We'll Always Have Paris
by Nicole

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Eye colors-dark blue happy, sincere, joyful, loving, innocent
-light blue tense, scared, determined
-purple passionate, seducing
-green mischievous, childish, adventurous,
curious, amused, anticipating, astonished
-gray concerned, worried, depressed
-brown {physical emotions i.e.: tired, hungry, ect.}
-black sad, hurt, in pain, depressed
-red angry, annoyed, crabby, hating
(all colors can be mentally brought on)


"Go and kill the man. Do anything you have to."
The Cardassian raiders under the command of Gul Madred
scattered over the vast estates of the ruler of K'Dra'a. As the
raiders got into position Gul Madred smirked. Over the comm he heard,
"Gul Madred, we are in position now. We await your signal."
"Good." Gul Madred said into the comm. As he said that, he
strode forward and he thought of his plan. Kill the man who betrayed
him and abduct the child.
As Gul Madred rounded the corner of the vast Crystal Palace,
he saw Dalaer and his adopted daughter, the one who gave him all of
his wealth.
Dalaer looked up. "Gul Madred, what are you doing here? The
deal was closed five years ago."
Gul Madred smirked again. "That's not good enough. The girl
brought you this and now I want my part."
Dalaer looked mad, his eyes swirling to a red. "No! You
allowed the deal to close! You do not get any!"
The girl looked at the angry Dalaer. "Father, what is he
talking about?"
Dalaer visibly softened. "He is the man who funded my
experiments. He gave me the money to make you a bigenetic."
The girl looked thoughtful, "If he helped you make me a
bigenetic, and my being a bigenetic gave you the wealth you know have,
shouldn't you give him part of the wealth?"
Gul Madred smirked yet again. "The girl is smart, listen to
her and I won't hurt her."
Dalaer's eyes were red again. "You will never hurt her. I
won't let you."
"Maybe you won't have a choice. Maybe you won't be here to
protect her. Maybe you will be dead."
The girl look scared and her eyes swirled ice blue. "Father…"
"Don't worry, Paris, I won't let him hurt you."
"Paris." Paris looked up. "If Dalaer is dead, which he will be
if he doesn't give me my money, he won't be able to protect you." Gul
Madred smiled a sinister smile.
"Gul Madred, you have gone to far!" Dalaer yelled, his eyes
blazing red. Dalaer lunged at Gul Madred.
"Father, STOP!!!!!!!" Paris screamed.
The Cardassian raiders came around the corner, grabbing Paris
and Dalaer.
"Now, Dalaer, you will die." Gul Madred took out a Cardassian
"NO!!!!!!!!!!!!" Paris screamed.
Gul Madred fired.
"NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You bastards!!!!!!!!!! How dare
you!!!!!!!!!!" Paris yelled, clawing at the Cardassian holding her.
"Stop her! Restrain her!!!!!!" Gul Madred yelled.
"We can't sir!"
Gul Madred strode over and backhanded Paris on the back of the
head. Immediately Paris slumped forward, unconscious. "Put her in the

Chapter 1

6 years later...

Will Riker walked to transporter room 3 to beam up the people
that were "hitching" a ride on the Enterprise to Earth. The
transporter room door swished open and Will walked in.
"Good day, Commander." Miles O'Brien said to Will.
"Lieutenant." Will said. "Ready for the rush?"
"As ready as I'll ever be, sir."
"Good. Energize."
Miles O'Brien's hand moved up the transporter board and the
people materialized on the transporter pad.
"Hello, I'm Commander William Riker." From the back of the
group of people a low wolf-whistle was heard. Will ignored it. "I'll
take you to the guest quarters."
The people walked past Will, out of the room. One person hung
back. A felinoid.
"Hi, there." She said, her voice husky.
"Uh, Hi." Will said uncomfortably.
"My name is Paris Skye Lefleur." Paris's eyes glowed violet
"Well, hello, Paris." Will was regaining his courage and
smiled charmingly.
Paris suddenly squeezed her eyes shut, then opened them again.
"Uh, sorry, just a minute." As soon as she said that, Paris put her
hands together and then ran them over her face and upper body.
Immediately she was transformed into a human.
Will's eyes were almost bugging out of his head. "How did you
do that?"
"I'm a bigenetic."
"A bigenetic?"
"Yes. Human/felinoid." Will noticed that Paris's eyes had
changed color. They were now a gray color.
"How did your eyes change color?"
"The felinoid species that I am have color changing eyes, so
that automatically makes my human side change, too."
"Do they just change at random?"
"No. They change according to my moods."
Will was cut off from saying anything else by his comm badge
beeping. "Picard to Riker."
Will hit his comm badge. "Yes, sir?"
"Why is there a group of people out side of transporter room
Will's eyes widened. "Sorry, sir, I got distracted by some
Paris could hear Picard's amusement over the comm. "A woman?"
Will glanced at Paris. "You could say that." Paris's eyes
changed to gray with red swirling into them. Will's eyes bugged out.
"Uh, sir, I'll show the guests to their quarters."
"Riker out." Will turned to Paris. "Why did your eyes go kind
of red???" He said as he walked out of the transporter room.
Paris looked thoughtful, her eyes now pure red. "Hmmmm, I
wonder. 'a woman?' 'you could say that'. That's it???? Just you could
say that??? Darn it, I AM a woman!!!!"
"You are a teenager."
Paris looked at Will in disbelief. "Maybe so, but I'm still a
woman!!!! I have what it takes!!!!"
Will sighed. "Okay! You're a woman. Happy?"
Paris glared at Will. "No."
"Sorry." Will said sarcastically.
Paris snorted. "I bet."
Will and Paris walked the rest of the way in silence. By the
time they got to Paris's assigned quarters, Will and Paris were alone.
"Look, Paris, I'm sorry for the misunderstanding in the
transporter room. Really."
Paris looked at Will thoughtfully. "Okay, I forgive you."
Paris's eyes swirled from red to purple again. "Now, would you care to
join me?" She said with a smile.
Will also smiled. "And just what did you have in mind for
"Oh, I think I can think of something."
Will smiled as Paris put her arms around his neck and kissed
him passionately on the mouth.
And the door hissed closed behind them.


