The Story Of Imzadi
By MinyjaZara

She had big brown eyes
And a heart that was always open
He had strength and fight
But he was looking
He found her and knew he'd never be alone again
Her heart was suddenly free and she felt she could fly

But things change and days move on
And a young love is broken
Two empty souls are left to drift through the starts alone

But fate is fate
They meet again as strangers
Can something so broken be mended?
For years they dance around each other
Wanting but afraid
That to have love is to lose it again
They cannot find the words
So they sit in silence

But things change and days move on
And a new love is found
These two souls fund sanctuary in someone else's arms

But fate is fate
Things change again
And these young lovers are left alone
Older and wiser but still afraid
So the dance continues round and round
Never saying their needs
But ignoring love makes it stronger
Something breaks, a kiss is shared.

Things change and days move on
An old love is renewed
And these two lost souls are found again
In each other's arms.