"That Thing"
Written by: Ms. Anonymous
Disclaimer: If you're not old enough to buy alcohol without showing
two forms of ID, delete this now. Aside from that, I harbor no guilt
whatsoever in using these characters.

Be forewarned, this story is rated at LEAST NC-17. If you're
underage, or just don't like this stuff, turn away and run now.

Episode Coda to: "The Game"


Commander William Thomas Riker walked slowly from the turbolift
towards his quarters. Guilt racked his consciousness as he avoided
making eye contact with the various crewmembers he passed.

He should probably have felt silly for his actions in the hallway. No
one onboard the Enterprise, save for the senior staff, knew how the
game had been introduced to the ship. And of course, the senior staff
would not tell anyone. Picard had even left the `intimate' details
out of his official report. However, all seven of them knew the real
reason, and perhaps that was why Will was plagued with such thoughts.

His short leave to Risa was supposed to have been time for him to
relax; recoup and sap away some of the stress since his last
vacation. Before he'd gone, he remembered idly mentioning to Deanna
that he'd intended to spend some peaceful time alone.

Alone indeed. Instead, he'd bedded the first woman to show interest
in him.

She'd known. Of course Deanna had known he would do that. No one in
the universe knew him better than Deanna Troi did. Perhaps, that was
partly why he was feeling this way now.

A part of him still loved Deanna. It always popped up and kicked him
in the teeth at the most inopportune moments, like a few days ago in
Ten Forward. It was the most erotic thing Will had seen since the
last time he and Deanna had fooled around. So much in fact that he'd
almost lifted the table off the floor without using his hands. That
would have been one hell of a magic trick. "Hey look Counselor, no

How could she turn him on like that by just eating a sundae? Because
she was Deanna. There was always a place in his heart, soul and
sexual appetite for her. All it would take is a simple, whispered yes
from her supple lips and he'd gladly throw her against the nearest
wall and take her right there; to hell with their location on the

However, his roving eye would always keep Deanna from sharing that
part of her with him ever again. She thought he liked women… lot of
women… so when he'd push her to talk about their relationship, she'd
flash a placating smile and make an excuse to push him away.

Will often wondered if he didn't get involved with so many
meaningless relationships for the simple fact that he was searching
for what he had with Deanna. He never felt so good about himself, so
sure with what he wanted and needed than he did when he was with her.
He'd never found it again, even now when they remained close friends
and occasional lovers.

Yeah, so some nights they slipped. Too much to drink, too much
reminiscing, or the simple fact that neither had exerted their sexual
prowess for a while had led them straight into bed. Or the couch, or
the floor, or the wall in his quarters.

Yet when it was done, they'd shower, change and go to their
respective quarters. The next morning, it was as if nothing happened.
However, in the past year or so, even their occasional nights of
release had ended.

Will knew why. A while back, Deanna had temporarily lost her empathic
powers. Will suffered through Deanna's pain and anguish as she did.
He'd never seen her so lost and afraid. Over the years, he'd come to
rely on her level headedness, calmness and serenity whenever danger
arose. Seeing her so out of control had thrown him for a loop.
Although he tried comforting her, calming her, and finally pissing
her off to shake her out of her funk, he realized that he'd helped
simply by being a friend… showing her a part of her own self that
she'd never knew existed.

Once the smoke had cleared, the senior staff gathered for a poker
game. The unspoken rule was that the two biggest winners of the night
got to clean up after the evening was finished. Will and Deanna had
both come up big, so they were alone in his quarters straightening up
after Beverly, Geordi and Data had gone.

Deanna dropped the box that held the chips. At first, they both had
innocently gotten on their knees to pick up the fallen chips. A stray
curl had broken loose from her hair and was lying on her earlobe.
Will noticed it, and knowing how much he loved touching her hair, had
reached over to tuck it behind her ear.

Deanna's responded immediately by lying against his hand and closing
her eyes. Will brazenly leaned over to gently take her earlobe in his
mouth. Before he knew what was happening, she had pulled his shirt
from it's tucked position in his trousers and was working on the

Will however couldn't help but think about the lost, scared woman who
just days ago was crying against his chest. She still hadn't faced up
to the side of herself she didn't know and was afraid to let anyone
else see.

He no longer wanted to be just a "release" for Deanna. He wanted to
wake up with her at his side, to gently make love to her in the
serenity of "their" quarters. He wanted to be able to walk into Ten
Forward with her on his arm and let all the other guys ogle at them
in jealously.

So, he pushed. Pulling away from her roving hands and breaking their
lip lock, he pulled himself from her prone body and took a deep
breath. Deanna, sensing something was on his mind, sat up and looked
at him expectantly.

"Have you stopped thinking about us?" He'd asked her.

She'd immediately bulked. "Will, we can't do this. Not while we serve
together on the same ship."

Still, he pushed. "But have you stopped thinking about us? Answer

She'd tried, and almost succeeded in luring him back into her web.
She'd again searched his mouth out with her lips as her hand guided
down to his screaming erection.

