By Shocolate
"Chocolate is a serious thing" - Deanna Troi, 'The Game', Season 5.

Deanna sat at her desk, with her head in her hands and massaged her temples. It had been a long day, Ensign Maclaren's appointment had overrun by nearly half-an-hour, and now she had no time for lunch before Captain Picard arrived for his appointment.
On the desk in front of her lay a giant Mars Bar. She had called it up from the replicator, but she seriously wondered whether she would have time to eat it before the Captain arrived. She ripped open the wrapper anyway and took out the chocolate. Screwing the wrapper up in a ball, she threw it into the waste disposal. And missed. "Oh damn, today is just going perfectly", she groaned.
The door-bell trilled just as she was raising the chocolate to her lips. "Damn.", Deanna muttered and slipped the chocolate into the half-open desk drawer at her side. "Come in." she called.
The door chirped and slid open, revealing not the bald, commanding figure of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, but the immensely tall figure of Commander William Riker.
"Oh, Will," Deanna murmured, "I don't have much time, the captain is due at any moment, we're going to discuss the reports I did on the candidates for promotion to Lieutenant in the science department. And I have a splitting headache."
Commander Riker came over and stood by her side, "You've been overdoing it, Deanna." he murmured, "here, let me rub your shoulders." He crouched in front of her and put his hands up to her shoulders. His strong fingers dug into the tired, tense muscles, and Deanna felt some of her tension ebb away. Will smiled, and his white teeth gleamed through his crisp, dark beard. Deanna's eyes closed, and she took a deep sigh, his fingers kneaded her shoulders, and then slipped lower down and cupped her breasts. Her eyes flew open again.
"Will," she breathed, "are you crazy, the captain..."
His face came closer, and nuzzled between her breasts, as his hands slipped lower still, ran down her body, down the outside of her thighs, dipped under the hem of her flowing gown and started moving up the inside of her thighs.
"The captain is still with Geordie in engineering, I think he's running late". Will smiled.
Deanna sighed and shifted towards him. One of his hands slipped into the small of her back and half-lifted her, as the other slipped into her tiny lace panties and drew them towards him, down her long, brown legs. As they passed her feet, she allowed her legs to fall apart and Will slipped back between them, his hands on her knees.
He looked up at her, and their eyes locked. His hands moved slowly, the thumbs massaging the insides of her thighs, as they went higher and higher. Deanna felt herself growing wet and she started to ache.
Just as his hands reached the tops of her thighs, and his thumbs dipped along her groins and slid towards her open lips, the door-bell trilled again.
"Will!", she gasped, her eyes flying wide open and her hands pressed to her flushed cheeks, "Quick, get up and stand beside me."
"I can't", Riker whispered, and gestured to the huge erection, staining at the crotch of his uniform. Then he shrugged and, to her absolute disbelief, ducked under the desk.
"Come in." called Deanna, folding her arms on the front of the desk and trying to compose her face.
The door slid open and Captain Picard entered.
"Good afternoon, Counsellor", he smiled, and he crossed to her desk and sat down opposite her. Deanna uttered a silent prayer of thanks that the desk was solid on the side facing the captain.
"I'm sorry I'm late," he said, as he held out the data pad with her reports on it, "shall we get right down to it?".
"Of course, Captain. If we can start with Ensign Capaldi, I don't think she is ready for promotion...." Deanna tried to keep her voice steady, but unbelievably she felt the hem of her dress rising again as Will lifted it and pushed between her thighs, "...she herself says that her interests don't really lie in the science section..." Will's fingers were sliding inside her now, probing deep into her, oh god, "...and most of her work has been in engineering.".
"That's true, Deanna, but her supervisor in science says she has all the makings of a good science officer...", Will's fingers slipped out and his hands trailed back down her legs, thank god, "...and she's been in science nearly as long as she was in engineering - Deanna, are you all right?", Will's face was pressed between her thighs, and as his fingers parted her lips, his lips nibbled gently on her, and his tongue slid inside her.
"Yes.", Deanna breathed, "I mean, I'm fine. If Commander Jenson is happy with her, then so am I."
