Forever, Love
By Nicole

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Author's note: don't kill me until after you've finished reading.

Will watched them walk down the corridor towards her quarters.
They were talking animatedly and didn't even notice when they entered
her quarters. But Will did. Will noticed how the man had a satisfied
smile on his face, how he glanced at Will over his shoulder. Will
could almost feel the smug satisfaction that was in the man's eyes.
The woman hadn't noticed the look the two men exchanged. In fact, she
hadn't even noticed Will. Or at least, if she had, she didn't show it.
The doors closed behind the couple and Will felt his heart breaking.
They had been together for about a year, and still, Will could not
bring himself to acknowledge that they were intimate. Until now. Now
Will knew.
Will slowly entered his quarters. They were dark… cold…
uninviting. ~Imzadi, what has happened to us?~ Will knew now to expect
an answer. Not just because she was with him right now. Ever since
they started seeing each other she had closed her mind to Will's. It
tore his heart up.
Will felt a tingling in his mind. 'Oh, no, not again.' He
hadn't known before what it was, but now… now he knew. ~Deanna,
please!~ Will's mind called out desperately, ~Don't do this to me,
Imzadi!~ The tingling grew to a pleasurable feeling, enveloping Will's
mind. Will felt her pleasure at what he was doing to her. Will felt
her contentment with just being with him. He felt… oh gods, no. He
felt her love. For him. For that beast. For… Worf.


Will shot up in bed, covered in sweat and breathing hard. The
woman beside him sat up. "Will? Are you all right?"
He looked into the silver eyes. "Yeah. Just a nightmare. Go to
sleep, love."
He watched her eyes flicked back and forth between his own,
and waited for the inevitable. "You're upset." She stated. "Dreaming
about them?"
Will nodded. "It's no big deal."
"Will, I thought we agreed to talked about this when it
happens." The woman raked a hand through her shoulder-length hair and
the glint of her engagement ring caught Will's eye.
"Why me?" he asked quietly.
The woman looked startled. "What?"
"Why me. Why did you choose me? That still amazes me."
"I chose you because I love you." She reached her hand up
brush at lock of his hair that seemed to always be hanging over his
"I love you, too. I always have. Since the day I was born. And
I'll love you forever."
The woman pushed Will back down on the bed, laying on top of
him. "Forever." She whispered. "I love the sound of that."
"So do I, love." Will ran his hand through his fiancee's pale
amethyst colored hair, reveling in the silky smoothness. "Forever," he
"And a day." The woman added, an impish smile on her face.
"Oh, you!" Will exclaimed playfully.
"I love you, Imzadi."
"So do I, Deanna. But when your under cover mission is over? I
want to see the black curls again."
Deanna just grinned.

The End