Title: Jensada
Author: Nicole
Rating: NC17
Spoilers: none
Disclaimer: All Next Gen chars belong to a big, long line of people.
Unfortunately, I'm not in that line. <pout>
Summary: Will and Deanna find out why it's so fun to fight.
Sequel/Epilogue to 'Prialve'
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Author's Notes: all Betazin words are my own. Please do not use them
without my permission. This is slightly OoC for Deanna, but she can't
always be calm, cool and collected, can she? ~telepathy~ "~telepathy
and vocal~"

Betazin Translations:
Jensada: 'hard lust' - used in reference to sex, AKA, down and dirty,
vulgar and crude. Pronounced, jen-sa'-da
Fado: 'want', pronounced fa-doe'
Hesan: 'need', pronounced, hay-san'
Je: 'now', pronounced jay

Jensada (Hard Lust)

"_Imzadi. E fado i. E hesna i. Je, Imzadi'le, je._"
"Belived, I want you. I need you. Now, my Beloved, now"

"_De, Imzadi._"
"Yes, Beloved."

~E sanya i, Imzadi'le.~
~I love you, my Beloved.~


"_Imzadi. E fado i. E hesna i. Je, Imzadi'le, je._"
"_De, Imzadi._"
With trembling fingers, Deanna undid Will's shirt and pants,
letting them drop to the floor at just about the same time that Will
rid her of her own clothing. Eager hands roughly caressed Deanna's
breasts; pulling, pinching, molding. Then Will brought his head down,
his teeth grabbed a nipple, biting it. It was painful, but just enough
to enflame Deanna further.
"Will, Imzadi, please…"
Will pulled his head away from Deanna's chest, lifting her up
with hands under her bottom. He braced her against the wall and met
her lusty gaze. Letting go, he entered her in one hard, quick thrust.
Deanna arched her back at the sudden violation, pulling Will in as far
as he could go.
Will didn't allow Deanna the time to adjust, and quickly
pulled out, only to slam back in again, slamming her against the wall.
Deanna let out a primal sounding growl and bit into Will's
shoulder, not at all gentle.
Will gasped at the pain and let it fuel his passion, moving
swifter, harder. Sensing Deanna was close, and about to erupt himself,
Will brought one hand to Deanna's front, pinching her clit hard.
"~Will!!!!~" Deanna screamed, arching her back away from the
wall, her mouth open, panting, as she shook violently at the
cataclysmic orgasm.
As he felt Deanna tense tight around him, Will let himself go,
roaring his pleasure, squeezing his eyes shut.
An undeterminably large amount of time passed before either of
them regained consciousness, never having realized they had lost it in
the first place.
Deanna opened her eyes slowly, surveying the tangled mass of
limbs. She smiled at Will, seeing him opening his blue eyes, still
smoky and dark from their passion.
~E sanya i, Imzadi'le.~

End Note: Deanna's reaction to the fight comes from the ep 'Man of the
People' where Deanna was bombarded with negative emotions. They seemed
to make her crave sex (Remember the Lt. in the turbolift?) when they
didn't to Alkar's first "receptacle". So, my conclusion is that
negative emotions, mainly anger, fuel her sex-drive.