My Darling Imzadi
Inspired by: "Sentimental" by Lynda Cooper and the episode "The Loss". Also inspired by my other story "Love, Hate, Grief" a J/C fan fic. One other inspiration was made by the X-Files episode Empedocles.

As Deanna lay unconscious and on life-support, Will Riker thinks back to the day when he and his Imzadi got married.

*The holodeck was designed as a beautiful meadow, with green grass flowing over the rolling hills. Pink, baby blue and white snapdragons were scattered everywhere. The sky was crystal clear. The alter was a white arch with long vines of ivy weaving through it. The crew was all gathered there in their dress uniforms while Will was in black slacks and white dress shirt and a black vest with only three out of the five buttons done up. Captain Picard was at the front of the alter with Will by his side and as the music started to play Deanna came in on Data's arm. Her dress was a flowing long white gown with a v-neck that went just below her neck. The veil was on top of a diamond tiara. Her train was just long enough to make the dress seem more elegant than it already was. Her hair was done up in a bun with a just a few curled strands hanging down, two in the front and one on the side near the back. As she drew closer Will's heart skipped a beat. Deanna stepped up to the alter and Picard began. *

"Will, Will?!" said Dr. Beverly Picard. Who startled Will out of his train of thought?

"How is she?" Will asked with a noticeably amount of terror and worry in his voice.

"No change. The phaser blast to her chest was treatable, but with a ruptured spleen, five broken ribs and add all of that to her major concussion. Her neural damage is unknown at this point. We will only know when...if she wakes up." Beverly says as she looks at the ground with great sorrow in her face.

" What are you saying? Is there a chance that Deanna might not wake up? Well I now that she will so I am going to stay with her until she does!" Will exclaimed

"No Will you need your rest, you go sleep for a couple of hours then you may come back and spend as much time with Deanna as you like, to a certain extent." Beverly told Will.

Beverly leaves Will alone with Deanna.

Will stood there for a few minuets holding his Imzadi's hand and just listening to the sound of the life support making her chest rise and fall. She looked so beautiful, like a fallen angel, you would never think that she was critically injured. As he leaves he leans over and gives Deanna a kiss on the forehead and with that he leaves.

One the bridge.

The bridge was silent. All you can hear is the random clicks and beeps of the command consoles.

The ship rocks.

"Captain to the bridge." Worf called from tactical

Captain Picard strode onto the bridge. An intensely sad and agitated look on his face.

"They are not responding to our hails and their ship is of unknown configuration." Work told Picard as he sat down in his command chair.

After many minutes of just sitting there...........

"Captain, now the unknown ship is hailing us." Worf informed Picard.

"We are the Borg, we will add your biological and technological distigtavenis to our own. Resistance is futile." Is what Picard and the others heard over the commlink.

"They must have stolen the ship and then masked the shield so that our sensors would not detect them." Picard shouted as he stood up from his chair." All hands to battle stations" is what he added.

The Borg started to fire. The ship rocked many times. The next Borg disrupter beam hit the left warp nacelle.

"LeForge to bridge." Geordie said over the comm. with much panic in his voice

"What is it Geordie?" Picard answered.

" I do not think that the containment field will hold under all of this pressure from the Borg." Geordie explained.

Picard thought about this for a few s

First he thought that they could turn off the anti-matter injectors.

Then suddenly the Borg appear on the bridge and start to assimilate the crew.

Just as one starts to head towards Will he wakes up.

"Oh maybe it was all a dream from the beginning, maybe Deanna is fine." Will shouted out.

He troughs on his uniform and rushes to sickbay to see if his hypothesis is correct.

He runs into sickbay and asks Beverly " Beverly is Deanna ok, did I dream the whole thing about her being in a coma?" Will asks with much anticipation.

"Will, I've a bad and a good answer to that question, first the bad one, no I am sorry Deanna is in fact in a coma and the good one is that I have repaired all of her internal injuries but she still is in a deep coma and we have no idea how bad her neural damage is." Beverly replied.

" Well, I now I am going to sty by her side. I am not leaving her," Will said as he sat down.

"Very well" Beverly said as she patted his shoulder.

And with that Beverly leaves.

" Oh my darling Imzadi, if I only knew what you were thinking. But the coma won't allow me to connect with you" Will told her, holding her hand.
As Deanna lay in her coma, many moments from her life flash before her eyes.

