Title: Prialve
Author: Nicole
Rating: PG - language
Spoilers: none
Disclaimer: All Next Gen chars belong to a big, long line of people.
Unfortunately, I'm not in that line. <pout>
Summary: Will and Deanna find out why it's so fun to fight.
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Author's Notes: all Betazin words are my own. Please do not use them
without my permission. This is slightly OoC for Deanna, but she can't
always be calm, cool and collected, can she?

Betazin Translations:
Prialve: loosely translated, 'fight', pronounced pree-all'-vay
Jo'dal: 'fucking', pronounced joe-dal'
Kanedu: loosely translated, 'bastard', pronounced ca-nay'-doo
Bey: 'son', pronounced, bay
Dayano: small animal, cat-like, very vicious, lives in the Jalara
Jungle. Pronounced, day-a'-no
Bey dayano: 'Son of a dayano', equal to the Earth, son of a bitch, but
slightly more insulting.
Ko: 'do'
'su: contraction of lesu, gives words a negative meaning. I.e.: ko'su
or ko lesu 'don't' or 'do not', pronounced, sue
Lepna: 'know', pronounced, lep'-na
Sentoya: 'anything', pronounced, sen-toy'-a
Batoya: 'nothing', pronounced, ba-toy'-a
Jadal: 'pregnant', pronounced, ja-dal'
De: 'yes', pronounced day
Hu: 'is', pronounced, who
Mensare: 'wonderful', pronounced, men-sa'-ray

Prialve (Fight)

"How _jo'dal_ dare you, you… _kanedu bey dayano_!"
"How fucking dare you, you… bastard son of a dayano (bitch)!"

"_I ko'su jo'dal lepna sentoya! Batoya!_"
"You don't know anything! Nothing!"

_E fa jadal!_"
I am pregnant!"


"Deanna! _I fa jadal! Kelso hu mensare! Imzadi'le, sanya'le_."
"Deanna! You are pregnant! That is wonderful! My Beloved, my love."



"Deanna," Will ground out, his teeth clenched as he gazed at
his stubborn wife.
"Will," Deanna replied, in a mocking imitation of his voice.
Will ground his teeth together, gathering the fraying edges of
his patience. "Deanna, I don't understand why-"
Deanna cut in, muttering, "You wouldn't."
Will pinned Deanna with a deadly glare and continued. "-Why we
can't have the Earth ceremony."
Deanna let out a scornful laugh. "Will, wake up! I'm Betazoid,
we do the Betazoid ceremony!"
"Dammit, Deanna! You're half human, too!"
"I'm more Betazoid than human," Deanna growled.
"Only because you won't let yourself be human! So what is it,
Deanna? Human not good enough for you? The snotty little Daughter of
the Fifth House has to deny her heritage?"
"I don't deny my heritage!" Deanna nearly screamed, the anger
growing in her.
Will laughed mockingly. "Not your Betazoid heritage. But your
human heritage? Tell me, Deanna, do you even know what it's like to be
human? Or do you only know what it's like to be a halfbreed?"
Deanna stared at Will, disbelieving, for a moment, before
picking up the closet thing to her, a coffee mug sitting on the table,
and hurling it at him. "How dare you?!" she screamed. "How _jo'dal_
dare you, you… _kanedu bey dayano_!"
Will ducked the flying mug, but as he did so, he failed to see
the second mug coming at him, and it struck his shoulder hard. Will
groaned in pain, but that did nothing to alleviate his wife's anger.
"You know nothing, Will!" Deanna screamed, opening a cupboard
and grabbing a handful of plates, flinging them like frisbees at Will.
"_I ko'su jo'dal lepna sentoya! Batoya!_"
Will ducked around the corner to the kitchen, watching the
plates fly though the air and glad that the heirloom china was still
boxed away. "Deanna, come on!" Will called, waiting for the dishes to
stop flying.
"You come on, Will!"
"I'm not the one who's being irrational here!"
"Irrational!" Deanna screeched. "I'm *not* irrational! _E fa
Will's mouth dropped open and he peeked his head around the
corner, jerking back when he saw a spoon headed straight to him. For a
moment he hesitated, wondering at his translation, then said,
Forgetting his anger and annoyance, Will darted into the
kitchen, pulling Deanna into a tight hug before she could pelt him
with more silverware.
"Deanna! _I fa jadal! Kelso hu mensare! Imzadi'le, sanya'le_."
Deanna relaxed, the anger melting away in the face of the
intense love Will was radiating. To be replaced by another primal
emotion. Deanna immediately fused her lips with Will's, coaxing his
mouth opened and plundering his mouth with an almost savage intensity.
Will was startled, but quickly got up to speed, backing Deanna
against the kitchen wall and holding her against it, pinned with his