Halloween Special
By Nicole

Disclaimer: it's Paramount's party, I just supply the drinks.

The doors to Ten-Forward opened and Will looked over Jean-Luc and
Geordi's shoulders. "My god." Will said in awe. "That's enough to
fulfill any French man's fantasy. Hell, any man's fantasy."
Jean-Luc raised an eyebrow at his friend before turning to have a look
at what had Will's complete attention. "Merde."
Geordi, not wanting to miss out on what ever it was, turned around.
"What's the big deal, it's just Dr. Crusher and Counselor Troi."
"What's the big deal?! Geordi, that's the skimpiest thing I've ever
seen Deanna wear! Well, other than her nightclothes."
"Damn, I wish I had normal eyesight. They don't look any different to
"I've never seen Beverly in anything that skimpy! Except for the time
I accidentally walked in on her while she was getting dressed."
Will's mouth went dry as Deanna and Beverly approached. They slowed,
offered a polite, "Hello, gentlemen," and kept right on walking.
Will and Jean-Luc's eyes followed the women as they walked over to the
bar and ordered their drinks. The men's eyes were bulging, jaws were
dropped and… and… wait a minute… Will swiped a hand across his chin
and brought it back up for inspection.
"Holy, Commander! They must be wearing some costumes! Even after being
Counselor Troi's lover and seeing her nude, you're drooling!"
Ten-Forward quieted at the sound of Geordi's too-loud comment.
The silence was broken soon after by Deanna's giggle. Beverly joined
in and soon everybody gathered there was laughing at the unfortunate
commander. The laughter eventually faded as the guests of the
Enterprise's senior officers first annual Halloween party found other
things to amuse themselves with. For the men that was mainly staring
at the Counselor and Doctor.
"Come on, Bev, let's have some fun." Deanna whispered excitedly to her
"Deanna, the "fun" that you probably have in mind would result in the
next two months being filled with appointments from broken-hearted
young ensigns and lieutenants."
Deanna grinned. "I thought I was the empath. Besides, I don't want to
break their hearts, just dance a little, flirt a little…" Deanna shot
a lecherous grin at Beverly, "have sex a little."
Beverly shook her head in amazement. "Deanna, I have never seen you
like this! What has gotten in to you?!… What are we waiting for?" The
women grinned at one another one last time before heading off to hunt
for a young, eligible male. Or two.
Deanna tossed her hair over her shoulder. She had found the perfect
person to test her new, sexy mood on. She approached him from behind,
standing directly behind him. "Hi." She said simply.
He jumped two feet off the ground and spun around. "H-h-hi, Counselor.
Wh-what c-can I d-do for you?"
'If only you knew.' "Hello, Reg. Like my costume?"
Reg looked down. And didn't look back up. "It's… short. Tight." Reg's
eyes wandered part-way back up her body, stopping at the low-cut top.
It was lower cut than most of her old uniforms. It basically showed
all the cleavage she had. Plus half of her breasts.
"So… do you like it?" Deanna asked in a sexy voice.
Her tone made Reg's eyes flash back to her face. "Uh… yeah. I… I do."
"Good. Do you know what it is?" Reg shook his head. "A French maid.
From Earth. A maid would do anything for her employer. Would you like
to employ me, Reg?"
"I… uh… er… I… ah…"
Deanna grabbed Reg's hand. "Come on, let's dance." She led him over to
the makeshift dance floor where loud music was blaring.
"I wish I knew who picked the music." Reg yelled. Deanna secretly
smiled. Beverly had chosen the music under the name Ensign Secret. She
hadn't wanted anybody to know that she had even heard of this, much
less liked it!
"I don't know." Deanna yelled back. They made their way onto the dance
floor and started to dance to the wild, raunchy music.
Halfway through the second song, Deanna felt an unwelcome presence
behind her. "May I cut in?" The voice was smooth and washed over her,
drowning her in his presence. Not to mention making her think of some
not-G-rated things. Hell, they weren't G rated or PG or PG-13. Maybe
R. Basically X rated.
"Of… of c-course, Commander." Reg wandered off the dance floor and
Will Riker took his place dancing with Deanna.
"Nice costume."
Deanna smiled seductively. "Thank you." Her voice was low and sexy and
it made Will's mind wander to the secret place where Deanna's was.
'My god, is she insane?!?!' Beverly thought from across the room. 'She
knows that there will be emotional problems should she seduce Will!'
Beverly looked back at Jean-Luc. 'Good. I'm not the only one who's
feeling daring.'
Deanna looked Will up and down as they were dancing. He really did
look good. The black pants were relatively tight, but still left a
little to the imagination. The shirt was black with slightly billowing
sleeves, with a blue satin vest over top. The neckline of the shirt
was high, with folds of the material coming out where the top of the
vest ended. Flowing from his shoulders was a knee-length black velvet
cape, with the inside layer the same blue satin as the vest. To
complete the look, Will had applied a follicle stimulator to his hair,
growing it to just past his shoulders, and shaving off his beard. He
had his hair tied back at the nape of his neck with a golden clasp. In
short, he looked good enough to eat. And Deanna just might get to.
"Will," Deanna inquired, "do you want me?"
Will stopped dancing. "Excuse me?"
Deanna also stopped. "Do you want me."
"Deanna, if you want to talk about this, can we please do it somewhere
less… open?"
Deanna said nothing, but took Will by the hand and led him over to
dark corner of the room. "So… do you want me."
"Deanna…" Will was clearly distressed. "Gods, why are you asking me