* First her wedding to Will, then to the day he proposed on then bridge to everyone. Then when she was promoted to commander, then to when she temporally lost her powers and then to one the saddest moment in her life, when her best friend Tasha Yar was dead and she was at the funeral with Will. The last moment was to the time when she found out that her father had been killed. *


"Will, we did not notice this before because of her injuries........." Beverly started.

"So...what did you find? More injuries?? Is she going to die?" Will asked excitedly and worriedly.

"She will, I mean that they will both be fine." Beverly said smiling.

" Did you say they? Does this mean Deanna is.. ? Will could not even finish his sentence he was so confused.

"Yes Will, Congratulations. You are going to be a father!" Bev exclaimed

" You said that they are going to be fine, so did she awake up while I was away?" Will asks with much anticipation.

" No but her synaptic brain wave patterns showed much improvement this morning when I came in for my first shift." Beverly explained to Will in a calm but somewhat excited tone.

About three weeks later.

Will cam down to his Imzadi's side once again.

" How are they Bev? Shouldn't she have woken up by now?" Will asks terrified

"She should have woken up about two weeks ago. But I do not know why she has not. I guess she is more lost then we thought. But the good news is that she and the baby are both responding to the intervenes feeding I have started for them". Beverly stated to Will with a concerned but happy face.

"Well I have to get to the bridge. Apprise me of any changes in either of their conditions. Will told Bev.

As Will walks onto the bridge, Picard calls him into his office.

"Will, how is Deanna?" Picard asks in his worried voice.

"Well she is a bit better, but what worries me is how Bev told me that she should have woken up two weeks ago" Will stated to Picard.

"Will I think that you'd better contact your ship again and let them know how Deanna is doing and that you will be staying with her so you will have to leave your third in command in charge." Picard suggested.

"Yes sir. I think that that would be a good idea. But II cannot believe that this would happen on shore leave and on Risa!!!! Of all places!!! I thank god that you were near by with the Enterprise and that Beverly was not on vacation." And with that Will left.

After Will has contacted his ship he was called over the com.

"Picard to Riker" said Beverly over the comm.

"Yes Beverly?" Will answered.

" Will, will you please report to sickbay right away!" Beverly exclaims with much enthusiasm.

With a worried look on his face Will heads down to sickbay and when he enters the doors Deanna has regained consciousness. But she is very weak.

"Oh my darling Imzadi. I thank you for staying with me". Will told Deanna with a beaming smile on his face

"It was your voice telling me to hold on that made me come back". Deanna said with a great amount of effort.

"Deanna I have something very important to tell you." Beverly said as she came out from her office.

" Yes..." Deanna asks

" You are eight weeks pregnant." Bev claims with great joy.

"And here comes that wonderful motherly glow that mothers are always talking about." Will gloated.

Deanna started to blush.

"Deanna I would like to give all of my congratulations, but I must keep you here under my supervision for a few more nights." Bev comments.

A few days later. "Will just because I am pregnant does not mean that I am incapable of walking without support behind me.

"Will, Deanna! Stop!" Jean-Luc Picard shouts out.

"Yes Admiral?" asked Deanna.

"Well, you two will be happy about this, you both have been transferred to the "Enterprise" and I have been transferred to the "Dreamcatcher." Picard exclaimed with great joy.

"Wow, Thank-you sir, but I thought that you loved you ship?" Will asked.
"I do, but, I know Will has always wanted to command her, so I took Starfleet up on their offer." Picard said.

A few days later

"Deanna, how do you like being back on the Enterprise, for good?" Beverly asked.

"Yes, I lo-.... Oh! Deanna exclaimed.

"What is it Deanna?" Beverly asked grabbing a tricorder.

" I feel some sort of sharp pain, in my abdomen." Deanna exclaimed clutching her stomach

In sickbay Deanna sits on a bio-bed when Will comes running in.

" Beverly what the hell happened?" Will exclaimed as he ran to his Imzadi's side.

"Well her placenta started to tear away from the uterine wall." Beverly Stated with a rational tone in her voice.

" Is the baby fine? And what about Deanna is this dangerous to her?" will asked coaxing and soothing Deanna.

"She and the baby are both fine, but I will need to keep her here for about two day, for observation." Beverly told Will, putting a caring hand on his shoulder.