He laid her down again, pushing his crotch into her thighs, teasing
her mercilessly as he reached for the release clasp of her pants.
But… he stopped.

He pulled away and sat back looking at her. She sighed and sat up
again, staring at him incredulously. "Will, what's wrong?" She almost

He shook his head. "I can't do this. Not anymore." His mind was
congratulating himself for taking a stand… however, that wasn't
helping his crotch that was still longing for her touch.

She nodded slowly and began to straighten her wrinkled clothes. "I
don't know what else you want from me Will." She told him softly.

He stood… rather carefully and painfully until his body calmed down,
and reached down to offer her a hand up. "I want you Deanna. ALL of
you, not just a piece here and there."

She looked him sadly in the eyes and shook her head. "I'm not ready
to give you that Will."

He swallowed harshly and nodded. "I'll finish up here, it's okay."

She looked as if she would argue but didn't. Instead, she turned and
left his quarters with nary another word.

The next day it was like it had never happened. And since that night,
it never did again.

Will now realized that at some point during his musing, he'd arrived
in his quarters. Stripping off his boots and uniform, he laid down on
his bunk clad only in his boxer shorts and began to think about
Deanna again.

After rejecting him like she had over a year ago, why did she still
insist on playing these little torture games with him? Did she not
know the affect she could have on any sane man with an active libido?
Maybe she did. Maybe that's why she teased him like she did.

But was she really teasing me with the sundae? Will thought about the
way she nurtured the ice cream, sculpting and molding the confection
as she would his flesh when they were wrapped together and he was
buried deep within her. She could luxuriously run her hands over his
body and bring him to orgasm, not even allowing him the opportunity
to touch her.

"Relish every bite." She had spoken. Oh yeah… the biting, the
clawing, the screaming.

"Make every one an event." One time, many years ago on Betazed, Will
had teased Deanna about making orgasms an Olympic event. Some of
their best times together had been multiples; sometimes they would
just sit and watch the other bring themselves to climax. If Will had
a drink in his hand, he would make a toast to the good old days.

By raising her eyebrows, she told him in their own way that she knew
exactly what she was doing. She knew the effect it was having; she
knew that if she'd reached under that table and touched him he would
have blown right then and there.

Will rolled his eyes. He could imagine her innocently asking the
waiter, "Excuse me, could we have a towel over here. It seems the
Commander has had a little spill."

Even then, Will had wondered why she was teasing him like that. He
knew that it was nothing but teasing, not an invitation. That
invitation had been answered last year, and it was a definite "No".

So, why did Will let her play the game Etana had given him in Risa?
Part of it was what he was supposed to do; he had been brainwashed to
spread the game all around the ship. Oddly enough though, that wasn't
the reason he'd mentioned it to Deanna.

Will sighed when he realized what his first thought had been. He
wanted to punish her. He wanted her to feel the thrill of the
climatic reward without the sexual release to go along with it. He
wanted her to feel just as he did when she'd said "Chocolate is a
serious thing".

They'd gone to his quarters where she'd tried it. And rewarded she
was… as well as him. Watching her reaction to the reward and hearing
her slight whimper and moan had brought about an instant reaction
from his nether region, to the point where he sat on the couch with a
pillow in his lap so she wouldn't see.

Once the crisis was over, the senior staff had gathered in the
conference room to discuss the events. Picard had asked Will how
Etana was able to pass the game to him so quickly. He was forced, in
front of his six closest friends, to sit and tell Picard how she'd
passed the game to him after they'd had `relations' he thought he put

Unable to make eye contact with Picard, Will immediately turned to
the one he thought he could trust not to judge him. Instead, Deanna's
eyes held a "how did I know" expression. It nearly broke Will's
spirit. Picard of course had shrugged away his indiscretion, but Will
knew that it had cut deep into Deanna's heart.

Will had hoped to get a chance to talk to her today, however she
hadn't reported to duty. Beverly said that she ill, but didn't
elaborate. She would only say that she'd relieved Deanna from duty
for the next five days.

He'd immediately begun to worry. What if this had been the final
straw? What if his constant screwing around had finally pushed Deanna
to the breaking point? What if she was looking for a way to avoid
him, transfer off the ship without a word?

Panic began to override his guilt. What if I've lost her for good
now? Was Etana really worth it?

Hell no. No woman was ever worth more to him than Deanna. He thought
about contacting Deanna, but decided against it. If she was pissed at
him, the last thing she'd want to do is talk to him. Maybe a few days
apart would do them some good.

With his thoughts tumbling around in his brain, Will Riker finally
drifted off into a restless sleep.

After a while, his mind finally faded back to consciousness slowly.
He refused to open his eyes because he knew what would greet him, the
same thing that did every time he had `the dream' about Deanna.

It was the same every time. He would be sitting nude on a beach,
watching a small waterfall several meters away from the main Janaran
Falls. Deanna was showering herself, using the small flow of
cascading water to wash the days of travel away from her body. She
was using her hands to wipe along her skin, over her arms and
shoulders, along her neck and down over her pert, erect nipples.

