Center Ice
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Set after Insurrection.
Title: Center Ice
Author: MissRavenBlue
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Series: TNG
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Rating: PG
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by RavenBlue ~RB~ I decided to recruit myself as a character in this
for the hell of it. *yes its really me haha...visit my other diary to see my hectic...uh...pathetic life...hehehe*
This is my first real semi-serious fan fiction. Excuse my horrid
spelling :)...Enjoy
"I find it very hard to believe that a lad from Alaska doesn't care
for hockey." said
the smirking civilian conversing with one Will Riker at Ten Forward.
"...i didn't say that... it's just that..." he turned away
momentarily to see a stunning Betazoid
aquaintance of his, stroll to sit at 'their' table.
She had turned to stare at him and when their eyes met it was like
summer lightning, shimmering
so vibrant...
"just what?" persisted the young woman.
He swallowed hard and looked visibly somewhat blushed.
"Care to join us?" he inquired.
"Sure but only for a second I have a game in about an hour."
They wandered up to the table and at the instant of sitting down, a
server came
and took their orders.
"any Canadian beer? o doesn't matter anyway, it's all that
synthehol stuff. Just some coffee please then"
replied the girl...
"Have we met?" inquired Deanna.
"Oh pardon my manners, Deanna this is Raven. She's our fulltime
caretaker at the arboritum now."
Deanna stared and smiled faintly at the young girl. She had long
brown hair to the center of her back...
and long slender fingers. Her eyes were deep and waning like spring
mud. She was attired in hockey equipment.
"Pleasure to meet you Raven, by any chance do you play guitar?"
"yes, how did you know"
"Your fingers are so long...and the callous' kind of gave it away."
there was a brief silence as a grinning Riker sipped his drink.
"how long have you been playing"
"close to seven years now, but it seems like longer." Raven stirred
her coffee and turned her head to stare
out at the great black mass speaking silent poems to the windows.
"beautiful, Mother Nature never ceases to amaze me...anyway
he cut her off "call me Will"
"Will, what seems to be the problem with you playing hockey? It's
such a rush..."
There was yet again another blanket of silence and then a thought
stirred in Deanna's mind.
He had thought it to her and she was now holding her hand over her
mouth to attempt to halt the advancing giggle
army from marching out of her mouth.
He didn't answer Raven at all. Only looked slightly embarassed and
appeared to be analysing the lines in the table
Trying to look innocent...
"Anyway...I must be off, game time in thirty minutes, I'd best get
there before Geordi and get my legs working"
If either of you ever want to try the game let me know and I'd be
happy to show you the ropes.
"I just might do that....who are you playing tonight?" asked Deanna
"It's Canada vs the US. Or Raven vs Geordi. We hand picked our
holofakie players we're the only real ones but we're
hoping to get a league set up. Once a week deal. "
"Sounds like a plan" murmured Riker, waiting until the girl had
exited to turn his glance back to
his Imzadi. His left eyebrow raised as she smiled...
<IT'S you teach can i skate...maybe can?t that okay
"To skate?" he chuckled
"how about I teach you to 'play' first" Deanna stood up and offered
him her hand
and led him off to her quarters for the night.

