit, she knew,
she had felt it too had been down there with him every second.
She nodded sensing the truth in his eyes.
"Oh honey" Came his breathless whisper.

"I never knew until that second how much I needed you. I thought id
lost you,. Thought id never get to tell you…to show you"
Will cradled her against his chest and kissed her forehead tenderly.
"Im right here baby. Im never letting go of this again I swear."
Deanna clung to him then letting her tears flow.
"I love you Imzadi."
He reached down to tilt her face to his placing a sweet kiss on her
lips as her eyes fluttered closed and sleep washed her away.
Tightening his protective embrace he inhaled the scent of her and
thanked the fates and the bravery of one woman that had delivered him
to this perfect moment.