She could sense his reaction even though he was on the beach. She
would turn to him slowly, locking her sexually smoldering eyes with
his as she waded towards the shore. Once her feet touched land, she'd
walk languidly up to where he was sitting. There was no need for
words to verbally be exchanged, and there hadn't been for days. Their
minds had completely become one, seamless entity. The other knew what
they were thinking before any words were spoken.

She'd step over his legs and glide herself slowly down until her sex
would barely touch his dripping erection, but she'd pull away,
smiling as he cursed the evil streak that apparently ran through her

She'd laugh and sit on his thighs, her eyes daring him to do it. He'd
reach up, grab her shoulders and spin her over onto her back, burying
himself to the hilt in her slick warmth. Her muscles would
immediately adjust to his size as their sexual excursions had been
happening so many times in the past few days. Her legs would be
wrapped around his waist, crossed at the ankles. She'd use them to
pull him down more tightly until he felt that he'd pop out through
her back.

Obviously, he never did. His thrusts would become more rapid as his
stamina had faded over the days since their trek through the Jalara
began. Her cry of release came just as her nails dug deep into his
shoulder, drawing a small trickle of blood.

He fell over the same cliff the moment he felt the pain of her nails
in his flesh. He had to keep his burgeoning erection buried in her
until her muscles relaxed enough for him to pull out. She'd smile
serenely and say; "Now I need another shower". At that point, he'd
wake himself up, always without her at his side.

It was his favorite memory. However, Everytime he would wake from his
dream, he would have to find a quick release before he could even get
out of bed. Sometimes, another woman would be in bed beside him. He'd
wake her with a quickie, and although it wasn't what his soul craved,
his penis never seemed to mind it too much.

This time however, he was alone. He tried to keep his eyes closed,
willing the erection to go away on it's own merit. It never worked,
but it didn't hurt to try. Okay, it did hurt… like hell
actually. `Time to warm the old hand up' he thought sadly.

Before he could move however, he could have sworn he felt the
waistband of his boxers moving. Knowing his size was impressive, he
also knew that it wasn't THAT impressive, he opened his eyes and
lifted his head slightly.

She was there… in his room.

Deanna was standing near the bed sweat gently beading her forehead.
Her eyes were glassy, her mouth slightly open and forming a
gentle `O' shape.

Will immediately sat with a start. His legs slammed into his crotch
causing him to mutter a quick "Shit!" His first response was to
double over in pain; instead he tried to take it like a man.

What other choice did he have? "Dee-Deanna? What are you doing here?"
He finally stammered out.

Deanna stepped back from the bed with a frightened look on her
face. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to frighten you. I just-"

She stopped with her eyes locked on Will's prominent bulge. He
cleared his throat and grabbed for the edge of the blanket he hadn't
bothered pulling over his body earlier and covered his legs up. She
looked away blushing.

Taking a deep breath, she looked him in the face. "I was meditating
earlier and sensed that you were worried about me. Is something

Will's eyebrows furrowed. "That's what I wanted to ask you. Beverly
said you weren't feeling well, so I was a bit worried."

Deanna smiled slightly. "I'm fine. It's just one of these silly
Betazoid things that drives you crazy. I'll be good as new in a few

Not waiting for him to reply, she turned and began heading towards
the door. Will was now thoroughly confused and began to go after her,
dragging the blanket off the bed with him.

"Deanna, wait!" He called.

She turned slowly just as the door opened. Several crewmembers were
walking past and gawking at her standing in the doorway as their
commander chased after her wrapped in a blanket.

"Come in and sit for a minute, will you?" He asked slowly. She shook
her head and took a step back through the door.

"I really want to go lay down Will."

Anxious to stop her before she left he blurted out, "Deanna, were you
just touching my underwear?"

Her mouth dropped open at his question, which in turn shocked the
hell out of him. That definitely wasn't what he wanted to ask her but
it had just slipped out. And of course, just as he said it Ensign Ro
Laren had passed his door. She stopped, looked at the scene in his
quarters and continued her stroll down the hallway.

Deanna stared daggers in his direction. "No COMMANDER, I
wasn't `touching your underwear'. Perhaps you're dreaming of another
woman who has a tendency to take advantage of you in your sleep." She
spun on her heel and stormed down the hallway.

Will knew immediately that it wouldn't be wise to go after her. But,
nothing the two of them did in regards to their relationship was
smart. So, dropping the blanket in his living room, he walked back to
his bedroom and threw on a pair of grey sweatpants.

Suddenly, it occurred to him what she had said, "Perhaps you're
dreaming of another woman-"

`Oh my God, she knew what I was dreaming!' He thought with horror.
Although the ensuing conversation was going to be rough, he knew that
he couldn't leave things with Deanna like this.

Throwing the matching sweatshirt over his head, he exited his
quarters and walked the short distance to Deanna's door.

