By Nicole

Disclaimer: Paramount is big, I'm little-pick on some one your own

Will and Deanna ate dinner together in Ten-Forward at 1900 hours. They
were content just to enjoy each other's presence, not needing to
speak. Suddenly Deanna put her fork down. "Will?"
Will looked up from his plate. "Yeah, Deanna?"
"I have a question for you that will probably sound really
Will grinned. He loved it when the ever-perfect Deanna Troi
said something dumb. "What is it?"
"Why do men like women's legs?"
Will looked a little confused, then broke out into his
signature grin. "Because there's a woman attached to them."
Deanna rolled her eyes. "Will. I'm serious."
"So am I!"
"Okay, then give me another reason."
"What is this, twenty questions? Okay, um…" Will gestured for
Deanna to lean forward and he put his hand on her knee. Deanna raised
an eyebrow, but leaned forward obligingly. Will slowly slid his hand
up the inside of her thigh, and, as he neared the junction, whispered
in her ear, "What's between them." Then placed his fingers upon
Deanna's womanhood.
Deanna almost shivered from the sound of Will's voice, but
tensed under his hand nonetheless. "Will…"
Will removed his hand and sat up.
Deanna almost shivered again from the loss of sensation.
Their eyes met.
They both stood up and walked out of the lounge.

From across the room Ensign Pantaya turned to her friend.
"Well, Leila, looks like I won the bet."
"Don't be so sure, Nikili, they might not be." Ensign
Hutchinson said.
Nikili raised an eyebrow. "Computer, location of Commander
Riker and Counselor Troi."
"Commander Riker and Counselor Troi are in Counselor Troi's
"Compared biostats."
"Biostats compare to that of a human and Betazoid engaging in
sexual activity."
Nikili shot a triumphant look at Leila. "Told you."
Leila sighed. "Fine. You won." And pushed a stack of credits
over to her friend. "How did you know?"
Nikili grinned. "Even a counselor has to confide in some one."

The End