Response to a Challenge posted long ago about Thomas showing up at
the Wedding reception on the Enterprise...

Contemplation of Fate
R/T, Thomas
Rating: G

by MissRavenBlue
Disclaimer: Paramount owns the characters and concept, no profit is
or ever will be made from this. I'm just playing around with them
that's all :)


It's not a matter of acceptance, because I myself, me, I cannot
accept this. Ever. It's not up for discussion this is not negotiable,
that's the way things are. I mean, I have to have something of my
own. I don't have much, identity is a bit of a dump to me. What is
there that I have not shared.... but these thoughts are that of my
own. Only mine, forever guarded, authorized by my mind for myself.
But this is going to be the final direction, on her account. I can
tell. The only direction I know of is rythm. The labour camp,
endless,but steady, comfortable days of commonality. Early parole.
Now here I stand, looking around this room. Suits, ties, formality.
Wedding bands, words of congratulations. I cannot breathe. For this,
her, my life has been taken. Why did I leave in the first place?
Career... career. A blindfold to hide me from him. You know, Will,
the real me....
Who am I?
I thought i was Imzadi, but now even that has been stripped from me.
I feel raw, i feel... well what does it really matter anyway? To this
room, to these people I am nothing. But as she spots me and smiles,
does my heart not pound? Do my eyes not secretly cry? My mouth smiles
warmth... I still bleed love for her...
All so much from nothing.
I am about to turn around and leave from whence I came... but then it
rings through...
Sweet apple blossoms bear no resemblence to that voice... and I have
to use all the little strength I have yet to turn on my heel and face
her, face them.
"i thought you were still in that labour camp..."
"I got, uhm, early parole...."
She shifts her eyes, very quickly catching mine then dropping them
back to gaze of her new ring.
"oh, well, that's good..."
I look at her, but her head is bowed. She is ashamed of me, I am no
fool, I know. So I say what is needed and nothing more.
"Congratulations, I see my brother finally made good..."
"Thank you, we figured it was ... time"
To this I nod and hold back the tears that are raging just below her
line of sight. i have to get out of here. Prison was a much safer
arena.... so monotonous and predictable. This, is all to very hard
for me to handle. I have to turn away. I have to get away from here.
A hand on my shoulder. One I am famaliar with, big,heavy, sturdy and
sure. So close to my own, it is frightening. Left me in cold sweats
on hot, Cardassia nights. The reality of this life ... why is it that
he seems to be more important than I? When we are the same... well,
we used to be.... He and I shared the most important,exciting and
encompassing event known to mankind in the realm of Imzadi... that
can't ever be broken. But denied... it shall be.
"Tom... it's good to see you made it... I. uh didn't know you were
"Well I couldn't miss my dear brothers reception... they released me
because they said i showed potential..."

He nods rather uncertainly. He doesn't believe me. Of course, I
expected that. He'll construct an outcome in his mind that will have
me break out of the prison with my cunning smile and devilish
He'll check up on me, I'm sure of that. This goes far beyond sibling
rivalry to the point of...
Enemies? Are we mortal enemies?
My own worst enemy is the reflection of myself. So the great
philosophers say, so maybe it is true. But I will not wage or raise a
sword to greet his battle cry. Deanna deserves this happiness and I'm
glad that she is happy.

That is all that matters.
"You're looking sharp Will,Congrats and good luck in the future..." I
shake his hand, confidently and turn once again for the door.

I wander through the corridor, aimlessly heading to the shuttle bay
once more. To disembark and go... where? Where will I go? Maybe I'll
go see if Wendy Roper is still available...
Maybe I'll get lucky and go to a planet where Deanna has beamed down
to before and down there will be another her... Oh god how I wish
that could happen. I feel no tug for to pursue Wendy... all I want is
Deanna... but it's too late now.
As I crawl into the pilot seat I hear the doors swish open and close
and heavy footsteps approaching.
"Leaving so soon Tom?" asks Will in that commanding voice of his.
"Well, 'fraid so Captain, I've got... places to go... i guess."
Deanna lays a steady hand on my shoulder then plays it down to my arm
where she guides my hand over to her stomach. There is a subtle,
gentle thud against where my hand is...
"The baby will want to get to know their Uncle Tom...."
As I pivot in the chair , I stand shaking and nodding as I realize
they are asking me to stay.
Will turns to me and smiles. "Welcome home Brother, your new life
starts today..."




Deanna's Perspective on the storyline of Comtemplation of Fate

His Eyes Lay Slain

Part 2 of 3
Deanna's vision


Featuring: Two Rikers and a Troi...

Disclaimer: Paramount owns the characters and stuff... no profit
is,are,or ever will be made from this story. Just doing it for fun ^_^


Things seem odd of late. Of course, maybe it's my clouded
judgement. I did just get married to the man I've loved all my life.
But still, there is this sense of other being. Perhaps it's me. Maybe
it's the Imzadi karma which , according to my mother, glows the
brightest on the day of marriage. Then its powers remain sustained
between us for infinite. Past the bars of death and mystery. We are
forever. I guess that's why we waited so long, but this feeling. It's
ebbing at my mental shoreline, eroding away the layers revealing...


That has to be it. It is the only logical explanation. The presence
is almost that of Will's but heavier, like a far off warning
stormline. Threatening to blow. I look at my Imzadi and I know from
his outside smile of his lips to the constant I love you's he sends
through our link, that this feeling is not of his. Scanning the room,
I finally come to the entrance, doors stuck open with a fellow
stopped in the middle. My premonition has been presented, garbed in
black prison attire. The other half I share this link with. It's been
easy, the past few years to dismiss Tom, despite the cute little
fling we shared.

