Title: "Truly Blessed"

Written by: Naira (naira@pathfinder.gr)

Date: October 2, 2002

Keywords: R/T (Imzadi)

Rating: G

Archive: Imzadi Everlasting, others please ask.

Spoilers: None.

Timeline: Post-Insurrection.

Summary: Just another morning...

Disclaimer: Riker and Troi belong to Paramount. If they belonged to me, they 'd kiss more.

Comments: A HUGE thanks to Carol for daring me to actually post something and editing this. Thanks Carol, you are really sweet!


She opened her eyes and found herself looking at his sleeping form. His hair was tangled and his breath was deep and calm. It caused his chest to rise and fall slowly along with her open palm that was resting on top of it. She dragged her eyes to where her hand joined his chest and up to his face again. He looked so calm and peaceful... and she felt safe. Safe in his arms that were so protectively closed around her slender form.

She looked at his closed eyes and smiled at the realisation that they were together... again. He was different in some ways. He had that lovely beard now, the laugh lines around his eyes where more and deeper, his body had matured into the body of a strong man... But there were certain things that remained the same and always would.

His sky-blue eyes, his grin, the way he made her feel. He was her best friend, her lover, her one and only Imzadi... and she loved every part of him. She loved the way he acted as an officer... so confident and strong-minded. She loved his passion for his jazz, his trombone and his poker... She loved the way he always knew when she needed him, even when she did her best to push him away...

But most of all, she loved the presence of him. The way his feelings were floating in her mind or the way he was there to hold her when she needed to cry... She raised her hand and pushed a lock of hair away from his face. She let her fingers linger on his cheek before drawing them back to his chest. She snuggled closer to him and placed her head in his embrace. She breathed in his scent and returned to a calm sleep.



He felt himself waking up. He desperately wanted to remain in that realm between sleep and awakening but in the end he opened his eyes to the sight of her beautiful face. She looked so calm and the tint of a smile was on her lips. Her long black hair framed her face nicely. The sheets had retreated down to their waists and he found his hand moving up and down her back, caressing the soft skin.

He then noticed her own hand on him that kept rising and falling along with his chest as he breathed while her fingers had laced themselves in his chest hair. He looked back at her face and couldn't help the smile that lit his own. She was there in his arms and he was the luckiest man in the Quadrant. She was so young when he first met her. A determined psychology student that came and stole his heart.

And now... she grew up to become the most beautiful, fascinating woman he had ever met. And he loved her. Still did and always would, because she still had his heart and he wouldn't take it back even if he could. He loved every aspect of her. He loved the way she kept that crew mentally safe, the way her lips parted when she could sense something intense, the way she smiled each and every time something chocolate was placed in front of her. He loved the fact that she was always there to listen and comfort him.

She was the only woman he had ever gave himself to, his Imzadi, his reason for trying to become a better man. He brought his hand up to move a lock of her behind her ear and away of her sleeping face. He let his fingers caress her shiny hair.

She turned in his arms and opened her dark eyes. He found himself lost into them. She smiled and his world seemed suddenly brighter.


"Hi" she whispered.

"Good morning Imzadi" he whispered back and reached down to lock his lips with hers.

Oh yes... he was truly blessed to have her.