From: mriana  

The Reception

The reception followed and everyone was fully clothed again.  Will was
relieved, just as he was after the first Betazoid wedding he attended, to
have his clothes back.  He wore his dress uniform to the reception and as
they entered the garden with the rest of their wedding party, there was a
burst of applause.

Just as Lwaxana had promised Will had his clothes back. "Lwaxana is
anything but cruel at least" thought Will to himself. "Frank and brutally
honest, yes. A prankster, probably, but not cruel."  Then he spotted
Thomas, but before he could approach him, Lwaxana was attacking him
about his self-consciousness.

Tom was begining to think a garden was a traditional setting for wedding
receptions. It was also decorated with the same plants that were inside
the chapel and the colours were just as brilliant. Tom could not help but
think Deanna chose the plants to decorate the place due to their, or rather
in this case, her and Will's Jalara experience together. He smiled broadly
and with rememberance, but also felt sadden about a time once long gone.

Lwaxana approaches him and boldly says, "I don't know why you are so
self-conscious of your body, Will. "

"A, it's Tom."

"Well, whatever."  She dismissed with a wave of her hand.  "You were
just as self-conscious as he was.  You have a very nice body, I can see
why Deanna was so drawn to you."

Tom blushed. "Mrs. Troi!"

"Oh, don't take it so personally!"  She frowned.  "The humanoid's body
can be a work of art and one's admiration doesn't have to have anymore
baring than when one looks at a painting."

Now Tom felt he should be on display at the museum and this made him
feel very uncomfortable.

"Humans!" Lwaxana scoffed and walked away to chat with someone else
and get herself a plate of food.

"Tom."  Will greeted as he finally approached him.

"Will."  He frowned and turned away.

"Lwaxana sure can make one feel even more self-conscious, can't she."

"Yes, she can."  Tom said flatly.  "Now, if you'll excuse me, I'd like to get
a bite to eat."

"Tom, you're not still upset?"

"No, just angry that we split and our lives have taken a different path."
He answered.  "That and no one can tell us the Hell apart!  That in itself
is so damn frustrating."

"I wouldn't say no one.  Deanna can tell us apart."

"She's the exception, because she knows at least one of us like a book."

Will smiled.  "You're right about that.  Now, let's go get something to

Betazoid music was playing softly in the background. Various foods were
being served, especially Betazoid foods and of course, chocolate.  Lots of
chocolate desserts were available to choose from. "Poor Deanna."
thought Beverly Crusher, "and it's probably because chocolate is her
favourite.  Wonder if she can control herself?"  Then Beverly could not
help but giggle.

There were fresh utteberries and utteberry pie. There was escoy and also
Earth dishes. All the Earth delicasies, or at least what Lwaxana must of
thought were delicasies. Shrimp, crab, and apple pie.

"I hope Lwaxana didn't cook the Earth dishes."  Geordi said jovelly as he
approached the Riker twins.

Will turned and smiled saying, "Oh, Geordi. I hope not too."  He
returned. "Thanks for being my best man."

"No prob. I wouldn't have missed pushing Lwaxana aside. That was the
best part."  He said laughing and so did the Rikers.

"Oh Will, Tom, Geordi."  It was Lwaxana's voice again. "I see you three
are enjoying yourselves. Will shouldn't you be with Deanna?"

"I was just.."

"I know, a man's stomach demands food. Do try my uttebarry pie." She
dipped up a large slice for Will. "I think you'll like mine, even if you don't
like utteberries."

Will was a little surprised, but just said,  "Thank you, Mrs. Troi."

"And you Geordi. I'm glad you enjoyed the ceremony. That's the only
time, and hopefully the last time, you get to push me out of the way." With
that she took her food and sat down at the table.

"Beautiful wedding, son."

"Thanks Dad."

"She's a good catch, son."

"I know."  Will said smiling in Deanna's direction.  "If you'll excuse
me?"  He said with a grin.  She had already gotten her food, especially
chocolate, and was chatting at the table. Will could not decide what he
wanted, but decided he had enough on his plate and went to sit down
beside Deanna.

"Tom."  Kyle greeted curtly.

"Long time no see, Dad."

"Yes, well, you could have came to the Earth wedding to see me."

"I did, but you ignored me."

"Yes, well, that's a two way street."

"Yes, it is.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm ready to sit down and eat."
Then Tom walked off from his dad and sat beside Data.

Data was beside Beverly.  Beverly was on Deanna's other side and Geordi
on Will's other side.  Picard was at one end and Lwaxana was on the
other end.  Will's dad sat beside Geordi.  Mr. Homn, as usual, had the
gong and he hit the gong everytime Lwaxana took a bite. He also, as
usual, was imbibing large quantities of alcohol with no ill effect.

