Q's Little Test of Love
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Note: This is my first attempt at fanfic so it wont be that good.

"Deanna get away from the ledge." Will Riker yelled. "Why should I?? Its my life, I can do whatever I want with it. You have no say with it Will Riker." Deanna yelled through tears. Will slowly crept up to her while coaxing her to come to him all the while wishing that the Enterprise was in orbit to beam her up. "GET AWAY! I'll jump if you come any further. I mean it." Deanna just did that, she jumped. Will lunged forward to try to grab her but the attempt was futile. A few seconds later he heard the thud at the bottom of the cliff. His heart broke because his imzadi was dead. Will colapsed on the ground and started crying.
A few minutes later Dr Crusher found him lying on the ground crying. She was at a loss as to why he was crying. She asked quietly "Where's Deanna?" He slowly reached out his hand and pointed to the ledge of the cliff. Beverly was shocked when she saw a body at the bottom. Slowly she asked "You didn't push her off did you?" She regretted the question straight away when she saw the look in his eyes.
"Yeah Beverly, I just pushed the only woman I truely loved off a cliff. What sort of an idiot do you think I am? Of course I didnt push her off." He replied. "A big idiot actually. You never had the guts to tell her your feelings. Just how hard did you try to stop her?" She asked.
"I would like to be alone for a while. Do you mind leaving? Call me when the Enterprise is in orbit. Also try to get down the cliff a safe way and retrieve the body. Take Data with you. He should be able to help." Will ordered.
"Will," she started to say but he cut in. "Just do it." "Fine I am going."
"Crusher to Data."
"Data here Doctor."
"Data, I need you to come with me down the cliff the Commander and Counselor were looking at."
"Might I enquire why we are trying to get down the cliff."
"You will find out when we get there. Crusher out." Walking slowly Beverly went to get her medical gear to take down. Lost in thought she ran straight into Data. "Sorry Data."
"Thats alright Doctor. Shall we go?" Data asked.
"No use putting it off much longer." She replied not realising that the statement would confuse poor Data.
"What do you mean by that statement Doctor?" Data replied, trying to piece together all the information to make a hypothesis.
"Look down there Data and tell me what you see."
"I see the body of Councelor Troi squished against the ground. Is this the reason we are going down the cliff?" Data asked, still trying to figure out why the councelor fell off the cliff.
"Yes it is. Commander Riker has asked us to go down and retrieve her."
"Doctor I'll go down first and you follow. Watch your footing."
"Yes Data."
"Enterprise to Away team come in." The captains voice sounded scaring Beverly.
"Data here Sir. Are you in transporter range yet? We have a situation down here."
"What sort of situation Data?" Asked Picard, growing concerned by the minute.
"Sir the councelor appears to be dead. She fell off a cliff and the Doctor and I are trying to retrieve her."
"Dead. What happened down there?"
"Captain," Beverly's voice spoke. "we don't really know just yet. We need to transport down there to see what happened. Sir, Will's not taking it to well. He was with her when she jumped. He was a mess when I found him. I suggest you lock onto his signal and beam him to sickbay and give him a sedative. It's not a solution but its all I can think off."
"Very well, we'll lock onto your signal and beam you to the bottom of the cliff. Picard out."
Data and Doctor Crusher re-materialized at the site. She rushed over to Deanna and scanned her lifeless body. "Crusher to Enterprise. 3 to beam to Sickbay."
For the next few hours the doctor was going over the data she retrieved from the body. Something wasn't right about the body, so she called over Data. "Data, come look at this. What do you make of it?"
"I can not say." Replied Data. This response annoyed the Doctor.
"It's all right Doctor, can't Data for once not know what the answer should be." Responded Will Riker, who was slowly walking over to Deanna's bruised and blodied body. He slowly took her small hand in his big one and started talking to her softly even though she was dead.
"Will Riker you should be resting. This is a traumatic time for you. Go rest. Data and I will find out what happened OK."
"No." Riker stated.
"Will this wont do any good for you. Please go. We wont get anything done if you stay here."
"Fine I am leaving." Said Will, which to Crusher seemed strange.
"Goodnight Commander." Replied Data who had been left out off the conversation.