Raven was inspecting a sick chickadee at the arbertium a few days
He had hit a wall very hard but was consious. Slowly as she offered
him bits of
seeds he finally accepted and ate.
"easy little one, you need to be more careful"
The chickadee cocked its head and chirped as she put him back on a
"You have quite a way with animals.." came a booming baritone voice
from behind her
"How are you at Poker?"
She turned around to the see the towering Commander approaching.
"there are few things left in the galaxy that bring me joy, nature
and music
are the ties that bind this wee Canadian.." she stopped and
grinned. "and hockey...
as for poker, I'm horrible. The only game of cards that I can
possibly be any challenge at
is Go Fish."
He wore a gentle smirk.
"so will you join us tonight for a game. It would probably make Worf
better knowing that he might beat someone."
She hit him playfully in the arm.
"Sure, I'll come" she sighed "what time?"
"1800 hours...or six oclock, in the evening."
"Great" he turned and went to leave, stopped and pivoted halfway "who
won the game last night"
All she did was smile.
"Is Raven coming?" Deanna asked as she settled into her chair around
the poker table.
"Good, I have a suggestion for that weekly hockey league her and
Geordi want to set up."
"Hockey?" commented Beverly "I love hockey!"
Just then there was the sound of door chimes.
"Come in"
Raven walked into the room, a wavering smirk graced her face. She
turned to Geordi, putting a hand on
his shoulder as she lowered herself into a chair.
"So, did you enjoy the game last night Geordi. I mean... 9-5 isn't
that bad of a loss." she laughed heartily
and Geordi looked utterly embarassed.
"Yea it was great...real great..." he whispered.
"Do you know everyone here Raven?" asked Deanna.
"well not just a commoner...I haven't had a chance to meet
the entire royal family yet."
Data cocked his head. "Curious" he remarked
"It's a joke." she said
"This is Data,Worf,Beverly and the Captain. Of course you already
know Will and Geordi."
She nodded
"Pleasure to meet you all"
" are...not a play"
"No Worf, I'm not. Noones good at everything."
He smiled that slight Klingon twist of the mouth that constuted a
"Well lets get started"
Bev leaned over and whispered into Ravens ear "you ever play before?"
Raven shook her head.
"I'll help you, it's boys against girls tonight."
Data dealed out the cards, Riker smiled, Worf grunted,Troi
flinched,Picard sighed,Bev made a "cha-ching"
motion with her arm,Data cocked his head again and Geordi folded his
hand right off the bat.
"Keep your hand" said Bev quietly to Raven
"is it good?"
Bev nodded very silently as Riker made his bet.
Worf was next to fold, causing Raven to stick her tongue out at him.
"Nahhh nahh! hehe"
"Dammit Will" remarked a sarcastic Troi "why can't I ever get a good
"I gave you a good game last ni..."
Troi threw her hand over his mouth and kicked her leg into his.
"Ah hell, what have I to lose" said Raven "I'll take your two hundred
and raise you three"
"FOLD!" replied Picard and Beverly in unison
"Three Hundred! Miss Raven" asked Data
"Dealer folds"
Riker stared at her intently
"that's quite an anty for someone who hasn't played before"
She smiled
"you know, Mr.Riker, I am well aware of the many faces people can
in can tell when someone is really intense or is
pretending to be intense."
"is that you're way of saying I'm bluffing?"
She kept a straight face.
"something like that."
"your bet Miss Blue"
"i'll take ya for everything ya got and..." she paused "if i win then
next weeks hockey game will be
a boys against girls match."
He looked flushed.
"She Scores!" yelled Beverly and she threw her hands in the air as
they laid down their hands.
Riker indeed had nothing.
"What have i?" asked Raven,her hair tumbling out through a ball cap
turned backwards
"Full house" smirked Data.

Riker lay with his hands behind his head, staring up as if looking for answers in the beams of the ceiling. Deanna had snuggled up close to him, her head sitting against his. "it's only a doesn't mean anything." she said "i know" He had released one of his hands from its rest on the pillow, to the soft billowing curls of her hair "raven had said before that she would help us if we wanted to learn and she's still willing to honour that request. she can keep secrets Will, don't worry." he thought as he rolled over to look into the chocolate wonderland of her eyes He sat there for five minutes just staring and smiling at her. His heart radiating love, the room filled with their spirit. Life was so real to him now, every moment was a lifetime of her. Every movement was like liquid infinity. If his life were a game of hockey he'd be at center ice and have finally won the draw against himself...he snuggled up closer to her enveloping her in his massive arms...wrapping himself up in her...and together they, drifted off to dreamland.

-- Practice with the girls team was immediatly after they all had finished their shifts. Deanna had requested a special practice with Will after that and for it to be a secret. Raven had agreed...still unaware of the problem... Bev,Deanna,Raven and a group of random girls piled onto the ice of Holodeck three. "what arena is this?" asked Beverly. "Maple Leaf Gardens...i read about it...Toronto was a marvelous team in their prime."

Raven inspected all the players and brought them around in a circle. "Okay girls, Bev is captain, she has quite a bit of experiance in the game Deanna you're assistant Captain and I'll just be a regular player. Or at least seem that way to the boys." It was reassuring to see someone as tiny as Troi on the team, she was keeping her balance well on the skates.

Noticing Raven staring she said. "Bev taught me" They went through several drills and for fun put a shot clock up to see how fast their slapshots were. Ravens came in at 95km/h Bevs at 97km/h Troi's first attempt had her fan it, then after regaining her balance she lifted a high top corner 96km/h blast. The other girls were also close to that. "wow" said Bev "we're really good" with an evil smirk. "But, we're missing something." "What's that?" "a goalie" Bev brightened up. "I know just the person...she'll be here for next practice." and with that the session ended. Raven looked up at some of the banners in the holoarena, smiled and walked into the changing rooms to change into another jersey while waiting for her next lesson to show up. "you know we're going to have to think of a name" said Troi "for the team." "something catchy, we'll figure something out for sure....have you thought what colours you'd like the jersey to be?" asked Bev. Raven talked from inside a stall "How about red and white and gold....or white and purple."