Inside Paris's quarters Paris and Will were kissing when Will
suddenly pulled away. "What the heck was I thinking?" He asked
"Maybe that you want me?" Paris asked hopefully, although she
knew that was a lie.
"No. I can't."
Paris sighed. "I know." She smiled, "Well, it was fun while it
Will tried to smile. "Yeah." Suddenly Paris's eyes widened and
turned ice blue. "Paris, are you okay?" Paris tried to answer, but she
couldn't breath. She fell to the ground, her arm propping her up.
Then, slowly Paris started to gasp for breath.
"I'm… I'm fine… Will."
"What the heck happened?"
"Don't worry, it happens a lot."
"I'm taking you to Sickbay."
"NO!" Paris's eyes blazed red.
Will's eyes rivaled Paris's in intensity as he said, "Yes.
Doctor Crusher can help you find out what's wrong."
"NO! I hate doctors! I won't go!"
"Then I'll carry you!" Will bellowed.
"You wouldn't dare." Paris said icily.
At that Will picked up Paris and walked out of her quarters.
Paris started screaming.
By the time Will had carried Paris to Sickbay she was still
screaming bloody murder.
"Will! Put her down!" Will dropped Paris on the nearest biobed
and walked out of Sickbay. Paris looked at the woman who had spoken
and promptly passed out.
Paris slowly became aware that some one was shaking her. "Come
on, wake up!" Paris moaned. "Thank you! Are you okay?"
Paris looked at the doctor, her eyes now green. "Oh. My. God."
The doctor looked around, then back at Paris. "What?"
"Mother?" Immediately Sickbay was dead silent.
"Excuse me?"
"You're my mother."
"And just what makes you think that?"
Paris took out the locket that her mother gave her when she
was born. "This." Paris opened the locket and showed the doctor the
pictures of her and a man.
The doctor passed out just as Captain Picard came in.
"Beverly!" Captain Picard exclaimed. "Beverly wake up!"
Beverly moaned and then sat up, looking at Paris. "Jean-Luc, I
think we had better have a very long talk with this young lady here."
Only then did Picard realize that Paris was standing there.
"Okay. Beverly, are you okay?"
Beverly smiled. "I'm fine, Jean-Luc. Now." Beverly said the
last word while looking at Paris.
Beverly led Jean-Luc and Paris into her office and secured the
"Okay," Jean-Luc said as soon as the door was secured, "what
is this all about?"
Beverly looked at Paris. "Jean-Luc, this girl…" Beverly
trailed off.
"Paris." Paris supplied.
"Paris is my daughter."
Jean-Luc looked confused. "But Beverly, you don't have a
Beverly smiled. "I never told you because she was your
daughter." Jean-Luc's mouth dropped open. "Yes," Beverly stopped
Jean-Luc from saying anything. "Your daughter. We had made love before
I had found out I was pregnant. When I found out I was pregnant, I
assumed it was Jack's. I had a scan done and it was confirmed that one
of the children was Jack's. The boy was Jack's, but the girl was
yours. I kept this from both you and Jack. And I gave the girl up
because I was afraid she would look like you. But I had always hoped
that she would come back to me. And she did." Beverly smiled at Paris.
"And what is your part in all of this?" Jean-Luc asked.
Paris smiled, her eyes changing from green to dark blue.
Jean-Luc's eyes bugged out. "Well, I was adopted by a felinoid named
Dalaer. He was kind to me, but on K'Dra'a, his home planet, I was
shunned because I was a human. So he enlisted the help of Gul Madred,
a Cardassian. I was made to be a bigenetic at the age of five. One
side human, the other felinoid. When I was first made felinoid, I was
supposed to have white fur, but I guess with my original looks, the
thing went wrong, and I ended up with silver fur. On K'Dra'a, if some
one has silver fur that means that they are destined to be the ruler.
Because I had silver fur Dalaer was given riches to pamper me and
ready me to be ruler." Paris's eyes turned black. "When he found that
out, he called off the deal with Gul Madred. It took Madred five years
to realize that Dalaer had "pulled the wool over his eyes". When he
did find out, he came to K'Dra'a to get his share of the wealth.
Dalaer refused to give it to him. Madred killed Dalaer right in front
of me. Then he took me and tortured me. After that, he brought me back
to K'Dra'a. And I decided that I would find my parents. Dalaer had
told me that my biological parents were in Starfleet, so I decided to
go to Earth to the Starfleet head quarters. But I guess now I don't
have to." Paris gave a small smile, her eyes swirling dark blue again.
"Wow." Was all Beverly could manage.
"Yeah." Paris agreed.
"What do you look like in your felinoid form?" Jean-Luc asked.
Paris smiled. "I guess there's only one way to find out."
After she said that she pressed her hands together then run them over
her face then over her upper body.
Beverly and Jean-Luc stared wide-eyed, open mouthed as the
16-year-old HUMAN girl changed into a felinoid with silver fur and
green eyes, wearing, not what Paris was wearing before she changed,
but strings of ruby-like jewels hung over her hips and over her
When Beverly found her voice, she said, "I'm surprised that
the silver fur doesn't have an effect on you in human form."
"Oh, but it does." Beverly looked puzzled, so Paris explained.
"When I'm in pure white light, my hair glimmers silver."
"That must look very beautiful."
Paris frowned, her eyes now slightly red. "So I've been told."
Paris then looked at Beverly and Jean-Luc, her eyes clearing. "Don't
"Ahhhh." Beverly nodded. "Anything else your felinoid side can
give you other than the color changing eyes?"
Paris smiled. "Yup! I can read auras."
Beverly looked confused.
"What do you mean, you can read auras?" Jean-Luc asked, also
"Just what I said. I can read auras. It's like seeing a
person, then seeing a line around them. If the person is well
balanced, their aura is all the colors of the rainbow." Paris looked
at Beverly and Jean-Luc, then added, "I'm glad I have two well
balanced parents. Another thing about the aura reading, is that I can
tell when people are lying and when they're telling the truth. And
basically I can tell what they're thinking about."
Beverly and Jean-Luc looked at each other and at the same time
said, "Uh oh!"
Paris laughed. "And do you have anything to worry about?" She
asked slyly.
Both Beverly and Jean-Luc turned slightly red as they tried
desperately to assure her that no, they didn't have anything to be
worried about. They stopped talking and looked at each other, saying,
"What do you have to be worried about?" at the same time. Then
simultaneously, "Nothing!"
By that time Paris was laughing so hard that she had trouble
catching her breath.
"What's so funny?" Jean-Luc asked defensively.
Paris continued laughing. "Nothing… just… I could… tell what
you were… thinking… about. It was funny!" Beverly and Jean-Luc both
blushed. Paris just smiled broadly.


