Imzadi Through Time
By Nicole

Disclaimer: Paramount owns 'em all, not me.

Author's Note: In this story, Deanna is fully human, but is
"sensitive," and the word Imzadi is supposedly Greek. This is 'Haven'
in the Dark Ages.

Characters: Deah-Deanna; John-Jean-Luc; Breah-Breanna, Will and
Deanna's daughter.

Two little fists beat an erratic rhythm on the wooden door.
"Bevvy! Bevvy!" The little voice wailed pitifully. Before the guards
could come and take the child away, the door flew open and the little
girl was pulled into the small house.
"Breah! What are you doing out?"
The little girl looked into the much-trusted face of her
mother's friend, Beverly. "Moma hasn't come home yet."
Beverly raised her eyes to meet her husband's across the room. They
both knew what this meant. It had finally happened. Beverly looked
back down at Breah. "Well, why don't you stay here, tonight. Your moma
would want that."
"Okay." Breah said softly as Beverly led her over to a spare cot.


"Let me go, you bastard!" Deah tried her best to get out of
the guard's grip, but he held on tight.
"The Master wishes to see you."
"He can wish 'til he's blue in the face, I'm *not* going!"
The guard yanked on Deah's arm and pulled her into a plush,
luxurious room. Lounging on the bed was the Master. "Now, my dear,
never say never." Deah glared death rays as the Master got up from the
bed and walked over. He looked at the guard. "You make leave. The lady
and I have… business to discuss."
"I have nothing to say to you!"
"Do not assume so much so quickly. Then again, sometimes words
are not necessary." With that, the Master leaned over and kissed Deah
softly. And he quickly realized that was not a smart move. The Master
yanked himself away, clutching his lip and howling in pain. A trickle
of blood wound its way down his chin. He pulled his hands away,
revealing a nasty looking bite-mark on his lip, and struck Deah across
the face. "You bitch!" He exclaimed angrily. "You will pay for that!
The door opened and the lone guard came in. "Yes, Master?"
"Take note. Before the week is up, this woman will be my wife,
or, if she is not, her entire family shall perish under my sword."
"Yes, Master." The guard then turned and walked back out the
Deah stared at the Master with angry fear in her eyes. "Is it
not bad enough that you overthrew my husband, now you propose to take
my daughter as well?"
"Your husband didn't deserve to rule. I do. And I deserve you,
as well."


Beverly shot up in bed. "John, what was that?"
John sat up as well. "Sounds like trumpets."
"But why would the Master be blowing trumpets at this hour?"
"I don't know. Go back to sleep, love."


The two guards stood in the corridor. "We must get the
Master!" The first guard exclaimed.
"Are you mad?" The second guard asked. "The Master is in his
bedchamber! He would cut out your tongue before you had a chance to
open your mouth! Look, we beat him once, we can do it again."
"All right, if you're sure."


The door to the bedchamber opened. "Who is there?" A voice
called from the darkness. "Who dares disturb me?"
"Your time is up." Another voice answered.
"You were banished long ago!" The Master appeared from the
shadows. "*I* rule now!"
"You deserve no more or less than death. I have come to take
my place again."
"This time, I will kill you so you can not come back." The
Master lunged at the stranger, pulling her sword out as he did so.
Unfortunately, he was too slow, and the stranger's sword pierced the
Master's breast before he could even raise his weapon.
"Not so strong with out your army." The stranger watched as
the life drained from the Master's body and the light faded from his
The stranger's head shot up. "Deah?" he breathed.
Deah stepped out of the shadows as well, clutching her torn
dress to her body. "William, you're back!" she exclaimed.
"What did he do to you?" William demanded, stepping over the
body to hold his wife.
"He wanted me for himself and wouldn't take no for an answer.
He said he'd kill Breah."
"That bastard." William muttered.
"Is dead, now." Deah finished. "We won."
William looked down into his wife's black eyes. "I missed
Deah gazed into her husband's blue eyes. "And I, you, Imzadi."
"Let's go get Breah."
"Just a minute." William looked down at Deah questioningly,
and she placed her hand at the back of his neck, bringing his head
down for a sweet kiss.
"I love you." Deah whispered.

The End