"...and gold" added Troi. "Purple is a sign of royalty, Gold is a sign of wealth and skill,white is the sign of a home team!" They all laughed and as Bev left, Raven came out of the stall, this time decked out in a Team Canada jersey. "is he here yet?" "I think so...this is a really sensitive case for him." "he can't skate can he?" Troi looked up from the knot she'd put into her laces. "not at all...not even a tiddle." she giggled. Raven smiled and headed out to the ice. It was strange coming out of the players room. Where so many great players had once passed. She ran out onto the ice and did a few mellow laps around its length. She was scanning to see if she could see him. But she couldn't. She knew this would probably be embarassing for him and was likely waiting for Deanna to come out. "You really are Canadian." he laughed, startling her from his bench in the penalty box.

Deanna was working her way across the ice to greet him. There was a huge knot in the laces of her skates. "Okay first of all, do you even have skates?" "No" Raven skated over to the west end of the building. "door" "Computer replicate a pair of CCM tacks to whatever footsize Cmdr Riker has" they materialized in front of her and she brought them back to him. He put them on and stood up. He was wobbling even just standing on the hard penalty box floor. Raven opened the door and instructed Troi to take one arm and she would take the other. "one foot at a time...don't feel rushed we have plenty of time."

"Computer lock doors, code Riker Omega three-Blue" With that bit of confidence that noone was going to get in and the mental reassurances by Deanna he slowly edged both blades out onto the ice. she coached. "Now, essentially right now we are one person. All three of us need to keep each other up. If one falls the rest will fall okay. Now just baby steps by the boards." the girl instructed. "ookay..." he stammered. They were progressing pretty well until Troi and raven hit of divot in the east end of the rink. They all fell down. "damn" muttered Raven "you guys alright" Riker was grinning "at least it wasn't me" "computer rephase the ice...and don't allow any rivets to form" Near the end of the session Raven broke free of his right arm. "Now you two rely on each other and instead of baby steps try to take little pushes." said troi revealing and inward smile.

When Raven had come back, sticks in hand, her teammate and student
we're keeping perfect
time and the empty arena echoed Trois silent metrodome voice "one,
two, three, one, two,three" It was
a very stunning sight, his eyes lock onto hers and rocking to their
"It's a shame you weren't on the same team" joked Raven "you two work
well off each other."
She wandered out to center ice and handed them each a stick and
placed one puck on the red dot at center circle.
"now" she paused to look up at him, sweat had begun to trickle off
his forehead only to
be trapped glistening in his beard. "have you given any consideration
to what position you'll be playing?"
He looked down at Troi and gave a wry smile...
"Something with not a whole lot of skating, but entices a bit of
"Ah, I have just the thing."
She took his stick and wandered back off to the edge of the rink and
brought back a bigger,fatter
"Goalie?" he looked a little startled.
"Yep it suits you. Think about it you're a protecter of a universe,
why not be protective
of a net as well.."
He leaned intently into his stick, chin on the top while his hand
rustled through his beard. His eyes
shifted from the ice, to Raven and to Deanna. She was soaked in sweat
and had her helmet off revealing
even more ringlets than when she first started.
"Goalie it is then" he smiled. "what...What do we win in the end?"
"Pride I guess...or whatever you want" Raven winked at him.
Maybe a hand..he thought very silently so that Deanna wouldn't pick
"okay, im off for tonight...I'll see you guys tomorrow so i can help
you develop your goalie skills.."
Troi walked over and gave Raven a hug goodnight
"Thank you so much for your help Raven," once again he winked "its
greatly appreciated."
She nodded and whipped one of the stray pucks into the net before
heading off to change.
There was a chime at Ravens quarters.
"Come in"
It was Guinan.
Raven looked up from her guitar.
"hello, can i help you?"
"Actually Bev sent me here to help you, well the team."
Raven smiled.
"Excellent! Pracitice is tonight after Bev's shift ends. Holodeck
"I'll be there."
When Guinan had left, Raven went over to the replicator and attempted
several designs of the jersey.
"a name, a name" she mumbled to herself. "Ah, I've got it"
With the final jersey replicated she held it up to herself in the
mirror. A shirt of white,purple around the neck
and gold lines by the waist. In the middle was a womans fist with the
name 'Bashers' inscribed beneath that.
"It's perfect" said Bev.
Practice was more intense this time. As they put Guinans skills to
the test. She was an incredible goalie.
"I used to hang with Terry Sawchuck...he gave me a few pointers..."
she smiled.
"is this going to be a contact game?" asked one of the girls.
"Semi-contact" replied Raven.
"we just won't tell the guys.."
They all laughed.
The game was a day away. The guys seemed to be bit nervous according
to Deanna. But the girls were just
enjoying the whole fiasco. They were gathered at a table in ten
forward drawing up the lines.
Raven-right wing
Deanna-Left Wing
Ensign Shannon-Defense