"Wesley." Wesley Crusher looked up from his lab bench at the
sound of his mother calling him.
"Yeah, Mom?" Wesley asked, curious.
Beverly took a deep breath. "Wesley, I'd like you to meet your
half twin sister." Paris stepped forward.
"My WHAT????" Wesley exclaimed, astonished that his mother had
cheated on her husband.
"Your half twin sister. You and Paris," Beverly motioned to
Paris, "are fraternal twins. Each from a separate placenta."
"You cheated on dad?"
Beverly sighed. "It's not something I'm proud of, Wesley. You
have to understand that."
"But you still cheated on dad. That fact remains."
"Yes it does." Beverly agreed. "But that doesn't mean that I'm
not able to be forgiven."
Wesley sighed. "So," Wesley looked at Paris, "you're my twin,
Paris smiled. "Yes." Paris's warm dark blue eyes were drawing
Wesley in, even though she was his twin.
"So… what?" Wesley asked when Paris started to laugh, her eyes
turning a sparkling green. Paris shook her head, trying not to laugh.
"What? Tell me."
"Your… your aura."
"My what?!?!"
"Your aura. It revealed that you are desperately trying not to
be attracted to me."
Beverly's eyes widened and Jean-Luc smiled. "Oh great! I have
a bigenetic sister who can read auras!" Wesley exclaimed.
Paris looked at Wesley with a curious expression. "How did you
know I'm a bigenetic?"
"How else could your eyes change color?"
"Okay, you have a point there."
Beverly put her hand on Paris's shoulder, "Paris, I want you
to meet my best friend- other that Jean-Luc- Deanna Troi."
Paris beamed. "Great! I love meeting people." Paris's eyes
were back to dark blue. "Wes, it was great meeting you."
Wesley smiled. "Ditto."
Beverly led Jean-Luc and Paris out of the lab and asked to
computer where Counselor Troi was located.
"Counselor Troi is located on deck nine. Probable destination,
Commander Riker's quarters."
Beverly, Jean-Luc and Paris stepped into a turbolift. "Deck
nine." All was silent, save for the hum of the turbolift, as they were
brought to the correct deck. They had just gotten out of the lift when
Deanna and Will rounded the corner.
"Dee." Beverly said, drawing Deanna's attention away from
Deanna looked up. "Oh, hi, Bev. Something wrong?"
Beverly was almost beaming. "No, not wrong." Deanna looked
puzzled. "Dee, I'd like you to meet my and Jean-Luc's daughter,
Deanna's eyes bugged out. "Your and Jean-Luc's WHAT????"
Paris rolled her eyes. "Daughter. You know, as in, female
child?" Paris's eyes were again green.
"I know what a daughter is. Bev, why didn't you tell
"I did. Just know." Beverly tried and failed to keep an amused
smile in.
Deanna scowled. "Ha ha."
"Paris, you never told my you were Beverly and Jean-Luc's
daughter." Will said.
Paris rolled her eyes again. "Did it ever occur to you, my
dear Will, that I didn't know? Until you brought me to Sickbay, I had
no clue who my parents were. Granted, I did have pictures of them, but
that doesn't really help all that much."
Paris smiled again. "Gee, you seem to say that a lot to me."
Will blushed. "Oh, just one question, Will. Why, if you were… pursuing
a… relationship… with Deanna, did you want to…"
Will cut in. "It just happened."
Deanna looked at Will dangerously out of the corner of her
eye. "What 'just happened'?"
"Uh… um… I… I dunno?"
"Not good enough."
Paris decided to save Will. "Oh, that is sooooo cool!
Congrats! I am soooo happy for you!!!!" Paris's eyes were shining dark
"WHAT?!?!" Deanna exclaimed.
"I'm happy for you. What, did you think I wouldn't be?"
"Happy about WHAT?"
"What else? The baby."
"The WHAT?!"
"Gee, you say that a LOT. The BABY. As in, you. Are.
Will's eyes widened and Deanna put a hand on her stomach.
"Pregnant?" She whispered. "How could you tell?"
Paris's eyes softened, as did her voice. "I saw the aura."
Deanna closed her eyes and probed deep inside herself. "Oh my
god. I am pregnant." Beverly's mouth dropped open and Jean-Luc looked
decidedly uncomfortable.
Will put his hand on Deanna's shoulder. "Dee? Are you okay?"
Deanna looked up, her eyes bright with tears. "Yes." She
Beverly grabbed onto Jean-Luc's arm. "Dee, Jean-Luc, Paris and
I had better go." Deanna nodded, not really hearing what her friend


"Paris, how did you know that Dee was pregnant?" Beverly asked
once Jean-Luc, Paris and herself were in the safety of Beverly's
"Just what I said. I saw the aura."
"Yeah, but that was relatively good timing for Will."
"Well, yeah, I wouldn't have been able to tell if I hadn't
been looking for something to distract Deanna. I didn't want Will to
get in trouble for something that I started."
"How did you know that they were-are-pursuing a relationship,
as you so eloquently put it?"
"Easy. Their auras reach out for each other."
"Why aren't you and Dad pursuing that kind of relationship. Or
any kind other than friendship?"
Beverly looked at Jean-Luc, at a lose for words. "Well… Paris,
Jean-Luc and I don't feel that way about each other."
'Yes you do' Paris thought, but she said only, "Oh." out loud.
"Beverly, I had better go. Goodnight Paris, Beverly." Jean-Luc
said as he rose from the chair he was sitting in.
"Goodnight, Jean-Luc."
"'Night, Dad." Jean-Luc walked out of Beverly's quarters.
"Actually, I had better go, too. 'Night, Mom."
"Goodnight, Paris." Beverly leaned over and gave Paris a kiss
on the cheek. Paris smiled and left.
"I do feel that way about you, Jean-Luc Picard." Beverly
whispered to the door. "I just wish you felt the same way." It might
have been Beverly's imagination, but she heard the words "he does"
echo through her soul and on her heart.

Chapter 2

Three days later…

Paris walked into Ten-Forward and looked around for Deanna
Troi. It was easy to find her-just follow the envious stares. Paris
approached the small table in the corner where Deanna and Will sat.
"Deanna?" Paris asked tentatively.
Deanna looked up and smiled. "Paris. What is it?"
"Could I join you?"
Deanna's smile faded a little. "Of course, anything wrong?"
Paris sat down and sighed, her eyes pale blue. "Not wrong as
such." Deanna looked at Will who looked just as confused as she did.
"You see, I know for a fact that my mom and dad are meant for each
other. It's, like, a total fact. So true. Anyway, my point is, I need
your help…"


"Hey, Mom!"
Beverly looked up from her desk. "Oh, hi, Paris. Everything
"Yeah, but, well… oh, never mind!" Paris suddenly turned to
"Paris, what is it?" Beverly asked, concerned.
"Well, nothing, really. It's just, well, both you and Dad have
been working really hard and I thought, maybe we could all go on a
shore leave or something."
"Mom, listen, okay?" Beverly nodded. "Okay, I've checked your
and Dad's schedules for the last month, and, well, you both haven't
had any time off! I also checked, and there isn't any new missions for
the next three weeks! That's totally enough time for a shore leave! It
could be, like, a family time or something! You, Dad, Wes, and me!
Come ON, Mom, it's perfect! You can't say no! Can you?"
Beverly sighed. "Paris, I don't know…"
Paris put on her best puppy-dog face. "Pretty, pretty
Beverly laughed. "I'll talk to Jean-Luc and think about it,
but no guarantees. Okay?"
Paris smiled, too. "Okay, great!"
"Now get outta here!" Beverly said jokingly.
"You got it!" Paris turned to leave.
"And, Paris?" Beverly added.
Paris turned back. "Yeah, Mom?"
"I love you."
Paris smiled. "I love you, too, Mom." Paris turned and exited
"Well?" Deanna asked.
"She's thinking."
"You still have to talk to Wesley." Will reminded Paris.
"Oh, right! Thanx for reminding me, Will! I'll go right now."


"Let me get this straight. You want me to help you get Mom and
Captain Picard together?"
"Kinda. All I want from you is when we go on shore leave, I
want you to come with me and go out a lot. 'Kay?"
"Yeah, sure. I always thought that Mom and Captain Picard
should get together."
"Thanx, Wes!" Paris impulsively gave Wesley a hug.
"No prob.!"


Paris heard the door chime in her quarters. "Come." The doors
swished open and Beverly walked in. "Oh, hi, Mom."
Beverly smiled as she looked into her daughter's dark blue
eyes. "Hi, Paris. Jean-Luc and I decided that we will go on this shore
"Great!" Paris exclaimed.
"On one condition…" Beverly continued.
Paris looked crestfallen. "What?"
"We can, if we want, contact the ship."
Paris looked relieved. "Oh, yeah, sure, whatever."
Beverly just laughed.


Paris looked down the corridor. "Good, all clear." Then
pressed the door chime.
The doors opened and Paris walked in. "Hi, Deanna."
Deanna looked excited. "Well? Don't keep me in suspense!"
Paris laughed, her eyes green. "Operation Picard/Crusher Alpha
has lifted off."
Deanna squealed. "Great! When are you leaving?"
"Um, I'm not quite sure, but I think it's in a week."
"A week. That could work. What did Wesley say?"
"He said he'd help and that Mom and Dad would go good
"That's great! So, where are you going?"
"Why K'Dra'a?"
"Cause K'Dra'a was unofficially voted the most beautiful
planet in the galaxy. It has a lot of romantic and quiet places."
"Hmmm… do you think it will work?"
Paris's eyes went light blue. "It had better."
Deanna sighed. "Yeah."


