The Good Stuff

By Guinan


"If you want my professional opinion as Ships counselor... He's nuts!"
"I'll be sure to note that in my log" Riker turned to see Dr. Cochrane plugging in the Jukebox. As strains of "Ooobie Doobie" started blasting and Dr. Cochrane start dancing again, he thought, "What do we do now?"
*Thump* Will turned to find Deanna face down passed out cold. "SHIT", he thought, "sure you're not drunk"
Will had never seen Deanna drunk before--even when drinking real alcohol. This tequila must be some powerful stuff! And now was not the time for a away team member to be incapacitated. He'd have to tend to this first, and Cochrane later.
Will stood and carefully picked up the semi conscious Betazed in his arms, carrying her to the camp the away team had set up. "Will?" asked Deanna in a husky voice.
Will shifted her slight form in his arms. "Deanna, I've got to give you a detox hypo before we try talking to Dr. Cochrane. You're too drunk right now"
"I am NOT drunk!" Coming more awake now, she snaked her hands up around his neck, twining her fingers in the hairs at the base of his neck.
"Okay... you're not drunk. But that stuff has... um.... clouded your judgment. You need a hypo of detox--to clear your head."
Deanna shifted slightly in his arms... nuzzling his neck " Hmmm. You smell so good."

"Ohh not now, Deanna, of all times not now!" Will thought as he made his way a tent in the away team camp. It was empty and he silently thanked this bit of luck. It wouldn't do for any of the other team members to see her like this. Will entered the tent, untwined Deanna's arms from his neck and setting her down gently on the dusty floor. "Sit here for a minute while I find the hypo" Deanna began pulling off her boots as he rummaged through the medkit. Finding it, he turned to discover Deanna on her knees, her hands reaching for the fastening on the waist-band of his pants. As he leaned over to try and apply the hypo to Deanna, her hands had moved to the zipper.
As Will fumbled with the snap on the waist-band, Deanna opened the zipper and found her target. All his protests stopped as her eager fingers closed on his semi flaccid member and withdrew it from its hiding place. Will's hands fell to his sides as her tongue caressed the tip of his penis, and he moaned.
The hypo fell unnoticed from his hand as she gave a final tug to his pants pooling them around his boots. Her hand cupped the soft sacs dangling below the now hardening mast. As she ran her tongue down the large vein on the underside if his member and back up again, Will thought his legs would surely buckle. Finally she took as much of his thick length into the softness of her mouth as she could, moving back and forth sucking and licking as she went.
"Oh god, Deanna"
Leaving her ministrations for a minute she sat back on her heels and smiled " Something on your mind Commander?"
Will fell to his own knees bringing him to eye level with Deanna. He pullied her to him and his lips met hers. Their passion was unleashed, and all thoughts of their mission temporally replaced with a new one. Gently moving into a prone position, Will expertly undid the fastenings of Deanna's slacks with one hand. Raising her hips and pulling the fabric down, Deanna kicked off the last barrier between them. His hands moved to the thatch of black curls between her legs and was surprised at the dampness he found there. Slipping a finger into the slick folds, he was amazed. Never had she been so ready so fast.
Now it was her turn to moan. " Will, please..."
Positioning himself between her welcoming thighs, he slowly filled her, enjoying the feel of her-- a sensation long forgotten. Buried to the hilt, he began to move in her. Slowly building faster and harder, he began his ascent. . Deanna met him thrust for thrust. Her mind caressing his, as her hands caressed his body. Making love with a Betazed, even a half Betazed was a experience of the mind as well as the body. And one that Will never shared with another.
Deanna was bucking with wild abandon now, and Will was concentrating hard so as not to leave her behind, when suddenly her mind screamed out, "IMZADI."
He could feel the soft walls of her around him constrict forcefully. He cried out his own cry of passion, two bodies, two minds for a brief moment joined as one. Will collapsed against her slight form, careful to roll slightly to one side so she would not bear his full weight. Both enjoyed the after tremors of each other as he remained inside of her, sharing tender kisses and caresses until Deanna had finally fell into a light sleep.
Will could feel something poking him in the back. He fumbled behind him to find the lost hypospray. Grasping it, he gently pressed it to her neck and administered the detox. Then he lay back on the dusty floor, wishing he too could have a short nap. Hating to do it, he gently shook Deanna awake. "Imzadi," he whispered into her ear. Deanna opened her eyes, slightly embarrassed to find herself tangled with Will on the floor of the tent, both naked from the waist down., his clothes still wadded around his boots. "Oh dear... I guess it really was the good stuff, " she giggled.
They move apart reluctantly to dress and to try to regain a some semblance of professional decorum. Finally both were dressed and and dusted clean of the dirt from the floor. Deanna moved to embrace Will. "You know, it wasn't all the alcohol," she reassured him.
Will hugged her close, " I know. " He kissed her lightly. "Now let's find Geordi and see if we can convince the good Doctor to allow us to help him"
With a smile, Deanna walked with him out into the cool night air.

"Picard to Enterprise.... Energize"

Walking out of the transporter room, Deanna noticed that Will carried something under his coat. "Will? " she asked, pointing toward the bulge under his jacket
Will smiled an enigmatic smile. " A gift from Dr. Cochrane... " he explained, leaving a bewildered Counselor to stare after him as he strode toward his quarters. Once inside the privacy of his quarters, he settled his gift in a safe place on a shelf towards the back of his closet: a large bottle of Tequila, or as Will would always remember it "The Good Stuff".