"Okay, so Deanna, I will be back to see you later. I have to let Bev run her tests on you." Will said as he looked down and as he did he saw that Deanna had fallen asleep. He chuckled and the placed a tender kiss on Deanna's forehead.

So Will gently took her of his shoulder and laid her down on the bio-bed. And with that he leaves and Beverly goes and gets some tests and a blanket for Deanna.

10 hours later

Deanna wakes up and calls for Beverly.

"Beverly came running tricorder in hand and with a very concerned look on her face.

"What is it Deanna?" She asked.

"Why am I here? I feel fine now. I want to go home." Deanna said confidently.

"No Deanna! You must stay at least another 12 hours." Beverly said stopping Deanna before she could hop of the bio-bed.

Twelve hours later

"Deanna? Deanna wake up. Will is here to take you home to your quarters." Bev said as she was gently shaking Deanna trying to wake her.

Deanna eyes opened just a little she sees Will and Beverly and her eyes fluttered open. Will helps her off the bed and then she gave Beverly a hug and with that they left hand in hand.

Later that night Deanna is sleeping in bed while Will is setting up a wonderful romantic dinner.

"Deanna would you please come out here. I have a wonderful surprise for you. And would you also please put on that dress that I laid out for you." Will asked her.

So Deanna slowly and tiredly gets up out bed and slips on the dress that Will had laid out for her. It was a low cut spaghetti strap dress. The color is lavender and it had a dark purple flower print along the bottom trim and the neck.

She brushes her hair until there is just a little wave in it.

She walks over to the door but Will catches her and covers her eyes.

Will walks her over to the table and sits her down.

When he takes his hand off her eyes.

"Oh Will Thank- you so very much. I love this. But what is the occasion?" Deanna says glowing.

"Well, you were a coma for the first part of your pregnancy and we did not have time to celebrate. So this is to us and to our baby." Will said as he rose his glass up to toast with Deanna.

Deanna holds hers up and they toast to their happiness and their unborn child.

After dinner they were lying on the couch just talking the night away.

After a few hours they both fell asleep.

One month later.

While at her monthly check up, Deanna and Will get a big surprise.

"Deanna, Will I have a wonderful surprise for you!" Beverly says coming into her office with the results.

"What is it Bev?" Deanna asks looking at Will and then back at Beverly.

" You two are not having one baby, but you are having twins. Congratulations" Beverly said with the biggest smile she has had since Jean-Luc left.

"Oh my god!" Will exclaimed.

Deanna and then gets up and Deanna and then Bev and Deanna hug and Bev and Will hug.

On their way the two lovebirds told everyone who asked why they were looking so happy.

Five months later.

Deanna is asleep in bed while Will gets ready for his shift.

Later on the bridge

Will sits on watch

"Deanna to Will" Deanna called over the com.

"Yes dear? What is it?" Will answered.

"Will, it's time!" Deanna exclaimed.

"Alright, stay calm. I will be there in a minute. Will out." Will told Deanna.

"Data you have the bridge." Will said just before the turbo-lift doors could close his view from the bridge.

He arrives at his quarter's grabs Deanna and they head off to sickbay.
About five hours later.

"Alright Deanna, you are fully dilated, time to start pushing." Beverly said

After hours and hours of pushing Deanna gave birth to two beautiful children. One baby girl and one baby boy.

Will stands beside Deanna who is now lying down on the bio-bed.

"Oh Deanna! They are so beautiful." Will exclaimed.

"What shall we name them?" Deanna asks looking up from her baby girl.

"Well I was thinking that you could name the girl and I could name the boy." Will told Deanna.

"That sounds perfect." Deanna replied.

The next day.

"I was thinking Deanna how about William Ian Riker?" Will asked.

"That sounds wonderful. I am going to name the girl Kathryn Lywaxana Riker." Deanna said smiling and holding Kathryn in one arm and William in the other.

"That sounds wonderful Deanna." Will complemented.

About five months later.

Deanna goes to visit Beverly Picard in sickbay. Beverly has just gotten back from a trip to Risa with Jean-Luc.

"Oh Deana, you look wonderful. Considering you just had twins." Beverly remarked as she walked over to hug Deanna.

"You look wonderful too Bev. I like your tan." Deanna complimented.