One week later…

"Are you sure you have everything?"
Paris laughed. "Will, you are such a mother hen! I feel sorry
for your child! Kinda. The Little One is lucky to have Dee. Well, and
you, I guess."
Deanna groaned, "Oh, Paris, please, don't get into the habit
of calling the baby Little One."
"Oh, Dee, why not?" Paris asked playfully, her eyes sparkling
"Paris, you know damn well why not!"
"Paris." Beverly interrupted.
"Good-bye, Dee." Paris gave Deanna a hug, then kissed Will on
the cheek. Hugs and handshakes were passed around between Will and
Deanna and Beverly, Jean-Luc, Wesley and Paris.
When Beverly, Jean-Luc, Wesley and Paris finally beamed down
and looked around, Beverly caught her breath and grabbed Jean-Luc's
"Oh, Jean, look. It's beautiful." Beverly breathed.
Paris smiled. "This is Forever Island. Over there" Paris
motioned to the group's right "is the Crystal Palace."
"Is it really made of crystal, or is that just a name?" Wesley
"It is made of crystal and a mixture of Dilithium and
Titanium. It's very beautiful. Do you want to see it?"
"Please." Beverly said quietly.
Paris smiled and directed the small group up to the palace.
"Wow." Was all Beverly could manage once they got to the
palace. Just ahead of them loomed a palace of crystal and
Dilithium/Titanium crystal. The Dilithium/Titanium crystals were
purple, blue and green, integrated with regular crystals. The palace
was six stories tall and seventy-eight de'mar (one de'mar is equal to
half of a foot) wide. Also seventy-eight de'mar long.
"This is where you grew up?" Jean-Luc asked, awed.
"Yes. This is where Dalaer raised me. This is where I will
rule." Paris said, love in her voice, eyes, dark blue.
Suddenly the door opened and a felinoid woman came out. "What
are you doing here? Leave! You have no business here! Take your
business elsewhere!"
"Lathianna, do not you recognize me?" Paris asked.
Lathianna frowned. "No, I do not."
Paris transformed. "Now do you?" she asked, now felinoid.
Lathianna's eyes widened and her mouth dropped open. "Mon
Dieu, Princess! Forgive me, I did not know!"
"Lathianna, you have been my friend for over ten years, I will
not rid myself of you now." Paris said with a smile.
Lathianna smiled back. "Paris, who are these people with you?"
Paris grinned broadly. "These are my parents and my brother.
Mom, Dad, Wes, this is Lathianna. Lay, my mother, Doctor Beverly
Crusher. My dad, Captain Jean-Luc Picard. And my brother, Wesley
Lathianna smiled. "It is a… pleasure… to meet my friend's
family. I am pleased that she finally found you."
"Lay, is Sean here?"
Lathianna smiled cheekily. "No, he went to find you."
"Mon Dieu." Paris groaned. "We never see each other any more!"
Lathianna laughed. "He will say the same thing when he finds
that you were here. If it makes you feel any better, his horse is
still here."
Paris brightened up. "Really? Well, then, I will ride him
later. Lathianna, go tell Kareen and Salaya to ready rooms for guests.
I will show my parents and brother around the grounds."
Lathianna bowed her head. "Yes, Princess." Then she scurried
Paris turned back to the group. "Well, do you want to look at
the grounds?" Three identical nods were seen. "All right, would you
like to do it on horse back? The grounds are to large to walk."
Jean-Luc perked up. "Horses?"
Paris smiled. "Yes, horse-back riding is the most common way
of transportation on K'Dra'a."
Beverly looked at Wesley. "Wes, do you want to ride?"
"Yeah, sure."
Beverly swallowed. Hard.
Paris laughed. "Come on, Mom! It'll be fun!"
"All right."


A few hours later…

"You do realize, Paris, that we will all be extremely sore
tomorrow." Jean-Luc said when he, Paris, Beverly and Wesley were
seated by the fire.
Paris looked confused, her eyes gray. "We will be?" she asked.
"Of course we will be." Jean-Luc said reasonably.
"Well, maybe you will. Felinoids don't get sore easily,
therefore my human side doesn't, either."
Beverly looked at Paris in disbelief. "Is there anything
better about your human side?"
"Of course." Paris said quietly, her eyes now dark blue.
Beverly opened her mouth to say something, but nothing came
out, so she closed her mouth and tried again. Same result. Beverly's
eyes started to tear up. "That is so sweet." She whispered.
Just then Kareen walked in. "Princess, Sean is on the
Sub-space Communicator."
Paris looked up. "Oh, thanx, Kareen. Put it through here."
"Yes, Princess." Kareen walked away. Suddenly the view screen
lit up and Sean's image appeared.
Paris smiled. "Hey, Sean!"
Sean frowned. "Wait a minute, what are you doing back at the
Paris laughed, "Sean, you make it sound like a cardinal sin!"
"Well," Sean smiled, "maybe it is."
Paris snorted. "Yeah, right! In your dreams!"
Sean suddenly turned serious. "I really miss you, Paris."
"And I you."
"Damn it!"
Paris's smile faded. "You have to go." It was a statement, not
a question.
"Yeah." Sean sighed. "But I'll be back. That's a promise."
"Yeah, I'll hold you to it. Bye, Sean."
"Bye, Paris. Love you."
"Love you, too."
"Cranshaw out." The view screen when black, as did Paris's


Chapter 3

Two days later...

"Hey, Mom, this is perfect for you!" Paris said, while holding
up an article of clothing for Beverly to see.
Beverly's eyes widened (as did Jean-Luc's) and her mouth
dropped open (as did Jean-Luc's). "Paris!" Beverly exclaimed, "Are you
insane? Just where did you think I would wear something like this?"
Beverly asked, grabbing the strings of blue jewels.
Paris shrugged. "I dunno. But I bet you could find some use
for it as clothing."
Beverly rolled her eyes. "I think not."
Jean-Luc cut in. "Don't sell it short, Beverly. You could
probably find some use for it."
Beverly's mouth dropped and Paris tried to hide a smile. She
had been watching her father since the whole conversation started and
was quite amused at what she saw in his aura.
"Jean-Luc," Beverly began in a tightly controlled voice. "If I
have no use for it when I see it, I will not buy it."
"Awww, come on, Mom! I can help you think up ideas!" Paris
Beverly sighed. "Fine." And bought the dress.
"By the way, did you guys bring swim suits?" Paris asked once
they were all out of the store.
"Swim suits?" Beverly, Jean-Luc and Wesley asked all at once.
"Yeah! K'Dra'a has great lakes for swimming." Paris answered,
excited, her eyes shining green.
"No, we didn't bring swim suits." Beverly answered for all of
"Okay, well the replicator can replicate swim suits, or we can
just look for ones here." Paris suggested.
"Let's look here, first." Beverly answered, leaving the
discussion closed.
"Okay, let's go!" Paris led Beverly, Jean-Luc and Wesley into
a small store with swimsuits lining the walls.
After a half an hour Jean-Luc and Wesley were sitting on a
bench just inside the store. "Beverly, have you found anything yet?"
Jean-Luc called to the back on the store.
"No," came the muffled reply. "All the suits are bikinis!"
Jean-Luc had to close his eyes against the mental picture that
assaulted him.
Wesley and Jean-Luc heard Beverly say some thing and then
Paris started laughing. "Beverly, Paris? What is it?" Jean-Luc asked,
standing up.
Paris and Beverly came out of the back of the store, Beverly
holding a neon green one piece swim suit with electric blue and hot
pink abstract pictures on it. "Mom, you did say you wanted a one
piece!" Paris said, trying to catch her breath. Beverly just glared at
"Beverly, why don't you just get a suit from the replicators?"
Jean-Luc asked.
Beverly sighed. "Yeah, I guess that would work. Come on,
Paris, let's go." Paris led Beverly, Jean-Luc and Wesley back to the


