Anything for You

Paramount owns them ... I love to play with them. The basic story is theirs but any and all embellishments are all mine.

She had to smile again ... her lips curving up into a grin, even as she felt herself filled with a golden glow; a rush of emotion that had been buried deep for far too long. Deanna Troi stretched and reached up to pull the pins from her hair, allowing the heavy fullness to tumble free of its confines.
"Ahhh," she murmured digging her fingers into the thick glossy strands to massage her scalp. She stretched again, a long feline stretch that crackled down her spine, drawing a low sigh of contentment from her lips. She smiled was amazing, really how that one deep yet tentative kiss from Will had had the power to reduce her to this. She was sitting in the middle of her office mooning like a schoolgirl over a first crush. But this ... she knew instinctively was no school girl crush. She felt alive ... no ... aroused. Yes, that was it ... she was aroused. Her breasts tingled and she felt an ache low in her belly. No doubt about it, she was in love ... head over heels, sick to her stomach, tingling from head to toe, in love with Will Riker. Again. And it was wonderful. Deanna sighed, crossed her legs, and stretched again, finally reaching for the padd she had been working on before Will's visit. Fifteen minutes later, she was on her way back to her quarters, too distracted to work.
Will Riker stood in the center of the corridor for a long five minutes outside Deanna's office. The memory of her lips against his, still fresh and sweet in his thoughts. He had taken her completely by surprise, for once, and she'd melted into his arms, until his lips touched hers. He'd had enough time to deepen the kiss and then she'd pushed him away. It had been just long enough for every nerve ending in his body to come alive. Damn, he was still hard!
"Augh!" she'd said, brushing her cheeks as she hustled him to the door. She'd been rubbing her skin and trying hard not to laugh. Then it hit him. She wasn't angry, she wasn't repulsed by HIM ... it was the beard! She'd giggled something about never having kissed him with a beard before, as she pushed him out into the corridor. He stared at the door, his mind whirling. Never kissed him with a beard? But ... she'd kissed Thomas ... he had had a beard.
All at once Will smiled, and the smile turned into a chuckle, drawing the stares of a passing crewman. Yes, she had kissed "Thomas" with a beard ... but Thomas wasn't HIM. Will turned and started walking down the corridor. Off duty for the moment, he headed for his quarters, intending to enjoy a private moment with his daydreams of what had just happened. Five minutes later, he was sitting with a hot cup of coffee, slowly coming to the realization that a wonderful quirk of fate had given him a second chance. Just the thought of a relationship with Deanna set his blood racing. Theirs had been a very passionate relationship years ago ... but this time he wanted that and much more. He was in love ... heart, mind, body and soul, in love with Deanna Troi ... again ... still, always ...
"Riker you are such an ass ..." he said aloud. "As if you ever really stopped being in love with her!" He settled back allowing the warm afterglow of emotion to permeate his thoughts ...
:::Troi to Riker.::: Deanna's voice, as usual, soft and well modulated, came over the comm. It slipped over him like quicksilver, warming him deep inside.
:::Riker here. What can I do for you, Counselor?:::
A pause.
:::I was wondering if we could get together later? In my quarters?:::
Will felt the smile in her voice, and a slight hesitance. She sounded breathless, so he decided to play her along.
:::Why? What if I decide I want to kiss you again? You did say ... "Augh", or was it "Yuck"?:::
She paused again ... :::It was the beard ... not the kiss. I ... I ... liked the kiss very much. And I wouldn't object if you decided you wanted to do it again. And I said ... "Augh".:::
Will grinned, feeling his anticipation rise, that rush of feeling he always got when he knew they would be spending time alone. The possibility that they would be intimate made him feel shaky inside.
:::Should I eat before I come to your quarters?:::
:::No, I promise to feed you.:::
<<Then I'll be there. About nineteen hundred hours, when I get off shift.>
> :::Wonderful. I'll see you then.:::
:::Right. And Deanna?::: He paused.
