Jean Luc's POV

Summary: This was inspired by Nemesis. It is the scene where Jean-Luc is talking to B-4. It's a serious POV. Even so, I hope you enjoy it. :)

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Jean-Luc's POV on Data and others (G)

As I sit here talking to B-4, I realize he is just a child. An android who is nothing more than a child. Much like Data may have been when he was first activated. B-4 has no comprehension of life. He is very nieve, but in the right hands he could be molded and taught to deal with life and all it's problems.

Molded. I contemplate the word and it dawns on me, that's what occurred to Data. I more or less molded him. Raised him like a son. He was part of my family. My adopted son, so to speak. I had a part in raising him. The Pinocchio, as Will called him. I, with the other members of my so called family, taught him what it was like to be human. We taught him how to relate to others and treated him like family.

Now, his loss hits me like loosing a son and I sit here talking to his, quote, brother. Could it be possible for me to take B-4 under my wing? Could I some how adopt him like a son, much like I did Data. A second chance at fatherhood.

Alas, I had others to help me teach Data. Others who helped me guide him. I can't do it by myself.

I had Beverly, who is now on her way to Starfleet Medical. Would she be willing to assist me with this child android? I wish I had not let her go. At least not without asking her to marry me. I love that woman. It's probably too late for that too.

I had Will, who was a bit of a practical joker. His pulling my new first officer's leg was a grand example of that. I'll miss him sorely.

I just remember what the song was Will was talking about. He told me long ago about his first meeting in the holodeck with Data. Data was whistling "Pop Goes the Weasel". Yes! That was it!

Picard snickers at the recalling of the memory of Will's retelling of the story.

Then there's Deanna. My rock of sanity. Or was. Now she's Will's Rock of Sanity. She's Will's new counselor. I rather enjoyed her reading my feelings. I never had to voice them. She always knew and she knew just when to help me sort out those feelings. She will make a good ship's counselor for Will. She is like a daughter and Will like a son to me and I wish her and Will all the best.

I had three adopted children. I have now lost one to death and the other two have left the nest. It seems empty around here without them.

Even more so without my soul mate. Oh, yes. Beverly was my soul mate. I loved her since the day I met her. Now she's gone. Or is she? Is it too late for me to ask her the one question I have always wanted to ask her or would she turn me down just as she turned me down years ago about even starting a relationship. I now realize, we do have a relationship. We have always had one. Not your usual relationship, but still a relationship.

We shared everything with each other. Will we still? She knows me like a book. Inside and out. There is not a thing she does not know about me.

Then there's her son, Wesley. He was very much a son to me. I actually did take a hand in raising him. Now, he's gone back to travel with the Traveller.

Lastly, there's Geordi and Worf. Worf will probably go back to DS9. Geordi will probably also move on to better opportunities and the nest will seem even more empty.

However, with B-4 before me, I am reminded that there is possibilty for new children. Not my own of course, but like my own. B-4 reminds me of the new crew members I am getting. I'll still miss Data, Deanna, Will, Worf, and Beverly, but I have the opportunity of acquiring a new extended family.

Extended family. How can one have an extended family when they have no family? I lost my immediate family to a fire long ago. I have no family!

Or do I? Isn't family what you make it?

I have not lost Deanna and Will to another ship, but rather I am seeing them grow into people of their own right. Just like a father would see his offspring spread their wings and go into the world on their own.

Yes, I am a proud father. Figuratively of course. The two of them make me very proud. I'm so very happy that they got married and acquired a ship of their own. I can now see what my influence has done for them. I'm sure they will call me from time to time.

And as long as I stay in touch with Beverly there is still hope. Hope that one day I will have a wife. Maybe no children of my very own, but I'll have a wife.

However, I still feel a great loss. A loss that feels like I have lost a child. Then I look at B-4 and wonder. Could he be a second chance at feeling like a father? A second chance of having the feeling that I am shaping someone's life for bigger and better things, just as I have Will, Deanna, and Data's?

As I talk to him, he sounds like a child of about three. There's that word again.


He's asked that question so many times. Instead of being irritated with him and wanting to find his off button, I smile. I smile because I want to explain why the universe is vast. Why there is death and why people move on to other places. I want to teach him everything.

Now I'm being called back to the Bridge. I hate to leave him by himself. I stand behind him for a few minutes. He's singing an old song. Ole Yellow Eyes sang it many times. B-4 has the same yellow eyes. He could almost be Data's twin brother, except for the age difference.

As he sings and hums the song, he curiously observes an object. I could tell him what it is, just as I tell him the words to the song, but given time, I think he can learn what the object he holds is. Even with all it's circuitry.

There's so much I can teach B-4. Just like a father teaches his son. Maybe, just maybe, I'll get that opportunity.

I also hope Data felt like he was a son to me. May he rest in peace.