An hour later…

"Paris," Beverly moaned, "Don't people wear one piece swim
suits here????"
Paris looked slightly embarrassed, yet amused, her eyes green.
"Um, no. Here on K'Dra'a, people don't really care about modestly.
You're lucky that I have a private beach. At most beaches, people go
in the nude."
"WHAT????" Beverly yelled.
Jean-Luc walked in. "Beverly are you okay?"
"Yes." Beverly said between clenched teeth. Paris tried to
hold back a smile. Unfortunately, she did not succeed. Beverly's eyes
narrowed and she turned to look at Paris. "What is so funny?" she
asked, teeth and fists clenched. "No, wait. Don't answer that. I
already know."
Paris looked at a baffled Jean-Luc Picard. "Um, Dad? Maybe you
should leave. Woman conversation."
Jean-Luc nodded. "Okay. I'll warn Wesley not to disturb you
Paris nodded. "Good idea." After Jean-Luc left, Paris turned
back to Beverly. "Okay, Mom. Since there aren't any one piece suits,
we gotta find you a suit that will blow his brains out." Paris said
quite business-like.
"Excuse me? Just what makes you think I want to "blow his
brains out"?"
Paris shrugged. "Your aura. Now, I think the blue bikini would
do it. Or maybe the… no, leopard print is definitely out of the
question." Paris looked at Beverly with narrowed eyes. "the white,
maybe?" Paris trailed off. Beverly just sighed.

The next day…

"Come, on, Dad. The beach is just ahead. Mom's already there."
Paris said, pulling on Jean-Luc's hand, her eyes green with
Jean-Luc sighed. "I don't like swimming."
Paris smiled mischievously. "I have a feeling you will today."
Jean-Luc looked at Paris and she made the effort of changing her eyes
to dark blue. Jean-Luc frowned. "Hey, we're here!" Paris exclaimed,
looking just ahead.
On the beach there was a woman standing, just staring into the
ocean. She was wearing a blue bikini with a long sheer blue pareo and
a woven straw hat. The breeze ruffled the pareo and Jean-Luc stared.
His eyes were wide, his lips slightly parted and the unflappable
Starfleet captain broke out into a cold sweat. Paris did her best to
hide her amusement. "Hey, Mom!" Paris called to the woman. She turned
around to reveal Beverly Crusher.
Beverly waved. "Jean-Luc! Paris! Wes! Come on over!"
Jean-Luc and Wesley started to walk toward Beverly, but Paris
grabbed Wesley and pulled him back. "Hey, Mom!" Paris called again.
"I'm gonna show Wes the… um… the big… building… over there." Paris
yelled, waving her arm vaguely to the right.
"Okay." Beverly called back, thoroughly enraptured by
Paris smiled and dragged Wesley to a place in the bushes where
they would be able to watch Beverly and Jean-Luc, but they wouldn't be
able to see Paris and Wesley. Paris and Wesley heard Beverly speaking
and could lip-read well enough to be able to tell that she was saying
"Jean-Luc" Paris took out a small device and activated it. Suddenly
Paris and Wesley could hear what was being said.
"Yes, Beverly?"
Paris and Wesley could see the concerned look on Beverly's
face. "Jean-Luc, you're hyperventilating."
"I'm fine."
"No, Jean-Luc, I want you to get some rest." Beverly looked
around. "Where are Paris and Wes?" Paris turned off the device and
grabbed Wesley's arm.
"Look crestfallen." Paris commanded Wesley. Paris and Wesley
exited the bushes looking crestfallen. "Hey, Mom. The building was
torn down. I couldn't show it to Wes."
"All right. I want to take you father up to the house. He's
not feeling very well."
"Okay. Wes and I will stay here a little longer."
"All right. But come back in a little while, 'kay?"
Paris smiled. "'Kay."


Two weeks later…

"I'm telling you, Wes, they are so close!"
Wesley looked confused. "How can you tell?"
"It's a woman thing. I just can. Anyway, they are close, they
just need a little push."
Wesley looked at Paris. "Paris, you've been pushing them since
you came here."
"See? My point! Look how much good it's done!"
Wesley sighed. "Okay, but we're going back tomorrow, you'd
better hurry."
Paris's eyes gleamed green. "Actually, I can only do the next
step on the Enterprise."
"Oh. Okay."


The next day, after beaming onto the Enterprise…

"Well? How did it go?" Deanna asked curiously.
Paris laughed-Deanna was almost bouncing up and down with
anticipation. "They are very close. Operation Picard/Crusher Alpha
complete. Operation Picard/Crusher Beta complete. Operation
Picard/Crusher Gamma complete. The only thing missing is Operation
Picard/Crusher Delta. And that is coming up in three days."
"Okay, I know that alpha was getting them to relax, what was
beta, gamma and delta?"
Paris smiled. "Beta was getting them in close proximity with
little clothing," Deanna gaped. "Gamma was getting them to kiss and
delta is getting them to confess."
Deanna looked puzzled. "How do you know they will confess in
three days?"
Paris looked slightly sheepish. "Well, I don't, but if they go
through what I'll make them go through, and don't, then I'm gonna tell
them that they love each other."
"That's a little harsh, don't you think?"
"No." Paris replied stubbornly. "They will tell each other. I
guarantee it."

Chapter four

Three days later…

"Where is Paris?" Beverly asked Jean-Luc over the dim of the
birthday party in Ten-Forward.
"I don't know." He yelled back. "Probably making the rounds."
Just then every one was silent and Beverly and Jean-Luc heard
music coming from the most forward section of Ten-Forward. "Jean-Luc?"
"I don't know." He repeated.
During the introduction of the song Paris appeared and said,
"This song is dedicated to my parents, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and
Doctor Beverly Crusher." Paris winked. "Make it count." Just then the
cue of her song came up.

"Deep in Denialville
Tryin' a' fight the way I feel (Paris smiled and Beverly and
Jean-Luc blushed as every one looked at them)
I go jello when you smile
I start blushin'-my head rushin'

If you stand to close to me
I might melt down from the heat
If ya' look my way one more time
I'm gonna go out of my mind
Whatever you do…

Don't even think about it!
Don't go and get me started!
Don't you dare drive me crazy!
Don't do that to me baby!

You stop me in my tracks
My heart pumpin' to the max
I'm such a sucker for your eyes
They permanently paralyze
Whatever you do…

Don't even think about it!
Don't go and get me started!
Don't you dare drive my crazy!
Don't do that to me baby!

[Whatever you do, don't do that to me]
You got my heart under attack
You give me shivers down my back
D'ya have to walk the way you do?
I get weak just watchin' you
Whatever you do…

Don't even think about it!
Don't go and get me started!
Don't you dare drive me crazy!
Don't do that to me baby!