"I like the looks of that...and" Bev paused as Raven passed her the
official jersey with the captains C
over the heart.
"Show Picard who's really captain" laughed Raven.
"I love it Raven...look Dee"
Raven reached out and handed her a jersey except over her heart there
was an I.
"You'll see"
Geordi walked over to the table.
"here's our line-up, ladies or should I say lose..." he paused to
examine the jerseys and laughed.
"Who've they got Raven."
"Let me see
Geordi-Right wing
Data-Left wing
Wesley-Defense...I didn't know Wesley was on board."
Bev nodded. "came in yesterday soon as he heard about the game."
"He used to play in Calgary didn't he...?"
"Thank you Geordi I'll go tonight and get all the technicallities set
Riker came over to investigate.
"the bashers,catchy...for losers..have you got everything set up
He grinned ear to ear and left...only turning around at the door to
blow Deanna a mental kiss. She smiled.
It was game night. Raven was setting up an announcer to read them as
they entered. She had also added
big beat music to pump the girls up and a very raucous Toronto crowd.
The ice was set to wear naturally
and needed to be redone before every period. The referees were
holograms..but she had them set on leniant..
she didn't want to many whistles. Then she added a particular unknown
penalty to his registry for near
the end of the game.
"Computer start program"
In the girls dressing room everyone was really pumped up. Deanna had
replicated a pair of gloves to match
the jersey.
"Looking sharp Dee"
"Is Wesley aware of hockey fights...particularily Canadian hockey
fights...?" asked Raven.
"Yes I think so..."
"...shirt over the head trick ..." whispered Guinan.
Raven smiled.
"actually i may try and pester Geordi, I don't think he likes me very
much anyway on the ice.
Might as well get him to hate me. hehe"
"Time to go" yelled Bev "lets go BAAASHERS"
'No breaks' by the Offspring was screaming over the arena. There was
a packed house of holographic fans
cheering the girls in.
"Annnnd now yourrr teeeeam...the Galactic BAAASSSHHHHHERS" yelled the
The girls rushed out pushing around their section of the ice. Doing
circles and stretching. Taking some odd shots
at Guinan before the majority of them vacated to the bench.
The microphone feedbacked as the announcer spoke
"ANNnnnnnnd now the sttttarting lineups....for the Enterprise
Studs....starting in goal number
1 Willllll Riker, at defense number 2 Woooorf, also at defense number
68 Wesssley Crushhhaaaa, at
right wing number 6 Geoooordi La FOORGGGE, at left wing number 10
DATTTA and our starting center for
the Studs is number 99 Jean-Luc PICCCCARD." the crowd booed.
The girls were all standing on the blue the announcer
called them.
the crowd roared....
"at defense, number 3 Raquel SHHHHANNNON, also at defense number 5
SheILAAA KOOOOODY at right wing
number 13 RAVENNNNNNBLLLLLLUE, at left wing number 12 the tiny and
mighty DEANNNNNNA TROIIII and your leading center
BASSSHERS!" the crowd was estatic.
They all grouped into position as Bev went in for the draw against
"Have fun Doctor...I intend to show you just how" he
"right" she laughed.
The ref dropped the puck and quickly Bev shoved it back to Deanna.
Raven was rushing up to grab her pass
through the neutral zone and looked down to Riker who was heavily
screened by Worf and Wesley. She
passed it back to Deanna as they crossed into the studs zone. She
halted in her tracks and lofted it to
Bev who quickly played it off to Raven. There was an opening over on
the right hand of Riker. Raven
blammed it off the right hand wall setting up a perfect one timer for
"SHOOT" yelled Bev.
Deanna winded up a released a bullet. but apparently practice with
Riker had payed off as he saved it
and released it to Wesley.
Wesley took off like a bullet with Geordi off to his right. Raven
quickly hovered around him like
a hyperactive mosquito looking for a place to land. He was holding
the stick hard against her
"Get away..." he pushed
Instigating him was so easy. Bev was tangled up with her son. Finally
managing to free the puck up and
start skating towards a lone Riker. Just as she got into stride she
PENALTY to number 99 Picard, 2 minutes for Tripping.
"She jumped" he complained.
"All right girls Power play...lets get em"