Suddenly Beverly felt a bit dizzy.

"Oh, oh my goodness!" Beverly says as she puts her hand on the wall steadying herself.

"Beverly, are you alright?" Deanna asked.

"Yes, I think so. But you'd better scan me just in case. Do you mind Deanna?" Beverly stated.

"Oh no not at all. Please sit down over there on that bio-bed and I will scan you." Deanna says.

So Deanna grabs a medical tricorder and scans Beverly from head to toe and then on her way back up she up she stops at Beverly's abdomen and with a strange look on her face she asks Beverly...

"Beverly have you cough with the admiral lately?"

"Why? Oh...oh no. Don't tell not that." Bev replied.

"Congratulations Beverly, your pregnant." Deanna exclaimed.

"Oh my goodness. I'd better call Jean-Luc."She says as she hugs Deanna.

"Beverly, how about you go spend some more time with him. Celebrate in person." Deanna suggested.

"Yes Deanna, that sounds like a wonderful idea. I think that I will." Beverly said.

After Beverly has left.

"Ensign Geleta to Counselor Riker." Called Geleta over the com.

"I have a little problem. May I please come and see you?" She asked Deanna.

"Yes of course. I will meet you in my office on about ten minuets. Riker out." Deanna responded.

About ten minuets later.

The door beeps and Ensign Geleta walks into Deanna's office.

"Hello Ensign. What is the problem that you need help with?" Deanna asked with a concerned look on her face.

"Well, I think that I have a crush on a certain security officer and I do not know if I should tell him or not?" The shy ensign said.

"Well it would help if I knew who this officer was. Then I can help you judge by what their reaction might be." Deanna said with a smirk smile.

Back on the bridge.

"Captain we are picking up tachion fluctuations in the space time-line." Worf reported from tactical.

"Thank- you Mr. Worf. Do you have any idea where those fluctuations could be coming from? Riker asked.

"No sir, I am sorry but we do not." Worf replied.

Suddenly there was a great flash of light and then Will heard the commlink activate and he heard a loud terrifying scream.

"Will, I was checking in on the twins and they suddenly just disappeared!!!!!!!"Deanna screamed at the top of her lungs.

"Alright, it is ok Imzadi. We will find them. I will be down in a moment. Will out." Will said. He closed the link and the link and then he said.

"Mr. Data you have.." Will started.

"Sir. We are being hailed by a cloaked ship." Worf called out.

"Hello Catptain."Said the voice of a mysterious stranger who appeared on the viewscreen.

"You CREEP! Did you take my twins away from me?" Will demanded.

"Yes I did. And I am just running some tests and their bodies will be returned shortly" The alien replied.

"Bodies!? If you lay one hand one them, I will make you pay. You will pay with your life!!!!!" Will threatened.

Suddenly the screen went blank.

"Captain I think that I have a way to get the children back. But it would require me to fire on the other ship and possibly injure your children."Worf informed Will

"I will have to ask Deanna if I should risk hurting them or go over there with an away team." Will told Worf.

"Will to Deanna. We have a way to get the kids back home but we will have to fire on the ship and that might risk hurting the children. Do you want to risk it or do you want me to take and away team?" Will asked Deanna.

"Oh I do not want anyone else getting hurt just try beaming them over Will. I do not really care as long as I can have them in my arms right away." Deanna screamed trying to hold back her tears.

""Worf, start to fire on the ship. But do not destroy it on any terms." Will said he was heading towards the turbo lift.

As Will was running into his quarters, the ship rocked and Deanna who was running into his arms fell right into his arms. The second she regained her balance she started to cry into Will's shoulder.

The ship rocked once more, just as Will was taking Deanna to the sofa to sit down. This went on for another twenty minuets or so and Deanna cried through the whole thing. Then suddenly two shimmering beams appeared in front of them reveling two crying babies.

"Oh my god Will! They are home!" Deanna said.

She took the children into her arms and Will embraced the tree of them.

"We are a family again," Deanna belted out.

"Imzadi, we'd better take them to sickbay so they can be examined." Will mentioned.

"Yes. Riker to sickbay. We are bringing the twins in. They have just arrived back from and alien ship and I want some tests run please." Deanna told Dr. Driesschien.

They head off to sickbay.