:::Want to help me get rid of the beard before I try that kiss again?:::
Will heard the sharp intake of her breath, and smiled ... got her again. He waited a beat ... :::We could do it together. Do you still have the straight razor?:::
:::Yes, I kept it, I don't know why but ... Will? Are you sure you want to shave? Just for a kiss from me?:::
:::Imzadi, I'd do just about anything for a kiss from you. I'm sure. I'll see you at nineteen hundred. Riker out.:::
In her quarters, Deanna released the breath she hadn't known she was holding and jumped to her feet ...
"YES!" she shouted aloud, he was coming here, for dinner, a shave, and then who knew. They would let nature ... or this planet, or whatever wonderful force had caused them to feel this way, guide their actions.
**I'm not going to question, or overanalyze this.** she said to her self...**I'm going to live for the moment, and enjoy myself.** This time there was no turning back ... Will was going to get a night to remember.
She looked at the chrono ... eighteen hundred hours.
Deanna frowned and got to work setting the scene for what she hoped would be a surprise for Will when he arrived in an hour. She started with a sonic, then padded nude to her closet ... what to wear? She sighed and reached out to him ... he was calm ... but definitely feeling the flush of desire that was making her skin tingle.
She ran both hands over her shoulders and down over her breasts. Her nipples contracted into tight nubs at the thought that soon HE would be touching them. The involuntary surge of heat caused her to grow wet with anticipation. Not thinking, she reached in and drew out a soft robe. Tossing it on the bed, she reached for her scented body lotion. Its delicate gardenia scent had been a favorite for years. She applied it liberally, massaging it into her skin, managing at the same time to heighten the arousal that had already started to build. Flustered, she threw on the robe, brushed her hair and headed into the bathroom ... not much time to prepare ...


019:00 hours ...
Will Riker stood outside of Deanna's quarters, precisely at 019:00, cradling a bottle of Dom Perignon in his arm. The wine was Deanna's favorite, and had been since the captain had introduced it to her at his birthday party years ago. She loved it. It was a nice touch, he thought to himself. Damned hard to get too. He'd been saving it for almost a year, since the Cochrane mission. He hit the doorchime.
"Come in, Will," Deanna's voice called out, allowing the doors to part.
Will blinked. The room had undergone a transformation since the last time he'd seen it. Soft amber lighting ... candlelight ... suffused it, blurring the edges of the room. It was warm ... much warmer than the corridor, and the air felt heavy, almost tropical. Betazoid soul music played in the background, muted, making him feel relaxed almost immediately. He turned and saw an ice bucket ready and waiting on the table. He smiled. Did he bring wine that often?
The champagne was chilled already, but he eased it into the ice, noting the paper thin flutes that stood beside the silver bucket. She'd thought of everything. A small array of Betazoid and Terran appetizers were laid out on the table too. She'd done all this in an hour? He smiled again, and stiffened as a small sound from behind warned him of her presence. He didn't get a chance to turn before a pair of slender arms encircled his waist from behind, and a wave of scent wafted over him. Gardenias again. Deanna hugged him gently, pressing her breasts into the small of his back.
"Welcome, Imzadi." Her voice was low and husky.
Will covered her arms with his, enjoying the feel of her soft curves pressed against him. He looked down at their entwined hands. Her arms were bare ... her nails were painted a deep blood red. They were long and perfectly shaped, the sight made him swallow as suddenly he knew her toes would be the same. He loved it when a woman ... ok when Deanna painted her nails and toes to match ... it stimulated him somehow. He swallowed again ... is that what she was trying to do? That question was answered when her hands slipped lower to caress him. The caress was brief, but enough to make his penis twitch and begin to harden. He heard her take a quick breath, and rub herself against him. He cleared his throat and found his voice.
"Thank you. Everything looks wonderful. You went to a lot of trouble ... all for me?" Will said as she loosened her hold on him. He felt bereft when she took a step back, breaking contact with him.
"I'd do anything for you, too, Imzadi. This was no trouble at all."
He turned and caught his breath ... the room wasn't the only thing that had changed. Deanna had outdone herself.
"Deanna ... you ... look ... incredible." he breathed.
