Author:  Mmaddyforgues@aol.com

It is as it is. The dependable, non-compliant, laborious, pumping rhythm deep, deep within, makes its sound relentlessly on and on and on, asserting its indomitable presence.

It comforts and entices with joy, passion, and ecstasy, but loneliness, grief, mind-numbing sorrow, and throat- squeezing fear, are familiar companions even while the song sings, triumphantly, of victories. Broken too often and bearing battle-worn scars it still laughs.

Time, with its archive of memories, sustains its imagination, yet often siphons its strength. Off centered and out of focus, miraculously, it is hope that rescues, refreshes, and revives it. It regains its vigor. Hope then whispers to it and reminds it of its all-encompassing, overwhelming power, and its valorous, and ever-abiding purpose, which is to Love.