Before he even had a chance to ring the chime, her voice called out,
strained and choked, "Go away Commander!"

Will sighed. "Deanna, open the door. We need to talk."

She remained silent. Will's patience was wearing thin. "Deanna, quit
acting like a child and open this door!" He yelled.

The door slid open to reveal an unlit room within. He could see
Deanna's silhouette near her bedroom door, however her face was still
obscured in darkness. He slowly moved far enough into the room to
allow the door to close behind him.

"Deanna, I'm sorry." He spoke softly.

She was silent for a moment, finally he heard her say softly, "For

Will thought for a moment, and realized that he didn't really
know. "Well, for what I said in my quarters. I didn't mean to say it…
I just wondered what you were doing in there while I was asleep."

Deanna moved into the shadows so he couldn't see her at all. "I rang
the chime but you didn't answer. The computer said you were in there,
I figured you were asleep. Or maybe with someone else."

"Deanna, that doesn't make any sense. If I was with another woman,
why would you barge in like that?"

She was silent as she continued to move around the shadows, not
bothering to answer his question. Sighing, he decided to try another

"Deanna, what's wrong? Why are you in the dark?"

She moved toward his position although he could see nothing else but
her shadow. "I'm not well Will. Please just let me get through this
and then we'll talk."

"Deanna, tell me what's wrong. Don't push me away like this."
Reaching out, he grabbed her shoulders for emphasis but was surprised
to feel bare skin beneath his fingers.

"Computer… lights, half illumination." He called out.

They both blinked at the sudden light that flooded her quarters. Once
Will's eyes adjusted, he was surprised to see that he was still
holding Deanna's bare shoulders in his hands.

As a matter of fact, all of Deanna was bare. She was standing nude in
front of him, looking up at him with her large, endless eyes.

He let go quickly but continued to stare until she backed
away. "What's the matter Will? You've seen me nude before."

She walked over and idly sat on her sofa. Will didn't know what to do
or say. Realizing that her nudity wasn't bothering her, her took a
few steps forward and smiled. "It's just been a long time since I've
seen you parade around in your Betazoid suit." He joked.

She didn't smile, only shrugged. "Computer, engage safety lock."
Deanna called out.

"Acknowledged." The computer answered.

Will's eyebrows shot up. Deanna stood and slowly moved towards
him. "Don't get excited Will, I just don't want someone barging in
while I'm dressed like this."

"Or undressed like this." He pointed out.

"Just a technicality." Deanna said idly as she continued to saunter
in his direction. "So, what were you apologizing about?" She asked.

`Gee, it doesn't feel chilly in here.' was the first response that
sprung to his mind. He knew where that thought had come from… he saw
as Deanna got closer that her nipples were hard and taunt, almost
screaming out an invitation to his lips.

"Uhhm, well… I just wanted to apologize for getting you hooked on
that game. Yeah, that's what it was-" He trailed off as her nipples
got closer.

He literally shook his head. Not just her nipples… all of her. She
had a name although he'd be damned if he could remember what it was.

Deanna… yes that was it. She shrugged off his apology as she moved to
stand directly in front of him. He could feel her warm breath on his
chest as she breathed in and out. "I'm a big girl, I didn't have to
play if I didn't want to."

Will wondered if she meant the game, or something else entirely. The
closeness of her nude body was affecting him, causing his earlier
erection to again spring into action. Much to his horror, Deanna was
standing close enough that the growing material of his sweatpants
pressed into her.

Slowly, she looked down and licked her lips. She brought her hand up
to his chest, stroking it gently in slow, languid circles until she
reached one of his nipples. She tweaked it gently and smiled. "I can
smell your arousal Imzadi. Why are you embarrassed by that?"

Will tried to clear his throat, but instead it came out as a half-
choke/half moan. "Deanna, something isn't right…"

She smiled again. "So you don't find me stimulating anymore Imzadi?"
She asked innocently.

"You know that I do." He whispered.

She looked up to his face and pressed her body closer to his. "Well,
then take me."

Will was caught off guard when Deanna pushed hard against him,
causing him to stumble back into the locked door behind him. She
immediately pounced, locking her mouth on his as her hands clamped on
to his penis through his sweatpants.

His mind let go immediately as his hands came up and began kneading
her breasts. All thought of `why she was doing this' was lost the
minute her free hand came up and took his, leading it slowly down her
belly and pressing it into the juncture between her legs.

His long fingers immediately felt her readiness as she pushed herself
down onto them the moment he used one to enter her folds. She let go
of his hand as a moan escaped her lips. With her hand now free again,
she reached to the waistband of his sweats, almost growling as she
struggled to pull them down his legs.

She moved back momentarily to allow better access herself better
access for her task, giving his mind a moment to scream a
warning. `This isn't right!'

He reached down quickly and grabbed her hands, pulling them in front
of her and holding them gently. "Deanna-wait-" he panted.

Her own breathing was labored as she attempted to focus her eyes on
his face. Will readied himself for the angry attack he was sure would
be coming his way.

