Title: Union
by Bec Wright

›Do you?"
I gazed into the dark brown eyes of the woman whose hands I held.
›I do."
The priest turned to Deanna.
›Do you?"
Deanna looked lovingly back at me and answered the priest.
›I do"
The priest took a deep breath and closed the prayer book in his hands.
›I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride."
I carefully lifted Deanna's veil and watched as it
drifted down onto her elaborate curls. She was so
beautiful it took my breath away. When she drifted
through the doors, buoyed by the chiffon of her dress,
I couldn‹t believe how lucky I was. I stood speechless
as I took in her dress, her hair, just her. The veil
was trimmed with pearls and fell down her back,
leaving a small piece free to cover her face. The
strapless gown began with a tight bodice that left
nothing to the imagination. It must have taken three
people to get her into it, and what I would have given
to be one of them. The shimmering bodice continued
down to cup her hips before exploding into layers of
mist. With each step she took her skirt floated just
above the ground, adding to the illusion.
She stood before me now, my every fantasy fulfilled,
and the priest had just said I could kiss her. I
leaned my head towards her just as she moved up. My
lips covered hers and all thoughts of where we were
flew out of my head. Never mind that we were standing
in front of hundreds of friends and family. The chaste
kiss we had planned suddenly became something more. I
was standing with the most beautiful girl who had ever
lived and we were getting married. I put my arms
around her, pulling her to me, just savoring the
feeling of being together. I heard a roar behind me,
then realized that the audience was applauding. Oh, my
god. I pulled back and grinned at her. As the organ
started up again I grabbed her hand and we walked back
down the aisle and out of the church.