She managed to sound vaguely coherent as they discussed three more ensigns, all the time Will alternated between a firm probing tongue, thrusting deep between her folds, and a gentle suction as his mouth closed over her. Then she felt his face moving away as he sat back from her. Breathing an inward sigh of relief, she tried to turn her mind to the question of whether Ensign Richards would be likely to leave to follow his new fiancee if she left for Starbase 144.
But out of the corner of her eye, she saw Will's hand slip out from under the desk and into the desk-drawer. He silently grasped the Mars bar and it disappeared under the desk. Deanna couldn't imagine what he was going to.....oh. As his fingers parted her aching lips once more, she felt the firm, cool chocolate being pushed inside her. She could feel the veins of chocolate running down the sides of the bar and melting as the brushed against her wet passage.
"I'm going to die," she thought, "there is no way I'm going to be able to carry on talking to the captain, he'll know something is wrong, what if he comes around the desk to see if I'm all right?".
"I think we'll have to discount Ensign Richards,", the captain was saying, as Will pulled the Mars Bar almost completely out again, dragging her lips along with it very slightly, and then thrust it back in again until his finger tips pushed against her, "as his fiancee's career seems to be really taking off, I'm sure she'll take the new posting, and he'll want to be with her."
The chocolate was moving faster, and faster, in and out, in and out. Deanna felt herself moving towards a climax, she felt her whole being focus between her legs, as Will withdrew the Mars Bar and pressed his face against her. She rubbed her chocolatey sex against him and he sucked her between lips moistened with the chocolate and her own juices.
Deanna felt flashes of light go off inside her head as she reached orgasm, Will slipped his fingers back inside her and she felt herself throb and contract around them. She couldn't help letting out a slight groan, though she tried to choke it off.
"Counsellor, something is wrong. What is it?", Captain Picard frowned across at her, looking very concerned.
"Oh, I'll be OK.", Deanna murmured, "I haven't eaten anything today, and it is rather hot in here, I just felt a little faint."
"Then, I won't keep you any longer, Deanna.", Captain Picard rose from the seat, "You get something hot and filling inside you." And with a friendly nod he turned and left the room.
"Will, you are incredible. You must be crazy." Deanna leant back in her chair and looked down at her lover.
Will's face was covered in melting chocolate. He grinned up at her, then took the Mars Bar in his mouth and took a small bite. Deanna gasped. He raised it to her lips and she suggestively opened them and ran her tongue around it. It tasted of her.
Will rose from under the desk, freeing his erect penis from his trousers as he stood. She could almost feel its heat as he leant towards her. He took her hand and pulled her to her feet. They turned, and the edge of the desk pushed against her buttocks. Then Will pressed her backwards across the desk, her thighs parted and she wrapped her long legs round his back as he pushed his penis inside her.
"Something hot and filling." he murmured.
His mouth came down and closed over hers, and she could taste herself and chocolate on his lips. His tongue thrust inside her mouth and tangled with hers, its thrusts paralleling those of his huge erection. She could feel herself building again, and her second climax came quickly and drew him deeper inside her.
As she lay back, gasping, Will smoothly withdrew and pulled her to her feet again. Then he pushed her down onto her knees in front of him. Deanna took a deep breath and his penis deep into her mouth. It was just in time, he wrapped his hands in her long, black hair as she felt him throb in her mouth and the taste of salt mixed with the chocolate as he poured himself into her throat.
He held her against him and after a few minutes he gently he bent and picked her up and carried her to the couch in the corner of the room.
Deanna lay back and closed her eyes; every muscle drained and limp. No, not every muscle. Unbelievably, Will was leaning over her, and she felt something nudging against her thigh.
Deanna could hardly move, but she parted her legs, and Will thrust back inside her. She gazed up into his face and watched joyfully as he grimaced and thrust harder and harder. Finally it was all over. Will gave a huge shudder and collapsed forward on top of her, pressing her firmly back against the cushions.
His hand and then his lips trailed soft kisses over her breast.
"You're the best, Deanna." He murmured.
"I've had a very good teacher." She said and pressed his face back between her breasts.
And they both slept.

The End.