Slowly Deanna started to wake up. She was confused by what had happened. The last thing she remembered was falling off a cliff. Well actually jumping off the cliff. She slowly rose from the ground to get a look at the place she was held in. Taking slow steps she started calling out. "Will are you here? Hello, is anyone here?" Looks like I am alone, thought Deanna. I'm sure someone will come and tell me what this is all about. I hope. Thought Deanna. After a while she grew tired of waiting and she tried to center herself and reach out to Will. ~Imzadi can you here me. She got no response.
About an hour later Doctor Crusher left to get a few hours of uninterupted sleep. But she wasnt going to get it. For an annoying omnipetant being was to pay her a visit.
Suddenly Doctor Crusher sat staight up in bed and yelled "Q!"
"You called Doctor." Replied Q.
"What happened down on the planet? Did you send me some pictures in my sleep about what happened?" Asked Crusher.
"You humans always blame me for everything. You should realise there are other Q's around. And to answer your questions you should realise what had happened and yes." Replied Q.
"What I see Q is that something took over Deanna's body and forced her to jump and half way down she vanished and another body replaced hers. If it wasn't you who did it then who?" Asked Beverly.
"True thats what happened but I cant tell you who did it because it will incriminate my son. Whoops." Said Q waiting to see if the good doctor would pick up on what he said. He did say that on perpose and was hopeing that she would get it.
Doctor Crusher started to laugh. "You have a son. Thats real good Q. Placing the blame on someone else." Crusher was saying. She didnt believe Q.
The next moment a flash filled the room. Beverly was shocked. Another Q had arrived. So it must be true thought the good doctor.
"Hello Doctor Crusher. It's so good to finally meet you. I have heard so much about you." Said the younger Q.
"I'm sure you have. Are you the Q responsible for what happened down on the planet?" Asked Beverly who was growing tired of this stuff going on with the Q's.
"Yes I am responsible for what happened down on the planet. It's the only way I could think of to learn about love." Responded the younger Q.
"You want to learn about love. Yet you make everyone think that Deanna's dead. What does this accomplish?" Demanded Beverly.
"Easy, I wanted to see how the one called Commander Riker would handle her death. Q over there told me they would be the perfect people to study. They love each other dearly yet they deny what they truely want in life. So I made it look like she died." Responded the younger Q.
"WHAT!" yelled Beverly while she was running to her door to get to Will's quarters before he woke up with a shock. After running down the corridors in her pajamas recieving weird looks from the crew she reached his door. She debated in her mind as to ring the door bell thing or use medical overide. The latter choice won. She overid the lock and slowly walked in. She made her way to his bedroom and slowly woke him up. "Will, Will wake up." Whispered Beverly. Slowly he woke up and said.
"What is it Doctor" He asked. He was curious as to why she was visiting him in the middle of the night.
"Will I want you to slowly get out of the bed and not move it to much and dont talk to loud. And please dont look behind you yet. I will tell you when to." Beverly asked. Slowly he made his way out of the bed.
"Whats this all about Beverly? I want some answers" Will demanded.
"Will I had a visit from Q and his son. Dont ask. His son was responible for what had happened. He was trying to learn about love. To cut a long story short he decide to make Deanna look dead. Which by the way wasnt her body. I asked him to put her where she belongs and well guess where he put her." Beverly quietly spoke.
"He thinks she belongs here, in my quarters. So are you saying Deanna is asleep in my bed?" Asked Will.
"Yes she is. I'll go visit the captain and tell him what has happened and you go wake Deanna up and tell her what happened and how you feel about her." Said Beverly thinking how the captain would respond to what had happened. Slowly Beverly left his quarters to go find the captain.
Slowly Will tried to wake Deanna up. "Deanna wake up." He shoock her lightly.
"What the... Will where am I?" Asked Deanna, totally confused as to where she was.
"Your in my quarters. I'll tell you how you got here later and about what has happened, but just listen to what I have to say. Deanna when I thought you had died I was so upset I cried. I realised I was still in love with you. Beverly called me a big idiot after what happened at the cliff. Anyway here you are alive and I am going to tell you how I feel. Deanna, I love you so much, please tell you feel the same way." Will said, spilling his guts to her.
"Of course I feel the same way Will, I always have." Responded Deanna, who slowly lent over to Will to give him a kiss.

The end