From: mriana 


here's a little shorty inspired by Enrique's "Hero" song and my Imzadi.  :)
None of the words to the song are in the story, except for one line sort of,
but the nuanse of the song is there.  Still, I have provide the words at the
begining of the story.  Also, there is not dialogue to this story, so hopefully
it still comes out very entertaining. :)

Disclaimer:  All of Trek is owned by Paramont, but I still say the word
Imzadi is and always will be the Roddenberry's.  :)

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Setting:  Sometime after Insurrection.


Let me be your hero.
Would you dance, if I asked you to dance?
Or would you run and never look back?
Would you cry, if you saw me crying?
Would you save my soul tonight?
Would you tremble, if I touched your lips?
Or would you laugh? Oh, please tell me this.
Now would you die for the one you love?
Oh, hold me in your arms, tonight.
I can be your hero, baby
I can kiss away the pain
I will stand by you forever
You can take my breath away
Would you swear that you'll aways be mine?
Or would you lie?  Would you run and hide?
Am I in too deep?  Have I lost my mine?
I don't care, you're here tonight.
I can be your hero, baby.
I can kiss away the pain.
I will stand by you forever.
You can take my breath away.
I just wanna hold you
I just wanna hold you
Am I in too deep?  Have I lost my mind?
I don't care you're here tonight.

Deanna stood in front of her window with the lights dimmed in her
quarters.  Her arms were crossed in front of her as she thought about
how much she missed Will and she wanted to see him very badly.
However, he was on an away mission and was not expected to return for
another three days.

The mission was a very dangerous one and she worried about him.  She
had no idea if he was going to return or not and that scared her a lot.

A tear trailed down her face as the thought of loosing him crossed her
mind.  She wanted to be with him forever and that was their plan for their
future.  They were to be married and start their own lives together.

She felt so complete with him and the thought of their future together
made her feel even more complete.  Without him, she felt as though she
would be lost and a part of her would go with him.  Even though he was
alive, she felt something was missing when they were apart.  She wanted
him with her so badly and it hurt when they were apart.

Tears continued to roll down her face just from the fact that she was
missing him desparately.  She look down at her engagement ring and
fondled it with her index finger.  Tracing it's design and smiling through
the tears, but the pain of being parted was still there.  The longing of his
touch lingered as she studied the ring and admired it's beauty.

She looked back out the window and cried slightly harder from the pain
of his absence.  Her arms were wrapped tighly around her for comfort,
but nothing she did took away the pain of missing him.  She felt so alone
and empty without him, yet was thankful that no one else was around to
see her lingering pain.

The stars in space only made the distance between them seem even
farther.  This distance only increased the pain of them being parted and
the tears continued to run down her face almost like a river.  She could
not stop them anymore than she could stop the hurt she felt when they
were not together.

She was so engrossed in her distressed that she did not hear the hiss of
the doors opening and closing to her quarters.  She continued to stare out
her window.  Her hands ran up and down her arms in an effort to find
solace, but none came.

Her tears continued to roll down her face as Will stood in front of the
doors, admiring her from a distance.  He found her beauty overwhelming,
even as he saw her agony.  He knew what her discomfort was all about,
for he felt the same way when they were apart.

Finally, he walked up behind her and wrapt his arms around her from
behind.  As he did, he took in a deep breath and captured her sent.  It fill
him with pleasure, for they were now together.

Instinctively, Deanna knew who was behind her and was not startled from
the embrace.  She leaned her head back against his chest as she moved
her arms to hold his arms within hers.  Not a word was spoken.  She was
so relieved, for he was there and comforting her.  His presence was
soothing and took away all the grief of missing him.  His touch was
calming and peaceful.

Suddenly, the universe was just the two of them and she slowly turned in
his arms to face him.  He kissed her ever so lovingly on the lips and she
revelled in his touched.  He paused only long enough to wipe away her
tears with one hand.  The other lovingly holding her and did not let go for
anything.  Then he suddenly pulled her closer to him and kissed even
more compassionately than before.

She returned his loving kiss as she held him tightly against herself.  Soon,
their passion became all consuming and they drowned in each others
presence.  No one, but the two of them exsisted after they became
engrossed in each others souls.  Their desire for each other took over as
they eagerly caressed the other's body with all consuming passion for the

Will moved his lips loving across to her cheek and down to her neck.  She
tilted her head back as she moved her body even closer to his to allow him
access to her neck.  Their spirits touched each other in a way no other
could.  The love between them was all consuming and their souls danced
as one as the world they knew faded away.

Will unzipped the back of her dress and it dropped to the floor.  He then
proceed to fondle one of her breasts as he suckled the other through her
bra.  Finally, he romoved her bra and continued his minstrations to her

Deanna arched her back as he gave her all his attention.  She moaned
with pleasure at his touch and was so relieved that he was there with her.

She moved her hands up and down his back until finally they found their
way under his shirt.  She felt the warmth of his skin as she continued to
carass his back.  Then she removed his shirt and returned his favour with
all consuming fervor.  Her tongue made circles around one of his nipples
and he shivered from the sensations that ran through his body.

They touched the very depths of each others souls as they made love to
each other.  They explored each other in body, mind, and soul.  Giving
each other comfort and pleasure, both physically and spiritually.  The
mental angish of missing each other was now gone and their souls were
completely emeshed with each other.  They were as one and felt totally

Will continued to satiate her desire for him as caressed every part of her
body with his mouth, tongue, and hands.  She also returned the favour, as
their bodies finally lay on the carpeted floor.  They did not care where
they were, for they were alone in their own world.  They needed nothing
more than to be in each others loving arms.

Finally, satisfied emotionally and physically, they laid on the floor in each
others arms.  The solace of the dim lighting intensified their feelings.

Deanna caressed Will's bare chest loving and he kissed her forehead in
returned.  Not a word was spoken as they laid in each others arms.   Both
were smiling with the fulfillment of completeness.  The emptiness was
gone and love was in its place.

Only one thought passed between them as they cuddled in each others
arms.  "I love you Imzadi and I am so glad you are here with me