From: mriana  

The Proposal

Will went to Deanna's quarters to tell her about his new command. This
time he was going to take the position, no matter what.

Since they left the Ba'Ku home world, their relationship had been
rekendled. He realized he loved her very much and very deeply. So, much
so that he wanted Deanna to come with him and to marry him. He did not
want to leave her behind this time and he was trying hard to convince her
to go with him.

However, the conversation was not going as he had hoped. In fact it was
going very badly. So badly that he was almost thinking about giving up
and leaving her behind. He was not going to pass this chance by this time,
no matter what she said.

"I'm leaving in a few days." Will stated.

"I know." Deanna said sadly.

"I want us to be together."

"Will, we just can't run off and start a relationship that easily." Deanna

"We are in one!" Will responded back indignantly.

"Not the same." She said flatly.

"Deanna." Will said gently. "You know how I feel about you and I
beleive I know how you feel about me. We can't continue to live our lives
in denial or try to shut down our feelings when we feel like things aren't
going like we want them to go."

"Yes we can, Will."

"Maybe you can, but I can't. We've been together far too long to continue
this charade."

"What charade?"

"Oh, you mean to tell me that when you come to me for comfort, that that
kiss the other day and everything else that's gone on between us meant
nothing to you!" Will retorted.

"Yes, Will. It meant a lot to me, but we'd risk a lot if we...."

Will interupted. "Risk what? Our careers? Losing each other because of
our careers? What? You know as well as I do, all relationships involve
risk. As far as careers go, success is nothing without someone to share it
with. So what is it?

"I, I don't know." Deanna stammered.

"You're afraid." That wasn't the first time Will had said that to Deannna
in the years they have known each other, but he rarely said it as a threat.
"Oh, Deanna. I've never meant to hurt you ever."

"Will, I want to so much, but you'll be leaving in a few days to command
your own ship and I don't want to be the one to stop you this time."

"Then come with me." He insisted.

"But my career is here on this ship."

"We'll work together on my ship." He informed her. "You can serve as
my Ship's Counselor."

"Will, it's not that simple."

"Maybe so, but I'm going this time with or without you." And with that
Will walked out of her quarters.

Deanna sat alone in her quarters on the verge of tears. She worked so
hard on her career and to be near Will. Now, it all seemed to be fading

She loved Will very dearly and with all her heart and soul, but she was
scared to take that leap. The leap that could cause her to risk everything
she held dear. Will had yet to make a commitment. The commitment that
meant a life time together. The commitment that she knew was on his
mind and in his heart, but he had yet to ask her. If only he would come out
and ask, her answer might be different.

She felt so confused and alone. She felt like she had to talk to someone,
but she could not talk to the person closest to her. She wanted to tell Will
how she felt and what she wanted, but everytime she wanted to talk to
him, her mind was a muddled mess.

There was only one person left that she could possibly talk to and that
was her best friend, Beverly Crusher. So she decided to go and talk to

"Deanna everyone knows how you and Will feel for each other. It
wouldn't surprise anyone if you went with him or got married for that
fact." Beverly stated. "What is it you want?"

"I want Will Riker."

"Then tell him." Beverly encouraged. "Look, Deanna, I married a Star
Fleet Officier and I had a career with Star Fleet and a fine son. Sure I lost
my husband, but I had some wonderful years with him." Beverly said this
last as if it were a beautiful distant memory. "You could too if you let
yourself. If you don't, you'll lose him anyway with no memories to be had
with him. Then how will you feel?"

"You're right, Beverly." Deanna said. "You're absolutely right! I think I
will take him up on his proposal." Then she rushed out of Beverly's office,
down the corridor, to the turbolift, and down the next corridor.

She felt a sense of panic coming over her. She was scared to death that he
might have changed his mind since he left her quarters. She just had to be
with him. If she was not with him, her world would crumble and she
would just die or so she felt.