An arm on my shoulder.
"Dee...? Are you alright?"
My eyes talk in silence to Bev and she follows them over to the
"Oh… my… do you want me to get security?"
"No… really… it's okay…"

I hope I didn't come across sounding too upset. I've well, had a
burden on me since Thomas left. We all dismissed him as if he didn't
exist. When he was in trouble, we didn't help him. I think we showed
the Borg more compassion than him. I figure I might as well figure
out why he is here. Maybe, maybe there is still time to make him
feel wanted…

"You're not going to talk to him!"
"Yes, I am….god Bev, he's not a demon…"

I walk towards him, his eyes are transfixed on the floor his thoughts
are crowded and bumping into each other. Not out of respite love like
before, but now they are fearful and shame ridden.

His head raises quickly to look at me, only for a second. I can see
those blue sea eyes crying even though his lips grace out borrowed
confidence as he realizes just what this reception is for.
"Deanna, Congrats, I see my brother finally made good."
His voice is lower and jaded, he can't seem to keep eye contact with
me. The amount of shame that he is feeling must be too much for him
to handle for I know that Will Riker, ANY Will Riker would attempt to
hide it.

We stare at each other for awhile, silent and I raise my head and
open my mouth to speak when I hear Will approaching from in behind.
Instead of walking up and giving Tom a long forgotten hug, I walk
away…I pray that Will will be subtle in his words, I do not wish for
a scene on this very triumphant day. I sense no hostility from either
of them and as I watch from the far corner, I wonder if it's possible
that they could live in harmony. I mean, not just right now, but for
a more permanent duration. Will would have to get over that bit of
distrust he feels towards Thomas, which I am sensing quite
predominantly right now. I stare down to where my hands rest, my
palms relaxing against the tiny feet that plod against my stomach.
Maybe, maybe… I have an idea.

I see Thomas has left Ten-Forward and I am about to walk towards
Will but he approaches before I have the chance. He leans in and
gives me a kiss, then stands tall again.
"It's strange that he came back just for five seconds…"
"Where's he going?"

Will pauses for a second, then replies..
"He doesn't know, but he's headed to Shuttle Bay 3 right now….. he
said he received early parole…"
"Do you believe him?"

Will lowers his gaze to my belly and puts his hand on top of mine.
"That sure is a kicker of a baby… they'll be a great soccer player…"
I grab his hand and hold it as I force his eyes to reconnect with
I need not repeat the question as I know my eyes have already said

"Well, I guess…. No… Deanna, I don't. Come with me and we'll check
the computer to see if he is telling the truth…he seems pretty civil.
He congratulated me on our marriage. "
"Maybe he's human after all.." I reply, a little sarcastically.

We wander to Guinans computer at the bar.
"Mind if I borrow this for a second…"
Guinan glides over, shakes her head and returns speaking with Geordi…
"Computer bring up record on Thomas Riker…"
The computer drr's a little bit, and a recent picture of Will's
duplicate shows up.
"Computer, can you affirm that Thomas Riker was given early parole
from the Cardassian labour camp."
"Affirmative" asks Will
"Thomas Riker was released on early parole due to exceedingly
proficient display of valour and strength during a fire in the labour
camp. During the fire, Thomas rescued several Cardassian wardens from
the core of the prison."

Will turns to me, a crooked wave graces his lips as he speaks in a
surprising gasp.
"My God….."
My jaw must have been dropped a bit as well…
"He SAVED them? This is a guy who was out to get them…. And he
rescued them…" Will stammers on, he is feeling light-headed but also
I sense a bit of pride in my Imzadi for this , his brother, has
become someones hero.
"He really is a true Riker" I reply.

Once again the baby kicks, a bit harder this time. As if trying to
get my attention… for to…
"Will… why don't we ask him to stay?"
"Here? With us?"
I nod.
"I don't know… what if he tries to take you away?"
" Will, I really don't think that's going to happen. You're the only
Will Riker I want in my arms… but that doesn't mean I still can't
find friendship with Thomas.."

I notice that as we argue about letting him stay we have already
begun walking for the shuttle bay. I guess pride can destroy some
barriers. I am about to give birth to our baby, and they will have an
uncle. I can only hope that he will stay.

When we enter, Thomas is occupying a shuttle but hasn't started the
engines yet. He is tense, tired, worn and beaten. He makes idle
conversation about going to find Wendy Roper, with a silly smirk he
offers to me.
"Well I guess I'll be off, I'll keep in… contact I guess…." He goes
to close the shuttle doors and we waver.
"Yes….?" His stare is one of broken dreams and defeat but I hope the
next sentence to enter his ears will make his eyes learn to beam
"Our baby will want to know their uncle."

All at once, mentally and physically his smile grows wide and his joy
begins to show. He stands up comes over and hugs us both. An odd
moment indeed, I assure you. But one of wondrous future and trust.
Given the fact that I am Imzadi to Thomas as well, the stars of
Betazaid (also known as my mother) has informed me before that Thomas
will remain Imzadi but his main ideal will be to be a good role model
for Will's and my child.

This bond will keep us all together, forever more. We've become
somewhat the same as the three muskateers….

United we stand
Divided we fall…