Instead, Deanna pulled her arms away from him and brought her hands
to her mouth. She stood staring at him in horror. "Oh my Gods Will…"

She turned and tried to rush away from him until he grabbed her. At
first, she seemed frightened that he would `force' her to continue
what they had started. Instead, he held her at arms length until she
calmed a bit.

"Deanna- what's going on? Don't run from me this time."

She smiled and pulled gently from his hands. Sighing, she didn't meet
his gaze. "I asked Beverly to take me off of duty for a reason. I'm
in phase Will."

Will processed her response for a moment before the realization
dawned on him. "Oh… that's why…"

Deanna smiled wanly. "I jumped you like a nymphomaniac?" She offered.

He understandingly returned her smile. "Don't worry about it. You're
Betazoid, it's a natural part of your development. You weren't
kidding when your said your sex drive quadruples, were you?"

She blushed and looked down at the floor. "More… it's usually more. I
just didn't know if you could handle the truth back then."

Will remembered how their sex life had been on Betazed. Although they
only had a few glorious days, man what a great few days it had been.
He couldn't even imagine Deanna's sexual appetite more voracious,
although he now had a preview.

"So-" He paused trying to find the right words. "Is this what your
Mother went through?"

"No, her phase was the third and last one we go through in life. The
first comes at puberty, when our bodies first begin to ready
themselves for propagation. The second, the one I'm experiencing now,
is when our bodies hit maturity. From here on, it only gets better…
or so they say." She admitted.

"So… your sex drive will get stronger until it hits it's peak at the
third phase?" He asked, genuinely amazed at such a thought.

She nodded shyly. "It's just getting through these few days. Once
it's over… or my body gets what it… needs, it will become more
controllable. Until then, I feel like I'm ready to jump on to any
male that walks by." Suddenly, she looked up at him and shrugged. "I
really was playing with your underwear in your quarters." She

Will couldn't help but laugh. "Don't worry about it Deanna, really.
Like you said earlier, it's not anything that you haven't seen." That
may have been the wrong choice of words when he realized that
Deanna's eyes were now again fastened on his crotch area. Dammit,
he'd just begun to `relax' again until her intense gaze caused him to
spring awake.

He reached to her chin and brought her face up to his. "Look, why
don't you go put some clothes on, and we'll sit and talk."

She shook her head. "It'll be better if you leave Will. I'm not going
to do anything but try and seduce you; it's not what you want. But I
can't help myself."

Will looked deeply into her eyes. "Why would you think I didn't want
you?" He asked suddenly.

She turned away from him and wrapped her arms around herself. "It's
not that you don't want me. I can feel that you do. But you want more
from me than I can give right now."

"What do you mean?" He asked.

She sighed and walked into her bedroom, pulling a sheer, lace robe
from her closet and wrapping it around herself. It didn't do much to
cover her, and Will couldn't help but enjoy playing the game of peek-
a-boo with it.

She came out of the bedroom and ordered two cups of coffee from the
replicator. Will went into her bathroom to clean himself up a bit.
Before washing his hands, he brought his fingers up to his nose and
breathed deeply.

His memory recognition kicked in immediately. He could smell Deanna
on the fingers that had been buried deep in her a short while before.
Feeling himself beginning to harden again, he quickly washed her off
before he got himself into trouble.

He got back into the living room just as Deanna was pulling her robe
tighter around her. He noticed that she was again beaded with sweat
and wondered if that was a natural side effect of the hormonal
discourse she was in, or if she had done it to herself while he'd
been gone. `Oh God, stop thinking about THAT.' He chastised himself.

He sat down in the chair across from her… VERY gingerly. She held out
a mug of steaming coffee and sipped her own carefully.

"Will… I don't mean to hurt you when I say this." Deanna started.

Will nodded and watched as the small beads of sweat changed to larger
droplets, running down her face causing her skin to glisten. One bead
in particular went from her hairline, down her chest and between her
breasts. He shifted in the chair.

"You made it clear to me last year that you didn't want to be with me
unless you were with me all the time. You wanted our relationship
back the way it used to be, but I can't give you that right now." She
admitted candidly.

`God, that lucky sweat drop.' His mind screamed. "Why not?" He asked
her out loud.

"We hurt each other so badly on Betazed… it took me a long time to
get over that. In a way, I'll never be over it. We're not the same
two people we were then Will."

Will sipped his coffee again. "You're right, we're not the same two
people we were. That's why I truly believe we can make it work this

Deanna searched his face for a moment. "You do believe that. But
Will, I don't. All the women you chase after-"

"Deanna, that's-" But, she interrupted.

"I know what that is Will. You're looking for fulfillment in your
life that you're never going to find in someone else. It's something
that has to come from within you. Until that time, you're always
going to be seeking it from someone else, and I couldn't take walking
into another room and seeing you in the arms of someone else."

"I would never intentionally hurt you, or cheat on you with someone
else." He said, a bit angry that she could suggest it.

"You didn't mean to intentionally hurt me when we were suppose to
meet on Risa, but you did."