She continued to run. Driven by panic, she did not stop until she got to
Will's quarters. Somehow, Will sensed there was something urgent with
Deanna and he met her at the door. Their bond was still very much
intacted and they could feel what the other was feeling, especially if the
emotion was very strong.

He saw her stressed face when he opened the door to his quarters for her.
Her face looked on the verge of tears that could break like a damn had
just opened it's gates. "What is it Deanna?"

Deanna threw her arms around Will and as she spoke there was urgency
in her voice.  "Oh, Will!" She sobbed. "I'm so sorry. I want to be with
you! I can't live this way any more! Please, take me with you!"

With that, she kissed him full on the mouth, passionately.  He cradled her
in his arms, as though he was never going to let go.  For if he did, she
might slip away and be gone forever.  He returned her kiss just as
passionately. He slowly moved down to her chin and then to her neck.
Gently kissing her all the way as he moved further down, little by little.
Stopping just before her breasts. Then he picked her up and carried her
to his chambers.

There they spent the night together repeating their passionate experience
they had in the jungle many years before.  Only this time, there was no
holding back.  They freely made love to each other with fervent urgency.
Their need for exploration had long since past and this time they made
love as two passionate lovers, who had known each other forever.  They
had hoped this night would never end, but they made love to each other as
though it were going to be last time.  The kisses were not soft and sweet
this time, but of urgent longing to make this night one to remember.  The
fever of the jungle was within them and primitive lust was once again

Will devoured every inch of her within his mouth, as if it would keep her
with him forever.  Deanna in turn enveloped him within her mind and soul.
Then, once again, they became one, in body, mind and soul.  At the climax
of their passion, there was still the promise of forever,  just as it was long
ago in the Jalara, and only one word between them.  Imzadi.

When they had finished, they laid craddled in each others arms. Both had
smiles on their faces.

Deanna spoke first.  "Will, I love you."

Will was in shock for a moment.  It had been a long time since he had
heard those words from Deanna and now that he heard them once again,
his heart skipped a beat.  When it started again, it leaped for joy at the

He hugged her tightly.  "And I love you, too, Imzadi."

He so desparately wanted to ask her the question that was on his mind,
but he felt this was not the time to ask.  It seemed like back timing to ask
right after they made love.  Even so, he wanted to ask her.

While Will contemplated when the right time to ask her was and as they
laid cuddled together, they fell into a deep, contented sleep.

The next morning, Deanna was still sleeping as Will kissed her cheek
softly.  She awoke with a smile on her face.  To Will she looked like a
beautiful princess waking from a long slumber and he was just the prince
to wake her from that slumber.

"Breakfast?" Will offered.

"Oh, how nice, Will." She sat up holding the sheet around her with one
arm. Her clothes were still lost, from their escapade of the night before,
on the bedroom floor.

"I have something else for you." Will smiled and pulled out a small black
velvet box from his robe pocket. "I was going to give this to you when we
were aboard my new ship, but I decided you should have it now."

Deanna took the box and opened it. As she did she said, "Oh Will! You
shouldn't have!" A diamond ring was inside. "It's beautiful!" She

"Will you marry me?"

She was stunned as she looked back at him. She could not believe that he
finally asked her to marry him.  Then she heard Will continue.

"I know this is an awkward way to propose, and maybe bad timing, but I
couldn't wait.  Deanna, I love.."

Deanna's heart leapt in unbelieving joy. She smiled, wrapped her arms
around him and kissed him a long and passionate kiss.

When she released him from the kiss, Will said,  "I'll take that as a yes."

"Oh Will! Yes! Yes!" Deanna exclaimed, threw her arms around him, and
kissed him again.

Then, when she released him from her embrace, she again readjusted the
sheet around her. Once she had it readjusted and felt comfortable again,
he reached for her left hand and slid the ring on her finger.

Then they once again showed their love for each other. As they did, the
breakfast Will had made was long forgotten. Their passion for each other
grew and became more intense as time passed.

Shortly after that they were both on Will's new ship and had even set a
wedding date. The problem was, was it going to be a Betazoid wedding or
an Earth wedding?