Her eyelids were darkened with a smoky gray color, which brought out their exotic tilt. Her cheekbones were tinted a delicate rose and her lips were shiny with some sort of gloss. Her hair was down and loose, and she was dressed ... more or less ... in a soft shimmering robe. The material was translucent, allowing him glimpses of her body as she moved. Her nipples were hard, pressing two sharp points through the thin material. He couldn't help but stare down at them, licking his lips. He could see the darkened circles clearly. She pushed the mass of her hair behind her shoulders, causing the robe to open wider. He gasped, as she met his eyes. The robe left her arms bare, falling in a deep "V" between her breasts. The soft inner curves of the full globes were exposed to his gaze now ... his fingers twitched. The robe was the color of raspberries and tied with a braided cord; it's folds fell gracefully from her waist to the floor. Slits from hem to hip allowed flashes of her naked legs as she crossed to stand beside him. Her feet were bare, and her toes ... he sighed ... her toes matched her nails.
"Thank you," she whispered as she took his hand and placed it on her breast. "I ache for you, Imzadi. I burn." She leaned into his hand as he squeezed gently. She gasped aloud as he slipped his hand into her robe, to touch bare flesh, his thumb and forefinger pinching her nipple gently.
Deanna stood on her toes ands kissed him, forgetting the beard in the heat of arousal. Will thrust his tongue deep into her mouth and was thrilled to feel her begin to suckle it, then begin to explore his mouth with her own. He slid his free hand down to her lower back and pressed her firmly against his erection. She rubbed herself against him, her hips making small circles. Will gently pushed her back, breaking the kiss. He wanted to slow down ... savor this moment. Deanna sighed and looked up at him, surprised, a look which quickly became understanding.
"We need to slow down. Catch our breath. Oh! You brought champagne! Dom Perignon!" She slipped past him then, and reached for the bottle. Will cleared his throat, and smiled ...
"Only the best for my Imzadi." He groaned inwardly as his voice cracked. She smiled slightly ...
"You're so sweet. Let's open it. We'll have a glass before your shave. Are you hungry?" she asked, looking calm and composed. Will smiled, in a heavy lidded, lazy sort of way ...
"Only for you, Imzadi ... anything for you." He could see the rapid pulsing of her blood in the side of her neck. Strangely the sight calmed him ... until ... Her scent filled his nostrils, making him feel a little dizzy
"Deanna you smell wonderful," Will said as he peeled the foil from the champagne and expertly popped the cork. He poured two glasses of the wine and handed one to her. They drank deeply, their eyes meeting over the rim of their glasses.
"Thank you. Oh ... I replicated a robe for you ... it's on my bed if you want to change." Deanna said as she lowered her glass. Will set his glass down and kissed her again, drawing a whimper as he drew back, heading for the bedroom, to emerge a few minutes later, wearing a deep blue silk robe.
"I'm ready, Deanna ... are you?" he asked, without a trace of a smile.
She turned towards him, her eyes wide ... as she probed his emotions. He tried to relax and be open to her. She felt it, and her eyes misted as she set her glass on the table and walked towards him. He stared as she drew close enough to stand toe to toe with him. She looked so small, delicate and beautiful as she reached up to brush a lock of hair from his forehead.
"Yes, I'm ready." She kissed him quickly, then reached down to clasp him in her hands, drawing an agonized gasp from him. He pressed himself closer. "Oh gods, Will. I'm rushing things, I know ... but I can't seem to stop myself."
Will smiled down at her ... "It's ok, I know exactly how you feel."
She let him slip from her hands, and took a deep breath. "Get the champagne ... and meet me in the bathroom." Strange ... she thought, neither of them seemed to feel the need to question, or to reassure one another that this was right ... they just ... knew. She smiled and left the room.
Will retrieved the glasses and the bucket and went into the bathroom. It was filled with lighted candles of every shape and size, and the tub was filled with fragrant and steamy bubbles. The straight razor lay on a snow white towel on the sink by the tub, its pearl handle glowing, the blade gleaming in the soft light. A matching brush and a mug filled with frothy shaving soap was beside it.