"I see you still practice praising the gods."  Beverly said.

"Oh yes.  Praising the gods for one's food aids in digestion."  Lwaxana
responded and took another bite.


"Actually Mother,"  Deanna began, "It's annoying."

"Really Little One, you should start trying it."  Lwaxana suggested,
"You'll be starting a family soon and I expect my grandchildren to be fully
versed in Betazoid culture.  Not that, that PEAGAN stuff on Earth!"

"Actually, Lwaxana,"  Will started.

"We are NOT PEAGAN!  I'll have you know Will Riker!" Lwaxana
sounded insulted.

"That's not exactly.."

"Oh, sure it was.  Admit it. That's what you were thinking!"

Picard cleared his throat. "If I may change the subject.  It was a beautiful

"You should know, Jean-Luc.  You were just leering at my body."
Lwaxana boasted.

All eyebrows went up in shock.

"With all due respect, I wasn't.."

"Oh, yes you were!  Why humans can't admit what's on their minds I'll
never know.  Besides for a woman of my age, I do look pretty good."


"It's true!"

"Don't start this!" Deanna demanded.

"Ladies!"  Tom tried to intergect, but was ignored.

"Start what?" Lwaxana asked.

For once Data was sitting with the group, but was watching everyone
around him with amazement.

"How does he do that?"  Data asked referring to Mr. Homn.  "And with
no ill affects."

"Unlike humans," Lwaxana stated,  "He has a remarkable metabolism."

"Fascinating!"  Data exclaimed  "And what is even more fascinating is
how people act at these Betazoid gatherings.  Do they always act like

"They do if their Mother is annoying." Deanna mumbled.

"Humph!" Lwaxana exclaimed,  "I know when I'm not wanted!"  With
that she took her plate and glass to another table.  Mr. Homn one
handedly, and with amazing strength, picked up the gong and moved it to
where Lwaxana sat.

"You know Deanna she is your mother."  Beverly said.

"Yes, I know."

"You could be nicer to her."

"Beverly,"  Deanna began,  "Then I wouldn't be honest with my

"True."  Responded Beverly.

"My mother is too open and honest with Humans, that she is taken
wrong.  She needs to figure this out."

"If she hasn't figured it out yet..."  Beverly started to say just as a guest
became very irrate at the table Lwaxana had sat.

"Mr. Woof, it was a Betazoid wedding!"

Worf's chair flew back and he stood. Anger raged in his eyes.

"Mr. Woof!"  Lwaxana said in fear.

"My name, madam, for the last time,"  Worf growled,  "Is Worf!  And we
are Klingons!  We do not disrobe!"  As he said this, he gestured to the rest
of the people at the table.

Lwaxana looked horrified. "Yes, well.. a.. I.. a.."

Worf was still ranting when Picard said,  "It maybe Worf speaking, but
he may not be speaking for everyone.  If you'll excuse me, I'd better get
over there before there is an intersteller incident."

The other Klingons started getting voicetorous.  Picard added, "If there's
not one already."  Then he proceeded to that table to smooth things over.

The reception ended soon after.  With Lwaxana Troi on the wrong side of
a hand full of Klingons, but not on the verge of being killed thanks to

"Not quite a good ending."  Deanna thought.  But she did not care.
Neither did Will.  All they cared about was one thing now.  Their
honeymoon at Risa, where there would be only the two of them.  No one
to bother them, not even Lwaxana Troi.

"Will."  She addressed him as he walked up to her.  "That was beautiful
what you said when we said our vows.  At least to me and that's all that
really matters, right?"

He puts his arms around her and hugs her.  "Yes, it is."  Then he looked
at her with a smile and kissed her.

"Oh, can't you two keep your hands off of each other for even a minute!
Honestly!  You're not on your honeymoon, yet!"

It was Lwaxana's voice.  Will raised his head, released Deanna and turns
to his mother-in-law.  He did not say a word.  Deanna on the other hand
just blushed, slightly smiled and sent,  "Mother, please! It's our reception
and everyone can hear you!"

"Oh, so what lit..."  She had a look of frustration.  "Why do I have to
break this habit?  Anyway, who cares!  Besides, I'm already in trouble
with a bunch of primitive Klingons."  Then she made a quick exit from the

"Oh, Deanna."  Will noticed a particular plant again as they themselves
were about to depart and he pulled her over to it.  He then touched one of
the flowers and shook it gently.  The pleasing sound came out of it as
expected.  "I noticed this during our ceremony. Was it your idea?"

Deanna smiled.  "It was one of the first Betazoid plants I showed you.  I
felt like it should be here, as a symbolism, between you and me, of our
first date together."

He turned to her with a smile and gently caressed the side of her face.
"Oh, Deanna." Then he kissed her again, even more passionately than