Future's Past

By Michele (IceSlivers)


Future's Past is a drabble, so be warned if you don't like drabbles!

*smiles* Since I didn't know what a drabble was until a month or so ago let me state the requirements of a drabble. A drabble is a piece that consists of EXACTLY 100 words, no more and no less. Other than that, there are no requirements! Future's Past is my first drabble attempt, so all feedback on it is much appreciated!

No copyright infringment is intended. Paramount owns all the rights to the Star Trek universe, I am just playing around in the Alpha Quadrant!

Future’s Past

With a smile of satisfaction laced with regret
I watched the shuttle leave
Carrying a man I thought I loved to a future
Far away in deep space

With a smile of happiness laced with guilt
I watched the cargo doors close
On my past

With a smile of hope laced with fear
I face the future
A new and unknown path full of possibilities

With a smile of clarity laced with pure joy
I find my future in another man
To whom my heart has always belonged

With a smile I celebrate this second chance
I am whole again