"I thought a bubble bath would be a nice way to begin again. Don't you agree?" Will nodded ... "Sure ... perfect." He went still as he watched Deanna brush her hair, then gather the shining mass high on her head. When she raised her arms, her breasts were thrust up and outwards, and Will found he just couldn't resist. He walked up behind her and cupped their fullness from behind ... at the same time pressing his erection tight against her bottom.
Deanna gave a startled cry, though she'd seen and felt him approaching. Her hands were full with the mass of her hair, so she gave herself up to the pleasure of having his hands on her again. He had wonderfully sensitive and knowing fingers. She pressed her bottom back against him, aching for him to raise the robe and slip himself inside of her. Will continued to mold and shape her breasts, hearing her breath quicken, and seeing the hectic color rising in her cheeks. He watched as she let her hair fall, and reached back to clasp her hands behind his neck. Will let one hand slip down to cup her sex ... feeling the wetness there through the material of the robe.
~~~~ Imzadi ... whispered into his mind as she parted her legs in invitation. She turned and looked up at him.
"Touch me Imzadi ... please?"
Will eased a hand inside the robe and slid it deep into the wet folds.
Deanna cried out softly, and pushed against his hand. A long finger slipped inside her heat, making her quiver and gasp. Will could see ... and sense that she was nearly out of control, and he withdrew his hand and held her close.
"We have plenty of time, Imzadi ... let's get into the tub and get this shave over with. Then I'll kiss every inch of your beautiful body. Okay?"
Deanna stood in his arms, shuddering in a haze of frustrated passion, but she knew he was right. "Okay," she said softly. "Let me put my hair up." She pinned it quickly, and turned ...
He nodded, transfixed as she loosened the cord of her robe and opened it, allowing him a first glimpse of her body. She let it slip slowly down her arms. Deanna's eyes never wavered from his as she dropped the robe, letting it pool at her feet.
"You're beautiful," Will said huskily.
"How do you know, you haven't looked." Deanna said quietly, her pulses racing as she felt his desire building.
"I don't need to look." Will reached out and cupped her cheek, feeling her small hands loosening his belt. He stroked her cheekbone with the pad of his thumb as she opened the sides of the robe, still not taking her eyes from his. He felt the air, cool on his bare skin as the robe slipped down his arms to catch in the crook of his elbows.
Deanna moved in close and pressed a kiss to the center of his chest as he dropped his arms and let the robe fall to the floor. When she raised her head, Will kissed her softly, their bodies barely touching. Her eyes stayed closed for a fraction of an instant after he broke the kiss, then she took a deep breath and turned away to raise a shapely leg over the edge of the tub. Only when she was submerged to her chin in the frothy bubbles, did she allow herself to meet his eyes again ... and then her eyes slid lower, transfixed on his obvious arousal. She licked her lips and sat up.
"Aren't you coming in?"
He smiled, stepped into the warm, scented water, and sat down.
"I think you're too far away for me to shave you properly, Imzadi." Deanna grinned, as Will slid down into the water. She felt his feet on the outside of her thighs.
"Then come closer, Imzadi. The razor is up here." His teeth were too white in his beard. "Besides I'd like to touch you." Deanna shook her head ...
"Uh Uh ... remember, first the beard, and then ... " She smiled secretively as she slid closer, up between his knees to kneel in front of him. The water level rose and fell with her movements giving him quick glimpses of her naked and shining breasts. It was a most appealing sight.
Deanna ignored the light in his eyes and reached for the mug and brush...she swirled the bristles into the soap and met his gaze.
"Here goes ... soon we'll have "Lieutenant Baby Face" back among us," she quipped as she reached out and lathered his cheeks. Will frowned and said ...
"That's Commander "Baby Face", if you don't mind."
"Not at all, Commander." She raised the razor ... "Wait ..." Deanna said.
"Wait? Why have you changed your mind?" Will asked ... dismayed.
"No ... I just want to ... " she sighed ... "Will, would you mind kissing me just once more? Just so I can be sure?" His eyes widened ...
"Mind?? Well, I think I can manage. Put that down ... and come here." He gasped as she set the shaving gear back on the towel and leaned full length against his chest ...