Don't do that-don't do that"

Just as the music faded away, Paris heard some one say, "That
is so like you to do that, Paris."
Paris looked in the direction of the speaker. "SEAN!!!!" Paris
yelled as she ran in to Sean's arms. Sean twirled her around. "Oh,
Sean, I missed you so much!"
Sean smiled, his and Paris's eyes dark blue. "I missed you,
too, Paris" Sean put Paris down and took her hand. "Happy birthday."
Sean gave Paris a quick kiss on the cheek.
Paris smiled. "Thanks." Paris then saw her parents
approaching. "Oh, no!" Paris moaned when she saw them.
"Paris!" Beverly said harshly when she got to Paris's side.
"What the hell was that???"
"Did you want to embarrass us like that, or was it just a
fringe benefit?"
Paris looked almost trapped. "Mom, Dad, calm down. I just
wanted you to realize that you love each other. Like I said, 'make it
count'. What the song said was what you feel about each other."
Sean was wide eyed, his eyes an astonished green. "Paris, did
you call these people 'mom' and 'dad'?"
Paris turned to Sean. "Yes. Sean, I've found my parents. Mom,
Dad, this is Zachariah-Sean Cranshaw. Sean, these are my parents,
Doctor Beverly Crusher and Captain Jean-Luc Picard."
Sean hugged Paris. When he put her down he looked into her
eyes and said, "I'm so happy that you finally found them."
Paris smiled, her eyes dark blue. "So am I."
Deanna ran up to Paris, saving her from Beverly and Jean-Luc's
wrath. "Paris, come and cut the cake!" she exclaimed, excited (and
slightly tipsy).
Paris smiled. "Coming!" Paris walked over to where the
enormous cake was and cut it into small pieces. As she was handing the
pieces out, she noticed Beverly and Jean-Luc sneaking out of
Ten-Forward. Paris smiled and whispered, "Good going, Mom."
Sean looked at Paris. "What did you say?" He yelled over the
din of the music.
"Nothing." Paris yelled back.


Four hours later…

"Wow, Paris, you really know how to throw a party!" Sean
exclaimed as he and Paris walked out of Ten-Forward.
Paris smiled, her eyes green. "Just wait until I give my big
blow-out in the holodeck! I will have any thing you would ever want!"
"Why do you want to give a blow-out?"
Paris shrugged. "I dunno. Just something to do. But it'll be a
"Hey, Paris," Sean said, changing the subject. "where did your
mom and dad go?"
Paris smiled mischievously, her eyes glowing green. "They had
left four hours ago. They left together. Think about it."
Sean laughed. "So, your song had the desired effect?"
"I think so. Let me check. Computer, location of Doctor
Crusher and Captain Picard."
"Doctor Crusher is in her quarters. Captain Picard is in his
"Va'Trai!" Paris cursed, them moaned, "It didn't work!"
Sean laughed. "Guess you will have to give them a talking to,
Paris looked determined, her eyes blazing light blue. "Excuse
me, Sean, I think I have to go pay a visit to my parents."
"Uh, sure, Paris." Sean stammered as Paris walked away.
As Paris walked to Beverly's quarters, she hit her comm badge.
"Lefleur to Picard."
"Picard here. What is it, Paris?" Jean-Luc asked sleepily.
"Could you meet me in Mom's quarters ASAP?"
"Yeah, just give me a minute. Picard out."


Ten minutes later…

"Okay, Paris, what is this all about?" Beverly asked, slightly
"Yeah, why did you wake me up?" Jean-Luc was still obviously
tired. Beverly couldn't help but think how cute he looked.
Paris sighed. "Mom, Dad, I'll only say this once. You love
each other. You know it, I know it. I see it in your aura, I see it in
the way you act around each other, I see it in the way you touch each
other. I can see it in everything you do! So can every one else.
Deanna, Will, Wes. We all know. And we all have the same thing to tell
you. Make. It. Count." At that, Paris walked out of Beverly's
quarters. "Lefleur to Troi."
"Troi here. What do you want, Paris?" Deanna sounded annoyed.
"Mom and Dad got the picture. I don't know if they will act on
it, though. They didn't get it 'til just know. I have to tell them
that they love each other."
"Oh. Why couldn't this wait until the morning?"
Paris smiled. "Why? Are you busy with Will?"
"Maybe." Paris could hear Deanna's embarrassment over the
"Okay, I'll leave you alone."
"Thank you. Troi out."



Beverly and Jean-Luc stared at the closed doors in shock.
Beverly was the first one to recover and she turned to Jean-Luc.
"Jean… what Paris said… for me, it was true." Beverly looked down at
the carpet at that.
Jean-Luc looked at Beverly. "Beverly, that was true for me,
too. I do love you. With all my heart. I've loved you since I met
Beverly looked up. "Oh, Jean-Luc. I love you, too!" Jean-Luc
leaned forward and cupped Beverly's face in his palm, wiping away the
tears that had spilled onto her cheeks. Beverly also leaned forward
and softly kissed Jean-Luc on the lips. Jean-Luc kissed back, his hand
sliding into Beverly's hair, his other hand exploring her back.
Beverly's arms slipped around his waist and she held him to her.
Beverly broke the kiss, slowly pulling back, looking into eyes that
were cloudy with the desire reflected in her own. "Jean-Luc, why did
we wait so long?"

Chapter 5

05:00 the next morning…

"Will?" Deanna asked.
"Hmmm?" Will replied as Deanna drew little circles over his
chest with her finger.
"Do you think this plan of Paris's will work?"
Will looked at Deanna. "Dee, I really don't know."
Deanna sighed. "I hope it does. Bev has loved Jean-Luc for so
"And Jean-Luc has loved Beverly for just as long. I do hope
that it works."
Deanna smiled. "I know one way to find out. Computer, location
of Doctor Crusher and Captain Picard."
"Doctor Crusher and Captain Picard are in Doctor Crusher's
Deanna turned to Will with a brilliant smile. "It worked!" She
exclaimed and kissed Will.
Will smiled devilishly. "Well, do you want to celebrate their
Deanna laughed. "Will, you will do anything to get me into
your bed."
"Dee, we're in your bed. Besides, it worked, didn't it? And
now you are pregnant with our child."
"Yeah." Deanna said softly, then she slid herself up Will's
body. For the next while Will and Deanna were in oblivion.


Meanwhile in Doctor Crusher's quarters…

Beverly woke up with Jean-Luc's arms encircling her waist. She
looked up to see him watching her. "How long have you been watching me
Jean-Luc laughed. "Only about ten minutes. How do you feel?"
Beverly sighed and stretched luxuriously. "Wonderful." Beverly
sighed again and snuggled into the warmth Jean-Luc offered. "Why did
we wait so long?"
"I don't know. But I sure wish that we didn't."
"Yeah. I guess we owe Paris an apology."
"Yes, I suppose we do. But that can wait."
Beverly giggled. "As can the rest of the galaxy." She said as
Jean-Luc pulled the covers over them.


That evening...

Paris sat at a table by the view port in Ten-Forward stirring
her drink, but not drinking it. She sighed, shifted position and
sighed again. She didn't ever notice the approach of Beverly and
Jean-Luc until a shadow fell across the table. Paris looked up. "Mom,
Dad. What are you doing here?"
"We can to talk to you." Was Beverly's reply.
"Um, Mom, Dad, I have something to say, first."
Paris cut Jean-Luc off. "No, listen. I had no right to do what
I did, and I'm sorry. I shouldn't have sung the song, I shouldn't have
revealed your feelings for each other and I really am sorry that I
butted into your private life." After saying that, Paris looked down
at the table. She only looked up when Beverly and Jean-Luc started
laughing. "Mom? Dad? What's so funny?"
"Paris," Beverly said, gasping for air. "Jean-Luc and I came
to thank you for what you did."
"WHAT????" Paris's face and green eyes registered
"We came to thank you for bringing us together." Jean-Luc
said, looking amused.
"Oh my god, I can't believe this. It worked?" Beverly and
Jean-Luc nodded. "Wait 'til I tell Dee!"
Beverly's eyes narrowed. "Deanna is in on this?"
"Kinda. You see, Dee helped me come up with-never mind." Paris
suddenly stopped.
"What." Beverly said dangerously.
Paris gulped, her eyes pale blue. "Um, Dee helped me come up
with Operation Picard/Crusher Alpha."
"As opposed to what?"
"Well, I came up with Picard/Crusher Beta, Gamma and Delta."
"And just what are Picard/Crusher Alpha, Beta, Gamma and
Paris gulped again. "Alpha was getting you to relax, Beta was
close proximity, little clothing, Gamma was getting you to kiss and
Delta was getting you to confess."
"Well, that certainly sounds like something Dee would be
involved in." Beverly fumed.
"Uh, Mom, I gotta go." Paris said as she quickly stood up.
Beverly was so intent on fuming that she didn't notice Paris leave.
Jean-Luc did notice, but didn't say anything.