Pain stabbed at Will's heart when she spoke the words to him. She'd
never admitted it to him before. Of course he'd known that he'd hurt
her, but he never wanted to be in the situation of having her admit
it to his face. Now she had… and it was just as he thought it would
be. Pure and absolute hell.

"I'm sorry Deanna-"

"No your not Will. You're sorry for us, yes. But are you sorry for
taking the position on The Hood?"

Will didn't answer, he didn't need to. They both knew the answer.

"It took me a very long time to get over being pushed aside for a
promotion. Will, for me to consent to be with you again… fully with
you again, I'd have to know that it won't happen again. I'm just not
sure about that right now."

"I turned down The Aries, partially because of you." He told her.

She countered. "Just last year you accepted the captaincy of The
Melbourne before she was destroyed."

Will sighed and set his mug on the table.

Deanna leaned forward. "Will, I won't lie to you. I could make love
to you until we ended up in sickbay. It would certainly make this
damn phase a lot easier to live with… and a lot more fun. But, you'd
want more of me, and I just can't promise that. Not now… not yet."

Will forced a small smile. "At least you're being honest. It's a lot
better than we can't be together while we serve on the same ship."

Deanna nodded and stood. "I'm sorry Will."

He stood and began to move towards the door. She followed behind him
so that she could unlock the privacy lock. Will suddenly stopped and
spun to her.

"One thing Deanna." She stopped walking and looked at him
expectantly. He stepped closer to her.

"Back on Betazed, when you came to see me at the art museum right
before I left, I came to a realization."

"What was that?" she asked as his nearness began to take it's toll on
her hormones once again.

Will grabbed her at waist and turned, slamming Deanna into the door
with his body forcing her back. Her body immediately reacted as she
lifted her right leg up and around his waist. They were both panting
heavily as their mouths were millimeters apart.

"Your needs are more important than my needs." He whispered as his
hand worked her robe open exposing her nude form to him once again.

Deanna's cognitive thought was gone. Her eyes were wide with passion
as she reached down to the waistband of his pants. Sliding both hands
in; she pushed roughly until his glorious form was exposed. His
height in comparison to hers was definitely impeding her progress,
causing her to groan in frustration. Will slid her open robe from her
arms and waited until it had pooled on to the floor. Reaching below
her bare bottom, he used both arms to lift her off the one remaining
foot she had on the floor. Her mouth latched on to his in celebration
as her left leg joined her right around his waist.

He pulled his face away to study hers. Her eyes were half-lidded with
passion, her lips swollen from their kisses. Her cheeks were bright
red from the heat of their passion. But, he needed to be sure. He
couldn't do this without knowing…

`Please Imzadi!' She screamed in his mind as her legs attempted to
squeeze him into her tighter.

It had been such a long time since he'd heard her in his thoughts
that he jumped, giving Deanna just the leverage she needed to impale
herself on his engorged penis. She threw her head back, hitting it on
the door in the process. She didn't seem to notice… or care.

She attempted to pull her hips back to encourage his movements,
however Will held on tight not allowing her to move. She opened her
eyes and looked down at him, her breathing still ragged.

"Shhh." He soothed softly, still holding their joined bodies tightly.
Her eyes began to show signs of some lucidity as she looked at him
expectantly. "This could be it for a while." He whispered. "Let's
make it last."

Deanna smiled. Leaning her head slowly forward, she kissed him
tenderly on the lips, his nose and then his forehead. "Make it last."
She echoed his whisper.

When Will knew that she'd regained her senses, he spoke louder to
her. "One more thing…" He started.

Deanna's body began slowly fade from it's tightened position but he
shook his head. "Just a simple request really."

"What's that?" She asked huskily.

"Sometime tonight, can you do that thing with the sundae again?" He
asked with a smile.

She nodded giving him permission to begin his ministrations to her
body. He latched onto her right breast with his lips, frustrated that
his arms were busy holding her up and he couldn't use his hands.

She threw her head back again, bumping her head against the door for
a second time. Will pulled back from her slightly, but didn't get too
far before Deanna slammed herself into him again.

He let go of her breast with a wet, audible popping sound. "Deanna,
you're going to give yourself a concussion."

She opened her eyes and ordered. "COUCH!"

Still carrying her, he turned and attempting to make it to her sofa,
temporarily forgetting that his sweat pants were down around his
ankles. He immediately lost his footing and he slammed onto the floor
with Deanna landing on top of him.

He felt the immediate pain in his groin as his body absorbed the
blow. Pushing the stinging tears of pain away, he looked at Deanna to
make sure she was all right.

"Are you okay?" He asked, pulling himself out of her.

She nodded unconvincingly. "Now that's something I've never felt
before." She admitted as she slid off of his body.

Will smiled gently. "I think we're getting too old to be grinding
against the wall." He said.

"The wall wasn't the problem. It was these damn clothes you're
wearing!" She said in frustration.