Meanwhile, back on the "Dreamcatcher" Beverly and Jean-Luc are having a romantic dinner to celebrate their new bundle of joy.

"To us and our unborn child. Cheers" Jean- Luc said raising his glass.


"Cheers" Beverly replied rubbing her not yet swollen stomach.

"Jean-Luc, I remember you once told me you were worried about carrying on the family name. Well now you do not have to worry about it." Beverly beamed.

"Yes thank-you for mentioning that to me Bev honey." Jean-Luc said while thanking her with a hug.

Back on the enterprise, Will and Deanna walking out of sickbay.

"Oh Will, I am so glad that the twins are alright." Deanna said smiling.

"Yes I know. It truly is a miracle." Will answered.

Nine months go by and the twins are now more than a year old and Beverly and Deanna are celebrating their three-year anniversary with a romantic boat ride on the holodeck.

"Oh Will, Happy anniversary!" Deanna beamed.

"Yes to you too darling darling Imzadi." Will answered.


"Worf to Deanna Riker. You have an incoming message from Dr. Picard." Worf interrupted.

Deanna sighs heavily. "Very well, patch it through to holodeck three. Deanna out." Deanna replied. " Computer arch." She added.

Deanna walks over to the archway and turns on the little screen to revel Beverly Picard holding little one-month-old Jean-Luc Jr.

"Hello Deanna!" Beverly beamed.

"Hello Bev. Oh your son is just gorgeous" Deanna replied.

"Deanna I would first like to wish you a happy anniversary. So how have you been liking married life? You have been married for three years now, right?" Beverly asked.

"Yes three wonderful years. And thank you I just love it." Deanna answered.

In the background Will walks over to join Deanna at the archway.

"Hello Beverly and congratulations." Will said grinning with joy.

"Thank-you Will and Happy anniversary. I hope that I am not interrupting anything." Bev replies with a wicked grin.

" Oh no we were just finishing. I can talk. If Will does not mind," Deanna replies looking back at Will.

"Of course. I will go to our my readyroom and call the admiral. Deanna you should go to our quarters. You do not want to hold up the holodeck if we are not using it." Will said.

Before he leaves he pecks Deanna on the cheek and then waves to Beverly who waves back.

In Deanna and Will's quarters.

" So how is little Jean-Luc doing as well as big Jean-Luc, how is he doing." Deanna asked while waving a little a wave to Jean-Luc Jr.

"He is doing fine. This ship is just wonderful. I can see why you always gave it so much praise." Beverly mentioned." Also I am coming back tonight or early tomorrow morning. We should be arriving soon," Beverly added.

Now in his readyroom Will is talking with Admiral Picard.

" So Will. How do you like being a father?" Jean-Luc added to the conversation already in progress.

"Oh I love it. The first time Kathryn and William ever said "dada" it just gets you right here." He says placing his hand on his heart." But what about you, how do you like being a father?"

"You are so right Will. It is just so amazing how much they look up to you. And when they say "dada" it is just so rewarding. Even though Jean-Luc has not spoken yet, I know what you mean." Jean-Luc added.

After a long while Will returns to his quarters. He looks around until he finds Deanna come out of the nursery with William and Kathryn in here arms.

" Hello Imzadi. And how are my three favorite people doing?" Will asks as he pulls Deanna into a loving embrace.

"Will you stay out here and I will put the twins to bed and then we can finish our dinner. But in here, in our quarters." Deanna explained as she went off back in to the nursery that was right by their bedroom.

After about ten minites Will goes into his room to find Deanna had fallen asleep on the bed.

He picked her up and gently pulled the covers out and then laid Deanna back down on the bed and covered up.

Then Will gently stroked the hair out of her face. He then goes and checks on the twins, they are both sound asleep. So he goes back and climbs in bed with his Imzadi and he too falls asleep instantly.

The next day Will wakes up to the calling of the twins. He feeds them, and then rocks then back and forth. Will then dresses himself and the twins. He goes into the bedroom to find Deanna still asleep. He decides to let her sleep. Will Gently kisses her forehead then leaves to take the children to the ship's nursery. He thought that he would come back later and get Deanna.

When Will went back to his quarters about two hours later Deanna was still asleep.

"Deanna, wake up it is time for you to go on duty." Will said quietly at the same time he was shaking her gently.

Deanna did not wake up. So Will tried again but with a little more oomph in it this time.