Deanna shrugged. "I want to know."
"Deanna, I've always wanted you. I mean, you're very beautiful."
"Thank you. Do you love me?"
Will sighed. "Deanna!" Deanna raised an eyebrow at him. "You're not
going to let me leave until I answer you, are you?" Deanna shook her
head. "Yes, I do love you. I've loved you ever since I met you. We are
"What if I were to tell you that I still love you-which I do-and that
I wanted to become your lover again."
"I'd probably pick you up and carry you to my quarters."
Deanna was silent for a minute. "Well, what are you waiting for?!"
Will grinned and just about scooped her up in his arms. He glanced
over Deanna's shoulder. "My god, we're not the only ones feeling
Deanna half turned. Her jaw dropped. "Holy… is he insane?!" Deanna and
Will were watching Jean-Luc and Beverly dance. That, in itself was not
unusual, they often danced together. It was how they were dancing that
had them astonished. You'd think Jean-Luc was twenty years old again,
and Beverly was acting no better. "Well," Deanna started in a clinical
sounding voice, "we have to top them."
"Excuse me?!"
"Beverly and I made a bet, that we had to try to top one another by
being daring. Therefore, we have to top her and Jean-Luc." Will sighed
and walked to the dance floor with Deanna.
Will had noticed that although Beverly and Jean-Luc were dancing very
daringly, their actual steps were simple. Do to Deanna's empathy and
their bond, Will and her would be able to do more complicated steps
and not trip over each other. Just hope that he and Deanna don't get
tangled up in his cape. Just to be on the safe side, Will took it off
and tossed it to Data, who had just walked in. Not that you could
really tell that it was Data. He looked more like a green punk rocker,
what with his hair green, purple, pink and blue, spiked in a ridge
down the middle of his head, and silver chains all over the place. My
god, Data had pierced his nose and ears!
"Will." Deanna's voice startled Will out of his thoughts. They started
dancing, simple steps at first, but they gradually became more
complicated. Such as Will twirling Deanna around his body, throwing
her up in the air, catching her, and twirling her around his body
again. With his eyes closed.
Deanna noticed that the only other people on the dance floor now were
Beverly and Jean-Luc, who were desperately trying to out-dance Will
and Deanna. 'Too bad they aren't Imzadi.' Deanna thought
sarcastically. She had to win this bet. Her dignity was resting on it!
After all, how could she continue counseling if every patient had
witnessed her roaming the ship completely nude?!
Finally, Beverly and Jean-Luc left the dance floor, leaving Will and
Deanna to finish up their routine. Will flipped Deanna over his head,
and her legs locked around his neck, while she held herself out
parallel to the floor. She sensed Will holding his hands out between
his legs, and she allowed her self to drop, arching her back and
extending her hands to grasp Will's. He caught her easily, pulling her
back up to a standing position, and she wrapped her left leg around
his waist.
Will and Deanna opened their eyes, staring into each other's souls
until Data shouted out, "Kiss her!!!!" And boy did Will ever!
Will's mouth closed savagely over Deanna's, his lips almost bruising
hers. He pushed his tongue into her mouth, exploring the soft flesh
with an almost brutal harshness. Deanna responded quickly, wrapping
her arms tighter around Will's neck, pressing her body into his until
their audience literally could not tell where she ended and he began.
Jean-Luc only interfered when Deanna started desperately undoing the
buttons of Will's vest, and Will slid his hands down Deanna's back,
along her thighs, and up her skirt. "Commander. Counselor. I do
believe you both have your own quarters."
Will and Deanna quickly separated, finally remembering that they had
an audience. "Sorry, sir." Will said.
"Beverly." Deanna said, her voice overly sweet. "Remember your bet?"
Beverly moaned. "No, I don't. Deanna, you really don't expect me to go
through with it, do you?!" Deanna didn't say anything. Obviously she
did. Beverly sighed. "Fine." She then took the pins out of her hair
and pulled her dress over her head.
"Doctor Crusher!" Jean-Luc exclaimed, flabbergasted.
"Sorry, Jean-Luc, a bet is a bet." Beverly quickly unclasped her
nylons and slid them down her legs, then undid the lace garter belt.
"Deanna?" Beverly asked desperately.
"All the way." Deanna replied unsympathetically.
Beverly sighed again and slid her underwear down her legs, leaving her
completely nude. She moaned again. "Well, now I know how the crew
feels when it comes time for their annual check-up." Beverly glanced
at Deanna again.
"Every deck, every corridor." Deanna confirmed.
Beverly let out a frustrated sound and left Ten-Forward to roam the
ship, with most of the room's male population following her.
"Counselor, may I ask just what is going on here?!"
Deanna smiled. "You may. Beverly and I made a bet that whoever acted
less daring tonight, between the two of us, had to roam the ship in
the nude. I won. Therefore, Beverly is… roaming."
"I see. I guess I should go now and get through the crowd before all
the good spots are taken."
Deanna gaped as her captain of 11 years, who's mind she thought she
knew almost as well as her own, ran out of Ten-Forward to negotiate
for a spot close to the nude doctor. "Victory never tasted so sweet."
Deanna observed.
Will looked at her curiously. "What do you mean?" he inquired.
Deanna looked at him. "I mean, I win the bet, and gain your love."
"You've always had my love, Deanna. You know that."
"I know. But tonight… tonight we've rediscovered it. Or we will as
soon as we get to your quarters."
Will smiled. "Your wish is my command."

The End