Will had to laugh at the absurdness of their situation. Deanna smiled
but reached forward and took his now flaccid penis in her
hands. "Nothing's broken?" She asked.

Will mimicked a Vulcan pose by raising one eyebrow. "Not that I know

Deanna took on an innocent, schoolgirl expression. "I could kiss it
and make it better." She suggested.

"You could, but you're forgetting one thing…"

Deanna looked surprised. "What?"

Will couldn't help but notice that she was still holding on to his
alive and kicking member. He leaned to her face one more time and
whispered "This is my party… my gift to you."

They kissed again as she climbed into his lap barely touching her sex
to his. He trailed kisses down her neck, stopping at the one spot he
knew she loved, right at the junction of her neck and shoulder. Her
head swayed back again as he suckled gently, finally using his teeth
to graze her skin gently.

Her breathing was practically coming in moans of pleasure as her
hands gently took his testicles, cupping them in rhythm as her mouth
found her aching breast again.

An ornery side of Will told him that he had left a mark on Deanna's
shoulder, but he didn't care. Instead, he became hell-bent intent on
marking her breast as well. Cave man instinct she had once called it;
needing to mark his territory as he went along.

Deanna stopped kneading his testes and moved to his shaft, sliding
her hands back and forth in the same motion his mouth was using on
her breast. Will felt like he could explode right there in her hand,
but did his best to hold on. He HAD to make this last… it could be
for the last time.

He reached down between her thighs again and tested her readiness.
She was swollen and wet, offering the perfect nesting ground for the
monster that felt like it was still growing between his legs.

Realizing that they would both already be bruised from the fall, he
leaned her down towards the floor gently, allowing her to adjust her
position before he pressed against her. Once she settled her legs
around his buttocks, she leaned forward to kiss him again. "Now Will,
do it now." She begged in his ear.

He thrust into her as slowly as he could, allowing her muscles to
stretch in accommodation to his large size. He'd always worried about
hurting her, feeling like a large clumsy oaf on her gentle, petite
frame. But, she never complained, and had promised to tell him if he
did hurt her.

He never did. No matter what instincts took over his better judgment,
he never allowed himself to get too carried away. Now was no
different. He watched her face and listened to her breathing as her
sank deeper and deeper into her warmth.

She gasped slightly causing him to pull back some. "Are you okay?" He

She smiled reassuringly. "How could I have forgotten?" She shifted
beneath him slightly and pulled her legs higher up his back, allowing
him better access. She pushed up gently, urging him deeper and deeper
until he was completely buried.

She mumbled something in Betazoid to him as she used her hips to urge
him on. He needed no urging as he thrust into her, gently at first
but gaining in speed and momentum as her body counteracted against

Gasps and moans of pleasure filled Deanna's quarters as they
continued for what seemed like eternity. Will's vision began to blur
as his ending neared, but Deanna went over the cliff first biting
hard into his shoulder after she had screamed out in ecstasy. Not
even seconds later Will tumbled over the top with her, spilling
himself into her and on to the floor.

Oddly enough, once his senses began to return, he realized that when
he'd toppled over, he almost felt like he'd left his own body and
floated through a gentle, never ending universe whose center looked
remarkably like Deanna's eyes. This universe, perhaps his version of
Heaven, looked remarkably like a painting he'd seen on Betazed years

His muscles felt like jelly as he pulled out of her, checking to see
why she was so still beneath him. Remarkably enough, she was sound
asleep, a slight sated smile gracing her beautiful face.

Will wrestled with his next decision. Should he dress and leave
quietly? Should he wait for her to wake up, knowing full well that
she wouldn't want him there for `the afterglow'? He stood quietly and
realized that with the way he felt, he wouldn't be able to make it
back to his quarters. Using his reserve strength, he lifted Deanna
gently from the floor and carried her to bed. He gently laid her
down and lay next to her, cradling her head on his shoulder. He
sighed contently and basked in the afterglow by himself as he watched
her sleep.

Slowly as sleep began to overtake him he thought about Deanna's
reaction to finding him spooned with her in bed. He hoped that maybe,
she would be happy, and decide to give them the other chance that he
felt they deserved. Maybe she would throw him out of her quarters.
Either way, he'd worry about it later after his nap.

As his awareness of the world around him began to interrupt his
dreams, he was acutely aware of something wet and warm trickling down
his stomach. Raising his head off the pillow, Will noticed a dark,
creamy liquid dripping from his belly button and running over his
skin. Turning to where he'd left Deanna, he realized that she was
gone. Looking around the room, he heard her moving around in the
living area.

"Uh… Deanna?" He questioned, not wanting to move too much in fear of
spilling the strange liquid all over her bed.

She sauntered back into the room carrying a tray holding various
bowls of something Will couldn't see. "You're awake!" She said
brightly, setting the tray out of his eyesight.

"Uh, yeah-" He said uncertainly.

"Good, well ask and you shall receive." She said cryptically, sitting
next to him on her knees.

"And what's that?" He asked, still looking strangely at his brown
streaked belly.