"Deanna! Deanna, wake up! Don't do this to me, you are scaring me!" Will said his eyes almost in tears.

Still Deanna did not wake up. So Will decided to call sickbay.

"Riker to sickbay." Will stated.

"Hello Will, What is the problem" Beverly's voice came over the com.

With a very confused loom on his face Will replies, â€-Deanna is not waking up and I have tried so many times with different attempts each time and she does not wake up. Can you please come to my quarters for a diagnoses?" Will

"Yes of course, I am on my way" Beverly answered.

A few moments later, the chime rings and Will gave the entry command then Bev entered.

"Beverly, since I called you her body temperature has dropped." Will stated.

Beverly scanned Deanna the injected her with a hypospry. It had no effect.

"Will, it seems that Deanna had closed her mind just before she got ready for bed. And, I am guessing that something or someone she may have come in contact with, maybe another empathy, planted something that was supped to go into action the second she closed her." Beverly diagnosed.

"Well she did spend a lot of time down on Betazed while I was discussing trade negotiations along with Lywaxana. She could have come into contact something.... Or someone that may have done this to her without her even knowing it." Will mentioned.

"Yes, I suggest that we set a course to Betazed and interview and scan everything and everyone she interacted or came into contact with." Bev stated.

Suddenly Deanna started o stir and calls out for Will.

"Will?" Deanna asked with her eyes only half open and a noticeable amount of effort coming from her voice.

"Shhh... Don't speak Imzadi, it's ok we are going back to Betazed to se if we can figure out what happened to you. And now that you are awake, you can help us in our investigation." Will said as he smiled sweetly at his Imzadi.

"Deanna, I would like to keep you here for another couple of hours for observation. By that time we should have arrived at Betazed." Beverly stated with a huge slime on her face.

"I will be on the bridge Imzadi. Don't you go anywhere until Beverly gives you the go ahead. Ok?" Will asked

"Alright Imzadi, I will not move from this room until Bev gives me the go ahead." Deanna said with a weak, but pleasing smile.

The two of them share a light giggle. Will kisses her on her forehead and the thanks Bev. With that he leaves.

"So Beverly, how did Jean-Luc Jr. handle the shuttle ride?" Deanna asked.

"Oh he handled it just fine, he slept the whole way. I love him so much. He is my little angel." Beverly said as she ran some scans of Deanna.

The two of them go on talking like this for about two hours.

"Well Deanna, I see no physical or physiological reason to keep you here. You a fit for duty." Beverly diagnosed.

"Thank-you Beverly" Deanna replied.

Just then...
"Will to Deanna" Will said over the com.

â€-Yes Will?" Deanna answered.

"Deanna, has Beverly given you a clean bill of health yet?" Will asked with much anticipation apparent in his voice.

"Yes, but there is no need for us to go down the surface now. I am fine now." Deanna replied back.

"Well that is excellent that you are feeling fine now Imzadi, but you are only half Betazoid, we do not know what kind of effect that this happening would have on a full Betazoid. So if you do not mind, I would like it if you would still be willing to come and help us with our investigation." Will stated.

"Yes of course Will, I am on my way." Deanna replied. "Thank-you Bev, for everything. Please say hello to the little one for me. If you do not mind I was thinking of coming by later to see him." Deanna added as she got off the biobed to leave sickbay.

"Yes of course. I would love to have you and Will over. See you then." Was Bev's reply.

A little later down on the planet, Worf, Will and Deanna have just finished interrogating Patier (one of the men that Deanna had come into close contact with). As he leaves...

"Deanna honey, did you sense anything?" Will asked her.

"Well Imzadi, I do not want to worry you, but I could not sense anything..." She started.

"That is okay Imzadi..." Will started himself.

"No I can't sense anything, not you not Worf not anybody." Deanna finished.

"Oh no, don't tell me that you last your powers again." Will said with a sigh.

"Unfortunately I think that I have." Deanna answered.

"Okay, I think that you should go back to the ship. After what you went through the last time this happened, you should stay at home." Will mentioned.

"Yes, I think that you are right. I will go home now Imzadi." Deanna answered.

Just as Deanna is about to contact the transporter room, she starts to rock back and forth until eventually she faints. Will grabs her just in time to stop her from hitting her head on a rock.