watch out Will>
<I'M you get to coming
Even from center circle she could see his grin behind the mask he
Raven had stepped in at center for Bev. She easily won the faceoff
against Geordi who was very apparently
perterbed at her. She chuckled and launched a rocket into the zone.
Deanna picked it up and slid
it ever so delicatly across the ice to Bev, who already had her stick
raised to blast a shot into Riker.
He couldn't keep control of it and it rebounded out just as Raven
passed and tipped it in
to the right of his shoulder.
lways helping aren't you my little assister>
<THAT'S job my
The girls were gathered in a circle congratulating each other.
"Firssst goooal scored by nummmmmber thirteennnnn RAVEN
BLLLLLLLLLUE. Assisted by number 12 Deannnnna
The game went on and the boys still hadn't scored yet now with 10
minutes left in the third period.
The girls hadn't scored again yet but Raven was up to something. As
she plowed Geordi into the boards
he threw down his gloves and yelled "THHHAT's IT!"
She had turned around and looked at him. There was a ref on either
side of them.
"That's what?" asked Raven.
"I've had enough of this. and he advanced toward her."
She sighed
He threw a fist out at her and she caught it
"ah ah ah...that's not the way we fight my dear"
as she threw off her gloves Data stepped up
he didn't say anything just looked on.
"it's not nice to hit girls ya know" she blurted and pushed him into
a wall
in about ten seconds she had pulled his jersey over his head and the
fight was over.
"That's a Canadian fight...."
"Penaltys to number thirteen Raven Blue, five minutes for fighting
for the Studs number
6 Geordi La Forge Five minutes for fighting." they were ushered off
to the penalty box
a huge smile across Ravens face as her teammates handed her stick and
gloves back to her.
She watched from the box as a surprised Worf came up on the attack
with a accurate pass
to Wesley into the net. Guinan looked behind her and shrugged up at
the clock.
Perfect...everything was ready.
"Instead of normal overtime tonight we're going to have a shootout"
blurted the announcer.
Everything was perfect.

Raven came out of the box to shoot first. As she shot a weak one at
Riker she winked.
It was ready.
Deanna went to the center circle and pushed off. Her little legs
striding to a fast pace
as she winded up for what appeared to be a slapshot she stopped and
wristed it over his shoulder.
"Computer cut announcer and audience noise" said Raven.
"What's going on?" asked a curious Deanna as she was talking to Raven
she hadn't noticed
that Will had skated up to her and was now on one knee looking up at
He cleared his throat.
She turned to face him. He had taken off his mask and his hair was
wetted back with sweat...his skin
glistening. His eyes were as blue as an autumn morning sky. His words
were worth more
than she'd ever know.
He brushed the ice off his jersey and over his heart was also the
letter "I".
"Deanna" he started. "We've been teammates for so very long, ignoring
each others wants
for duty. In this part of our lives I've never felt so complete, with
you and with myself. I
know you feel the same way. Every moment I have is all you. Every
second is like a lifetime.
I know" he said as he pushed the "I" on her shirt "now that I never
want to be apart from you
ever again." he then pushed the "I" on his shirt and a blue beam
formed. Inside the beam was
the finest ring. He grabbed it and looked up into the wistful teary
eyes of Deanna. "So Deanna
will you be my eternal soulmate, not just to death but beyond Imzadi...forever"
She paused, leaning over to look him in the eye. Her arms around his
"Yes, definitly..." she kissed him sweetly and he returned the favour.
He took her face in his hands as tears lept down his cheeks.
" you"
The two teams cheered as Raven reactivated the announcer and the
"RIIKKKKER SCOOOORES!" yelled the announcer and the couple embraced
on the ice.
Deanna skated up to Raven.
"This was all a plot from the start wasn't it."
"everything apart from the part about the arboritum. i really do work
Deanna hugged her.
"Thank you"
"Glad to be of service..." she skated away and into the players rooms
along with the rest of the players
leaving the couple alone at center ice. Their spirits dwindling far
into the night before retiring
to quarters...for them now...time was eternal...
Team Imzadi had finally won....
hope you guys enjoyed this.
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