"You wanted me to show you the proper way to eat a sundae." She

"Oh my- Deanna… is this what I think it is?" He asked, pointing to
his belly.

She nodded with a seductive smile. "Hot fudge." She announced.

Will couldn't help but smile at her creativeness. He saw her reach
towards the tray and bring a bowl towards the bed. He lifted his head
and paused when he saw what she was holding.

"Deanna! You're not going to.. AHHH!" He yelled as she dumped the
bowl of ice cream onto his bare belly.

She blinked innocently as if she didn't know why he was reacting the
way he was. She reached behind her again; bringing several more bowls
from the tray continuously dumping all of their contents on to his

The various sensations on his skin were causing Will's body to react
differently. Warmth replaced chill, shuddering turned to almost an
orgasmic sensation as she piled her concoction higher and higher.
Finally, she was done and smiled at him contentedly.

On the fudge and melting ice cream was now piled white chocolate
chunks, chocolate chips, and more hot fudge. Topping his belly off; a
plump, ripe cherry.

"So, how are you planning on eating that before it melts all over the
bed? He asked.

She looked at her tray, now piled with empty bowls. "It seems I
forgot my spoon."

Will knew immediately what she was hinting at as his grin started
slowly and spread across his face.

She pounced, eating her dessert using nothing but her mouth. Will
thought it impossible that he could get aroused again tonight, but
sure enough, "Little Will" decided to make another appearance.

She continued to suckle his stomach, running her cold lips around his
belly and breasts, drawing Will to an almost thrashing movement.
Suddenly, she pulled away and leaned down to his face, kissing his
cheek with her ice cream streaked lips.

"Want my cherry Will?" She asked innocently, blinking her eyes at the
double entendre.

Two could play this game. "I thought I already had it." He said coyly.

She smiled again. "So you did, back in the Jalara Jungle. Over…and
over…" Her lips began moving down his chest back towards her
sundae. "-and over…" Her words were becoming murmurs that he could
barely hear. "…and over."

Will jolted as her cold lips took hold of his penis, suckling the tip
as if she was plucking that cherry from it's stem. Will's head
thrashed from side to side as he his hips began to thrust into
Deanna's mouth. His strength was still diminished from their earlier
encounter so he knew that he wasn't going to last long.

"Deanna-" He gasped her name as his breath came in ragged moans.

Still, she continued, ignoring his warning as she attempted to suck
the entire life out of him. Just as he was about to explode she
straddled his thighs and came down, this time sheathing his entire
length quickly. She bucked wildly, throwing her head back as her
nails dug into his stomach and what was left of her sundae.

He erupted into her with a yell, feeling his hot juices running down
his legs and into the bed. Deanna pulled off of him but ran her slick
warm center along his stomach until she was sitting on his chest.
Once he came back from orbit, he noticed that she was now completely
smeared with ice cream.

However, no matter how much he wanted to, he couldn't even begin to
muster the strength to lick the confection from her body. She smiled
down to him, understanding his dilemma, but not at all criticizing.

Instead, she leaned down until she was face to face with him. "It's
okay." She promised. She pulled her legs and rested them on either
side of his head. Raising her right hand up, she began rubbing it
along her sticky breasts as Will watched the range of emotion play
across her face.

As her hand traveled down her belly, he grabbed it roughly before it
reached it's destination. He trailed his arms down to her hips and
pulled her forward until his mouth could reach the apex between her

She had a taste all her own; part Deanna and part like a sickly bad
ice cream sundae. Will suckled at her, gently biting and licking
until Deanna lost her senses, finally screaming out his name as
pleasure raged through her in waves.

Collapsing next to him, she quickly settled into the soft pillows and
stretched her tired, sore muscles. Will's first instinct was to wrap
his arms around her. However, as he attempted to move closer, Deanna
pulled away.

"Will, don't." She said without turning to look at him.

He wanted to grab her, turn her over and beg her to see things his
way. However, just as he'd said earlier in the evening, her needs
were more important.

She needed time, and he'd gladly give that to her. After all, neither
of them were going anywhere anytime soon.

That however, didn't help the tears he had to choke back when he
turned and faced the wall opposite her. Once he realized that Deanna
was asleep, he rose softly from her bed. Throwing one more longing
look at her, he went into the living area and retrieved his clothes.

As he carefully checked the hallway to make sure no one was coming,
he left Deanna's quarters for the sanctity of his own. He didn't
notice Deanna silently watching him from the bedroom; tears of her
own streaming down her face.

Four days later, Deanna Troi reported back to duty after having been
given the green light from Beverly. Reporting for the Senior Staff
meeting, she sat next to Will smiling as their fellow officers filed

The day continued on as if "it never happened". As Will retired to
his quarters for the night, he was surprised to find his replicator
blinking that it was holding something for him. Entering in his
access code, he smiled as an ice cream sundae materialized.
Inside the large bowl was a small, handwritten note that held familiar script.


I hope you have a new appreciation for fudge. Here's to all the time in the world.


The End