"Riker to sickbay, medical emergency, beam Deanna directly to sickbay" Will shouted while holding his Imzadi in his lap.

Deanna suddenly disappears into a shimmering beam of light.

Then she reappeared in sickbay.

Beverly rushes over to Deanna's side. The nurses put her on a biobed and then Beverly begins to scan her. The tricorder started to beep and the scans were showing that Deanna's empathic pathways had gone into remission.

"Sickbay to Riker, Will please com to sickbay right away." Beverly exclaimed over the com.

As soon as Will heard this, he had an extremely dramatic look on his face.

"Riker to transporter room three, beam me to sickbay immediately and beam Mr. Worf to your transporter pad." Will told the chief.

With that the two of them disappear into their beams of shimmering light, while Will goes to sickbay, Worf goes to the bridge as soon as he returns.

As soon as Will get into sickbay he runs to Deanna's bedside. Before he can talk to her Beverly comes out and asks Will to join her in her office. Will follows with a grim look on his face.

"Will, unfortunately once again Deanna has lost her empathic powers. They are still there parse but if I administer some ionic pulses, I can force her mind open, which will wake her up." Bev diagnosed.

"Agreed." Will answered.

After a few hours, Beverly walks out of sickbay with a beaming smile on her face and she looks down the corridor to see Will pacing round and round. His eyes are blood shot and his hair is a mess from running his hand through it so many times.

"Will, Deanna is now awake. She wishes to speak with you on a personal matter, I will be in my office if you need me." Beverly tells Will as she motions him to go into sickbay.

With a smile on his face, Will goes into Deanna sitting up in bed with a major smile on her face.

"Will, I have a wonderful surprise for you. You know the reason I fainted was not because I lost my powers, it was because I go a bit dizzy and nauseated caused by me being... "Deanna started.

"Your what? Are you pregnant?" Will asked.

Shaking her head in acknowledgment she says ...

"Yes (she starts to laugh) Yes, I am!" Deanna exclaims with great joy.

"You are? Wow, oh Imzadi1 I cannot believe that William and Kathryn will have a little brother or sister to play with" Will said as he pulls Deanna into a tight embrace.

"Beverly, you can come back in now." Deanna said not able to contain her laughter.

Beverly enters.

"Oh Beverly, I have the greatest idea. In thanks to you for all you have done for us this past year, why don't you and Jean-Luc Jr. come over to our quarters for dinner? The kids can finally meet each other" Will mentioned.

"Yes Will, what a wonderful idea! Please do come Bev." Deanna replied.

"Well I guess that we could come, but it would all depend on what type of mood that Jean-Luc Jr. is in, is that ok Dee?" Beverly answered.

"Alright but can you please let us know by seventeen hundred hours?" Deanna asked.

"Yes of course Deanna, Will I will talk to you later. Deanna you are free to go, you are in perfect health." Beverly told the happy couple.

A few hours later Beverly calls Deanna and tells her that she and Deanna are able to come over for dinner.

Later that evening, Will and Deanna are talking on the couch with their twins in their arms.

The door chimes.

"Come in Bev." Deanna answered.

Beverly comes in with Jean-Luc Jr. in her arms.

"Hello Beverly. Here bring Jean-Luc and put him in the playpen with twins. That way we can sit down and talk before dinner is ready. Then we can feed the children and eat our selves." Deanna says motioning Beverly to bring Jean-Luc with her to the nursery.

As the night progresses the three of them go on and on talking about anything and everything.

Deanna then goes to the replicator and ordered three small bowls of applesauce for the children. Deanna takes the bowls over to Bev and Will and then she get the children and the three of them begin to feed the children.

A few hours later after the dinner is finished Beverly prepares to leave.

"Thank-you for a wonderful evening. If you don't mind can I please leave Jean-Luc here? I do not want to wake him up." Bev asks.

"Yes of course Beverly." Will stated.

"We would love to have him spend the night." Deanna added.

And with that Bev heads to the door with Will and Deanna following.

"Before I go, once again I would like to give you all my congratulations on your new baby on the way. Bev said with a smile.

"Thank-you Bev" Deanna said.

The two of them embrace and with that Beverly leaves.

As the doors close Deanna and will look at each other, then hand in hand they go into the bedroom.

After a long day the two of them were both exhausted.
By Deanna Riker.