"Come on, come on!" Paris said to herself. Finally the doors
swished open. "Dee!"
"Paris? What is it?"
"Dee, we're in BIG trouble! Mom is mad that we had the big
plan and she's mad at you for helping!"
Deanna shrugged Paris's warning off. "She'll be fine."
"Yeah, maybe when we're dead!"
Deanna laughed. "She's not really mad. At least, not at us.
She's angry with herself because we saw that she and Jean-Luc were
meant to be together and we acted on it, but she didn't. she'll get
over it, relax!"
"Okay, if you're sure."
Deanna smiled. "I'm sure."
From Deanna's bedroom came a voice saying, "Dee? When are you
coming back to bed?"
Paris smiled, her eyes twinkling green. Deanna turned beet
red. "Hey, Will, can't you wait five minutes after making love to Dee
before you have to do it again? Your career might have problems if
that's the case." Paris called.
"Paris?" Will yelped. "Dee, you didn't tell me you were going
to the door!"
"You didn't ask!" Deanna called back.
"That's all right, Will, I gotta go now, anyway. See ya later,
"Bye. And remember, she'll get over it."
Paris sighed. "Yeah. But how soon?"
"That I can't say."
Deanna rolled her eyes. "I'd better go. Bye."
"Bye." The doors hissed shut. "Gee. Ever since the baby, they
can't keep their hands off each other. Oh, well." Paris shrugged and
headed off to find Sean.


Half an hour later…

"Come." The doors swished open to reveal Sean. "Well, you
decided to show up! It's a miracle!" Paris said sarcastically, her
eyes blazing red.
Sean sighed. "Paris, I can explain."
"Don't bother."
"I had trouble finding something that I wanted to give to
Paris's curiosity was piqued. "What?" she asked shortly, her
eyes swirling green for a second before she forced them red.
Sean caught the change in eye color and almost smiled. "This."
He said as he held out a silver ring with a heart-shaped ruby-like
jewel on it.
Paris's jaw dropped. "Sean, what is this for?" Sean looked
uncomfortable, so Paris looked at his aura. When she realized what the
ring was for, she took it from him and placed it on the middle finger
of her left hand. "Thank you. For the ring and the promise."
Sean looked slightly embarrassed. "That is the ring that my
Great-great-great-grandfather gave to his wife as a Promise Ring. It
has been handed down ever since. And now, I give it to you."
"Thank you." Paris whispered, just before she kissed him.

Chapter 6

03:00 hours the next day…

Paris sat in her quarters staring at the beautiful Promise
Ring that Sean had given to her. She had been sitting there since he
left at 22:00 hours. Suddenly Paris snapped out of it. "Oh. My. God!
I'm practically engaged! Computer, location of Counselor Troi and
Doctor Crusher."
"Counselor Troi is in her quarters. Doctor Crusher is in
Captain Picard's quarters."
"Va'Trai." With that Paris headed out of her quarters to find
Deanna and Beverly.

At Deanna's quarters…

Paris rang the door chime a seventh time; them just held it
down. The doors swished open and Deanna squinted out into the hall.
"Dee, I have something really important to tell you and Mom.
Come on!"
"All right, all right." Deanna said sleepily, stumbling out
into the hallway in her nightgown.

At Captain Picard's quarters…

"Ugh! Come on, answer the door!"
Just them the door swished open. "Paris?"
"Hi, Dad!" Paris said brightly. "Mom there?"
Jean-Luc grunted, meaning, just a minute, I'll get her, then
disappeared into his quarters.
A minute or so later, Beverly walked out of the bedroom and
walked to the door. "What do you want, Paris?"
"Mom, I have some really exciting news. I want to talk to you
and Dee in Ten-Forward, 'kay?"
"Mmmm, okay." Beverly walked out and the three women, two of
which were wearing nightgowns, walked to Ten-Forward.

In Ten-Forward…

Beverly, Paris and Deanna sat down at a table. "Mom, Dee, I'm
almost engaged."
"What?" Beverly asked, confused as she stared into Paris's
glowing face and sparkling dark blue eyes.
"I'm almost engaged. This evening, or should I say yesterday
evening, Sean gave me a Promise Ring, and I accepted."
"WHAT?!?!?!?!?!" Beverly exclaimed.
"I would be jumping up and down, but I'm too tired." Deanna
mumbled, resting her head on the table.
"Mom, chill. Sean is wonderful. And I know that when we do get
married, you will love him, too." Paris said sincerely.
"Paris, I'm sure you think you love him, but you're only
Paris sighed, exasperated, but still happy. "Mom, on K'Dra'a
women marry when they reach the Age of Consent. It I obeyed K'Dra'a
laws, I'd be three years married!"
"Three years?! That's sick! Marrying off young girls when
they're only fourteen. Besides, Paris, just how long do these
marriages last? How much do the couples love each other?"
"Well… the marriages last until one member dies, because there
is no divorce on K'Dra'a, and usually the marriages work out fine."
"Just 'fine'? In my experience marriage should be wonderful."
Paris sighed again, her eyes now red tinged. "Mom, listen.
Some people have wonderful marriages, some have terrible marriages and
some have fine marriages. And truthfully, you're not in a position to
Beverly looked down at the table. "You're right. I'm sorry. I
just… I want you to be happy. To have a wonderful marriage when you do
get married. I am happy for you." Beverly leaned across the table and
gave Paris a hug.
"Thanks." Paris whispered, then yawned rather loudly. "Ugh!"
Paris groaned. "I think that staying up all 'til three in the morning
is taking its toll."
Beverly laughed. "I think so, too. Let's get back."
"Yeah. Come on, Dee."
Only when Deanna didn't answer did Paris and Beverly hear the
soft, rhythmic breathing from across the table. Paris and Beverly
looked over at the sleeping form of Deanna Troi.
Paris stifled a giggle. "You think we should wake her up?"
"Well, I for one would not particularly like waking up in
Ten-Forward in only my nightgown surrounded by crew members eating
breakfast." Beverly said, also stifling a giggle.
Paris turned her deep blue eyes onto Deanna again. "Oh, this
is gonna be fun…"

20:00 hours that evening in Jean-Luc's quarters…

Jean-Luc stood in front of the mirror on his bathroom holding
a small, black velvet box.
"Beverly," he said, "I love you. I love you with my entire
being, with all that I am. I don't want you to feel rushed, but will
you at least consider marrying me?" Jean-Luc frowned at his
reflection. "No, that just didn't sound right." Just then the door
chime rang. "Come."
Beverly walked in. "Jean-Luc, I have something I need to tell
you and ask you."
"Beverly…" Jean-Luc started, hiding the box behind his back.
"No, Jean-Luc, I have to say this before I lose my nerve.
Jean-Luc, as much as I feel bad saying this, I love you even more than
I loved Jack. I'm asking you, Jean-Luc. I'm asking you if you will
marry me."
As Jean-Luc gazed into Beverly's hope-filled eyes, he couldn't
help it. He started to laugh. The hope in Beverly's eyes faded into
"Well, I guess I have my answer." Beverly said in a choked
"No, Beverly, wait!" Jean-Luc said, reigning down on his
laughter. "Beverly, I was laughing because I was about to ask you the
same question!" Jean-Luc brought the box out from behind his back and
opened it so that Beverly could see the beautiful ring.
Beverly gasped as her hand flew to her throat. "Oh, Jean-Luc!"
Jean-Luc took the ring out of the box and placed it on
Beverly's finger. "I'll marry you if you'll marry me." He said with a
"I think I like that arrangement."