"Ok ... I'm ready," she said ... her eyes bright.
Will wrapped an arm around her upper back, allowing the other to fall beneath the water to skim her bare bottom. Her mouth opened in surprise, and he kissed her. The kiss lasted more than a few moments and Deanna was breathless when he pulled away.
"Mmmm ... very nice ... but ..."
"But??" He looked at her, skin shining ... covered in bubbles ... mischief in her eyes ...
"I can't wait, Will. I want you." Will lost his grin and stared at her.
"Dee ... are you ..."
"Yes ..."
Will slid down under the water to rinse the soap from his face. When he reappeared, he was at eye level with her breasts. He took a rosy nipple into his mouth and began to suckle it while his other hand slipped between Deanna's thighs. She writhed in his arms, gasping softly. Will felt himself growing desperate for her touch and released her to push himself up to sit on the back of the tub. Deanna didn't miss a beat, just leaned forward and took him into her mouth.
Will groaned harshly as he reached down to hold her head. He looked down to see her mouth encircling his penis, watching it slide in and out. Deanna looked up at him, her eyes heavy with passion. Will knew she was close to orgasm ... or had been. He felt the heat of her mouth sucking gently as she caressed his testicles with her free hand.
"Mmmmmmm so good ... I love you, Deanna." She released him to stretch up and kiss him thoroughly. Will slipped back into the water and helped her to straddle his legs. Deanna knelt above his erection, squirming as he gripped himself and rubbed the head of his penis along her cleft.
He slipped back and forth, just dipping into her opening on each pass. His thumb rubbed her clit firmly at the same time. Their bond was so strong that neither knew where one ended and the other began. Will gave himself up to the sensation of what his touch could make them both feel. Deanna was whimpering louder now ... rhythmic cries of need were slipping from her throat.
"Please, Will, please."
Will wanted to hear her say it ... the word she only said when she was deep in the throes of intense orgasm. He suckled her nipples and rubbed harder, almost losing his tenuous grasp on self control at the same time ... "Say it Dee ... tell me what you want."
Deanna kissed him deeply, trying to push down onto him, but he held her hips, only allowing a fraction of his length to penetrate her. She raised her head finally and met his eyes, her lips parted, her body moving up and down on his fingers ...
"Fuck me," she said softly. The sound of the crude Terran profanity was enough to snap Will's control. He positioned her and thrust upwards, while easing her down. Deanna's head snapped back as she was filled with all seven inches of his thick, hard erection.
Will held her close as he thrust hard and fast, lifting them both from the bottom of the tub. But he couldn't get close enough. He rose up and sat straighter, allowing Deanna to sit on his lap, rather than kneeling over him. He could feel her pulsating around him as the head of his penis met the entrance to her womb. He was in deep. He nearly lost it when she began to chant softly ... " fuck me, fuck me, fuck me." Over and over. The water sloshed out over the edge of the tub as they frantically ground up and down, striving for release. Deanna felt him hot and hard within her, as he thrust hard, trying to go deeper. She rode him, rubbing her clit against him, aching for more. They moved faster and faster, as sounds of pleasure gained in volume, until they both went over the edge ... pleasure that was very nearly pain streamed through them as orgasm sent them spiraling into oblivion. They lay gasping, quivering, but totally satiated, and content.
When he could speak, Will tipped her chin up to kiss her gently. "So ... what's ... the ... verdict?"
Deanna smiled lazily ...
"The beard goes ..."
Will grinned ...
"Ok ... fine ... but the rest ... " He looked down ... "was nice?" He seemed so concerned ... not at all as sure of himself as was his usual.
Deanna nodded, licking her lips ... "Oh yes ... very nice ... now let's get to it." She reached for the razor as he wiped the remnants of soap from her cheeks and chin.
"OK ... I'm ready ... " Will relaxed as much as he could with Deanna's body still joined so intimately with his ...
"I'm glad Will, because, in case you didn't notice, I think I've been ready for a very long time," she said as she took the first stroke.
Will exhaled slowly. "So have I, Imzadi. So have I."