21:00 hours in Ten-Forward…

Deanna sat with Will at their customary table eating a late
(very late) dinner. Dinner was unusually quiet, as Deanna was trying
to figure out what was going on with Will. She sensed apprehension,
anticipation and excitement from him, and it was confusing the hell
out of her.
"Dee?" Will asked, startling Deanna.
"Hmmm? Oh, Will, I'm sorry. What did you say?"
"I just asked if you wanted dessert." Will said, smiling
Deanna raised a perfect eyebrow. "And just what did you have
in mind for this 'dessert'?"
Will smiled at that. "First you have to tell me, do you want
Deanna rolled her eyes. "All right."
Will got up, walked around the table and knelt down beside
Deanna, taking her hand in his. At that action, every one in
Ten-Forward had their eyes glued to the couple. Deanna's eyes misted
over as Will said, "Deanna, I love you. You are my lover, the mother
of my child, and my Imzadi. You told me once that Imzadi may mean 'the
first', but it doesn't mean 'forever'. Imzadi may not mean forever,
but soul-mate does. And you are my soul-mate. So I ask you again, as I
did so may years ago, will you marry me?"
Deanna was to choked up to reply, and Will heard her voice in
his head. ~~~Yes, my Imzadi~~~ Will let out a whoop of joy and picked
Deanna up, twirling her around.
Deanna laughed, then Will heard in his head, ~~~Imzadi, I
think we should go to your quarters. Now~~~ Will just grinned.



3 years later…

Paris walked up the road, her hand in Sean's. The house came
into view and for a moment Paris and Sean stood in awe. "Wow. Dad
never told me his house in LaBarre was this beautiful." Paris
whispered, her eyes deep blue.
"Come on." Sean whispered, pulling on Paris's hand. "I see
René in the window."
Paris smiled and waved at her two-year-old brother in the
window. Paris and Sean walked up to the house and opened the door.
"Mom?" Paris called.
Paris and Sean heard a loud bang, followed by a curse and
Beverly yelling, "Don't ever say that, René!" Paris had to laugh at
that. Typical Beverly.
"Mom!" Paris called again. Beverly walked out of the kitchen
wearing something Paris never thought she's see. About a ton of flour.
Beverly had been baking. "Hi, Mom."
"Paris, Sean! I'm so glad you came." Beverly said, first
hugging Paris, then Sean. "Jean-Luc and I haven't seen you since the
wedding. How do you like married life?"
Paris glanced at Sean, who was still brushing flour off of his
shirt. "Great." She said softly, barely able to contain her smile.
Beverly looked at the two of them slightly suspiciously, then
just shrugged it off. "So did you see Deanna, Will, Breanna, Jacques
and Krystae on your way here?"
Paris smiled mischievously, her deep blue eyes glinting green.
"Yeah, we saw them."
"Well? Are they coming?"
Before Paris could say anything, Sean cut in. "They were…
"Mom? Where's Dad?"
Beverly rolled her eyes. "He's picking out the best wine. Even
though he knows that Deanna and I can't have any. Oh well. You and the
men can."
Paris again looked at Sean and smiled.
"Paris?" Beverly asked suspiciously. "Is there something I
need the know?"
Paris laughed. "No. Not yet, anyway."
"All right."
At the same time the kitchen door opened and the front door
opened. Jean-Luc came into the kitchen and Deanna, Will and their kids
came into the foyer. Again, hugs were exchanged.
"Come on, Will, Deanna, Paris, Sean. Let's sit by the fire."
Jean-Luc said, already walking into the living room.
Beverly exchanged a smile with Deanna. "I'll go get Rene."
Fifteen minutes later every one was talking animatedly. The
conversation immediately ended when Beverly suddenly cried out in
"Beverly? Is it time?" Jean-Luc asked, over anxious.
Beverly laughed. "No, it's not time. Jean-Luc, I'm only seven
months pregnant. The baby was only stretching."
Everybody laughed as Jean-Luc's ears turned pink. "Don't
worry, Jean-Luc. I'm the same way with Dee. It drives her nuts!"
"And I'm only five months pregnant!"
"And I bet I'll be the same way with Paris in a few months."
Every one was suddenly silent and Paris elbowed Sean lightly in the
gut. "Oops."
Paris sighed. "Okay. The cat's out of the bag. I'm exactly
five weeks pregnant."
The room erupted with congratulations and hugs.

Epilogue II

5 years later…

"Wow, Mom, I can't believe you and Dad left Starfleet and
moved to LaBarre." Paris said, her eyes dark blue.
Beverly smiled. "I'm surprised Will and Deanna haven't settled
down yet. Both working and having five kids? I doubt it will work."
"Hey, don't say that! Remember, I'm captain of the Enterprise
F and Sean is my Chief Engineer. We have three kids and are still
going strong!"
Beverly smiled again. "Yes, but you're ten years younger than
Dee and Will."
"True, but…" Paris was cut off by her four-year-old daughter,
Talia, running up to her.
"Mommy! Jacques tried to kiss me!"
"I did not!" Jacques yelled from the doorway of the kitchen
where Paris and Beverly were standing. "She's a girl and girls have
cooties!" Beverly and Paris tried to hide their smiles at that.
"So? Auntie Dee is a girl. You kiss her!" Talia yelled back.
"But she's my mom! That's different!" Jacques yelled as he
turned to walk away.
"I like Zech more than you!" Talia yelled as Jacques walked
"Good!" Jacques yelled over his shoulder.
"Having child problems?" Deanna asked as she walked into the
Paris laughed. "Yeah, I guess. I'm still trying to figure out
who Talia will end up with. Jacques or Zech.
"Hmmm. I think Zech."
"Yeah," Beverly agreed. "Zech is the most logical choice."
"Beverly!" Deanna exclaimed.
"For Talia." Beverly quickly added.
Paris grinned. "I still don't know. I guess we'll just have to
wait and find out."

The End

After word: The children of Jean-Luc and Beverly Picard, Will and
Deanna Riker and Sean and Paris Cranshaw learned a lesson from their
parents. They all didn't waste time in getting married. Breanna (nee
Riker) and Rene Picard had two adorable children, Deah (nee Picard)
and Jacques Riker also had two children. Krystae (nee Riker) married a
man named Jonathan Roshenko (Alexander's ½ Klingon son) and had one
child, Jaina (nee Riker) and Shay Picard had five children. Talia (nee
Cranshaw) and Zechariah Riker had eight (yes, eight) children, Talisa
Cranshaw never married, and Jordan Cranshaw married a woman named
Sheri Braums-LaForge and never had children.